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Santos: I will dance for the fans

If you hadn’t warmed to Andre Santos yet, the chances are you will now. The Brazilian international has been something of a revelation since scoring against Chelsea in the 5-3 win at Stamford Bridge, but it appears his on field improvement has much to do with his rapid acclimatisation to London life (even if his English is still a little raw) and becoming a dad for the first time.

Speaking to Matt Law in the Express the summer signing spoke openly about the joys of fatherhood, while also disclosing a few details which I’m sure the boys in the dressing-room will use as ammunition for all sorts of boyish tomfoolery.

“Now I’ve got a home, my family are here and I have a new-born baby, I am much happier and settled.

“I always dreamed of being a father and, after two weeks, the penny has finally dropped that I’m actually a dad. It’s a new phase of my life and a big responsibility, but I love it.”

Having matched Gael Clichy’s Arsenal scoring record already, Santos has also promised he’ll continue to dance for the fans during any future goal celebration.

“I like watching any football and sport on the television, but I also like Strictly Come Dancing. I do try to dance sometimes, like when I scored against Chelsea.

“The dance was started by a friend of mine who is quite famous in Brazil called Michel Telo and his song is “Ai se eu te pego” – Ah, when I get my hands on you. (I’d quite like to be a pop star in Brazil, judging by the groupies)

“I know the fans will expect me to dance every time I score now and that’s fine. With the joy of scoring a goal, I will dance every single time.

“It’s a promise! But I know in Europe and at Arsenal my first job is to defend and then attack. In Brazil, it is the other way around.

“I am trying to adapt and I have been working hard to improve the defensive side of my game.”

He may look like he’s sporting a padded fanny pack while he’s playing and his defensive positioning is questionable, but any bloke who opts to drive a £10,000 smart car when his teammates are riding around in pimped-up tanks is OK with me. And that’s what Andre does…

“The Smart Car is a very cute little car and it’s very practical for London.

“I always liked green and then I realised the colours are the same as my first club Figueirense, green and black. When I saw it in the shop, I just thought, ‘oh yeah, that’s different’.

“All the team laugh at me for the car. They take the mickey all the time. They joke, ‘Why this? This is not a player’s car. You bought this one because you don’t have any money’. But they only take the mickey because they are jealous and they want to drive it.

“I haven’t taken the mickey out of the guys too much yet or made any nicknames for them, but I am keeping track of everything and, when I get a chance, I will strike.”

Sounds dangerous. Arseblog News like dangerous.

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Seem like a nice guy

Metal Man Thing's Mate

This guy is amazing! ROFL!!! Encore! 🙂


My First post in this group n I’m the first post. Boom!

La Gooner

no, you’re not 😀


yes he is! 😮


Oh no he’s n…… oh


I think that you are mistaking Arseblog for A cultured Left Foot – they play that game over there. Over here it counts to think before you speak!


Really fun article to read. 🙂


I had warmed to him but I am positively toasty now. Seems like one of those people who its easy to like and liking people creates good vibes and good vibes creates a decent enviroment within the team. Long may it continue.


I think you’re right. I genuinely think they were missing that a bit at first this season with this team with Eboue going. You can say whatever you like about Eboue on the pitch but feedback from players was that they’d call Eboue the nicest guy and biggest joker on the team.

Ace McGoldrick

It was all so light hearted til the end. A veiled threat to any banter. LOVE him.


Sounds like a great guy, I like that he drives a smart car. Footballers can be pretty stupid with al the money they earn. I also think he does a good job on the pitch, he certainly has been caught out of position once or twice, or three times, or… However, he makes some great interceptions without flying into the tackle, ala Clichy, and he shows some really excellent skill on the ball. Clichy was a very decent left back, but his final ball was often wayward and he had some notable gaffes. I like to see the team moving… Read more »


He stole my Quota of Mickeys.


I really like Santos, he seems like a good man and more importantly a team player. Since his first game he’s slimmed down, sped up and turned on the skills and he is beginning to look like a really wonderful signing, long may it continue!


He’s the number 10 of wing backs. He even plays with number 11.


He didn’t really say “take the mickey” did he, now? I’m guessing you paraphrased that. You even mentioned that he doesn’t speak English well.


Altogether now: CULT OF SANTOS


Already matched Clichy’s record in goals? Sweeeeet


Actually he probably did say something like that. He prob talks like the rest of the players do so he will catch on to those things first. Anyway ignoring the people who love to leave stupid picky comment I love Andre Santos an quite frankly he can dance for me any time 😉 and he’s pretty decent with a ball too haha


You keep on improving like that and we will sing for you


They ALL keep improving, well…..


I’ll echo Padwoir here.

I feel more and more confident about this team as each day passes. I know we’ll have days where things aren’t always rosy but the team seems a lot more settled and genuinely a happier place to be.

Gunner Moondogg

Good man


Good on ya Big George of the Estate!


What really struck me watching the game mid week was how comfortable the back four were with the ball. Consequently it makes it easier for them to defend under pressure a real weakness in the last couple of seasons. Santos looks like a really good buy. Let’s hope he continues to improve because he will develop into one hell of a player.


Free your mind and your ass will follow.;-)

Interpreted as: Free-up your mid-field and attack and your defence will fall into line.
Just an idea.

Too much beer and funkadelic…

Merlin's Panini

Gotta love this guy. Has that great Brazilian spirit and a very down to earth attitude to life. Just seems like a guy who loves life and doesn’t care for the stardom and ego that can come with being a footballer. It really does feel like the whole squad is much more grounded this season. They also seem to have that great Arsenal team spirit again. We’ve come through a rough patch remarkably well. Look at Liverpool this time last season, they were still in the shit. However, I think the real test will be March, April, May; the months… Read more »


Santos does embody the Arsenal spirit.


Oh my… I really LIKE this guy already!! Seems like the perfect replacement for Eboue personality wise with the added bonus of being slightly less of a liability on the pitch 🙂


Our squad seem A happy bunch of bunnies don’t they. Good to see and hear. We are a proper team now. No prima donnas all work for each other and the fans. That’s all I would ever ask for regardless of the results.


I’d really like to see him in his smart car too. I’ll keep eyes peeled on the roads of North London!


Green & black smart car?Andre you crazy Brazilian,you are gooner now,get a red & white one man!!

Pele of Romford

Ahhh… A proper Brazilian.



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