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SZCZ: FIFA are ‘ridiculous’

Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny says that FIFA’s omission of Robin van Persie from the Balon d’Or list is ‘ridiculous’ and has hailed the Dutchman as the best striker in the world.

Despite scoring a hundred and seventy-two thousand goals in just four games this season, van Persie has been overlooked by FIFA while the likes of Cream Excema and Wobbly Sneijder make the cut.

“I think it’s ridiculous”, said Woj, “he’s probably got the best goalscoring record at the moment.”

“We know how good he is – even at Chelsea when they equalised late on, we still felt like we were going to go on and win. He just came up with two goals right at the end, and I believe he is at the moment the best striker in the world.”

You won’t find many Arsenal fans disagreeing with either of those sentiments and Arsene Wenger has hailed Robin’s influence on and off the pitch, saying, “He’s a perfect captain not just because he scores goals but because he behaves himself on and off the field.”

He might have had his problems in the past but you just don’t see the Dutchman falling out of nightclubs with his pants hanging down having stolen a car, cut off somebody’s hand to show them he’s not to be messed with as he arranges the importation of 50 kilos of cocaine into the country before running over a gaggle of orphans who are crossing the road to the soup kitchen to get something to eat for the first time in eight days.

Which is a good thing, you have to say.

Arseblog News is also pretty sure that Szczesny called Ashley Cole a tumbling bitch at some point but as nobody heard it we can’t report that.

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Sneaky fucking Russian

Off course he didn’t. He doesn’t play for Barcelona or real Madrid. Let’s just hope he finishes the season so well that those mugs at FIFA will have to include him next year.. When his contract has a few more years added to it 😀


No/little gay, but I would do inexcusable things to Super Robin.


they’re a bunch of ruthless old cunts they are. used to do the same shit to henry. although everyone knew he was the best in the world so they would at least include him.

just because wenger don’t play into their shitty corrupt little hands. he’ll fuck em over and win the champions league next year. almost done it last year but they red carded VP for shooting a football at the goal. they knew the confidence of shitting on Barca might have driven us to win the fucking thing.

Merlin's Panini

Thierry Henry. Always talking about himself in the third person…

I agree though. That’s just the sort of shit we have to deal with from UEFA and FIFA because we don’t line their pockets with filthy lucre.

SZCZ knows best.

Fed up of Barca

Spot the fuck on

Imo Uefa have alot to answer for on our end of season collapse last year.

Think back, even before RVP got his red card for kicking the ball at the goal under a second after the whiste went. In the 1st half 2 of their cunts had RVP and Na$ri by their throats, both should have been off but the ref bottled it (took his bung?)

I believe it was Alves and Biscuit.
Need I say more!


Really so it was UEFA’s fault that we lost a carling cup final and then the final games we spurned in our final run? Please it was one game against Barca and that was it the rest was the fault of the players that is all.


Chris you really play a lot of FIFA don’t you. This is real life. Imagine a situation where you are close to beating the “mighty” Barcelona but then have it gone. That is some major shit right there my friend that can have not only a mental difference on you but everyone on the team.

Well at least you will never learn because you will never play against Barca.


not to mention the pictures of Nasri & RVP getting choked by Barca players at the Nou Camp. but who gets the suspensions for next seasons CL? RVP & NASRI. although nasri can get choked again i dont care.


To be honest i don’t play fifa and secondly they are professionals who when you finish playing a game and you lose you then focus on the next one Arsen has gone on so much about there mental strength well they should have shown it especially when there was still a league title to play for. Also if our actual club delegates were so outraged by the throat grabbing and what not then we should have made an official complaint as there were grounds for both them players to have been suspended. But I don’t seem to recall anything being… Read more »


I LOVE this guy


It is pretty ridiculous. RvP is the best we don’t need a stupid award given by a mega corrupt organization to prove it.


I notice that Samir Nasri isn’t on the list either. That was his reason for leaving wasn’t it? Poor chap, bet he’s gutted.



“Cream excema” hahahha, epic.


Stupid swiss mob! I’ll send Yohan Dj to light them a candle.
They are good at what they do, including shrek every year just to please the british press.


Platini et al don’t like Wenger/Arsenal. Plain and simple. When you think RVP has also got his goals in a much much tougher league, lets face it La Liga is two teams + a bunch of also rans. Henry also got the same treatment when he was the most wanted striker in Europe.


Second to only Ronaldo for goals to game ratio this year, and total goals. Ahead of Messi on both accounts.


Merlin's Panini

but WAYYYYYYYY above Ronaldo in terms of class.
He’s not a cheating diving conniving winking little bastard like Ronaldo.


We we’re told ove and over that vp isn’t a ‘real’ cf! so we’ve got a guy most noted for his all round game, not his goal scoring, who also happens to have the 2nd best goal to game ratio whilst playing for a ‘struggling’ arsenal team and he still doesnt get a nomination! How many strikers are in that list? Mind blowing!

Sneaky fucking Russian

Rvp surely has to be Barclays player of the month for October. Mancini probably get manager of the month. Nasri cunt of the decade.


Van Persie player of the month, John “Fell on a ground for no reasson at all racist pig” Terry- fall of a century award


I look forward to 15 years of SZCZ in an Arsenal shirt. I hope we all know how lucky we are to have him.

the only sam is nelson

i’m glad he’s not on it:

– FIFA are a shower of cunts
– it’s Man Citeh’s fucking shopping list, ffs, we don’t want our players on it


FIFA are a bunch of cocks…. The SZCZ and RVP are not…. Up the arse…..


Excellent news that RvP has been omitted from the Balon d’Or list…hopefully it will keep the fire in his boots to show FIFA what a bunch of twats they are by scoring even more!


I know it’s been said but everything Szczney comes out with at the moment is brilliant.

It’s really refreshing to have a player talk so honestly, yes other players do it but with Scz it seems each time it’s not just for the sake of it but also to help lift the team.

Although maybe I’m giving him too much credit and he’s just a young lad who isn’t too concerned about PR proofing everything he says.

Still thing he’s great though, despite the heart attack he nearly gave me at one point on Tuesday.

Autumn lovin

Award should go to Park amazing player

La Gooner

FIFA are just some fuckin assholes


Gotta love SZCZ’s passion. Instant Arsenal legend


and john terry wins the fallon d’or award

Nep Gooner

FIFA = Faggots in Football Association!!!!


i miss that comment a lot so ill take this opprtunity to say: “nasri is a cunt”

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