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Cigar smoker super chillaxed about goal scorer

I’ve always pondered how it is that the Daily Star came to be Peter Hill-Wood’s favoured mouthpiece. With a look that suggests he’d not be out of place in Downton Abbey, it seems odd our cigar-smoking, Old Etonian chairman should like nothing more than a good old chinwag with a tabloid sporting more tits than a bird sanctuary.

Anyway, I digress…

P to the H to the W is super chillaxed at the fact that club captain Robin van Persie is too busy scoring goals to sit down and negotiate a new contract. Unperturbed by the behaviour of former players in similar situations the Gunners big cheese has revealed:

“I think Robin wants to stay. He seems very happy.

“Nothing has been discussed, though it is obvious we want him to stay. He doesn’t want to talk about a contract now and that’s fine with us.”

Nothing really surprising there. If RVP wants to commit his future to the club he will. For his part, the Dutchman has told The Times, that he’s not sure how his future will pan out.

“I do not know (what I will do), I cannot predict the future.

“Everybody makes his own history and only afterwards can you see how that went.”

While Van Persie is well within his rights to remain coy about committing to Arsenal in the long-term, his refusal to fully dimiss a link with Manchester City will likely be seized upon by the press ahead of Sunday’s match at the Etihad Stadium.

“I do not know,” he said. “For one thing, as an indication, when I came to Arsenal we immediately beat City.

“But in recent years much has happened in England.

“Nevertheless, I think the Premiership is still the best league in the world, it gives me everything I want.”

Wipe that panicked look off your face. Arseblog News urges calm.


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The invincible arse

i hope like anything he stays.


No chance of RVP ever moving to the middle east. It would be like Gregory Peck meeting the cast of towie.


PHW is the ultimate curmudgeon. You cannot get much more old fashioned and out-dated than him.

As for Robin – he’ll most likely remain non-committal until the end of the season. Although Vermaelen signing a new contract is a good sign as they are pretty good friends and senior members of the squad.


Aren’t these quotes rather out-dated? I’m sure I’ve seen them before.. Months ago. Anyone else remember them?

Perhaps that’s the point, given the other post on RVP to Barca.


Just give the man a blank cheque if he is that busy 😉


“Darren dein” ,…

Cygan's Left Foot

Yup, Darren Dein, married to the spud’s chairman daughter, god help us all if he is under the thumb or he is still bitter about his dad sacking.

Arsenal > Spurs

Crikey mate – I thought that you were joking, then I found this:!

Fed up of Barca


If I were David (a supposed Arsenal fanatic) I’d disown him as my son after the amount of pain he’s caused.

Clichéd Commenter

Put yourself in Van Persie’s shoes. Last year of contract. New best striker in the world. Pick of ANY club you want. Potential to double your wages to about £200,000 per week after tax. Darren Dein as your agent who pulled away Cesc to Barca and Nasri to Man City. Can’t say I’m hugely optimistic for keeping him. I would be inclined to sell him if he doesn’t commit – flog him. He’s 28 and injury prone, and I think this will be his peak. But, since we don’t have a single understudy or another capable striker, we must do… Read more »


I don’t know how to respond to this. You contradicted youself throughout your entire comment.

Eric Irish gunner

Ye what the fuck was all that about


It was the part where he said “I would be inclined to sell him” and then in the next sentence says “we must do everything we can to keep him” that confused me.


The clue might be in his name, eh.


But there are no cliches, only contradictions


Seriously!? Is Darren Dein his agent!? Christ… What a fucktard.


That’s Mr Fucktard to you

Cygan's Left Foot

Of all the player in the club, I think RVP and Diaby owe us a big deal, and it will be hard pill to swallow if any of them ask for a move so soon after over coming their injuries.

I just hope his second half of the season not as bad as Le cunt after he got tapped last season.


Diaby hasn’t overcome his injuries yet.

the only sam is nelson

fucking great. last time PHW tried to tell the future didn’t he say something like “we don’t need his sort here” about his current boss hoovering up shares?

so when he now says “i think he’s happy here” it makes me worry that in actual fact RvP has a Wenger voodoo doll that he stabs every night, and that if he has arsenal pyjamas he uses them to line the cat litter.


Man City v Arsenal LIVE Arsene sign Soldado.


You can sign Jay Spearing instead.


I think RvP HAS to sign a contract extension with Arsenal. When he came to Arsenal, he was a talented kid with huge attitude problems and “the ability to get red carded without trying” (don’t remember who wrote that, but it was funny). Over the next 6-7 years, he had a serious injury every season, yet despite that, he was offered the second best wages in the club and Wenger kept faith in him. And now, for the first time, he’s had an injury free run, has broken goalscoring records. Yes, he’s 28, a new contract might be the last… Read more »


Unfortunately, you’re wrong on one thing, Barca’s system would easily accomodate him. He’s one of the world’s best footballers and is probably better than David Villa, he’d have no trouble fitting in, especially as he is used to their style of play having been nurtured on it at Arsenal. On the contrary though, Barcelona are the biggest bunch of cheating, diving, whingeing, self-referential rat-bag cunts the footballing world has ever seen, and hopefully RVP will not be tempted to mingle with the likes of Busquets and Alves. Just as a completely random aside, 4 years ago Valencia had David Villa,… Read more »


At Arsenal though he is the focal point of our attack and we play a fluid 4-3-3 but at Barcelona they play a loose 4-6-0 with no real striker. He’s worked hard to be the big fish in a small pond (no offence intended to Arsenal and our fans but he is our best player by quite a way right now) so how would he cope being the small fish in a big pond again, especially at 29? Going from a guaranteed place on the timesheet to fighting it out with 6 other midfielders. Even Spains top scorer of all… Read more »


Regarding your comment on Valencia; does make you wonder where all their money went and also how quickly a club can struggle when they overspend instead of working within a budget if they don’t have a sugar daddy to bankroll them.
They received around £71 million from Villa, Silva and Albiol alone, not to mention the prize money from always finishing 3rd in La Liga.


Valencia had lots of debts. They had to sell Villa and Silva to pay off those debts. They’re also attempting to build a ‘new’ Mestalla at the moment, but the project is massively delayed.


Please realize that TV money is not equally distributed to the Spanish teams. Barca and Madrid earn around 100mil a season, but for most Spanish teams, 15 million pounds a year is considered very good TV money income. Valencia is no exception, garnering at most 20mil per season (if I remember correctly) regardless of their league position.


Rather than the 30-40 million the english teams get, and that doesn’t include the amount that will be taken as TAX in England, which will be around the 45-50% mark, making tv money 15-20 million and that makes it in line with what the 3rd placed spanish teams get.
English teams will also get less if the new tv rules regarding 3rd party distribution comes into effect, thus meaning that clubs will rely on attendences and advertising a lot more.

Naija Gunner

Let’s just wait and see, he said he had everything here in the premiership so let have som hope that he’ll sign.


van persie please stay.


I love VP, but the quotes in the article ….

“I do not know,” he said. “For one thing, as an indication, when I came to Arsenal we immediately beat City.
“But in recent years much has happened in England.

…. makes me shit my pants.


William Hancox

I’d imagine he, Song and Theo would have already signed (like Verm) if they were going to stay


Anyone thought they are waiting to see what happens with Arsene Wenger before signing? With the season as it’s going, anything could happen. Wenger could move to PSG at the end of the season if he feels he can’t do anymore and then players might move with him.
Obviously i hope that’s not the case but you never know. I mean 2 of the richest clubs in the world have now gone out of their respective european competitions.


“RvP owes us for sticking by him through his injuries”. Yes, in a perfect world, you’re absolutely right, but how many people would turn down probably £200,000 a week and all the gold that you can eat (and a pretty-much guaranteed league or cup winners medal a season at Barca or Real, given they are the only two clubs in Spain) when you know your career is probably only going one way from here. I hope I’m wrong, but I think he’ll go.

Just hope he waits till the summer, and wins a trophy or two with The Arsenal first!


Cheer up people. It’s Christmas, and you can’t beat a good sing-song. (To the tune of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer). Alex the Man U manager Has a very shiny nose And if you ever saw it You would even say it glows All of the other managers Used to laugh and call him names They never let Sir Alex Join in all their manager games Then one cracking Wednesday night Arsene rang to say Alex with your nose so bright You can play on Thursday nights Then all the managers loved him And they shouted out with glee Alex… Read more »


Ha Ha ! Just read that. It’s very good. Take a bow !


Mooro, you genius!


Hill-Wood – “I think Robin wants to stay” = RvP in Madrid next summer.

Given Hill-Wood’s track record of late that’s as ‘nailed on’ as you can get.


This is why TNA is 10 times better than WWE! You have RVD and Jeff Hardy! They can cuss and do whaeevtr they want and not have some stupid PG stuff!


We win something this year (and make top 4) he stays. We don’t win anything this year, he goes. I think it’s that simple


Not really, football is never that black and white. If that was the case, 15-17 teams would all have to buy new players every season as their team hadn’t won anything.
Loyalty is still very much part of football and it’s having players who want to win something with a club no matter how long it takes or even if they succeed.
Yes it’s not as common anymore but it wasn’t that long ago that players stayed their whole careers at one club in the hope you could help get some silverware.


Agree in part, but the other 15-17 teams don’t have a world class striker. The likes of Bolton, Stoke et al don’t have the ability to attract and keep players of RvP’s stature. Whilst I’m sure all players harbour hopes of one day lifting silverware, they have to be realistic for both the team they play in, and also their own ability.

But like you say, football is never black and white


I think if he doesn’t re-sign in the off season, Wenger will be tempted to keep him around for 2012-2013 anyway, just like he was with Nasri. RVP be 30 in August 2013, and we’ll have a striker prospect chomping at the bit to play by then (whether it’s Campbell, an academy player, or another signing).


I with a few other fans met RVP late at night after the Man city game(what a nice bloke he is!!!) And we were pestering him to sign the contract and that we love him . We were like “did u hear what city fans were signing, they think they have u already”and one smart kid pleaded him “please don’t go to man city!”. Apt came the reply, “I wont”. And I was like please don’t go to barca as well. He just smiled at me.. What I make of tHis is that he certainly won’t go to city, but… Read more »


I hace confidence that Robo will stay after all his celebrations so far this season. It’s still a tantalising worry that he hasn’t signed a new deal lengthening his stay at the club. All in the hands of fate?

Football Tips

I have a feeling that Arsene will sign Thierry Henry alongside another striker. Wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne Bridge signs on loan.

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