Horror as Wenger might look for full back on loan


Arsene Wenger says he might be in the market for a full back on loan when the transfer window opens but it all depends on the extent of Kieran Gibbs’ injury.

As reported earlier, Gibbs has had a setback and there are fears he could miss another significant chunk of the season. With Andre Santos out until March following surgery it leaves Arsenal short of options at left back and the manager says a loan signing might be an option.

“It depends now on Gibbs,” the boss told the official site. “He sees a specialist again today [Tuesday] and if something happens there that he has had a real setback then possibly, yes.

“It is not a shop, you just take a good opportunity that is on the market when you can. Overall that’s what we are doing at the moment. We are starting to look at players if Gibbs is not back.”

There has already been a suggestion that Wenger could move for Man City’s Wayne Bridge. The former England man has been frozen out at the Middle Eastlands but there have been reports that Bridge is quite content to pick up his wages and maintain his celebrity lifestyle.

Arseblog News understands the need for a loan rather than a permanent signing but surely we can do better than a guy who has played just one game all season and is, let’s face it, a bit crap anyway. And a twat (even though he does hate John Terry – so do all of us but that doesn’t mean we should play left back for Arsenal).

Let’s hope that the manager and his people manage to find someone who will fit the bill better this washed up, hapless ex-Chelsea (I mean, what could go wrong there) hasbeen.

Plus I’ve never forgiven him for that goal in the Champions League. It smacks of Sylvester. But worse.

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Soooo… Wayne Bridge can fuck off. Not having him in an AFC shirt. Did you see him at West Ham?!

Ace McGoldrick

Don’t think he was all that bad in his prime. Shame he isn’t in his prime anymore then I suppose.


I still can’t believe we ever signed that twat Sylvester.


not to worry, wenger isn’t braindead


I don’t want any Winston Bogarde’s at the club. Also he’s waaaay past it.


If bridge can’t even make the City bench, he deffo shouldn’t be anywhere near Arsenal.


Wayne Bridge? Oh! Nice.


Truely pathetic aticle, based on norhing. Jeeez, have some feckin pride in your work dude.

Johnny Massacre

I was at the game when Bridge scored against us and knocked us out of the Champions League Quarter finals when we possibly had the strongest team in Arsenal history with everyone in their prime – Henry, Vieira, Lauren, Ljungberg, Pires, Bergkamp – the fucking lot. Away goals counted more, and they scored right at the end. I will never forget that day. It was a ‘mare. If this man sets foot on hallowed Arsenal ground I will tear gas him and then remove his eyes with a hoover.


Yeah, painful times! What made it worse was that in that particular year (2004) the Champions League looked the easiest to win in recent memory. All the biggest teams were knocked out. Chelsea played a half decent Monaco side in the semi and screwed that up. Porto won it with Mourinho. If we had beat Chelsea we would have had a good chance of beating both Monaco and Porto.

To summarise, what I’m saying is that Wayne Bridge cost us the Champions League. For that, he is a massive cunt.

Eric Irish gunner

At it meself never forgave the bastard for that, proberly would of being our best chance of winning it with that team


Fuck off to le grave and join your fellow wankfest caughtoffside moaning twats. Thats where your pride is. Why waste your time even visiting this blog anyway when you could be playing with yourself at the prospect of the signing of messi, pato, ronaldo from your preferred sites?


Ya, we’re going to sign a left back on loan. Sure.


Not Bridge. That’s got to be bollocks.


I’m not sure why Wenger would need to wait to see if Gibbs is injured? He is fragile like a subbuteo figure. Let’s hope however Wenger gets is up to the job, but I would be shooked of we sign somebody from England, but it is impossible to second guess Wenger.


We need a left back. So yeah. Not Bridge though he’s not even playing anymore right?


Id give my left bollock to see Leighton Baines in a Arsenal shirt !


As would I.

Sadly, it would have to be a permanent deal, so a) Wenger won’t do it because Gibbs will be ALANS next season (which means Baines would kill him), and b) Everton won’t sell him.


and c) after the season after, Wenger will have a left back triumvirate of Andre, Kieran and Leighton, which will entice him to play Kieran as a left midfielder (his original position). Then again, that wouldn’t sound so bad if Gervinho started playing in his preferred right winger role and Theo actually starts being played as a central striker as Wenger said. But it’d leave a more difficult spot for Andre Santos since Leighton Baines is an established left-back while Kieran was still a bit raw (meaning he had more chances to play in the latter scenario than the former… Read more »


If you were to give your left bollock there’s every chance you would get a game yourself, i do believe djourou went off holding his left bollock on sunday funnily enough


Taiwo from AC Milan would be a much better loan deal than Wayne Bridge.


Our chances of getting the starting left-back for for AC Milan on loan are pretty low though.


Starting left-back? I thought he was frozen out?


Taiwo is not starting for Milan, has played 3 league games all season, and recently said in the press that he was looking for a way out.

He’s quite decent, much better than Bridge.


Yup, sounds like a deal favourable for all parties then. Get on it, Arsene!


I am a little surprised AW hasn’t tried for Van Der Wiel. Chelsea and Munich wanted him earlier this season but it seems now he is going for Valencia. I know we need a loan signing but Van Der Wiel IIRC can play LB as well. Let him and Santos fight it out for LB. Its quite difficult to rely on Gibbs now.


Van Der Wiel is a rightback. We already have Sagna and Jenkinson there so it will be a waste to buy another. A leftback wouldn’t be too bad since Gibbs is always injured.


I like Bridge, good player I reckon, far better than Gibbs, better than Santos too. I would have snapped him up a few years back over Clichy any day.

What does it matter anyway? Is Miquel any worse than Gibbs? Doubt it. Just need someone vaguely competent.

Typical Wenger really; trusting that Gibbs wouldn’t get injured again – le boss has no foresight, ever.


I just read an article saying Mancini wishes bridge would leave and that he’s better suited for a championship team. I joked in my head that Wenger would probably want him now and make a big deal about him. Lol. Then u read this. *Le sob

why is my name required

Gibbs and Diaby are so injury prone
its a shame especially as they are very talented and have massive potential

but we as fans don’t have the patience to wait because both of em can’t even play two games in a row

i hope Wenger finds a good left back in jan, my fingers are crossed


It’s lucky then that Wenger is the manager and has patience for all his players


Our lack of fullbacks is hurting us, though its its rare to have all 4 out has got me thinking that arsene should consider tweaking his system to suit the players we have available. Considering we have an abundance in CB we could try a 3-5-2 formation with: Kos mertasrcker vermaelen arteta song Ramsey Walcott gervinho chamack van persie such a formation could give us a concentrated focal attack and also give chamack game time to get his confidence back and more to aim at from the wings. Chamacks aerial threat will also push defenders back giving vp and ramsey… Read more »


Kos mertasrcker vermaelen
…………arteta song
…………… Ramsey
Walcott……………… gervinho
……..chamack van persie


Maybe nobody told you mate, but chamakh sucks.

mikey gee

this season has proved we dont have enough fullbacks. if we dont sign another four world class fullbacks (at least!) its criminal negligence from the manager!


I guess some people just don’t like sarcasm eh.


I got it. Nice one Mikey


Every 6 months I read or hear someone saying that if we don’t sign X, its ‘criminal negligence’ by Wenger. What’s funny about tthe FB situation though is that people couldn’t have been more delighted to see the backs of both Eboue and Traore in the summer. If we are seriously trying to get a player on loan, we could only dream to have either vack because we are pretty much guaranteed to get worse, much worse.


we should never loan someone from city let them pay their flops wages


Worse than traore ? Does such player exist?

Bromley Gooner

I think mikey gee was joking!!


How about getting Eboue and Traore back on loan 😉

Ooooh the romance of it all.


Fingers crossed for Gibbo at the docs then. Did anyone see Cahill and Samba last night ? Two players people were screaming out for. Crocks of shite the pair of them.


So once again we have “fans” with no patience for a player. Luckily, Arsene is the manager and shows great patience in letting players get back to full fitness.
Let me ask those people who don’t think Gibbs is worth continuing with; if Wilshere has a set back due to the length of time he’s been out, are you going to discard him as well and tell Wenger to sign a new midfielder?

Dave Gooner

Only in the papers, to be fair. Don’t think AW ever considered either of them. For even a minute.


I think it’s crazy people want another permanent left back! Yeh there’s a short term very unlucky problem of 4 injured, but it’s pointless having 3 left backs and 3 right backs. Common sense would say on senior, on back up, anymore is pointless. And as for Gibbs, at some point last season he got a couple of England caps, so let’s not throw it at him to much, it’s a multiple of little niggles, not all on related injury, he’s just having an unlucky time at the minute, it will blow past.


Bridge can fuck right off. Will never forget his face after that champs league game. Scum. Stupid idiot’s set of tatoos as well.
I always had this feeling that 4 full-backs was never enough, but wasn’t quite sure why I thought so. Is 4 generally enough for teams/squads? And also, can’t Le Coq play at full back?


We could do a lot worse than sign Michel Salgado from Blackburn. Blackburn might be a crock of shite, but they can’t afford to pay Salgados wages anymore. He’s never been the quickest, and is in the twilight of his career, but he possesses massive experience, and he’s won La Liga several times and CL twice. It would mean Verminator at left back though.

Pele of Romford

The coq and nico can do a job but also ignasi and kos for the moment.
Gibbo ‘s a sick note now. Simple and unfortunate. Time to convert a winger.
And bridge can fuck right off..


Yennaris is nowhere near ready yet. Coq at rightback is an option though.


Looking forward to the Sun linking us with a “sensational” move for Ashley Cole

the only sam is nelson

le coq to full back = this year’s flamini?

it would be nice


Or we could just get Flamini on loan and play him there!

Cygan is a snowman

This would be by far the worst signing The Arsenal has ever made.


Francis Jeffers?
Philippe Senderos?
David Grondin?
Jermaine Pennant?
Tomas Danilevicus?
Igor Stepanov?
Mikael Silvestre?
Richard Wright?
Pascal Cygan?



Signing him would be a Bridge Too Far.


You’re saying it’s worse than spending 8.5 mil on Franics Jeffers from Everton, only to realise he’s not that great and sell him to Charlton for a knock-down 2 mil? I don’t think so….


Two different points there Steve.

Until Andy Carroll came along, Bridge was the benchmark for a shit player at a ridiculously over-inflated price, when Citeh forked out £12m or whatever it was.

My comment wasn’t however based upon economics as your subsequent point is.

It was based purely on my opinion that he’s shit and should not get within a country mile of our team.


Lee Dixon back? Or roberto Carlos on pay and play contract, santos knows him well?


Bring back Kerrea Gilbert


What is Justin Hoyte doing these days?