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Modest van Persie plays down Everton goal

Robin van Persie has, in his time, scored some spectacular goals for Arsenal. You’d immediately think of the flying volley against Charlton or the near post equaliser that left Victor Valdes looking like he should be playing the Chumpions League.

Yet the goal against Everton, which has been described by many as the best goal they’ve ever seen at the Emirates, had the captain reacting in his newly found, mature way. In the past he’s been guilty of hyperbole, the comments about ‘football from another planet’, for example, but we reckon he could have allowed himself a bit of credit for Saturday’s stunner.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, van Persie said, “Normally I would have taken a touch to get it right. It was a bit of a gamble but in the end a very nice goal just inside the post. I can’t wish for more.”

And while everyone was talking about his finish the Dutchman was quick to praise the pass from Alex Song, saying, “It was a great pass again from Alex Song. It’s unbelievable – he’s a defensive midfielder but the amount of skill he has is just a dream.”

Theo Walcott, however, was in no mood to play down the quality of the goal, suggesting van Persie could end up bronzed himself, like Chapman, Henry and Adams.

“That’s one of the best goals I’ve seen for a long time,” he said. “It was a moment of magic from Robin. He’s done that so many times before and yet it was an absolutely fantastic goal.

“The way Robin is playing, he wants to be one of those legends as well. I’m just absolutely shocked. To see that go in was incredible. He’s a player in so much form, the goal was amazing and it’s just world class to see.

“He would say himself, he was in and out of the game. That’s the difference. Give him any chance and he scores when he wants, as the fans say!”

And we do say. Because it’s true. He goddam scores when he wants.

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How much Song has improved over the last year is amazing. There was a time when i thought of him as the worst player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt.


I mean ‘last years’, not only last season.


Why did you think that?


Because his general play in his first load of games after first signing would have made Chamakh look like a genius had it been now, he was also clumsy and gave away a lot of fouls.
Over time he has matured and has learnt what he can and can’t do. He’s also learnt when to make a tackle (take a yellow for the team, stop a counter-attack in a way that looks like it was accidental, etc…) and has started to add flair and precision to his game

Mark G

Yeah his development has been nothing short of amazing! I remember a few years back seeing him come off the bench and thinking “why is that twat coming on?” lol Now he’s one of our best players, the best CDM in the league and one of the best CDM’s in the world.
Two words people – Arsene Knows. 😉

mikey gee

the problem was he was crap in FM and he didnt have any good youtube compilations so how was we supposed to know he was gonna be good? wenger got lucky!


To be fair AOC and Dale Jennings (tranmere to Bayern Munich this year) were both terrible until 2012 on FM, so it’s not really a benchmark for anything.


I had a footballgarsm! Sublime skill….Out of this planet player! Greatest striker on earth! Vantastic!


just as song floated that ball across, i saw tony adams on his phone sending a text…


HAHA get out 😀


But he couldn’t make the game could he? Wasn’t that the whole reason he missed his statue unveiling but has said he’ll be at the Boxing Day game? I suppose if you were next to him in Azerbaijan then…… yeah


He scores when he wants
He scores when he waaaaaaaaannts
Robin Van Persie
He scores when he wants


Remember when almost EVERYONE were crying out for a defensive midfielder a few seasons ago? Wenger knows best, all hail song and vP.


Van Persie is something special, but could we have another Coquelin post so we can do Coq jokes again? Please?


I don’t think everyone likes le Coq as much as you do 😉

I kid, another Coq article would be orgasmic xD

die hard gunner

Vantastic striker, brilliant DM reminds M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ of the wonder work against Borrusia Dortsmond į̸̸̨n the champions league.

Dave Gooner

Robin’s right of course – it was a beautiful pass from AS. But my, what a fitting way to cap 125 years of Arsenal football club.

Some goals genuinely get better every time you see them. A fitting tribute to everyone who has gone before, and to those still to come: Robin van Persie, Arsenal legend.


Please please sign a contract! Robin will be the greatest striker ever I KNOW IT! If he stays he can beat Thierry’s record and get himself his own bronze statue.


A penny for Tim Howard’s Tourettic thoughts, as the ball left RVP’s left boot.

Oh, bother?


No doubting that it was one of the best goals scored at The Emirates, but let’s not forget Arshavin’s goal against Barca. That’s way up there too (as is RVP’s near post goal against Barca, and, dare I say, Nasri’s second against Fulham).


Nasri’s a cunt!


Yes. He is.

But that goal was wonderful.



the only sam is nelson

cesc’s goal against sp*rs where he nicked it off them as they were kicking off from letting a goal in before ambling up the pitch and sticking it in was fucking brilliant

not necessarily the best goal but fuck me it really doesn’t get much better than that from a fan’s point of view, eh


Cesc is gone, and, the manner in which he behaved the last year he was at the club tarnished his legacy in the shirt.
Now, on to something relevant to this article:
That goal was a thing of beauty… Contender for goal of the season for certain.

the only sam is nelson

well yes, RvP’s goal was undoubtedly a total fucking belter, i had a great view of it and doubt we’ll see a goal of such incredible technique again this season if ever

but still, sinking everton in a scrappy affair doesn’t stir the blood like fucking over sp*rs does, which is what i was alluding to

props to the scousers for applauding ryan rocastle as well, always appreciate a bit of class from the away support.


I often wonder about Cesc’s back pass against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Was it deliberate?


You really think that a professional footballer, playing in a champions league game against Barcalona, would deliberatly give the ball to the opposition for them to score?!?

There is no way, in any circumstance, that would happen. ESPECIALLY not Cesc.


for Robin,
I doff my hat and take a bow.

for gods sake

in their heads

Howard. how the fcuk did he do that

VP oh in went in

Every other Arsenal player. how? get in

moyles. oh shit


More like
Moyes: “hrmph. … Well, at least Mikel wasn’t involved.”


it’s our anniversary…it’s our fuckin party and yeah sp**s lost!!doesn’t get better.we still have a long way to go and it is time for us to make a statement to the footballing world.i want to hear full gooner support at home and away even if we are losing.make this the best’ll be a one to remember


“At the end of the season, I wish”
Arsene: Here is new £££$$$ million contract + a shiny (slightly bigger) statue.
RVP: Omg a statue, yes!


Chelcunts 2 Mancini 1:
Theres only one invincibles (sing ad infinitum).
Sure we are out of fourth place for now but Chelcunt are going to lose lots more games.
And only one team have managed to go unbeaten through an entire league season for over a hundred years, it’s not Mancini
Lets roll Mancini over at The City of Manchester Stadium on Sunday


My housemate gives me constant stick whenever I mention the Invincibles. Goddamn Preston muppet.

Naija Gunner

@Pearson I agree with you 100%

[…] game, but when you pull a goal like that out of the hat, you’re usually excused. Saying that he’s played the super strike down,  although Theo Walcott was quick enough to praise the goal. For that goal and the rest of the […]

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