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Theo: I gotta get me some goals

Theo Walcott has reiterated his desire to score more goals, but admits that so long as Arsenal are winning personal targets can continue to take a back seat.

The England winger has been a far more consistent weapon in Arsene Wenger’s armoury this season forging a tremendous partnership with Robin van Persie and consolidating his status as the club’s first choice right winger.

Speaking to the Evening Standard about his form, the 22-year-old explained: “The manager has got a lot of faith in me, doing the jobs forward and back as well.

“Hopefully I’ve got that right balance. I’m getting assists as well, now I need to get some goals in my game but that will come. I’m not too fussed about that, though. As long as the team is winning.”

After a rocky start to the season which saw important squad members depart, a spate of injuries and defeats against Liverpool, Manchester United, Blackburn and Spurs, the Gunners have since been on a nine game unbeaten run in the league stretching back to early October.

Reflecting on the upturn in form Walcott revealed that after a bedding-in period, the new recruits have proved their worth.

“The new players needed time to gel, time to settle and even though some of them played in the Premier League it was always going to take time.

“They had to get used to the way the club runs, we had injuries as well. Things were not going our way. Every team has bad spells, hopefully we’ve had ours and we can learn from it next time.”

One of those new faces, Per Mertesacker, has been a near ever-present since moving from Werder Bremen. An understated performer in the heart of the defence, the German international has asked that supporters hold off on judging his worth until the end of the season. At fault for goals at both Norwich and Blackburn, the lanky stopper insists that he is improving now that he is used to life in England.

“It was quite a short time for me to settle in and make the transfer happen – it was very close to the deadline so it was a tough month for me,” he told

“I think in England the best players in the world are here. They have a lot of strength, a lot of speed, it doesn’t compare to the Bundesliga. The technical [ability] is similar but the speed and the physical power is different.

“If you have no pre-season with the team then that makes it more difficult. People think it’s easy to connect with your club, your team-mates, but it takes time.

“It’s getting better and better and hopefully I can keep improving now. Let me play a season and you can get [the full picture] of my personality and my ability as a footballer.”

As the January transfer window approaches more tittle-tattle is doing the rounds. Denilson has confirmed that he would prefer to stay in Brazil rather than return to London (dry your eyes), Wolfsburg’s manager Felix Magath likes the cut of Tomas Rosicky’s gib (but not Hleb’s), while Lukasz Podolski continues to get linked with a move to the Emirates.

Arseblog News will not be touching talk of Torres or David Villa with a bargepole.

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If u need a pen just say it Theo.

El Blondo

Utmost respect for the quiet way in which our BFG has gone about his business and adapted to the pace of the EPL…hope it continues what a fantastic addition.

It’s scary to think what state our ravaged defence would be in right now if Per was still plying his trade in Germany and not North London. Top lad.


What better way for Theo to start scoring than with a hattrick this weekend at City!


Wenger could get Torres firing again.

the only sam is nelson

but wenger isn’t going to chelsea even when they sack villa-boas…


Maybe he’ll take over as Spains manager? That’s the only way he’ll have anything to do with Torres


We already have two strikers who can’t buy a goal.

Master Bates

Park has started only 3 matches , and he scored in one of them .



No. If he was any good he’d of played more. He was bought to sell shirts in Asia. Not on my watch. Ship em out.

Master Bates

You are a moron


I don’t know how to respond to that. I mean , being called a moron by someone who’s name is jack off. I guess a moron is slightly higher up the insult scale than jack off so I’ll take it. Thanks


So I guess Arsene Wenger is a liar.

La Cheni11e

It would be nice if Theo could grab a few more goals.

Have to buy a striker in January though. When you consider reports that Man U cost themselves £20million just from not qualifying from the CL group stage this season, it seems a no brainer financially as well as tactically for us to chuck 20 million+ at a quality goalscorer if doing so will help us qualify for the CL again.

Plus we have money in the bank. Plus Chamakh and Park are pants.


It’s a bit hasty to write off Park surely?! Chamakh…. meh….

El Blondo

Raid citeh for Tevez?? Just a thought

the only sam is nelson

please file that thought in the same dank basement where “joey barton to arsenal” thoughts are filed



Dark basement? Don’t you mean the 8th level of Hell?

Merlin's Panini

that would be like raiding a luxury box of chocolates and ending up with the fucking marzipan you hate so much.

fucking marzipan.

El Blondo

Understood but you can’t put them in the same basement that’s a step too far – At least Tevez screwed over both Manc clubs (positive), Barton is just a cunt. Not even Tevez deserves to be put through a life in darkness with Barton – that top bunk bed is reserved for Nasri anyway


the only sam is nelson

Tevez, or rather his “owner”, has fucked over everyone he’s played for

He’s like a super-charged Adebayor – gives 1bn% for twice as long, scores twice as many goals, before doing the dummy spit and fucking his club over.

Whilst it’s amusing to see that happen to the Europa League clubs of Manchester, it still suggests that Tevez should be avoided like ‘arry next to a strobe light


Best part of this thread was when Tevez became the holy butt of all jokes.

El Blondo

“Arry next to a strobe light” – thumbs up

Ooh to be a Gooner

Every game I always hope for Theo to score. Let’s hope that starts again vs Citeh.

Per is just great. Read the article of how Tony Adams said Per is one of the players RVP has backing him. To think he’s only been here a few months!


After playing football manager and FIFA, i’ve managed to get Walcott to score on both. Can’t be that hard Theo…..


On FM11, my RVP scored 15 in 5 matches, and Walcott got UEFA Player of the Year twice.

You can do better than that Theo.

Dick Swiveller

I have this recurring nightmare that after finally developing Theo into the player we all (well, those with a bit of patience) knew he could become we lose him on a free in the summer to Man U or Chelsea after a monstrous tapping up session at the Euro’s. That would be a nail in the coffin of our chances of competing at the top, proving that it’s the money that talks rather than developing youngsters and instilling a bit of loyalty. He’s right though, he needs some goals and with a run of games he might just turn into… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Don’t think he’ll go anywere he owes it to wenger who has stuck by him, his goals will come when his dicision making gets better some times he passes when he should shoot and shoots when he should pass but is getting better with maturity as for our bfg he’s looking better with every game


That really is the pro to Wengers patience with players. They owe him a debt for not just turfing them out and will stay when they come good.
Obviously there are exceptions to the rule (Flamini, Hleb, Nasri etc…) but the vast majority of those players don’t actually go on to better things and generally make a sideways or backwards move.


I don’t think Hleb was one. Arsenal looked decently happy enough letting Hleb go and not making a net loss in transfer fees, while there was Theo Walcott waiting on the wings. Besides, Hleb was reaching the twilight of his career soon when he left for Barca. A good deal I’d say. But anyway, character is all that counts. Cesc has character, but his loyalty was to Barca (unfortunately). Nasri probably had his loyalties to a French team (but it was too small to provide him with decent CL football) and so had every reason to stay with the coach… Read more »

Jolyon Williams

I´m flabbergasted to see that Den Nilson has been red carded 3 times in 10 outings in Brazil this season. How has that happened? He was too slow to foul anyone last season. Is he being booked for simulation (think the awful dying swan v Everton at the Emirates a couple of seasons ago where he just gave them the ball or a similar effort in the FA Cup last season v Huddersfield) ? Perhaps he has a sniper that follows him around…


After reading the first line of your comment, i started wondering who Den Nilson was. I thought he was some youth player we were signing after he turned 18 as per Brazilian league rules.

Cygan's Left Foot

Theo been great this season, love your defensive work, just keep doing what you are doing and the goals will come. Finally, we can all see what a good player you can be when you stay fit, long it may continue. BFG, what can I see, he is for me the best signing of the lot. Watch all his headers when he clears the ball, he makes sure it goes to an Arsenal player, he just takes the pace out of the ball, re direct it to our midfield to release the pressure and makes sure the opposition are pushed… Read more »


Two things i liked in Denilson his hate for barca tapping up our all OTHER ARSENAL players and the only thing he was good at his free kicks but we never really used him too much on setplays.
But saying all that he was the only players i never wanted to see in our squad coz he frustated me a lot than anyother player out there.


I miss Denilson. We don’t have anyone who jogs back slower than Howard Webb after they lose the ball.

the only sam is nelson

He’s fiiive foot four, he’s fiiiive foot fooouuuurrr… etc etc


You have to be on the pitch to jog back. So arshavin doesn’t count.

the only sam is nelson

ah yes but have you ever seen anyone run faster than arshavin when the number 23 lights the substitution board during carling cup games? *zoom*


Ya that’s is true. Ehhh. The faster we ship him out the better.

Clichéd Commenter



I’m sorry, why would Torres be a bad signing? He would be great in our system and would probably take a pay cut to get the hell of Chelsea. And he’s 26, so he would have some resale value unlike David Villa. Of course, he’s hardly in the form of his life, but Wenger can work miracles on players’ confidences. I think he *could* be a very good signing for us, although I think the chance of Chelsea selling to us is probably low, especially with Drogba also (apparently) on his way out. However, imagine the following scenario: Villa ->… Read more »


Don’t generally have opinions on the Torres and Villa thing, but you are spot on with Tevez and Balotelli. Great insight.


Why would Torres be such a bad signing?
Because we already have enough strikers on our books who couldn’t score if you gave ’em a million quid in cash and chucked ’em into a Ukranian brothel.


On second thoughts, why is no one mentioning Andy Carroll? I’m sure Liverpool would do a deal xD

P.S: This is a joke.

P.P.S: Or is it? After all, he does have an England cap, how bad can he be?


He’s a massive cunt, though.


I agree about Torres, I think Torres is still the Torres we seen at Liverpool, he is a fantastic striker, it’s only the tactics & formation at chelski that has him fucked up, their style doesn’t suit him, he just didn’t turn crap over nite, I can’t see us getting him, but if we did le boss would transform him and make him “super quality” and while I know this is only fantasy, I have to say that a far more realistic signing would be loic


*sorry fucking stupid iPhone*


Torres would be a horrible idea. Many reasons: 1) He’s finished. He had a run of injuries with Liverpool, was ineffective there, was ineffective for Spain in WC 2010, was ineffective for Liverpool when he came back, was ineffective for Chelsea. If you compare the pre-injuries Torres and the post-injuries Torres, it’s clear what the problem is: he’s lost quickness. 2) For those backing Wenger to “repair” Torres, you do realize we’d be buying him as a backup to RVP? Hard to get a run of games with that guy on your team. And would Torres want to move to… Read more »


But after his injuries he did start turning crap. Look at Spain 2010 and Liverpool during that next season.
The formation at Chelsea itself isn’t all that different from Liverpools at the time – hardworking midfielders, workhorse/technical wingers and Torres holding the line. I just think that the injuries were worse than reported and he has lost some of his ability (namely turn of speed, quick feet, etc…)


If you regularly read ZM, you’ll realize the Chelsea and Liverpool systems are completely different, mainly in that Torres can’t do those runs that he does so well in Liverpool’s system in Chelsea’s system.

Creative midfielders and long-range passers in Chelsea is a rarity aside from Juan Mata, while Liverpool have (at least) enough as it is.


Le boss should go for loic remy, he’s your typical arsene Wenger signing, and has more than just a small similarity to a young Henry, and I think he could well be a great player if he was tutored by le boss,.

Merlin's Panini

he did look pretty dangerous against us in the Champions league.
Not a bad shout, but how knows?
Arsene knows.


Remy has my vote too. Young, French African, can anywhere across a front 3, fast, technically sound and from a French club. All the signs are there.


Whoever gave a thumbs down to ‘Arsene knows’, please look at his transfer record with young players.


If you want more goals Theo, let me give you some advice. Next time you’re clear through on goal, take a shot instead of trying to slide it across to a teammate.


Then again, those slimy commentators would shut up and pay tribute to Theo’s unselfishness if Robin didn’t have a defender chasing him back at Everton. Most of his passes when he’s at the byline are sensible (even if he’s pretty much one-on-one with the keeper), but it doesn’t mean that it will have a 100% completion rate either.



I have a little feeling wenger is going to make a shrewd move for Jefferson farfan. his contract with schalke runs out in the summer and they would not want to lose him on a free. Schalke are also interested in arshavin, who could he could use in a swap deal. Other than that, there are ludicrous reports of David villa, who is said to be wanting a move away because of messi/Sanchez/pedro taking the first team slots. Whilst having him actually sign for us and form a partnership with van Persie would make my jizz go to australia, I… Read more »


It might do if you live in New Zealand.

Oh, you mean you can’t see the Villa thing happening…..Got it.


David villa isn’t going to leave Spain.

Glenn Helder

I’ve dusted off my bootsh and am sitting by the phone.


Pardon me, but I’m not convinced you actually are the legendary GH.

Whilst you’ve quite correctly used the internationally recognished Dutch acchent thing on bootsh, you’re then only SITTING by the phone? Why surely to goodness you should be SH…….urgh you filthy dog Glen. Get to your room.


Theos biggest problem is that when he’s either clear through on goal, or in a good position to shoot, and it requires a bit of thought that he fluffs it. it’s only when he’s in a position where he can instinctively act and score that he’s successful. it’s that element of his game, that he needs to sort out. but he is after coming on in leaps and bounds this year, wether that’s down to the threat he thinks ox poses or just part of his evolution remains open to debate. whatever the reason I am not complaining.


Either way, park although he can find the net, he’s only got another 1.5 years left with us, so to say he is a solution to anything would be wrong. Chamakh is decent but I think really suffers from our style of play. He needs to be played with another striker to flick on crosses etc as much as I would love to see any arse player succeed. he’d be more suited to another team.


‘If’ the military call him up.
If a sportsman has done something of note, they don’t have to be called up as they already boosted the countries profile.


The only instance where South Korean footballers did do that was when they led their team to the quarter or sem-finals (forgot) of the WC in South Korea, and that was after a lot of favouritism.

Including the recent fallout with their former South Korean coach, I am very uncertain the national team can succeed.


I like Theo but he just isn’t a natural goalscorer. The great strikers are all selfish, greedy sons-of-bitches, who just want to score goals. Theo is always looking for the side pass whenever he is through on goal. During the Everton game there was yet another example of his refusal to take on the goalkeeper and try his luck. My favourite ever striker is Ian Wright. He was never the best-ever goalscorer in world football – but he was the most selfish. To be fair to Theo, his general play this season has been excellent – but he will never… Read more »


The pass was the right play, Howard was out cutting down the angle, and if he had placed the pass correctly it would have been a simple tap-in for either Ramsey or Gervinho.

Remember Van Persie’s first at Chelsea earlier this year?


Strikers have moved on considerably since the days of the out-and-out striker, hence why Darren Bent is really the only striker like this in the Premier League. Due to formations and tactics, strikers need to be much more as you are essentially playing with 10 men if they don’t get into the game. I’m not sure how you can judge whether or not he is a natural goalscorer when he hasn’t been played in his favoured position for the last 5 years and is being given instructions to give the team the best chance of success. Henry was played as… Read more »


If i go the whole way and include stats:
Walcott has scored a goal every 0.18 games as a winger, while Henry scored a goal every 0.19 games as a winger.


Thanks for the stats, Arsene. By the way, are you making that bid for Torres?


No, even i can’t sort that mess out…


If we want a quality back up for RvP it will have to be someone who can play on the wings as well as in the middle. No one good would want to come here to only play once a month when we rest RvP.

Thats why Podolski makes sense, he could take the load not just of RvP but also of Theo and “The Head”.

Villa, for example, can play on the wing but I doubt that he could do the defensive work required from our wingers.


All I’m saying is… I’m sending a whip round to top up the war chest so I can see Neymar on the back of an arsenal shirt….



It’s not that expensive to get names on shirts….


So true. I knew this guy who’s always wearing different jerseys of different teams with his name on the back and the number 9. He’s worn Manchester United, Chelsea, Madrid and Barca I think. Amazing how I feel like he’s got no loyalty.

Of course, if a guy not paid the top dollar like Arsene Wenger can put names on jerseys, imagine the number of named jerseys Arsenal can make.

[…] no doubt about it, but is that enough to give him a new deal on wages approaching £100,000 a week? He said himself that he needed to get more goals but was ‘not fussed’ about it once the team was winning. Unfortunate choice of words […]

[…] said that he’ll to get some more goals but he won’t be that bothered about his goal scoring input if the team is winning. […]

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