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Wenger coy on future of Arshavin and Chamakh

Arsene Wenger has remained coy on the future of Marouane Chamakh and Andrey Arshavin despite speculation mounting that both men could leave the club at the end of the season.

Stressing that both men were fully committed to life at the Emirates, the Frenchman played down talk of an exit, but stopped short of dismissing the talk altogether.

“Every player who is in the squad has a future,” Wenger told assembled press with a wry grin.

“It is very difficult to speak individually about the player and whether they play in the coming months. It depends on their form and the need for them in the squad.

“Both of them have an outstanding attitude so I’m very happy with them.”

While the potential for a New Year exit for Chamakh seems to be blocked by his international commitments with Morocco, it has been seriously suggested that out of form Arshavin could be a target for former club Zenit St Petersburg.

Arseblog News thinks it would be surprising if the Russian were to quit London before the end of his contract. However, given the fact he has now slipped down the pecking order behind both Tomas Rosicky and Yossi Benayoun the temptation to accept a big money offer could well change things should a bid be forthcoming.

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This is my first time saying this but I hope they both move on and have better luck elsewhere. I’ll be sorry to see Chamakh leave as I hoped he’d find his form again. Sooner the better though so we can bring in some added quality.


imo wengers system has killed off both players, arshavins best position is in the middle behind the main striker bergkampesque position which involves creativity and genius without the need to worry about tracking back and defensive duties, he just can be a defensive winger he has not got the stamina and fitness to be up and down the pitch.. chamakh was the target man in ligue 1 , in the box for headers,tap ins etc hes not designed to pull to the wing and hold the ball up hed do well in a 4 4 2 formation, u dont just… Read more »


you’re probably right about both players but i don’t think that’s any excuse for arshavin. if you want to win the big trophies then you have to be prepared to put a shift in no matter where you play. if i remember correctly denis used to work his socks off and was a tough bugger to boot. arshavin is wonderfully talented but just looks to me like he’s not a natural athlete and he gives the ball away far too often to be playing in a top team. i’ll be glad to see him go at this stage, regardless of… Read more »


As much as i hate Barcelona i will use them as an example – their entire midfield gets back and presses the opposition when they don’t have the ball, even if Arshavin was played in the middle he would still have to track back and do some defensive work, i think he got away with it in the Russian league but not here and is not able to adapt. These days you just can’t carry a player like that, and to be honest if he really wanted to play in the middle, playing so poorly on the wing is not… Read more »


Although what you said might be true, at the highest level of football, everyone needs to defend. Perhaps in the end of the day they were not up to adapting to our style and tactics. Still its hard to know unless you’re a coach in Arsenal.


Shame they don’t provide the goods when we need them. Still keeping faith in them, come on lads!!



I would love nothing more than for Arshavin to hit form and end his Arsenal career on a high, also for Chamackh to storm the acn and come back firing on all cylinders. Sadly I just dont see it happening.


I can only wish Arshavin the best when he leaves.

New York Gunner

Thank you Arshavin for that goal against Barcelona…


How about the four he potted against Liverpool?


It’s a shame Cham is of to the ACN. That may scupper our chances of selling him until the summer


I think we all wished that they would find their form as when on form they are quality players. (Arshavin more so that Chamakh) Yet recently Chamakh looks like he doesnt know where the goal is and Arshavin looks like he has never kicked a football before. Perhaps we could start a bidding war between the Russian clubs and make some good money. Chamakh wont go on a free so whatever we get for him we’ll be a profit.


I’d like to see Chamakh going out loan for the remainder of the season and if he cant gather some kind of form there, then say goodbye at the summer. Unfortunately, the ANC will probably block this path.
As of Arshavin, I’ve never liked him, thought him to be overhyped after his performance at Euro 2008. He was a positive surprise at his first half-year or so at the club but since then, he proved to be nothing more than a medicore player with faints of talent.


No, I don’t want him to go on loan, I’m positively fed up of the amount of ‘squad’ players we have out on loan that have had their chance and didn’t come up to the mark. Its different if they are young lads needing experience, but he isn’t.
If he is to go play elsewhere, make it a clean break, a handshake and all the best to you son. I’m sad for him that he never fulfilled his promise, but we have to look to the future now and even with the most rosiest tinted glasses on, its not him.


How on earth can you not like Arshavin?? The little fella is almost impossible not to like. Much like everyone else though, I wish he’d hit his old form again…he does show glimpses every now and then but perhaps the only solution would be a run of games in his favoured position. Doubt we could accommodate that though with the system we do have.
He’s 5 foot 4, he’s 5 foot 4…


Fairly agreed with the squad player thing said about Chamakh but I still feel like he deserves another chance. He had a good run of performances when he arrived which he couldn’t maintain, but for me, this inability was clearly caused by the lack of playing time. He cannot gather this form again with playing times of 10-20 minutes each game but I’m sure he would able to do in a few matches and then would be a decent rotation option for RVP. I hope ANC could be his solution however little the chances are. As of Arshavin, you misunderstood… Read more »


“Both of them have an outstanding attitude so I’m very happy with them.”

I think this is important. Both have demonstrated positive mentalities most of the time, and that’s why it is sad to see they are struggling.

If you were to ask me to chose between these two or Bendtner, I’ll still keep these two. Personality is something that’s not on paper, and often times overlooked. I am sure that they’ll bounce back sooner or later, let it be at Arsenal or some other club.


And exactly how many goals has ” personality” netted for us this year? Bendtner would have scored more than chamakh and arshavin combined. Sell em both.


I said it was a shame that they couldn’t achieve more with their attitudes for themselves and us as a team. Obviously if they cannot regain their form at Arsenal, I have no objections if they leave.

And yes, Bendtner would score more goals. But why bother with a fiery-tempered, arrogant and selfish person like him? That is why I commented in first place on how important attitude was. The things he said about Arsenal at Sunderland is a disgrace, and players like him shouldn’t even remotely be given the opportunity to play with a Gunner’s shirt.


I’m pretty sure that our savior rvp was also known as a ” fiery tempered, arrogant selfish” player. All good strikers are.

I won’t deny or hide the fact that I like bendtner. Tell me you’d rather have chamakh and park over him.


Though the difference is van Persie didn’t damage cars in London, barge into a Pizzeria wanting free pizza nor proclaim oneself as demi-God because one is married to a Baroness. There’s a fine line between being overconfident and being a fool. Not that I am saying Bendtner is one, but how he acts makes him one. On the other hand, van Persie has every right to be overconfident. So too can Bendtner if he can reach the same level. Summer will decide the fate of these players. But till then, I’ll look on the bright side and hope for the… Read more »


If nick bangs in the goals, he can demand all the free pizza he wants. I honestly can’t see chamakh and park making it to the five goal plateau this year. That’s embarrassing. Ship em out.


really hope this isn’t the end of ‘eye yam arsh having’ on the ArseCast

Tiger Tadgh

If AA left we would get 10 million n could invest it straight away on Podolski with a few million more . Resulting in an attacking line up of RVP, Henry, Walcott, Podolski, Gervinho, Park n Chamakh with the OX n Ryokan ready n waiting !!!!! How sick would that be


All this talk of podolski, it just isn’t going to happen. We have what we have until the summer and given our track record, maybe just this squad as it stands beyond that too. let it drop


Yup. It’s funny how quickly Benzema was replaced with Podalski. It’s as if these people don’t follow the arsenal and have no idea of how this club operates. TT is our new signing. That’s all folks. Now grin and knuckle down, the fight for fourth is on.


Arshavin would need regular football to get into the Russian squad for Euro 2010. I see him moving out if a proper deal comes by.


And a time machine Viks.

The big gooseman

Cash in on both and give the Ox a chance. Positive mental attitude is displayed by tommy v every week – as for Arshavin never seen it I’m afraid.

Cygan's Left Foot

Why can’t we recall Bendtner from Sunderland now they have I hate Arsenal/Arsene and lick Fergei balls O’Neil as their manager?

Why are we still helping that idiot at Sunderland while Nick is better than
Chamakh and Park?

And don’t tell me we can’t, we gave them Nick because of Bruce relation with our club/manager. I also remember last year Red Nose brought his two players back when Preston sacked his son, and he used the change of amanager as the excuse to bring them back.


Because for all that he might be a good player and on his day he is very good, I think he would be a disruptive and negative influence in the dressing room. If his time at Sunderland has proved anything it has proved that over and above any attributes he might have on the pitch. Our team, for all that many might decry it at the moment is exactly that this season.. a team. There seems to be a togetherness about them that has been lacking this last few years, why throw a bad egg in the middle of that… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Don’t you think the body language of Arshavin is not a negative infulance in the dressing room or on the pitch? Did you not see EVEN Theo shaking his head when he saw who was replacing him against Man City? Nick with all his mistakes/misses never stopped trying and running when on the pitch, try watch Arshavine Vs Olmypikos in the CL and what a negtive infulance he was on the pitch with a team full of youngesters. Yet, we are keeping him and keeping Nick away. If it is about not to “kill” the togetherness, then Arshavin should be… Read more »


Your picking at straws Cygan, I didn’t mention Arshavin, my reply was based entirely on Bendtner, and so incidentally was your intial post – so if your going to make some kind of argument to the point I raised, at least make it relative, if you wanted to discuss Arshavin from the off, should have used his name instead shouldn’t you, that way people would feel inclined to reply in kind.

Cygan's Left Foot

I only brought Arshavin up when you started talking about negative infulance in the the dressing room, if we have one that can’t be assed already, one more won’t hurt I guess. I agree with you, I wouldn’t wish to have Nick back after all he said about us and his negative infulance on the team. The reasons made me suggest that, is our mananger thinking Chamakh and park good enough to be back up to RVP and refusing to spend any money to get a decent striker. Second, my dislike to O’Neil and his obvious hate/dislike to our club,… Read more »


Man pad woot, you piss off a different poster everyday with your propensity to look down your nose. Using big words and complicated grammar doesn’t make you a smarter person. In fact, it often has the opposite effect. You know, as in it’s a guise to hide your low self-confidence. It may be time to take a breath and look in the mirror mate.


Frog what has my grammar got to do with anything ? Are you asking me to apologise for using the breadth of my vocabulary (which I confess isn’t all that) as opposed to jibbering away in text speak ?
And as for pissing people off and looking in the mirror, you perhaps should look a little closer to home.




Proving that its nothing to do with what I say Frog, its just me. Ever since I took your ‘boy’ Fat to task for being negative, you and I have been at loggerheads, no bother really, neither of you will have anything to do with a Happy New Year. For the record I’d rather reply to people using long words than just saying ‘Who the Fuck are you?’ when I don’t quite agree, like yourself. Grow up Frog.


A happy new year? What are you talking about? Ok, I’m going to stop reading and responding to your posts, and I hope you will do the same to mine. As much as I love to argue and banter back and forth about football on the Internet, I just can never quite tell what the fuck your talking about.

So I guess me and my ” boy “, whatever that means, won’t be having a happy new year. What a weirdo. What does that even mean? Ahhhhhhhhh!! Goodbye padwoir, fuck off for the new year.


Good god your an anus, you start a riot and then are the one that creeps to the back being the big man. Never reply either way ? Sold. Move on you really arn’t worth the bother Frog. Ciao.


I gave you a thumbs up for that last post. Chow.


He probably doesn’t have a call back clause in his loan contract, so it’ll be a season long loan.


The reason why we are stuck with so many players out on loan is that they are very well paid, arsenal may not pay city type money for top players but we do pay all our players very very well. It makes it hard to unload the likes of bentner vela almunia and the like. Arshavin will get a club if we want to sell as his reputation is still intact same for chamakh.But of course that is if we want rid. Which by the sounds of it and the temporary loan of Henry seems that arsene will not be… Read more »


“the temptation to accept a big money offer could well change things should a bid be forthcoming”

It looks like most gooners would be happy to sell but a players value is based on his performances and how many clubs want his services, on that basis I fear we will struggle to recoup most of his cost.

So, a question for all on here: What would you accept for Arshavin?


Peace of mind. 🙂 The way things stand at the moment with him and his age, and perhaps his reluctance to play (does seem he has given up on football sometimes) – £5 mil would do me. Opens up a squad spot and its £5 mil.


On current form a pound of grapes and half a chicken would do me


A chicken thats good on the wing though, hey.


Any half mobile chicken will surfice padwoir


Layoff on him guys… In all the frenetic energy of the last 15 mins against Wolves, i did some spark of the old AA23… If he fires like we know he can, he could be the difference for us this season

I know that sounds naive, but i call it having faith in a player of his potential. We as supporters should give his confidence a lift. Maybe Henry12 in the team dressing room would help him out of this hole he has dug himself into.

I guess the same can be said for Marouane.


I understand supporters play a role in giving players confidence but I also think that he as a player should give us supporters a lift.

£5 million was the figure I had in mind although I did enjoy Padwoir’s chicken on the wing comment, totally in keeping with his recent ‘fowl’ performances (I’ll get my coat….)


Arshavin helped us qualify for CL when we we first signed him in January and looked like Captain material…what happened to him?


Got two years older, put on some pounds, felt less of a desire to prove himself, lost confidence and is now overthinking things out there.

He’s a match-winner when on form. Not only in Euro 2008, but also in Zenit’s UEFA Cup run.


Sorry, “both of them have a fantastic attitude” Chamakh at least he works hard but can’t stick the ball in the net, but Arshavin is just lazy. When he loses the ball he doesn’t bother tracking back or trying to defend. Yes he may be an advanced midfielder rather than a Winger but look at Barcelona, all their players press no matter where they are playing on the pitch. Arshavin needs to go, its not about playing in the wrong position IMO its about his (lack of) a work ethic and the fact he doesn’t try. Thats Chamakh’s only redeeming… Read more »

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Just bring in Heidar Helguson, he’s a proper lad.


Uve hit the Nail on the head George. Can suffer anyone that works hard but laziness in a team and at a time when we are fighting for our champions league lives then it it ain’t exceptable.


Sell them back to thier old club and be done. We need to get some long term good stuff in, We need RVP to stay. M’Villa at 16.6 this year, now!


Then a quality striker full term us the Henry is hear factor to sign the best. Remember this is a rotation squad leauge.


AA is gone he could of been good if left in his preferred position which could never happen due to RVP’s brilliance I think it’s time for him to leave 😉 …… The same goes for Chamack he never looked the part to me but now the news of king HENRY coming back if only for 2 months might make Wenger look at a 4-4-2 formation and get us back to a title winni g team again 😉


Arshavin’s preferred position is second striker, a link between midfield and the striker who plays level with the last defender. RVP’s form or position has nothing to do with Arshavin’s production or lack thereof–as mentioned somewhere above it’s the 4-3-3 formation itself that has left Arshavin out of his preferred position.

If anything, Cesc was the player who came closest to occupying Arsh’s preferred position.


Even though Arshavin starts/plays on the wing he has pretty much a free role. He moves off the wing and plays quite narrow so he ends up being behind the striker anyway. Ramsey is able to make an impact playing in the same position so why not Arshavin.

Maybe we could get more out of him if he didn’t have to defend but you just can’t risk that these days. Teams have to attack and defend together.

Cesc was still a workhorse and would run 11km-12km each game. I think that is a big difference between Arshavin and Cesc.


Allow me to disagree with you. Judging my impressions of watching Arshavin for Arsenal, he most often receives the ball on the left wing in a position to dribble at someone and take him on one-on-one, similar to Gervinho’s role right now. Of course, wingers in our system have license to wander inside (especially on counter attacks) or switch to opposite sides, but that doesn’t change the fact that Arshavin generally operates down the left and has defensive responsibility against the opposing team’s right back. Playing on the wing is extremely different than playing through the center, no matter if… Read more »


Arseblog news ?LOL. Are you a reputable news agency now mate?


Go back to your cave


I just can’t dislike Arshavin.

From his ridiculous shhh goal celebrations, to the single-handed rollicking he gave to Liverpool, the goal he scored from standing on the goalline vs Blackburn, to that goal against the team from Catalunya; the lad was entertainment. Wish him all the best.

Martin Oon

Henry is back.Before gooner fans rejoice,it’s a gamble. It may or may not pay off. Iknow AKB but he has made error of judgement before.Of course Henry is agreat player . 90% of epl defenders know how he plays.All opposing teams have to do is detail two or three to stay close to him. Bt w read that Wright said Wenger hasn’t bought a quality striker since the great man left.If Arsenal fail to get the cl berth imho it’ sbest Wenger himself calls it a day before he is forced out.It will show his strategy aint workingand we should… Read more »


Speaking of strikers that havn’t fulfilled their potential has anyone heard anything about Carlos Vela.


What happened to that Alvarez guy ? I swear i read that we signed him first thing last summer. Rick Alvarez from Argentina ?


Someone else bought him I thought, on the mainland. We Also have Wellington and that costa rico fellow though! Statistically speaking if wenger can pull off a 1 in 10 great striker, we should almost have one!


let’s not make a fuss about these guys.all of this can wait until summer.we just have ended 2011 by finishing 4th.till then i hope all you goons get behind the team.the word team includes ppl apart from 1st team(players like AA,chamakh,squillachi).but im pretty sure wenger needs to buy in jan.i mean buy not just loan is the time for the final push to end the season on a good note.


Eh down the pecking order? Arshavin stated on the left against QPR,….ahead of both Yossi and Rosicky, so clearly that claim isn’t correct.

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