Thursday, September 29, 2022

Wenger dismisses Podolski speculation

Arsene Wenger has denied any interest in signing Cologne striker Lukas Podolski.

The boss has hinted that should the opportunity become available he would be interested in adding an attacker to his squad, however, despite German international Podolski hinting at an exit from the RheinEnergieStadion it appears the 26-year-old is not on his radar.

Speaking at his weekly press conference Wenger also reiterated to the press his stance on Thierry Henry.

“At the moment Thierry Henry just practices with us,” stressed the Frenchman.

Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho will both leave for the African Cup of Nations in January leaving Arsenal short of attacking options. Arseblog News waits with baited breath to hear the next wave of names to be linked by the media.

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Ace McGoldrick

Three days before the deadline day in August he denied wanting Arteta. Just for a bit of context.


indeed! i wish he would also deny any interest in gotze and benzema!


Götze and Benzema won’t come, face it. Benzema is a regular at Real Madrid in great form, why would they sell him. Götze is not leavong Dortmund yet, he’s barely twenty, playing at his hometown club fighting for the german championship. Which also means he’ll probably be playing CL again. Besides that Arsenal probably wouldn’t be able to compete if he became available, he’d have no problem finding suitors better quipped financially. Besides that, there won’t be many top players willing to take the risk just before the Euros.


Gotze is also injured long-term.


He is certainly not going announce beforehand who it is he is interested in for the benefit of the worlds media, us lot and more importantly the selling club, that would instantly tag on a few million quid and the avarice meter climbing.

Master Bates

I like with technique , I think he should dismiss it saying “Podolski is shit,i’d rather have Heskey” .

That will stop the other cuntteams from interfering


Although Heskey might get excited and then you’d have Wenger break his fragile little heart by not buying him


Where was the quote frm Arsene we was not interested in Podolski?

Mike Hawke

You can hear him say it at the press conference at the video section


Bit of a fact from the Arse2Mouse podcast: Arsene is not to be trusted on transfers period. It’s just what he does.

Podolski would be an awesome signing, but as always nothing is confirmed till there grinning at the camera on

Master Bates

He said the same thing about Arteta ,


Adam, Watford

Or as the Germans and Podolski might say

‘ Daumen drück ! “


Sorry, but where in this article does it say anything about AW not wanting Podolski??


errmm.. the very fist line?!?


Jomo is right.
If you mean in general and where are the quotes; the media themselves can’t seem to make up their minds. Half the papers/websites claim we will sign him for 15m and the other half say Wenger has no interest in signing him.


Wenger isn’t spending 15 mln on a backup striker, let’s be serious.


Although he did spend over 12m on a living statue, i mean Arshavin


Be that as it may, I’ll always remember his four goals at Anfield. And how we subsequently managed to throw two points away at the death.


The thing is, Podolski can also play on the left, he’s playing there in the national team.


David Villa may be available….


You mean the one-legged David Villa out until June 2012?


Yes, we have a new medical facility that needs filling with more players….


I’m surprised we didn’t move for Owen Hargreaves then.


True story; Wenger looked at him during the summer but decided against signing him.


A bit of perspective from germany: Whatever will happen, it won’t be before summer. Köln won’t let him go in january since he’s their life insurance at the moment and Podolski won’t take the risk just before the Euros. After the tournament it is very much possible, he has Arsenal tranfer target written all over him. I guess Arsenal’s chances are good since Podolski will want to find a club with CL pedigree but a good, stable atmosphere, playing under Wenger might just appeal to him. For Arsenal it’s a risk to some degree, he’s a peculiar player, talented sure,… Read more »


In terms of being jaded, i do get the feeling that teams have always had him as the go-to-guy. As in, he plays a lot of games as they haven’t felt the need to get more strikers in. Although with a winter break, i do wonder if he just needs a new challenge to revitalise himself.
Also at Arsenal, provided Robin stays, he’d find himself able to have breaks throughout the season


Well, he certainly wasn’t the go-to guy at Bayern. Also he’s not a target striker in any way, he has always played as a support striker with someone else upfront, be that Klose at Bayern or the national team or Novakovic at Cologne. The problem is he has always been pampered. He was an idol in cologne since he first played, when he played for the national team him and Schweinsteiger became sort of teen idols were touted as the future stars of germany when the national team was going through a sort of a dry spell. Both became lazy… Read more »


Nice insights emob. I can’t say I’m very well informed about him on a domestic basis.


so let him feed van persie? of van persie, or let him fight with gervinho for a spot on the wing. it would do us well to have a left footed player on the left side haha


Besides that, any word from Arsene on tranfer matters are just smokes and mirrors. That’s how we operate, always have, always will. 98% of those tabloid stories appearing in the next weeks are crap, just remember that, those hacks don’t know anything. There are no “anonymous sources” or “good friends close to player XY” or “sources from within the club”. It’s all made up because someone sees one of our scouts somewhere watching a game which doesn’t say anything.


Is it me or do these quotes have nothing to do with Podolski?


We were also not interested in mertersacker, arshavin and atleast 11 other players in our current squad before we mysteriously had a change of heart and they arrived. It may be true we might not be, but It means nothing that he said that, but even above I can’t see where he says anything about podolski…


For me, the most important line from this article is “At the moment Thierry Henry just practices with us,” very interesting indeed 🙂


“At the moment, Henry practices with us…” In the summer, he will join our coaching staff and be with us full-time… Please please?

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