Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Wenger: midfield future is bright

While many Arsenal fans worry about the lack of striking options at the club, beyond that guy with the jazz-hands that scores all the goals, the range of midfield options at the club right now is very encouraging.

The midweek game against Man City might have ended in defeat but any Gooner that didn’t take encouragement from seeing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Francis Coquelin and Emmanuel Frimpong shine against more illustrious and experienced opposition needs their head examined. By a head examiner.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Arsene Wenger was keen to praise his youngsters while at the same time encouraging them to take their chances and fulfil their potential.

“If you look at the whole picture when you think him, Frimpong, Coquelin, Ramsey and Wilshere just in midfield – we have absolutely exceptional talent and it’s very important that we continue to develop them very well.”

He encouraged The Ox to work on the defensive side of his game, saying, “Defending is not his preferred side but unfortunately at the top level today you have Messi doing it, Rooney, Ronaldo, Van Persie – so why should he not do it?

“There is no other way to succeed anymore. That’s why, of course, I believe he has the quality to do it. He has the physical ability and he is not scared to go into challenges. He can take a challenge.  To add that to his game will make him stronger because he will win some balls in areas where he can be dangerous.”

He praised the battling combative style of Frimpong but cautioned that he’s got to learn to use that side of his game properly. “He is a fighter and when he goes on the football pitch he does so to win the game”, he said. “He is a good character, a positive boy who respects people and wants to do well. He is full of energy so of of course it is important to channel that in the right way.”

Arseblog News is very fond of the Coq too. You may laugh but the young Frenchman showed that a season out on loan has done much to develop his game and despite not having the public profile of Frimpong, nor the expectation heaped on The Ox for his Englishness as much as his obvious potential, the unassuming way he gets on with his game marks him out as a player who could have a big future if given the chance.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll all become big fans of Coq, if you’re not already.

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my girlfriend like to play with coq


I love the Coq.


It’s pronounced COKE.


So is my habit but I don’t go around announcing it…., doh.

Hiroo Nakamura

no it is not pronounced Coke. learn some french first


Le Coq is french Jack wilshere.


I just want to get Coq out on the pitch


i wont mind if coq keeps low profile and does the job for us the same way gilberto did.Gilberto the Hidden wall was only noticed when he wasnt playing.

oh, to be.....

I hear you, I’d take that anyday. But his passing range and composure (relative for his age) means he might end up being more than that. I just want to unleash the Coq on the world.

Truth be told, most of our central midfielders seem to be box to box. I guess you have to be well rounded these days.

Sneaky fucking Russian

Not too sure le coq could keep a low profile with tekkers like his. He’s bound to be more Involved than just a back 4 shield.

Ace McGoldrick

Always been a massive fan of Coq


I am excited I have to say about our riches in the midfield department for the future however we’ve been here before with a talented bunch of youngsters so for the time being I’ll enjoy everything they can bring to the club and hope they don’t get their heads turned. Bringing Arteta and Benayoun in regardless of their obvious qualities on the pitch is proving and will I think continue to prove a huge bonus in helping the development and all round play of the likes of Coquelin,Ramsey,Wilshire and Frimpong. Perhaps thats exactly what Fabregas and the like were missing… Read more »


FACT: The Arsenal has the best Coq in the world.

The invincible arse

We wont print it on our shirts, we have the real one.


I’ve taken great pleasure watching Coq develop.
It just shows the benefit of sending your Coq out on loan.


I think Coq has the potential to get bigger and bigger

david seago

i’m excited about Coq being let loose because…………well…………. they don’t like it up em.

The Law

The ladies sure love Coq.


As something of a midfield enforcer, you can see the Coq is strong.

H.P Arsecraft

The power of coq compels you!


Nice exorcist moment there, reminds me oe of my pals (with bloodshot eyes, shoulder length hair and goaty beard) running around pissed as a fart celebrating in Sunday league…

Oh and very good point Padwoir. I think that’s exactly what the ‘other guys’ lacked. Its one of the reasons I think it took Theo longer than hoped to do what he’s doing now.


Oh and big fan of Coquelin as well. I’d like to see him as the second to Song.


Or if he had scored a couple of headers, Coq scores by nutting balls.


Yes. The harder Coq is the more Coq will hurt you, especially coming at you from behind

Eric Irish gunner

Haha classics


Or made a tackle, hard.


Emirate crowd gasps in appreciation as 5’10 Coq swings into action.


Coq is awesome(no homo)


I’d like to see the Coq get up and into the box more often.


Try one of those granny dating websites which often advertise on ABN.

Let us all know how you get on!


Shame we sold the arsehole to man city as he and the coq would have made a great pairing in the middle area..


Lé Cunt is the past and Lé Coq is the future.Time to put the issue to bed


New song: We’ve only got one Coq?


Arsena on Frimpong ‘A positive boy who respects PEOPLE.’ Did Wenger just call Nasri an animal?


No. I think he called him a cunt

Fed up of Barca

This reminds me….

On Tues a chant started up ‘stand up if you hate Nasri’
I swear to God AW stood up from his seat on the bench and stood in his technial area, then the chant fizzled out after a min or so and he sat right back down!

Sly Arsene, sly.
We know you can’t say in the press but these little actions show how you really feel about the money grabbing lesbian


This coque has got enough torque
So get in line to watch COQUELIN


Thought Coq was a bit stiff to not play in the hole last week


The Coq is rising steadily. All Arsenal hating cunts beware!

italian gunner

In all seriousness, I’m just looking forward to watching coq get in behind more teams with those probing balls

Mark G

Haha, quality! 🙂

Jim Deen

With a good strong Coq in the middle, and Cantaloupe balls between the sticks, this season is going to be a screamer.

Fed up of Barca

I would like to see the Coq use a bit more penetration but that will come as he grows…


This coq will hold on to his balls


The Coq slides in and gets the ball back.

It only gets worse.


Blogs, is this the most Coqs you’ve had in the arses?


Seems it’s Coq all round


He’s definitely returned as a better stronger Coq after the loan…maybe Manu needs one to better his Frimponging..
P.S. Did anyone else notice Le Coq doing a Ronaldinho..he gave a fake look then released a low cross…Nice


Is the Coq strong enough to play in the hole?

Arsene Ex-Machina

The comments today are a real Joy..!

The rumours of Arsenals midfield demise were a load of Coq and Bull.

Arsene Nose

If we get götze from Dortmund I’m sure that a well developed Coq can offer the penetration for him to tear them apart at the back.

Arsene Nose

He may only be short but as everyone knows, with Coq it’s not the size that counts – he’ll give oppositions a huge load to deal with.


Come on everyone, let’s not get carried away. The cream of the coq is yet to cum


happy for coq when given his chance didnt blow it off.


If Coq starts spending too much time in nightclubs, Wenger take Coq into hand and make sure he comes on nicely.


We’re all looking forward to seeing the Coq shoot in the box.

[…] I have finally found some time to make a proper post about Arsenal, oh boy did I miss writing about the club we all love. So what’s new today? Well, after the exploits in the Carling Cup, Arsene has been talking up our youths, especially with the abundant of talents in midfield. […]


How cum i alwayz saw this coq in red and white?


Compared to other EPL midfielders like Yaya, Essien, even Song and Arteta he is more or less the little man….but compared to all the Coqs in the world even Jupiter’s he is a Giant Coq, the biggest Coq the world has and will ever see.


Good a thing the lesbian went to City.No way the Coq and the lesbian would have coorperated enough to penetrate any backline


Haha, funniest comments ever!

There’s just something about Coq that gives everyone so much pleasure.

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