Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Agent does agent thing where client is made to sound wanted by people

The agent of Tomas Rosicky appears to have held a discussion with the Arsenal hierarchy about his client.

To stress the fact that this has happened Pavel Paska has immediately run to the first interested media agency and informed them that nothing is really going on, but that something might happen in the future if people can be bothered to have the same inane conversation again.

Speaking to some Czech site, the representative revealed that he had been invited for a chat about the ‘Little Mozart’ (stupid nickname) and that stuff, which may or may not be relevant to anything at all, was discussed.

“It was a good discussion, like it always is with Mr Wenger,” said Paska who hurriedly returned home to Google his name in the hope of finding an Arsenal website which had mentioned him.

“We have outlined our ideas and Arsenal their ideas. We have exchanged some pieces of information and agreed on making the final decision on 15th February.

“Everything is wide open. Naturally, I have talked with Tomas and know his wishes, but until the next talks with Arsenal we will not reveal our cards.

“I would not like to speculate (on Rosicky’s future) but people at Arsenal have hinted that they would be interested in Tomas carrying on there.

“But we will have to wait and see till the middle of February how things unfold.”

Translated it would appear to mean that Rosicky isn’t going anywhere until Arsene takes Tomas for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal and breaks the bad news to him. Perhaps he’s waiting until that date because (a) he can’t really afford to lose more squad members or (b) not many clubs are that interested in attacking midfielders who haven’t scored in two years.

As you can tell – Arseblog News cares little either way. Meh.

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eddie brannan

“It was a good discussion, like it always is with Mr Wenger,” said Paska who hurriedly returned home to Google his name in the hope of finding an Arsenal website which had mentioned him.”

And the winner is… http://www.areseblog.com!


For all your Arsenal news and views, it’s got to be Areseblog. Much better than this tat…

Merlin's Panini

Areseblog you say?

I’m not familiar with that one

Midfield Corporal

I would not like to speculate (on Rosicky’s future) but people at Arsenal have hinted that they would be interested in Tomas carrying on there.

‘people at Arsenal’…..who’s that then, the dinner lady?


The medical team?

Glenn Helder

The coke dealers more like.

Yea, I went there..


What, like the Mars company coke dealers? I’m not sure how refreshing that is while you’re playing, might give him the hiccups….

why is my name required

i’m waiting for mister Paska to comment here, it should be any minute now …


To be fair, this is better than the ones like Walcott’s sage and saying Juventus and Barcelona are interested (HAHAHAHAAH! Dream on, kid!) and saying he wants £85-100k week.


ermmm…that should read saga…or maybe his agent could be referred to as a sage….

Or maybe not, unless he is Darren Dein.


why is rosicky hated so much? am i the only one who thinks he gives much needed energy to the team with his runs with the ball?

Merlin's Panini

no, you’re certainly not the only one. I think he’s looked better this season than last. His ideas are good and he looks busy. I do wish he’d just hit the fucking target sometimes though!


And i hear about some starters not hiding being their strength. Here’s a guy who never hides, granted no longer scores but only because he plays deeper, and makes things happen but the hate he gets is over the top. He’s not the same player he was nor is he playing on the wings anymore but i bet he’s not the player robin wanted subbed either, give him another contract, make him seat on that bench next to the coq and use him whenever necessary. The real problem is starters who score once every 3 months and need a pay… Read more »

Glenn Helder

Despite my lame joke above, I’ve always liked Tomas and would like to see him stay.

Be nice if he stuck a few in the onion bag, too.


He’s changed his game due to past injuries and it’s working for him. In hindsight he should have played how he does now when he first signed. Probably lower chances of injury too


I think this article is overly harsh in Rosicky, I think he has actually been pretty consistent in his appearances this season and always has worked hard. No matter what their agents do I am getting fed up of Arsenal fans criticising our own players, especially those who have done nothing wrong.

the only sam is nelson

I like Tomas, he’s busy, full of running, moves the ball better and quicker than some… he’s come back from a terrible injury situation, had no luck in front of goal, and still he shows levels of enthusiasm that if they were replicated throughout the team would likely see us better off points-wise than we are

his agent sounds a total cunt, mind


Who actually calls him “little Mozart”?

Merlin's Panini

his mum

Cygan's Left Foot

They gave him that name when he use to play for Dortmund in Germany. You know once he use to be among the best CM in the world until injury caught up with him. This season he has been looking good so far, not as good as he was but getting there.


This is a little better to read than a player just handing in a transfer request and refusing to sign a new contract like Clichy or Nasri, or lying about things like Cesc (depending on what you believe). I can’t stand reading things from players like Balotelli’s agent saying he’s worth more than 60 million and he’s the best player in the world. That he’s being discriminated against by the FA and he’s (the agent) gonna pull him from England and go somewhere else. You’re clients an ego maniac (short of the Tevez conundrum) who does nothing but harm himself… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

To be fair, demanding the banning of Howard Webb is the only thing that Balotelli’s agent has said or done that isn’t the impramatur of a total cunt

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, although I’m not sure what ‘impramatur’ means.

the only sam is nelson

it’s a bit like saying the trademark, literally it means imprint. or at least it would if i could ufcking spell it properly

Midfield Corporal

There you give learnt something today.

I was trying to think of a childish impramature ejaculation gag but had no luck.


Usually happens when you struggle with stamina 😉

Pavel Paska

Arsenal better hurry up and offer Tomas a new contract, I’ve got Mourinho on the other line asking about his availabilty.

And before you ask, the reason he was out for 18 months with a hamstring injury wasn’t down to him being addicted to crack…..hang on, I’ve got to take this call from Milan

Merlin's Panini

The accompanying photo is amazing.
I’ve never seen someone fainting at the same time as jumping for a header before. (the guy in the foreground, not Tomas)
Either that or he’s sneezing

Merlin's Panini

he also appears to have an arse on the front.


I dont know what happens after this season i just wanna see him leave (if that happens) with a real trophy.


Looked better this season? Is that in a flamini looking for a new club/contract type of better?


Squad player.

Decent enough with the ball, but maybe not strong enough to battle in the middle of the pitch on a consistent basis. He has played better this year. Probably will come down to who breaks through from the academy/current players on loan. Rosicky is paid about £50-55K / week, so a homegrown player would be cheaper.


Bendtner’s Ego is an imposter! My ego never leaves me!


Perhaps. But your ego is so big it arrives 10 mins before the rest of you.


The two previous posts are both imposters, because I’ve actually dissappeared up myself.

Mr Paska

Maybe Mr Paska hurried home to Google translate his name and found out that in Finnish his surname means Shit.


I never thought that I would say this, but I actually agree with The Only Sam Is Nelson. Rosicky should be offered a new contract. He is a decent squad player who can and does give the team a bit of energy and bite, especially when he comes off the bench. As long as Wenger does not waste vital wage money with a stupidly big deal then I would like to see Thomas stay. By the way, Sam, the word ‘imprimatur’ (see spelling) actually means endorsement or approval, not copyright. If you’re not sure what words mean then don’t use… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

fuck i thumbed that up before i read the second bit heh well imprimatur literally means first edition, it’s a publishing term. it has come to mean endorsement or approval but it can also be used to suggest trademark qualities eg “it is the imprimatur of the defendant (Mr ‘A Redknapp) that his mattress be stuffed full of undeclared tenners, m’lud” etc etc but anyhow, tomas is definitely a good squad player – good to see coming off the bench and you don’t inwardly groan if you see that he’s starting; in fact, you nod approvingly and hope he does… Read more »


Actually, the real definition of imprimatur is : a stupid fucking word that nobody should ever use on a football blog. For fuck sake lads, imprimatur ? Fuck off


And you claim Sam jumps on fatgooners comments with negativity… Fuck me


Actually, I was calling them both cunts for trying to outwit each other by using a word that nobody gives a rats ass about. Go back to bed Steve.


Fuck me. Peace has broken out.

Ah, just read the last line. Ah well, was nice while it lasted.

Midfield Corporal

I like to imagine the Only Sam is Nelson is a 12 year old Korean schoolboy and Fatgooner is his little sister, who don’t get on so they bicker through the medium of Arseblog News. I can picture them in adjacent rooms not talking to each other. Make me laugh anyway.


Heh. And I’m convinced Frog is an actual frog. Albeit a fuckin clever one as he knows how to use a computer.

I’m constantly amazed at the lack of typos with the big webby hand/feet things he has, as he sits there bashing away on his lillypad.

No more cider.

Midfield Corporal

Perhaps healthy and safety is more lax in the frog world, but using a laptop on a lily pad sounds risky to me. Water and electricity don’t mix.
I suggest more Cider Mooro, numb the pain of our current form.


I kinda of always thought they were the same person, like in Fight Club. Constantly at odds with itself. Ridiculous, yes. Entertaining, yes.

Midfield Corporal

The first rule of Arseblog is …….


to always call it Areseblog?

Stab John Terry in the Face Foundation

Ah man, he’s shite


Welcome back frog


please fuck off rosicky, you’ve been consistently shite over the past few years and no one can see you getting any better.
Get rid of him and bring in someone like Draxler.
Plus, isn’t rosicky a coke addict. plays like a shovel lover

Naija Gunner

@JamesAFC I don’t agree with that, he may be shit before but now he’s getting his game together. But giving him another contract will be a bit of a gamble.
You never what’s gonna happen to him or for how long he’ll stay off injured(God forbid, am not wishind for it) if his hamstring comes back.


Lets Call a Spade a Spadea: Rwandan president Paul Kagame says it’s time for Arsene Wenger to step down as Arsenal manager.
Full story: Daily Telegraph


Wow, that’s got to register on about a 1 out of 100 on Wenger and Arsenal’s ‘whose opinions we give a crap about’ barometer.


I shall use the words of Ian Gillan when he was told that Richie Blackmore had categorically denied that Deep Purple were to reform:
“Who the fuck asked him anyway?”


he’s got a gorgeous wife!!


The Rwandan president?


Excellently said. I personally want to see him start most of our games ahead of Ramsey.
And unlike Allen and the Arseblog news, I am very interested in this contract talk and hopes he stays.

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