Friday, September 30, 2022

Arsenal 1-2 Man U: By the Numbers

11 — Consecutive League matches without an Arsenal win when Mike Dean is referee
5 — Yellow cards for Arsenal
5 — Free kicks earned by Arsenal*
5 — Free kicks Arsenal won in their own half
4 — Free kicks earned by Arsenal in the second half
14 — Free kicks earned by Man U
all in midfield
8 — Free kicks earned by Man U in the second half
137 — Completed passes from open play in the second half by Arsenal*
0 — Corners taken by Arsenal*
0 — Through balls attempted by Arsenal
40 — Percent of opposition shots on goal which the opponents are converting into goals**
28 — Percent of Arsenal shots on goal which Arsenal are converting into goals***
50,000 — Substitutions Arsene Wenger has made in his career
701 — Premier League goals Arsenal have allowed
609 — Positive goal difference by Arsenal in the Premier League era
44 — Positive goal difference by Tottenham in the Premier League era
33 — Arsenal goals conceded in 22 League games**
31 — Arsenal goals conceded in the entire 2007-2008 season
12 — Teams with a better defensive record than Arsenal
5 — Arsenal’s position on the League table despite their terrible defensive record

Theo Walcott
26 — Passes completed from open play
3 — Number of times Theo was dispossessed
1 — Successful dribble (in the Arsenal half)
1 — Tackles by Theo
1 — Interceptions by Theo
0 — Key passes, accurate crosses (of 4), or accurate long balls (of 3)

The Ox™
31 — Passes completed from open play
6 — Times Ox was dispossessed
2 — Successful dribbles (both in the Man U half)
4 — Tackles by Ox
0 — Interceptions by Ox
4 — Key Passes
2 — Successful long balls
0 — Accurate crosses

7 — Passes attempted by Arshavin
0 — Blocks, tackles, clearances, free kicks won, turnovers, times dispossessed, etc.

Park (Arsenal)
5 — Passes attempted
0 — Other contributing statistics

0 — Key passes
0 — crosses
83 — percent of passes successful
1 — tackle
1 — clearances
1 — interception

2 — Key Passes
3 — Successful crosses – led both teams
94 — percent passes successful
4 — tackles
3 — clearances
1 — interception

1 — Clearance off the line
2 — Aerial duels as a defender
3 — Aerial duels as a center forward
0 — Aerial duels won

You can see all of my insanity at and @7amkickoff on twitter.

* Arsenal season low
** Wenger era low
*** Worst since 2006/2007


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thanks. walcott’s numbers looking goood.

glory hunter

great report as usual, didnt think Theo was as bad as people were saying.
he’s definately had worse games, he was not completely anaonymous as usual!


he was worse than people were saying


I accept with this guy!
Theo actually made an attempt to help Djourou and Yennaris in defence! Something I’ve never seen him do all season!
But he was still poor, I just hope he gains some consistency! When he’s good, he’s too good. When he’s bad, he’s atrociously bad that you want to stab him a million times and still be pissed :@


Walcott was shocking yet again

Chamakh's eye for goal

1 – Number of times Walcott fell on the floor looking like he sh*t himself


Yennaris is truly excellent for someone of his age and experience!

Master Bates

,,and being off position


To my understanding, right back is his preffered position no?


Stats for Rosicky and Song?


Rosicky stats

51 – Passes completed from open play
86 – percent passes successful
5 – Tackles
3 – Key passes
2 – Interceptions
2 – Times dispossessed
4 – Successful long balls
0 – Accurate crosses

credits: carpenteraaa from youtube


Where exactly is the proof backing up the 50,000 substitutions?


Wenger said himself.


you serious?


No wenger said it in his post match interview, this is just taking the piss…


Another reason to know Wenger has lost it. He even gets his basic aruthmetics wrong. Let’s do the maths. He said he’s been coaching for 30years, lets make it 40years. The best teams play 50 games thereabout every season, for Wenger’s sake lets make it 100. Playing 100games every season for 40-years add up to 4000 games. Subs allowed per game – 3. Assuming he used all then we have 4000 x 3 = 12,000. Where did he get the 50,000 from? And I thought economists shouldn’t have problems with basic arithemtics. Just kidding actually, believe he was on the… Read more »

Clichéd Commenter

He was using the number 50,000 as a general number, basically to say, “I have made a lot of substitutions”.


…and your point is?


You should also include friendlys where you can make 12


Didn’t Mertesacker win an ariel duel to get a header on target that was cleared by Evans’ chest in the last few minutes?


Mertesacker won an Ariel duel? So he can’t win headers but he can beat up a little mermaid?


although i strongly believe in wage bill = finishing position it would be interestting to see how are stats have changed over the last 7 years, were not the free flowing arsenal i once remember!

Danish Gooner

Walcott is an also ran.If we can get more then a bag of crisps for him in the summer then take it.

Merlin's Panini

we’d be hard pushed to get sweet chili flavour


Smokey Bacon flavour for me, if anyone’s asking.

the only sam is nelson

Yesterday the Ox was beef monster munch next to theo’s wafer-thin skips

Clichéd Commenter

The only bag of crisps we’re getting for Walcott is one whose corner has a hole in it and inside all the crisps are soggy, and they’re cheesy and onion flavoured, and they’re the ones that come with a little bag of salt to shake in, but there’s no salt inside, only gypsy’s tears.


number of people who thought The OX should have been subbed?… 1?

Jim Buttitta

1 – Bonehead substitution by the Arsenal manager


Does nobody believe that he was fatigued? An 18-year old in his first ever Premier League start, and it’s against Man United of all teams. I’d believe it if told he got knackered at the 70th, wouldn’t you? I feel the unwillingness to believe Wenger is just because we’re frustrated at the result and the substitution, when it’s highly likely the manager took him off for the right reasons. If Wenger had kept him on and he tore a hamstring, we’d all be pissed saying “see, Wenger did the same thing with Jack, not protecting him, etc.” So you’ll forgive… Read more »


I’ve said it before, Walcott is either excellent or below average. I think his time has come and gone in Arsenal shirt. He hasn’t improved enough during his stint here, and what evidence is there he still can going forward?
Yes he’s fast, but his decision making is shocking.

That being said we’ll still get 4th.


Love the spurs goal difference stat. Brilliant


Walcott need someone to pushed him off the starting 11. At this rate he’ll just rot. but he’s 22, so we can keep him, but no increase in wage. If he wants more, sell him, he’s English, and he’s fast = Good money. Thou honestly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s another Henry at 25.


Happy Chinese New Year all. Very apt seeing as how much this fuckin season looks like it’s going to Drag-on.

Ah bollocks. I give up.

Merlin's Panini

hahaha! that was brilliant.

the only sam is nelson

although many thought wenger’s decision to take of the ox was dim, sum think the manager is still our best option


Chinese pun.




Last time we played ManU we lost 8-2. This time it was 2-1 and on second half play a draw would not have been unjust. Last time we played ManU we were decimated by injuries/suspensions. This time it was injuries and absentees to the ACN. Forget the ‘key’ players ManU were missing. We were missing Sagna (and Jenkinson), Santos (and Gibbs), Wilshere, Arteta, (Diaby), and Coquelin. Plus Henry wasn’t available. This meant we had to play Vermaelen at left back instead of alongside Koscielny in central defence, and had a fourth-choice Djourou playing out-of-position at right back. What yesterday showed… Read more »


Cut the man some slack, but Mertesacker has been here half a season with no consistent CB partner.

Experience and all, but hes still getting used to the ‘Promyeh League’.

He’s got great reading, clean tackling and a good attitude, just needs some more time to be fantastic.


Very well said. The doomsaying and general twattery of many of the fans is nearly enough to make me give up the Internet. Take away half of their first XI and their back-ups in half of those positions, and any side would struggle. Especially when the absences mean out-of-form players and players in the red zone are playing, Look at how poor Savic was against Spurs yesterday, and he’s City’s 4th choice CB. The full-back injury crisis could not have been anticipated, could not have been legislated for, even considering Gibbs’ injury record. Improvements in form are needed, and we… Read more »


Well said, people were over the top negative yesterday after the defeat, I thought the team played pretty well considering all the absentees. I have had enough of Arshavin and Walcott, I think Arsenal would really improve with better players in those positions. Looking forward to seeing this lineup in March

Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
Arteta Wilshere
Ox RVP Gervinho


Ok take a deeep breath then start reading…


Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re one of those who can’t breathe and think at the same time.


2- Theo Walcott’s
1- with a footballing brain, he is The Ox!
1- without a footballing brain, he is Theo Walcott with flash cars, a luxury box, an autobiography and no ability to cross the ball.

1- Manager who refuses to see the light
1 – Board who care more about profits than success on the pitch
1000000000000- Arsenal fans who demand and deserve better!

Those are the stats, and they don’t lie

Clichéd Commenter

“1 – Board who care more about profits than success on the pitch
1000000000000- Arsenal fans who demand and deserve better!”

Dumbest comment ever.

You do realise that they know success equates to profits, right? They don’t want us to fuck up.


An honest question here from someone who was also extremely annoyed to see Arshavin come on for Ox:

Wenger’s ‘justification’ for taking of Ox and replacing him with Arshavin sounds logical enough. Do people not accept his logic (or dispute that Ox was cramping) or do people think he had another reason for making making the change?


I don’t believe his reason. I think he believes (to the teams detriment) in Arshavin’s “ability to change the game” a little too much. He’s stated it in the press and is willing to stand by it. It’s just a little too convenient. If The Ox looked ragged, limped off the pitch, etc I’d be ok with it. None of that happened and I think Wengers stubbornness and adherence to his seeming substitution schedule was all that it was.

Under the Crossbar

I agree with Nick! If a player’s not bleeding profusely with his leg dangling off, well, then he’s good to stay on! What’s that they say? Love is a battlefield!


‘If he limped off the pitch…’ are you serious?how short-sighted can you be,if that was the case, a) we’d be without ANOTHER important player for god knows how many weeks and b) you’d be complaining that his injury could have been prevented!which it him being substituted…Stop being so mindless and get behind the club and the team you supposedly ‘support’!

Merlin's Panini

I think he actually got the Ox and Walcott mixed up and was too embarrassed to admit it. He is “the new Walcott” after all…

Merlin's Panini

fucking lighten up, it was a joke. bloody thumbsdowners.


Serious question. How long do we give wenger? If we go with the current squad next year given that we may or may not have money. And given that arsene clearly believes this squad is good enough this year so we may assume he believes it may be ok for next season too. Is there a breaking point for people who believe wenger should stay and if so what is it? Genuine question.

the only sam is nelson

I don’t think it’s a question of time so much, more of if and when it’s obvious that there’s a better qualified manager available and willing to take Arsenal forward. That might be in 6 months, it might be in 6 years. And it may or may not be at a time of Wenger’s choosing – I’d hope that when the moment comes it’s his own choice for better or worse, I think that we owe him that after all he’s done for the club. I don’t know of anyone who’d be able to deliver better results than Wenger with… Read more »

Glory hunter

I said 2 more years, but that was 2 yrs ago!
Time is up after this season, if u ask me!


So sammy are you saying that our current predicament is down to the board? Bad luck with injuries or that the current crop of players are good enough and have just going through a bad patch. Totally agree about when arsene does go and I hope it’s by his own choice as I agree he deserves that and more from the club and it’s fans.

the only sam is nelson

it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that the board aren’t helping much, although i have to admit to being prejudiced against the sole proprieter model we’re under these days. much as i hate to admit it i did agree with PHW when he said of Kronke “we don’t need his sort here” (presumably in another exclusive with the daily star) and was less than happy to then see various board members flogging their shares to him and the fat Uzbek. i do think it’s more than that, though. the playing staff is perhaps lacking in mental fortitude (to put it… Read more »

george webster

Considering the issues at full back any team with half decent wide men will cause us serious problems, so taking that into consideration they did OK. Especially pleased for Nico, a local lad who has had a number of serious injury setbacks in the last few years otherwise I’m sure he would have made a breakthrough before now. I agree that AW kept to his original substitute plan regardless, his explanation was just yet another lame excuse. Interesting that everyone is focusing on the defence, I’m more worried about the attack – RVP blasted wide of an empty net, Ramsey… Read more »


Ramsey & theo always blast it over/wide. Not really a problem.

Dave Gooner

Theo Walcott needs a few weeks on the bench to sharpen his attitude. He was atrocious yesterday. I am tired of reading his ‘opinions’ in the media – I would prefer him to save that for after match interviews (only!), and get his head down.

I feel sorry for AA, who bore the brunt of the disappointment of the crowd at yesterday’s frankly bizarre substitution of AOC. It wasn’t good to see and hear.


Ugh, I know what you mean. There’s nothing worse than Theo Walcott of all fucking people shooting his gob off in the press about how the team has to do better, blah blah blah. He has nothing interesting to say, and what he says is cheap. More “let your football do the talking” please, and this time change the record.


I thought Mertesacker played pretty well, better than the stats suggest. I swear he did have one defensive clearance by header, but maybe it did not meet the criteria of an “arial duel”. That said he is well short of pace, often looks clumsy on the ball, and should not a be a first choice CB at Arsenal.


Qpr sign left back on loan from Milan. No f all about him but just shows they are out there if you have the will to look. Probably better than stand in center halves any way.


Well, there’s no way AC Milan would have loaned us a fullback considering what’s coming up in February.


umm why not just put a clause in so he can’t play.


Ramsey’s numbers? He’s been underwhelming for me in a big way recently.


Protection of a player like OX is good but you cant just keep him out of games at the risk of him getting injured. A fine example was of Rafa protecting torres (perhaps pools finest player at the time) it was much more of squad rotation for that guy and didnt use Torres that well and what happens later he gets injured in training.


I think mertesacker did win some defensive aerial duels and made interceptions at time. I loved the way he acknowledged kos for the tackle that made the way for our goal.

Glory hunter

Don’t forget that last ditch sliding clearance after Welbeck outpaced him and shot at goal!


Lost in all of this, is that RvP has now set a career high for goals in a season and there are still a few months left!


Also lost in all of this is the reaction of everybody in the stadium and on the bench when RVP when down early in the second half and seemed to be injured. Thoughts of doom for the rest of the season were definitely flashing through my head. I have no idea way Wenger doesn’t strengthen at striker, both for insurance against injury and for the possibility of providing an extra boost, because if RVP were to go to down, we’re royally screwed.


Yes the look on Wengers face was plain fear, yet he won’t buy a decent striker to give van persie a rest.


Wenger’s solution is to sign a 34 yr old Henry. Always papering over cracks!

[…] Arsenal v Man United – By the numbers […]


I can understand the disappointment of fans at the loss to ManU but I cannot understand some of the comments about either AW or players. Just few months ago some of us here were gushing about AW after reading his interview translation with Le Monde. Now we are crucifying him for a substitution. Some people think that he makes such substitutions for his ego! I find such comments very juvenile. I think more than any fan, Arsene has team interest and winning the game as his primary concern. Comments like he was setting up AOC to fail are truly idiotic.… Read more »


Theo can go. Hardly any technical ability, purely speed and we don’t even attempt a thru ball?! Was never really sold on theo, mediocre work ethic, runs through the motions and reminds me of an NBA player whining and complaining every time he loses the ball. Obviously he was fouled! He would never lose the ball due to a poor dribble or because he dribbles with his head down! Lack of Consistency!


Twice – The number of times Theo Walcott failed to make a 10 yard pass to AOC when under no pressure.
Twice – The number of times Theo Walcott blamed AOC for the above mentioned passes

Liam B

0 – Amount of Our Women liked by Arshavin in the UK


0- The amount of times arshavin refused to super size his meal at Mc Donalds

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