Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Henry overjoyed with fan’s goal

Thierry Henry scored 226 Arsenal goals before tonight, so you might think he’s used to the feeling, but netting the winner against Leeds was a new experience for the Frenchman.

This was his first goal as a ‘fan’ and he says it’s a different feeling than the goals that came before. Speaking to ESPN after the game, Henry said, “The feeling I had when I scored was amazing. I rejoined the club as a fan, I wasn’t before, scoring when you support the club is amazing. Now I know how some of the guys who play for Liverpool or Man United feel.

“I will always remember tonight, I don’t know why but when it comes to Arsenal, there’s something happening with me. Sometimes in a bad a way, but most of the time in a good way.”

And indeed, most of the time it is in a good way. There can’t have a been a dry eye, or a sex-wee free pair of underpants around the Gooner globe tonight when Thierry tucked away his chance, and he says the whole thing has been quite surreal.

“I don’t know man, it’s kind of weird. I came back from mexico 15 days ago, and now this. It’s crazy. I love the club, that’s all I can say.

“I just wanted to help, and I hope I can do more.”

Arsene Wenger described the Arsenal dressing room as ‘a bit euphoria’ as everyone, wanted to celebrate with the former captain. “It was like a dream when he scored, it was the story you would tell a kid. It is not often like that in our game.

“He was already a legend and tonight he added a little bit more. I would not put him on the pitch if he wasn’t ready.”

While on Twitter, current skipper Robin van Persie said, “YES YES YES YES YES one word —->LEGEND!!! TH love u man!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Just this once we’re going to overlook the excessive use of exclamation marks.

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I’m still jizzing in my pants…


227.. and still counting!


Can I be the first to say I love him?!

Cygan's Left Foot

When you see those FACTS which is ONLY fit for a KING you would love him more;

With 12 minutes remaining, The King scored his 12th goal, against Leeds, in 12 appearance, wearing number 12 after re-joining The Arsenal in 2012.

This can not be all co-incidence, He is a REAL KING.



Im pretty sure you have the best name Ive seen on the whole internet.

Makes me chuckle everytime.


Can I be the first to want to change my religion to Arsenal and build a shrine to our living deity Thierry Henry?

Eldwin J. Aparicio

dont forget he first debuted with the club 12 years ago


I bawled my eyes out..

“Sometimes in football, you have to score goals” – TH14 some years back

… Fuckin genuis !


I hear Henry is starring in the next I Am Legend.



Still jizzing…

Starting to worry now.


It’s alright, have a look at Nasri.


Not working. Have a fetish for French lesbians.


Haven’t smiled like that in a long time!


Or 3rd, whatever.


I have already lost the count of how many times I have seen this goal.


Dear Samir Nasri,

THAT is what it looks like when someone shows class and passion towards a football club they love, something which you’ll never experience. I’m glad you were there to witness that. Prick.


Very true.

But we’re not missing Nasri one bit. I suppose my sense of betrayal has always been mitigated by the fact that he was only good for about six months. He’s showing his typical “flatter to deceive” form at City now, and I for one have always felt more comfortable with the £25m than with Nasri.


He loves the club and I love him and RVP loves him and I love RVP. It’s a circle of love.


Is it true he scored his 12th goal against Leeds with 12 minutes to the end of the game wearing a number 12 jersey?

Kris evans

It was also his 12thatch against Leeds


in 2012…


and I watched it in the 12 pins

Eldwin J. Aparicio

12 years later after he joined arsenal



Glory hunter

And the 12th time he scored in the last 10mins for The Arsenal!!!!!

Ok I made it up. 🙂


This is why Arsenal is the most beautiful club to support. Thank you Thierry and thank Wenger for making this moment possible.


goosebumps when he came on, swiftly followed by a lump in the throat when he scored!! What a class class act and what a night, fuckin legend! get Dennis back coaching and we r full circle!

ps. the ox is special, start playing him


He’s alright that Henry fella but he’s no Chamakh.

Mr Teddy Ears

Oh come on thats comic genius how can you down thumb him !!!


Driving back from the game with a warm feeling, u legend tezza

Oh and chamakh was beyond awful


3 thumbs down ?
Who are the 3 relatives of chamakh? C’mon guys he was atrocious


Thumbs down are cuz you called him tezza…


My face is still sore from smiling though, so I love you as a gooner brother this night…

Long live The King.


Did you see Chamakh’s pirouette on the ball in the second half?? It came to him, he tried to spin on the ball, and it shot out the side straight to a Leeds player. It was such a cringe moment.

He was the only unhappy person affiliated to Arsenal in the world when The King scored.


When he scored I was watching it in my living room and I jumped up and just started running around screaming uncontrollably. LONG LIVE THE KING.


The emirates erupted when he scored haven’t seen the place light up like that since the barca 2-1


People trashing arshavin on the radio I actually thought he did well 2nd half


He did. He looked pretty good.


His final ball was rushed, if he had 1 shot on target I would give him credit, it looked like he was trying too hard. That said, up until that final ball he played quite well.

Russell Chilvers

I was there, just got back. What a night! As soon as Henry started warming up you could feel a sense of something special. you couldn’t write it any better, well done team and Henry. Arshavin and Chamakh think it’s time guys but thanks for your earlier days and effort.


I would disagree on Arshavin… He was chasing almost every ball near him and he put in a consistent shift from 1 to 90th min. Not to use this as an excuse, but he did get battered a lot. Compared to the lazy performances hes been putting out, today he had many shots and was very close to scoring/assisting. Just give him time, he has too much magic and moments of inspiration to give up on before the season even ends. And I think hes almost there, maybe all he needs is the final push from the fans, or a… Read more »

Russell Chilvers

I think that’s a fair comment Ivor to be honest, I just ge the feeling watching him around the pitch his mind is somewhere else and he would rather be somewhere else. He’s a class act, no two ways about that but it seems to becoming quite rare these days which is a huge shame. Maybe Henry will give him some much needed encouragement?

As for Chamakh, I 100% agree with me earlier statement.

Bloody good night tonight though

Oleg Luzhny

Didn’t see the game, but I’d rather Arshavin be an option going forward over Chamakh. Arshavin is capable of creating that moment to win a game or a score a goal. Chamakh, is well Chamakh. Fall from grace for that guy.

Samir Nasri

I’d sell my own chin for that kind of love.


Why was nasri at the game ? Fed up with bench splinters in his arse !


I reckon it must be the difference between sitting in a chair watching a team play football and sitting in a chair watching a class team play exciting football that dragged him along.

Samir Nasri

That’s what I wanna be when I grow up!


Get Dennis back for Villa.


Yesterday, I was furious at the club for not strengthening the squad. Today, I don’t care if the club is relegated. Only Henry makes me feel what I feel now.




Lost for words. You couldn’t write it. A fairytale night whenever there was one.

Cannot wait to see him on the pitch with Robin. I’m guessing Arshavin will fill in the Gervinho role. He looked pretty bright tonight and hopefully with a bit more games under his belt he’ll find his way back into form. Buzzin!


we are gonna need a bigger statue 🙂 On Arshavin, I thought the little man played well, he was taking a battering at times, from a Leeds team who had absolutely no interest in winning, they were playing for the draw. Arshavin worked his little Russian socks off, & wen he finally gets sick of being kicked and acts out and fouls one of their players he’s given a yellow card? just another example of the totally inept referees this year. anyways, let’s not lose track of what happened tonight, a living breathing legend came back, and showed all the… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Well said


pre madonnas, well said indeed…

I think you might mean prima-donna, but maybe you mean an early, 1980’s madonna.


The ref was bad but the lino down our side (opposite the bench) was attrocious his couldn’t spot a banjo and consistently had to wait for the ref to decide (often incorrectly) which way throws were going!


I guess that one needs an update, or hopefully several 😀×5004.jpg

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Get your 227 shirts quickly. They’ll only be in stock for a week. Next week they will be releasing the upgraded 228 shirt.


Arshavin had a good game. Involved in everything. I just heard an eleven year old phone up on the radio and say “Arshavin is absolutely abismol and doesn’t deserve to be on football pitch etc.”
It’s like they’d made their mind up about his match performance before kick off.
I agree he is far, far from best seeing as he’s with us for the rest of the season at least – a little bit of encouragement won’t go a miss.


HR I heard that same caller sounded like his old man had been moaning about arshavin so he jumped on the bandwagon. He’s been poor this season but tonight he don’t deserve the criticism.
I had to put up with some drunk bloke behind me reeking of beer calling wenger a French weasel [email protected] all through the game
No need

Eric Irish gunner

You should if slapped him one


Now just imagine what RVP, Henry, and the Ox can do to some teams defences. Truly mouth watering. Ox and RVP have the burst of pace and physical advantage over Henry, so they can use their speed help get the ball to him and open up space for his drifting and then…. we all know what happens.


The Ox showed his inexperience tonight with a very rushed and forced performance. A player for the future definitely but we only ever looked like scoring once Henry and Walcott came on

The Gun

You can see how much LOVE he has for this club. We, the fans have a mutual understanding with him and that is why we LOVE him back. In the end of the day, this is what it’s all about. The way this club makes us feel. The way it makes us smile.

Thank you Thierry Henry.

And thank you for REMINDING everyone of how it should be (the other players aswell).


I just want to write a load of exclamation marks. Will you overlook it again?


Thought Arshavin was decent tonight. – Probably our most dangerous player (For 70 minutes..).
Hopefully he’s coming back into form at exactly the right time, when Gerv goes away.


I love how, just before the goal, the commentators are talking about Leeds being good for a draw! Ha ha! They forgot about Terrence!


Still buzzing! This is one of those rare moments that go to making The Grove feel like home…. Beating Barca last season being another. Hopefully we create many more memories…

Is it just me or does anyone else notice the similarities between The Ox & John Barnes?


Ok let’s start the rant….. Arshavin is shocking I think is time to sell an try get something back for him, after all he has only had 1 decent performance which was against Liverpool when he scored those magical 4 goals but since then where has he gone…..I’d rather bring back the king til he’s 57 and get more success ;);) rant over 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wrong day man.
You don’t need to be so sour just because you (clearly) didn’t get to see the match. Arshavin played fine, and his numerous shots, though mostly a touch high, kept the Leeds defence unsettled and nervous all night. He softened them up for TH12 with his hard work.


Good comment Manbearpig but I think it’s just u thinking bout barnes and the Ox
But let’s hope he’ll be better ;);) which I’m sure he’ll defo will 😉

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I agree with Manbearpig. They’re both like a couple of little squat tanks or battering rams. If you blocked either of them they wouldn’t be the ones bouncing through the air.


That was a comeback that surpassed the Elvis TV special….and he did it while rockin’ the look of a young Isaac Hayes….can’t do better than that…..


During half time on ESPN’s broadcast, Robbie Savage and some similarly bottle blonde tango doris were trying to do what could be loosely described as “analysis” in front of the Leeds fans. The Leeds fans started singing “get your tits out for the lads”, but I don’t know which one of them that was aimed at. Apparently the two little plastic darlings got pelted with food as well. Fucking sweet. What dick at ESPN decided the best place to do a half time analysis would be in front of the Leeds fans, on a shaky table that a pound shop… Read more »

Eric Irish gunner

Haha stupid all right, they were getting slaughtered and it was as clear as day, I think they might have to move their dogy setup


I’m hoping they leave it as it is, Eric. I got a good laugh watching Ray Stubbs, John Barnes and Kevin Keegan freezing their arses off during halftime at Peterborough the other night. Plenty of peeps around the world have to work shittier jobs in worse outside conditions for much longer hours on far less pay, so fuck ’em.

Ian allinson's tache

I was at anfield in 89 I saw the invincible s and I saw us get beat in Paris( twice!) but honestly I don t know why, but when he scored I ve never felt like that- just pure emotion , maybe I m getting old

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, when we were young it was YES YES YES YES YES!!!!
Now we’re old it’s YES YES YES YES YES tear YES YES F*CKING YES!!!!!
Well it was for me, anyway. Woke the whole building when that sweet goal went in.


I don’t think I’ve felt such an amazing moment of immense joy to be an arsenal fan since Tony Adams scored against everton

Ian allinson's tache

Actually it wasn t emotion just pure joy- how about buying out his contract with the redbulls?


Simply to good to be true!

I don’t want to know how Chamakh feels tonight though…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He can tell his grandchildren that he once played a match for Arsenal in the same team as Thierry Henry. They’ll love him for it, and he’ll be proud. Everybody who played today will be proud that they were there and a part of it, and if they had a less than stellar game…well, they’ll no doubt forget that part over time.


The 78 minutes’ worth of frustration as Leeds parked the bus was made worthwhile when Henry smacked the ball into the goal. A hokey end to a Hollywood movie perhaps, but exactly right in the real world.


Can I marry him?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So, do we get a “Feelgood Factor” now ?


The need for a striker has never more evident than last night, the great Henry proves this team can create and a decent striker will score. Arshavin worked hard which beggers the question why can’t hd work like that every week.
Chamkh gave one of his most inept performances yet and to be in front park must show how bad he must be. Come march we officially have one striker at the club When Henry goes back we have 3 months to keep rvp fit. Up till Henry came on we was woefull the only threat was the ox.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So, we don’t get a “Feelgood Factor” now ?


I feel good, we just beat Leeds saved ourselves a painful replay. But what happens comes march? The problems still remain. On last nights display can anyone seriously say Chamkh is an answer if rvp gets hurt or loses form.
All last night proved is that if we buy a decent forward we can win games and possibly a trophy regardless if rvp plays or not.

Pele of Romford

Ahhh Leeds what a bunch of twats. I was sitting 6 feet from them and all game they were telling their team to kick us and some of the shit they were spouting was quiet sad. In fairness a couple of lads and myself weren’t being nice either, good fun. Obviously we were hysterical when the king came on whilst they laughed at every touch he made asking ‘who are ya’. They cheered every time Leeds kicked us. And in fairness we were shite, Rambo and Arsh were pony while chamakh should go back to selling falafels or whatever he… Read more »

Thierry's Beard

Wow. That is the most befitting way to celebrate a 125th anniversary.


I find that falafel comment a bit racist… but besides that, awesome fucking ideas


It was fucking awesome.


Arsenal Football Club what a story! Just look all what happened in 2011. As if AFC was the hero of a saga made in Hollywood and the bad guys are all the big spender clubs. And now we get a brand new episode with The Return Of The King, who just comes in and scores that magnificent goal, his 12th in 12 games against Leeds with the number 12 jersey in 2012…how surreal is that! Even Hollywood cant do better if you ask me. Arsenal is such a special club and no money in the entire world can buy that.… Read more »


King Henry’s return was not for the arsenal alone,it was for the entire footballing world.Everyone errespective of which club they support was talking about the Kings return,this morning they talking about his goal!!! As Arsenal fans we are really blessed to have him wear red and white!!!!

Oh and if you didn’t hear messi won the ballon dor…….WHo gives a Fuck?!?


I was too excited about the Arsenal game to think about that ballon dor stealer i think we all knew he was having it anyway and you’re right WE DONT GIVE A BLOODY FUCK!!!!

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