Saturday, September 30, 2023

Robin denies ructions, backs the manager

Robin van Persie’s reaction to the substitution of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has sparked much discussion over the last couple of days, but the captain has come out strongly to deny any talk of a rift between him and the manager.

Speaking to The Sun, van Persie said, “I was not having a go at the boss on Sunday. I was just sad to see Alex leave the pitch as he just gave the assist for our only goal.

“I was not questioning his judgment. I know it’s not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does. He is the boss, he makes the decisions and that’s it… end of story.

“I have worked with the boss long enough to know there’s always a good reason behind his decisions — and there was again on Sunday. When Arsene makes a decision, it is based on a lot of information that everyone else might not know about.

“He has all the information, he knows when a player is carrying a small injury, or has been ill, or is tiring. Arsene’s remarkable success in the game is proof enough that his decisions are made from knowledge and experience.

“There is no problem, there is no conflict and there is no controversy. The boss knows that, I know that, the players all know that.”

And he urged his teammates, and fans, to get behind the team as they try to find a way out of this spell of bad form.

“We are all committed to doing the very best we can to bring success to The Emirates,” he said. “We are not giving up on a top-four finish, no way.

“There’s plenty of games still left, we have recovered from reverses like this before and we will win again. So anybody writing us off is making a mistake.

“This could still be a good season for us. We have the FA Cup to look forward to and the Champions League. We will all be giving 100 per cent to make sure we bring one of those trophies home, hopefully both of them.

“Let’s all stick together and fight.”

Arseblog News believes the reaction to van Persie’s ‘crime’ of showing displeasure at the change has been blown out of all proportion. The club, and Robin himself, have moved quickly to make it a non-issue and talk of dressing room mutiny and transfer requests is so far wide of the mark it might as well be a Theo Walcott cross.

And while frustration may be high, if the team are going to fight then they need the fans behind them too. It might simplistic but there’s no escaping the truth of it.


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If RvP was to make love to me, so violently, that my poopy bits gave way and spilled my guts upon the ground – and then, he took endless shots on goal toward that gaping aperture, displaying the same skill he does when destroying our enemies every week – I would smile for longer than I live.


What the fuck


Well, you know – in a nice way.



My Ideal death would be RVP kicking me in the temple.


Good enough for me. Fanks Wobin.


Top bloke. RVP shows all the great qualities of a captain, he exhibits class, passion, and a desire to win and do well for the club. He leads by example with his work rate and dedication to the cause, showing emotion is not just showing dissent, as some commentators would have you Belive, but a deep desire to do well and to win. The focus now should and will be on doing well in the next game, this is our team to love and support, and as true fans that is what we do, through thick and thin, it’s ok… Read more »

Thierry's Beard

Yeah. It’s so wide off the mark it might as well be a Bendtner shot

smelly cat

articulate stuff by rvp …appreciable!!!
hence a good captain ….
unlike boneheaded gallas during the turbulent times


Did RVP say that in a monotone voice, staring into space like a robot?
““I was not questioning his judgment. I know it’s not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does. He is the boss, he makes the decisions…” etc etc
Sounds like Arsene had written the words and RVP was just saying them, cos on Sunday RVP certainly wasn’t saying “Well done boss, another great decision there.”


If you read what he said he never claims to have said “well done boss, another great decision”.

I suggest you go roll around in a field if you get such joy out of bullshit.


Oz, do you work in the media too? It just that you seem to have made up some crap and spouted it as a truth. As van Persie said, Wenger has a lot more information than anyone else and will make a judgement on it. I’m not happy about he loss but i am happy Arsene is protecting the younger players from injury and/or burnout. People wanted Wilshere played every game last season and look how many times he’s played this season. It’s not a case of ‘In Arsene we Trust’ more ‘Arsene knows more about all his players than… Read more »


Steve – never made anything up at all – just read exactly what RVP, AOC and Wenger said – you want to try it. AOC never said anything about injuries afterwards and I think you’re blind if you think in any way RVP was not pissed on Sunday with AOC coming off. 30+ years, success etc etc – yes – until 6 years ago. Feel free to live on ageing past glories, but your blind, kiss-ass faith in Wenger means you fail – deliberately – to see what is happening to the club. I’ve supported the club – not a… Read more »


Spot on oz. thank you.


Oz, what a mess we’re in eh? 5th in the League, last 16 of the Champions League (AGAIN) & a home game in the Cup on Sunday.
And before you accuse me of being blind to Wengers faults, I’m not, far from it. I believe his faith in his experiment has probably cost us 2 League titles. But really fella, get some perspective. I think York away & Wrexham away are games which you could describe as a “mess”


The frustration shown on Subday (sic) was very likely a build up of so many things over so many years (consistent failure despite promise, painful defeats, too much shootinfootidness, lack of proper investment at the right time, too many chances given to underperforming players for too long etc etc). It just all came tumbling out. BUT, the article is spot on. Now isn’t the time for judgement – that comes later. There’s plenty wrong with what’s been happening with the club, but getting behind the players and manager we’ve got is one of the only positive things we as supporters… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Yes, Judgement time will come in the summer when RVP asked to leave after losing faith and finding our manager is not a football manager but a Bank Manager, that care more about balancing the book and letting his top players down than let them win trophies.

I can Feel and Hear Le Cunt laughing at Man City and pointing at me and telling me “told you so”. Fab too loyla and too polite to rub it in, but I am sure over the phone him and RVP talk about this thing.


What a load of nonsense – AW isn’t the Bank Manager here, it’s the idiots running our football club who I think are to blame. Can anyone give me a good reason why Silent Stan bought our football club? And before people start pining for David Dein, he was happy to sell for a considerable profit. What an Arsenal man he was eh? Wenger isn’t the one cutting the deals, he has identified players (Mata, Jones) but we seem to be unable to close the deal on these players Rather than all wishing RVP farewell, maybe we should all wait… Read more »


Stan thought he could own the club but Usmanov has essentially blocked that and so Kroenke is basically stuck in limbo. Neither want to help the other for personal reasons (don’t have to be a board member to work them out) and so we have an impasse in terms of investment. That’s why we are relying on matchday income and why £££’s aren’t being spent.


Three defeats in a row is so hard to take so i can understand all the frustration. Most of it boiling from seasons past and the way the club has been losing top players and top targets(from being champions now to top four and all that). In times like this i find it wiser to react to dropped points days after the game. Because then you clearly have an idea why: like the cramps in the ox and the like. It amuses me how, however, RVP comes out and says something i was thinking all along and thought all the… Read more »


What else could have Van Persie said after the game? Should he have said: “Hey, I think the Boss was a real idiot here”? or “We’d just turned the game around, we actually could’ve won it, but the prick took off our best player!”? or “He was a brilliant boss a few years ago, but now he has gone soft in the head”? If you really want to know what RvP thought then just look at his face after the substitution – or wait until his autobiography comes out. But don’t believe the “official” bollocks that you might read anywhere… Read more »


I am just wondering. Even after Wenger’s years as a manager and after all the championships do you really think he is an idiot? Seems like that from what you say all the time.


No, I believe what I said in my earlier post. I’ll repeat it:

He was a brilliant boss a few years ago, but now he has gone soft in the head.


You can believe what you like, but this whole situation is becoming a stupid fucking witch hunt. Read between the lines if you must but the overall message from Robin is quite sound and logical. It’s also a captain’s request to the fans to not give up.

Time to move on from this mess.

Cygan's Left Foot

Don’t wait for his Autobiograhpy, just wait until the summer when he ask to leave.

the only sam is nelson

Heheh this is brilliant. You’re speculating that RvP meant the opposite of what he said, because that fits in with your view that Wenger is an idiot. You just twist the facts to fit that view, don’t you FG? It must take a lot of effort, come to think on it. Wengers starts the Ox – most fans say “good”, FG sees it as a manager who has lost the plot because the Ox is substituted. RvP points out he was pissed off because the Ox was leaving the pitch, understandably so, but the manager knows what he’s doing and… Read more »


You just don’t get it, do you, Sammy?

I am the positive one, and you are the negative loser.

I want the best for my club – and won’t put up with second-rate shit.

You are happy to just sit back and let Wenger and the Board take the club into mid-table obscurity.

Winners only accept the best. That’s the difference between me and you.

the only sam is nelson

jesus wept, FG i owe you an apology! i thought you were unrelentingly negative, possibly because of the relentless insults you post but now we discover that your life is one long gillette advertisement and you are a “winner” yessir, one of the square-jawed good guys who’ll only accept the best! if you won’t put up with second rate shit and you’ve been supporting the club for as long as you say you have, can i ask you where you spent the large part of the 1980s? cryogenically frozen, waiting for the success you demanded? abroad, hiding from the crap… Read more »


I jus don’t understand you Sam. Why do you feel the need to post every time the bloke says something? You two obviously see things differently, yet everytime he expresses his opininion, you start in with some arrogant knowitall, holier than thou arsenal supporter bullshit. Give it a rest mate. We get it. You dislike fatgooner and you’re happy to stand by and watch our club slide to mid table mediocrity. You drank the kool- aide. We didn’t.

Midfield Corporal

It might be because everything fatgooner posts is a bit melodramatic to say the least. Fuck me there are problems at the club but not everything is a crock of shit.


Let’s hope Alex gets a lot more games and Theo wakes up because with Theo on form, our wings would terrorise defence’s. And yes for those scoffers at Theo’s name, a Theo Walcott on form is fucking brilliant. I’m loving the Ox and I really hope Theo comes around. I just wonder if its the lack of right back harming him or that cuntish piss streak of an agent.


I just don’t believe he’s got it in him. You can criticize Gervinho for being wasteful but every game he plays he looks dangerous and is part of the game, he moves the ball forward, beats players, and draws the defense. Theo goes missing far too often and has only been “on form” for a handful of games that I can remember. Sure he is brilliant on the breakaway, but pretty much useless everywhere else. Central striker, he’s having a laugh. 100k/week, sell him to ManCity in the summer, he can sit on the bench and we can pay down… Read more »


If you look at the stats, he’s been “on form” with Sagna or Jenkinson behind him. Same goes for Gervinho with Santos or Gibbs. For all his ability, Vermaelen isn’t a fullback and Djourou looks completely lost in that position and keeps drifting into the centre.


a Walcott cross hahaha…funny shit 😛 that said, this is great stuff from Van Persie, and will go a long way to stop some of our fellow supporters who have been at it recently. Seems a bit too detailed and long to be a PR spin or anything of the sort, it appears genuine and from the heart of the man himself…loving the comment about the FA Cup/Champions League too!! Now let’s see what this season really holds for us, hopefully we will put together a winning streak starting next game.

Merlin's Panini

Who cares about this, seriously. He made a bit of a crappy decision. It possibly lost us the game, but we don’t know what would’ve happened anyway. Old red nose has made tons of shit decisions in his time too, like fielding Jonny Evans on a regular basis! We lost 2-1 to the champions, it’s not that fucking bad. Ok we’ve had some shitty results generally this season but we’ve just got to stick with it. We’ve shown enough to suggest we can muddle through and get back on course. It’s not like Stewart Houston is in charge or anything… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Are you for real????? Or just trying to make yourself feel good?????? Which part of Arsene is not good enough any more and football moved on and he refused to move on you did not get? Are you old enough to remember a man called Brian Clough? No? ok, let me tell you a little about him. He took a small club called Nottingham Forest to win the league title and TWO European Cups. The only problem with Mr Clough was that, he was so stubborn and refused to move on as football moved on as football tactics changed and… Read more »


So you use a manager of a totally different club, at a totally different point in time, with completely different rivalries to deal with to make your point. Do you remember a manager called Avram Grant? Took Chelsea to 2nd in the league and their first champions league final but still got the sack (makes as much sense bringing him up as Brian Clough). Or how about George Graham who took bungs for signing specific players? Clough and Graham didn’t have Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Chelsea and now PSG to deal with and their clubs were on a much… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

yes. I’m old enough to remember Brian Clough, being pissed out of his face on national tv regularly. And I’m sorry but we’re not playing crap football. We’re still regarded as a team that plays the most attractive football in England and our manager is not an alcoholic mentalist like Brian fucking Clough.
He doesn’t remind me of him at all. Sorry, go and join Cygan’s right foot, take it in turns to move in front of one another and fuck off. Don’t insult me. I didn’t insult you.


We’re still regarded as a team that plays the most attractive football in England… Really? What team have you been watching? Arsenal have been effective for parts of this season, but pretty? I thought the performance against ManU was OK, but I wanted to punch myself in the face out of boredom watching Song pass to Vermaelen, back to Song, back to Vermaelen, back to Kos, over to Mertesacker, back to Song again, this right after we won the ball back and should be pushing forward. How about Song looking around for a player to pass to, getting frustrated, running… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

I wasn’t stating my opinion that we’re an attractive team to watch, I was stating that of every pundit up and down the country that seems to think so. I do think we can get to that again though. This team has lost its creative engine and are still working out how to all play together. Ramsey needs time to click into his role properly, Rosicky doesn’t play often enough (although he did try and provide a great ball over the top in that game, which didn’t quite come off for him), and Theo is the most hit and miss… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Steve, Responding to you would be waste of time as you missed the point of me comparing Brain Clough to Arsene. Here is a clue, Avram Grant name has no connection with the subject? Merlin, I did not insult as I was brought up NOT to insult the ladies even if they are as rude as yourself. I was not comparing Clough to Arsene drinking or football style or anything (despite the fact that ATM we play crap football), I was comparing the blind faith of the supporters towards HAS BEEN manager. Can’t you see Arsene is taking as down… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

CLF you did insult me, and you have twice now. Once patronisingly telling me I’m not old enough to remember Brian Clough, and now calling me a lady. You sir are a pig ignorant chauvinist arsehole. You were rude first so don’t tell me I am. I’ve never personally attacked anyone on this site but you carry on like this constantly and I’m fed up of you. Seriously what do you expect Arsene to do. Every football manager makes the same excuses. They do it to protect their team and themselves. Stop being such a fucking doomer. If Arsene goes,… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

Merlin, you might not be a lady but you nag like one.

And don’t give me this crap, I support The Arsenal and love my club, you support the Bank Manager Control Freak more than you support The Arsenal. If you were a true supporter and you see what is happening to our great club by this man, you would have some reaction or even oh FFS Arsene. But you seem in love with him and scared if he went you might miss him and cry your eyes out.

Merlin's Panini

jog on mate. you fucking troll. I don’t think Wenger is impervious to criticism and I do think he gets things wrong. Of course I think “FFS Arsene” when he tells us things like a player back from injury is like a new signing etc. I just choose to accept that he’s a human being like the rest of us, that makes mistakes now and again, and can say stupid stuff sometimes. If we were in the mire in 10th or less then maybe I would be getting in a pissy little hissy fit like you but seeing as we’re… Read more »


He has girlfriends now Merlin. They are called lefty and righty


When I looked at the bench on Sunday I went into the back garden raised my head to the sky and bell. owed loudliy

Merlin's Panini

is the sky and bell a pub?
and who’s loudliy and how much did you owe him?


As others have said, what else can RVP say? We all saw his reaction, he was appalled, I’ll tend to believe that moment of truth far more than any officially released statement a couple of days later. The Ox in his own interview didn’t once mention having any sort of illness or injury, just that he respected the boss’s decision. Wenger made a bad decision, substitutions have never been his strong point, they have often looked pre-match planned (remember, he used to take off Bergkamp every match in the 73rd minute) and I think this one was also. Let’s not… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I’m not one for getting in a tiz about a story just because the media tell me I should. But Blogs, i have to disagree (respectfully of course) that this is being blown out of proportion. I cannot remember the captain of Arsenal ever openly showing his disagreement with a manager before. When you consider the contract situation with RVP, And the current state of the team I think it was a worrying sign. I think we’re fooling ourselves if we just accept the prepared response from Robin and think everything is rosy. On the flip side, I genuinely feel… Read more »


Depends how smart the dog is. That Lassie was able to tell people the problems and my kids watched a film called ‘Firehouse dog’ which had a dog that saved some kids.

Midfield Corporal

My kids watched that too, it was very touching when the dog saved the fire chief. I still think it would have had problems providing the necessary documentation required by the banking industry.


guys, think of other scenario that might happen. how if wenger let ox play until the end, and he would be out of 3 months because of injury. which one would you choose? losing one game or having ox for next 3 months.

Merlin's Panini

equally he could’ve won us the game and been fine. We’ll never know. Anything could have happened. We could’ve lost 3-1 we could’ve drawn. Whatever. It’s not worth stewing on.
But, fuck it, let’s move on.

Midfield Corporal

We are all experts with hindsight, one thing is for certain, regardless of Arsenes faults, he made his decision based on what he thought would be good for The Arsenal. Disagree with it by all means, but let’s not disrespect the man.


Whilst I don’t want to get caught up in the hyperbole, it was a TERRIBLE decision, and I agree with the comment above, just saying ‘ah well who knows’ really isn’t good enough, the fact is the momentum was going our way, the united fans I was watching it with were getting worried, chamberlain was clearly our greatest threat and Arsene took him off. Yeah he might have got injured, but you could say the same Of anyone, Andrey could have got injured, van Persie could have broken his leg, theo could have knocked himself out on a blade of… Read more »


Or Theo could have slammed his face into a fairly hard winter pitch, but please don’t let that stop your criticism


those are not the only possible scenarios. we might of not lost if wenger subbed in benayoun or miquel instead and playing the ox full 90mins doesn’t mean he will be out for 3months.
i dont think it was a mistake to take off chamberlain and conserve his energy for the next upcoming games. however it was a BIG mistake to put on arshavin in such a high profile match. but people make silly mistakes especially under pressure, after all wenger is only human.

Midfield Corporal

It wasn’t a mistake to bring Arshavin on to score the winner against barca when he was playing poorly.


no it wasnt cos we had full backs. no matter how poorly he perform there is some sort of protection behind him and then he was at least scoring goals occasionally.


I’m sick and tired of all of Wenger’s excuses. More than half the squad are filth,but and if you take a second to think,how can someone who foresee that his team would go unbeaten,managed them to do so. Turn a team of invincibles into a pile of rabble. There are 3 things that make sense: He’s hands are tied and for 6 million he is keeping quiet….he is doing it on purpose or he is going senile.


You’re probably right Jeff, hes doing it on purpose, just to spite you.
Do these people actually support Arsenal?

gooner odst

I was just recalling this from Arsene: “…If we sign another midfielder we will kill denilson…”
too bad denilson was already a decaying zombie…you can’t kill the undead, only shoo them away. but even zombies can be cured.

Anyways i’m looking forward to him coming back, bendtner too (coming back and a decision being made about them). We need all the bodies we need to compete for 1st team spots.

Midfield Corporal

My basic grasp of zombies always led me to believe that shooting them in the head would kill them. However in future should I ever come across one I will take your advice Gooner Odst and simply shoo it away. (are you certain you’re not getting zombies and your neighbours cat mixed up?)

gooner odst

lol its interesting that hardly anyone is looking forward to the return of both Denilson (the zombie) and Bendtner (…) Surely they would replace Chamack and Benayoun. Honestly I’m just waiting for the decision the club makes on them come the end of the season. Cure 1 is a total rehabilitation and change in attitude, an un-zombiefication. Cure 2 is to pay them off to leave us, the shoo-ing. I’m all against excessive violence against zombies Midfield Corporal, after all, zombies were people too 🙂 (though in the event of a real zombie apocalypse I would definitely advise arming oneself… Read more »


Now we know we were missing a proper captain during fabregas’ reign. The decision to sell kolo toure over William gallas crippled the club for years.. What robin has done just now is the sign of a champion, even if the trophy cabinet doesn’t show it.

ezigbo onye arse

we all know that walcot is the problem,what a waste of time and resources and the worst is the dream almost the gunners family is having that one day..we ll wake up and see a world beater in walcot…a very terrible dream for us because this guy is not up to average,I wonder how he made it as a pro footballer by just sprinting past his ball(s) its pathetic!look at my pal like northerngoon


Dennilson back. Is that what we have come to now

Jim Buttitta

Unfortunately RVP will probably be gone next summer


The Manager is a great MAN We Thrust in Arsen Forever!

The Universal

‘thrust in him’ ?


Thrust what in him?

Naija Gunner

Well I wouldn’t blame anyone for anything that happened on sunday except mostly the board and a bit to the manager. The fans has been doing their best getting behind the team, hoping for the goodies to come for the past seven years but what did we get? Lots of bullshit and 4th place fights, as if that’s the trophy. We are the Arsenal and the club will be here forever even all the board and the manager left, we are going to make this team work and let’s do that by keep on supporting and cheering the boys whenever… Read more »

[…] was classless. Secondly, I don’t blame RVP for asking why the youngster was going off, but it’s taking things a bit too far when the captain has to release a statement about it. I’ve seen people say they think that Arsene Wenger is lying about Oxlade-Chamberlain being […]


Well that’s the end of that (I hope) – move on people.


Fatgooner & Cygan’s Left Foot – What do you guys really want? To sack the manager of a club where’s he’s been for 16 years in the middle of a season? Do you really believe that’s going to help?


Sczney, Sagna, Verminator, Kosclney, Gibbs(Hopefully) Song Wilshere ? ? ox RVP see all this team needs is 2 players and we can be a world class side, someone to replace fabregas properly eg sneijder,hazard and a world class winger on the opposite side to the ox eg frank ribery or someone better than walcott/gervinho so if mr kroeneke buys 1 player and usmanov buys 1 im sure theyl still be able to buy themselves a nice xmas present man utd/chelski/city mad even pool dont hold back when it comes to spending , i cant see why man utd with all… Read more »


Chelsea – Roman Abramovich (made money on smuggled good and then oil). Team are struggling in 4th place, despite spending vasts sums of money and can be caught by us. Man City – Sheikh Mansour (member of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi and one of the richest men in the world). Team are first and are able to offer any player in the world any wages they desire. They can also outspend any team in the game today. Liverpool – John W. Henry (makes money trading). Despite spending over £100 million in the summer, are 7th and trailing Newcastle.… Read more »


Steve – gus wasn’t saying “spend money for the sake of it” – he was making a very valid point that a couple of world class players would improve our side and squad, and enhance our chances of winning the league/champions league and the cups.

Who gives a shit about the other sides you mentioned. A slight tweak in our transfer policy would improve us.

That, surely, is worth spending some considered money on, in my opinion.


@ Brownman and Sammy Nelson: All I want is what’s best for Arsenal Football Club. For me, yes, that does mean sacking Arsene Wenger. Every day that he stay at the club is a day’s more damage. RvP and the players know it but for obvious reasons won’t say so. He IS just like Clough: a genius who is now past it. Sammy: I want the club to be the best that it can be in 2012. As I’ve stated before, football has changed, Arsenal have changed. We are not in the 80s. Mid table is not acceptable anymore. I’m… Read more »


I didn’t realise 5th was mid table…..


Anything after 4 and before 17 is mid table Steve. Don’t play dumb.


Might not matter anyway if Arsenal and Chelsea don’t do well. Due to Utd and City’s awful group stages, we are in danger of losing the 4th place qualifying spot.


I’m not sure why you think the players aren’t behind Wenger, that one second of RVP’s face the other day doesn’t say much beyond what he felt at that moment – which is fine, well ALL did. But he’s been a vocal supporter of Arsene for a long time and infact, almost every single player, thats either retired or left, under acrimonious circumstances or not, has nothing but the best to say of Wenger. You’ll be surprised as to how many players have actually come to Arsenal over the last 16 years because he was the manager – you’re underestimating… Read more »


Thanks for your support on this page, Frog.


FG, who would you plump for to come in mid season, were you Stan, and decided to off AW now? I’m curious.


Low, hiddink or the Italian from udinese who’s name I can’t spell, Francesco guidoline. Frank rikaard may be a good choice, shit for what we pay arsene we could probably convince guardiola to jump ship. There are a ton of choices, let’s not kid ourselves.


Of those, Low isn’t gonna bail on Germany before the summer. Not sure the Udinese fella would either as they’re right in the Serie A mix.

Huddink and Rijkaard, I reckon would jump bearing in mind one has no job and the other is in Saudi Arabia.

The question to FG was on someone coming in right now and whether that meant accepting this season as a right off or not.


Mate, just keep telling it how it is, I’ll do the same. Never mind the blind followers like Sammy and others. They’ll all be agreeing with us in a few months. Just like how a few months back when we were telling everyone how shitty chamakh and arshavin were. We were getting roasted for that, now, they all agree. Sammy and the likes are just a tad slow, it’s from drinking the kool-aide.

Merlin's Panini

hmmm… Guidoline. Sounds a bit too much like guillotine for my liking. I can see it now, loads of puns about him “getting the chop” in the newspapers.


You see though, for once the shoe is on the other foot. We pay arsene a fuckload of money. Let’s offer that money and see if we can turn a head. We shall see how committed these chaps are.

Remember a few years back when that brazil twat got Chelsea into a hole, then hiddink came in and turned them around and got them back in the mix? Wendy not have to write off the season if we can get a coach and results like that. The time is now. Pull the trigger.

Midfield Corporal

That was more down to the Chelsea players egos than coaching, as has been proved subsequently. Don’t play by Fat Frank and JT’s rules and they spit the dummy.

Midfield Corporal

Frog, just because other try and see the positive in a player doesn’t make them slow. Chamakh had half a good season and half a crap one so I think it was fair allow people more time to form an accurate opinion. It seems some of you guys actually want AW and various players to fail just so you can say ‘I told you so’. Do you ever hold your hands up and admit you get it wrong too?



Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, well I have to admire your honesty.


I admit I’m
Wrong to my misses all the time. On the arsenal, not that often. Hahah


Mooro: I honestly believe a caretaker manager like Steve Bould would do a better job than Wenger right now. After the Euros I would like to see Joachim Low as our new manager.


Interesting. I personally don’t necessarily agree with a mid-season change, but interesting views and names in the frame nonetheless.

Johnny D

Could I just point out to a lot of you on this thread that everyone IS entitled to their opinions, it doesn’t matter whether you want AW gone or whether you don’t. We all support The Arsenal and I think its sad that we are all fighting between ourselves instead of supporting our team! We will all have differing views and those views should be respected whether you agree or not. For what its worth I thought Arsene dropped an almighty clanger on Sunday and we ended up losing a game I thought we could of gone on to win,… Read more »


We have, believe it or not, a Chelsea fan where I work. On the Monday following that game, I went up to him and said, “You know, your manager’s getting fired at the end of the year. So I’ve got a proposition when he’s gone: we’ll send you one slightly used Frenchman.”

He laughed and declined the offer.

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