Szczesny: We were tired and childish


Wojciech Szczesny says that a combination of tiredness and childishness was to blame for Arsenal’s late defeat at Fulham.

The Gunners fell foul of two late goals for the home side, brought about by individual errors. The big Pole wasn’t making excuses, having already taken responsibility for his error via his Twitter account, but sought to explain what happened.

“We played 48 hours previously at home to QPR and then we went one man down,” he told Arsenal Player.

“There were probably some tired legs but we should have kept the concentration and kept the focus and we would have been fine. But I would imagine it was a very childish performance in the end from us.”

“It was very confusing,” he continued. “I thought for 85 minutes we defended really well with 11 men and they never looked like scoring and then, when we had to play with 10 men, they looked very dangerous. I’m very disappointed with the result but hopefully we can recover as soon as possible.”

Much as I love Wojciech, and I think we all do, Fulham did look dangerous even when we had 11 men. Twice they had headers which went just wide and once we went down to 10 men the goals were almost inevitable.

Meanwhile, Szczesny spoke about Thierry Henry, his qualities and the influence he’s having on the younger players at the club.

“He’s still a great finisher and he’s very clever, he’s very intelligent.  As well as that he’s a great figure to have in the dressing room. He helps all the young players off the pitch as well as on the pitch.

“It’s good to have him there and hopefully everything will be confirmed and done as soon as possible because we need him”.

The admission from one of our first team players that we need additions in the attacking third is quite something. Hopefully the manager is taking note too.

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We should have known they were dangerous from the game they gave us at The Grove. Points thrown away and more defenders missing. Let’s hope Thierry does provide the expected boost everyone seems to need.


Childish! Hilarious isn’t he. He also has that one eyed way about him that M Wenger has. I also like the fact he is a bad loser, there are more than a few left in this current squad who I wish cared half as much as he did


are you slow?


Spouting facts makes you a sore loser.

Fuck, I guess you’re not allowed to explain things or fans will turn that back on you.

And of course, Szczesny didn’t put that explanation as an excuse, what a cunt right?

I also like the fact you are a horrible, there are more than a few left in every fanbase that I wish cared half as much about reading as I did


*horrible reader

horrible typo


I think superanderslimpar meant it as a compliment instead of dissing Sczszny.

Johnny Massacre

This loss hurt so fucking bad.

Ace McGoldrick

Despite the fact he had a poor game by his high standards there is virtually no criticism of him anywhere.

Just shows how dependable he has become for us. Proper Gunner too


he is man enough to take the blame for coming out and flapping at the ball which lead to their first goal, but there another 1-2 times in the first half where he made mistakes too! So I don’t agree with him when he says they were not threat 11 vs 11, but I also remember their stand in keeper making a world class double save in the first half, so all these combined with totally inept refereeing, and another bad display by Walcott who doesn’t seem to be himself since Henry came back training, I’m not going to say… Read more »


SCZS: Let’s remember this is a guy who broke protocol and went Into to the Arsenal gym on his own and broke both arms!

They say goalkeepers are mad and thankfully we have the craziest one of all, he makes Jens look sane.

Thank god for SZCS, Arsenal legend and potential best keeper in the world!!!!


“He makes Jens look sane”

not yet, he hasn’t taken a piss or a dump on the pitch so far.


oops I meant SZCZ, spelling thumbs down for me


There’s no doubting his potential, and yes he certainly does appear to have all the qualities required to be a top top keeper for us, madness, loyalty, drive, motivation, not afraid to speak his mind, & he’s a fan of arsenal!!


lets face it – Djourou was a prat knowing he was on a yellow and doing anything that vaguely represented an infringement. The ref was just waiting for an excuse and I’m afraid that an arm across the path of the opposing player can be taken as obstruction if the official sees fit………..


I think it’s safe to say JD would not have been sent off at The Grove. It was a proper home decision by a shit ref.

As soon as he picked up the first yellow, the Fulham fans were screaming for the 2nd from that moment on whenever he was remotely involved, even on one occasion when JD himself was fouled.

Eric Irish gunner

All great keepers make mistakes move on sczc I’m sure it won’t dent your confidence you’ll be an arsenal legend


Let’s not forget Djourou re-tweaked his groin while playing. I recall he did it some time around mid-match. I’m actually surprised he kept playing as long as he did, but given the lack of options, Wenger kept him on.

Overall, I thought he had a decent game and made several key defensive plays. My biggest concern was how Fulham motored through the center midfield the way they did.

We made Danny Murphy look a lot better than he is.

Cygan's Left Foot

You Szczesny should have held to the ball a little longer, take your time when taking the goal kick, fake injury at the slightest contact for the play to stop to, kill their momentum and our players can re organise the defense and have a breather. Take bloody yellow for the team and frustrate them and their supporters,, remember their goal keeper at the the Grove? He took a yellow for the team and frustrated us by delaying play in every way to kill our momentum when we were chasing the winner. Hell, I even remember Man U keeper VDS… Read more »

Young Gooner

Spot on mate. I never realized it until you mention it. Hope Szczesny can learn how to delay games as it can make us feel relief too.


Daniele de Rossi of Roma could leave on a Bosman. No doubt he is stalling for a juicy new contract – but what a signing that would be.

I know, I know. Keep dreaming.


Unfortunately, I think that once we wrap up this Pato/Higuain double signing there won’t be room for de Rossi :/


Will that be before or after we sign Baines and Gourcuff?


After we have shown Messi came to London once, ate some food at the Grove with a hair in it and now has Arsenal DNA….


After. But before Cahill.

I know Frog, I know, I’m going…


Don’t forget Benzema as well Mooro

Gooners & Roses

Salihamidzic can play in both flanks you know, be it full back wing back or wide midfielder.


I think we should sign Lehmann, Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Clichy, Gilberto, Ljungberg, Pires, Henry, Reyes and Fabregas….. As far as I’m aware, these players are still active


has wenger thought about giving arteta a breather.poor lad has to work his ass of week in week out.we need able replacements in his position and van persie’s in long term.henry might do it for 2 months and there may be a point that jack is coming back.but jack is no should be between jack and ramsey


Arteta’s football hasn’t suffered dramatically from playing every game unlike Ramsey for example. It’s crazy I know, but it just means Arteta is a wonderful player for Arsenal and deserves his spot in the first-team.


Thought Arteta was superb in the first half, as he’s been since he arrived.

Very neat and tidy – gets the ball quite often from Per, plays it simply and goes again.

Class act.

Young Gooner

I think when Jack is coming back, Arteta would likely to be switch to more attacking role and Jack will be playing Arteta’s role. It is just a maybe. Arteta is quite good in his role right now. To change his role might take some times to adapt. But I believe in him. He’s a great footballer. I’m glad we had him right now.


I see it the other way round personally. They’ve both proven to be adept at either role (albeit in Jack’s case in the reserves), but I just see his energy and ability to go box to box as being key when he gets back from injury.


Dear Schezny, it was with much anger that I watch you flap the cross and give Fulham 3points because I believe we wouldnt have conceded a second if we had not let in the first. But what can I say? Keep flapping, keep partying at the wrong times and do whatever you like because our dear Arsenal dont have a competition for you, and you, like many others that Wenger consider superhumans can do not wrong. I am not bitter because you havent declared you possess Barca DNA, only an artificial teeth from the Basque side. And I will not… Read more »


The tiredness thing just winds me up.


Ditto. Its called roatation, and we should have done it.


Have you seen our injury list?


arise, sir chesney, knight of the realm.


i don’t think we were under any serious pressure until djourou went off and squillaci came on. fulham were pretty toothless throughout and the goals they got were sloppy ones from our point of view. the big mistake we continue to make is not putting the game away when we have the chance. there were a number of chances in the first half (gervinho, walcott, ramsey) where guys just needed to put their foot through the ball instead of trying to over-elaborate or come up with a fancy finish. also, i thought RVP was really poor. he was playing like… Read more »


Still haven’t figured out why Arsenal was tired and Fulham wasn’t. They played on Saturday as well and they are supposed to have a thinner squad. But they had energy at the end and Arsenal did not.


heheh chesney fair play! but mate. you were the one who lost your positional awareness, panicked and then executed an almunia type clearance, the classic “slapball” routine which has cost us X amount of points in the past.