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Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham: By the Numbers

888 – Matches managed by Arsene Wenger
8 – Years since Arsenal last scored 5 goals on Tottenham in the League (Tottenham 4-5 Arsenal – 13 November 2004)
1934 – Year in which Arsenal last scored 5 League goals on Tottenham at home (Arsenal 5-1 Tottenham – 20 October 1934)
11 – League matches since Arsenal last won a game with Mike Dean as referee
46 – Penalties Mike Dean has awarded to other teams since he last gave one to Arsenal
1 – Dives by Gareth Bale to convince Dean to award Tottenham a penalty
24 – Characters in the phrase “Another Diving Foreigner”

2.04 – Goals per game average for Arsenal in 2011-2012
2 – Number of seasons since 2005-2006 that Arsenal averaged 2+ goals a game (08/09 and 11/12)
29 – Goals in 2011-2012 for Robin van Persie
124 – Career goals for Robin van Persie
23 – Percent of total goals haul that Robin van Persie has scored in this season alone
50 – Goals scored by Robin van Persie since 1 January 2011
39 – Percent of total goals haul that Robin van Persie has scored since 1 January 2011
9 – Robin van Persie’s place on Arsenal all-time goal-scoring list (tied with David Jack 1928-1934)
2 – Seasons that Harry Redknapp played with David Jack
29 – Appearances for Arsenal since Tomas Rosicky last scored a goal in all competitions (Leyton Orient 20 February 2011)
49 – Appearances for Arsenal since Tomas Rosicky last scored a League goal for Arsenal (Bolton 20 January 2010)
31 – Appearances for Arsenal since Bacary Sagna last scored a League goal for Arsenal (Everton 14 November 2010)
8 – Assists for Alex Song in 2011-2012
15 – Assists for Alex Song in his Arsenal career

75 – Completed passes by Mikel Arteta*
30 – Completed passes by Mikel Arteta in the final third*
72 – Completed passes by Arteta, Rosicky, and Sagna in the final third
65 – Completed passes by Tottenham in the final third
15 – Completed passes by Luca Modric in the final third
14 – Completed passes by Yossi Benayoun in the final third (of 14 attempts)
14 – Completed passes by Theo Walcott
6 – Completed passes by Theo Walcott in the second half (of 6 attempted)
4 – Completed passes by Theo Walcott in the second half, in the final third (of 4 attempted)
3 – Key passes by Theo Walcott
3 – Shots by Theo Walcott
2 – Shots on goal by Theo Walcott
2 – Goals by Theo Walcott

6 – Tackles by Kyle Walker*
4 – Tackles by Scott Parker
4 – Tackles by Mikel Arteta**
3 – Tackles by Rosicky
4 – Interceptions by Parker, Song and Asshole-Ekotto*
4 – Aerial duels won by Vermaelen (100% success rate)*
5 – Fouls committed by Emmanuel Adebayor
1 – Offsides by Emmanuel Adebayor

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*Lead all players
**Lead just his team

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Here's Waldo

5- goals for the Arsenal
1- beautiful fucking day!

Cygan's Left Foot

12 Goals in the last 2 games at home!!!!!

Rosicky player maker please AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Theo has his two best games with Rosicky there NOT Ramsey!!!!!

Who said we could not put 5 past Fxxxx Milian???????



So we’re averaging 6 at home for the past couple of weeks. At least 4 for extra time should be a piece of piss!

Cygan's Left Foot

We put 5 past the 5PUD2 in 50 minutes. Now, all I can say is ……



49 thumbs up, 1 thumbs down. Fuck you Rooney

bob's your uncle

was working at a market in I missed the game.but my mate in Denmark text me all the goals. Arsenal bringing the world together for a good old spud thump!

I fucking love you gunners!

ps. good job Mr Wenger


Yo. so. Robin Van Persie is just frikkin awesome. What a goal today. what a goal today. creamed myself when he scored that.


u guys misd something!
0 – Number of shots on target by Van der vaart!


0 – number of times van der shaart was allowed to control the ball with his arm and score.


and number of times we’ve played our first choice back 4? 2 times this season maybe? The team’s defending was good in the second half. It has to be said.


1 – number of back four combinations that have appeared more than twice in the league this season
4 – number of centre backs in this combination


2-times I kicked the couch in 90 mins
1- time i injured myself in the process
245794478- times I punched the air in jubilation

Pascal Zidane

1,000,000 – The number of twitch bombs that went off on ‘Arry’s face every time Theo scored.

7 – major trophies won by Arsenal since the arrival of Arsene Wenger back in 96;

2 – trophies won by Tottenham in the last 20 years. Both League Cups.

0 – Number of Premier League titles won by 5pur2.

bob's your uncle

1- the number of chimpanzees with excellent diving skills
0- the amount of good that did the spuds

“4 – Interceptions by Parker, Song and Asshole-Ekotto*”




1 – Team in London


Chelsea? Hahahaha, just kidding.


Chaz, you’re gonna be a one man thumbs down magnet mate.


8287738 – number of Harry’s Twitches

Arsenal Africa

1 headache from shouting “come on you Arsenal”


0 – percentage chance those cunts will ever be the biggest team in North London.


[49 – Appearances for Arsenal since Tomas Rosicky last scored a League goal for Arsenal (Bolton 20 January 2010)]

– so that his 49 unbeaten record broken!


urgh THAT’S


(Just to follow suit)


Sagna 1-2


51 – Years since Tottenham won the league
5-2 Years now.

die hard gunner

What an AWESOME performance. 0 Percentage that spuds will finish ahead of Arsenal


5-number if goals to score against 2 other london clubs (chelsea and sp*rs) to prove who the real kings of london are


193 number of times I said Spuds are cunts in 90 minutes.


This is something Tim posted on a numbers column earlier but it is even more relevant today
100-percent chance Sp*rs are still shit.


2 the number of back spasms i had due to laughing at mooros postings earlier.
3 the amount of visits to the physio that it will take to put it right again.


Sorry mate. As you missed the game, soon as you’re fit, you’re being packed off to Milk Tray land with the Corp for the rest of the season.


1 Bacary Sagna ranking in premier league right backs

100 Bacary Sagna committment and drive (expressed as a percentage)

Love the little guy

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

59.827 – Number of spectators that did the Wanker hand gesture when Hairy Redcunt walked on the pitch.

Glory hunter

Theres only 1 – Kieran Gibbs.


Gibbs was genuinely good today wasn’t he. played well I thought


Where’s that Lee Morgan spud cunt now eh….?


Today we passed and moved (look at Rosicky’s goal)
Normally we are static and allow defenders to niop in and steal the ball or block our attacks.


1-team on the pitch today with class,from London.
1-massive shower of shit on the pitch today,with zero class,from middlesex.


23468932 – number of articles i read this week about how we would get spanked… Stupid media, y u no get it? *motions*


This is just about the best comment I’ve read on the game all day, from the Guardian match report… pass it around!


It’s a nice comment. Thanks for sharing.

Sagna was great today–I hope the team does pull together and save St. Totteringham’s Day this year.

On a related note, someone get word to Adebayor’s people that Milan has seen how good he is and is ready to offer him a contract increasing his ManCity wages. Maybe he’ll quit on the Spuds _completely_.


Arsenal’s first game after Arshavin came to Arsenal in 2009 was a North London derby at WHL which ended 0-0 with Eboue getting 2 yellow cards=Red card. Arsenal’s first game after Arshavin left in 2012 was a North London derby at the Emirates which Arsenal won 5-2 with Parker getting 2 yellow cards=Red card.


100% sure that stupid cunt sp**rs could not finished above us,perhaps we could beat Chealsea,Liverpool,Newcastle and another fucking cunt CITY.Special wine man!


100% sure that stupid cunt sp**rs could not finished above us,perhaps we could beat Chealsea,Liverpool,Newcastle and another fucking cunt CITY.Special wine man 4 the sake l of Roscisky’s displayed!

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

1 – number of God modes Alex Song played in today

Merlin's Panini

Dear blogs,

Can you make tomorrow’s headline ” ‘Arry sent to twitchcon 5″?


Correction: ” ‘Arry sent 2 twitchcon 5 ” 😉

The BearMan

Fantastic performance! Well done lads!

However, hear is what Arsenal has to master: To do the same performance on a soft and uneven pitch.

On a perfect pitch Arsenal can take any team apart!

But today is a day to celebrate, tonight I am having some mash potatoes for my tea.


I think this game showed the importance of 1) going forward through the midfield at speed instead of lazily passing the ball around hoping for an opening, and 2) having two real fullbacks who can push up the pitch, link up with the wingers, and get crosses in.

I also think the game showed that Spurs are cunts.


i think we already knew spurs are cunts


Great work by the lads today!

First post for me and a big hi to all of u!


A young boy goes to social services and tells them he has nowhere to live. “What about your parents?” asks the social worker. “No, they beat me,” says the boy. “What about your grandparents?” says the social worker. “No, they beat me even harder!” says the boy. “Well … where do you want to stay then?” replies the social worker. “Tottenham,” says the boy. “They don’t beat anyone.


This game is the highlight of our inconsistent season.
Nice to see other players making a goal scoring contribution as well!

Glory hunter

And with Gerv & Ox on the bench, we actually had good alternatives to make an impact of required!
I thought Gibbs & Sagna in particular were fantastic.
& The Theo conundrum rumbles onto next week!


All sounds great. Lets not carried away. We’ve done this to ourselves this season. Lets get carried away when we’re 10 points ahead of Spurs. Still got Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea and Man City to play. Plus we’ve got to hope Spurs drop their 7 point advantage. On the evidence of the Blackburn and the game today, we can only say it’s possible NOT certain. COME ON, WE’VE PLAYED SOME OF THE BEST FOOTBALL EVER WITH HENRY, VIERA, PETIT, LJUNBERG, PIRES, SEAMAN, OVERMARS, ANELKA, IAN WRIGHT, WRIGHT, WRIGHT, WRIGHT. SPURS CANNOT AND MUST NOT FINISH THE PREMIERSHIP ABOVE ARSENAL!

Lee Morgan's brain

Please…make it stop…please…
I really really promise I’ll never say or think anything nasty against Mr.Wenger & his mighty red & white army again…


*12* — the number of female reproductive organs on the pitch today.

*11*— we’re playing for spurms.

*1*— is mike dean.

*12*— CUNTS tried to stop the arsenal, by diving an cheating and all out cuntery,.

*0*— the number of times it worked.

*5-2*— the final score,.

*1*— only one club in London 🙂


MATT DAMON,.. matt Damon!!!

Merlin's Panini

5 – Twitchcon level Hatchet ‘Arry was sent to.

1 – Diving chimpy faced cheat on the pitch.

Just a thought. If the ref believed that really was a penalty then why didn’t he give a card to Gibbs or Szczesny for stopping a goalscoring opportunity?
Probably because he knew it was bullshit. To be fair though, I actually thought he had a good game other than that, the ref.


How about the number of time Theo was given the ball and fell over in the first half?
Or what about just the number of times he fell over?

Probably more times than the amount of goals in the last 2 seasons for him.


I am just absolutes SHOCKED by 46 – Penalties Mike Dean has awarded to other teams since he last gave one to Arsenal… sounds like the league need to take a serious look at this; I know I’m quite biased, but so does that staggering # !


Yes 46!!.. incredible stat.
And it could have been more but the Spuds were unable to make their way into our penalty area to get some more,


Any idea if this means in all matches that he’s reffed or just Arsenal matches?


never mind. it’s answered below.

Lee Morgan's brain

0-number of times mentioned on Sky/BBC that Bale is a dirty cheating fuckwit who was trying to get our keeper sent off
Also 0-number of times Sky/BBC mentioned that Scott Parker has all the tackling skill of Paul Scholes


1 = Number of Bacary Sagnas, and he’s a Gooner

van ali

I hope ramsey takes a break until the end of the season. Almost everytime we start a game without him, we win. I have said it before, he is the tumor of the team, and once we get rid of it, we will have a better team. Maybe he is a good sub, but he cannot play the arsenal way in a higher level. He was a flop so many time, and I do not think that will do any good from him. Maybe this will even destroy the promised talent. Rosicky was the heart of the team, and he… Read more »


Maybe he can be our ‘Bale’ in a season or two. Hopefully he becomes as consistent and we can win more games with him in the team. Just a thought


No thanks, we don’t want him to become a diving cheating cunt.


1-number of times the rat faced spud cunt was allowed to control the ball with his arm van der vaart style & pass to the cheating chimp spud cunt to dive for a penalty

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