Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Arsenal confirm season ticket price freeze

35,000 Arsenal season ticket holders will be relieved to hear that the club have confirmed a price freeze for next season.

Having had to swallow a 6.5% price increase last summer it was widely suggested that a further rise at the end of the current season could lead to widespread discontent and thousands of supporters giving up their tickets.

While Gold Level members will pay the same amount for their 26-game pass, 7,000 Club Level supporters will have to endure an average 2% price hike.

Given the likelihood of another season without silverware, and the very real prospect of Europa, rather than Champions League football next season, the decision by the board is certainly sensible.

Arseblog News understands that serious consideration had been given to an increase across the board, although it looks as though recent discontent has forced their hand somewhat.

A statement from Ivan Gazidis on the Arsenal website outlines the specifics of the decision:

“We understand the pressure fans are under in the current economic climate and hope this will go some way to helping them.

“Our season-ticket holders are the heart of our Club and we are recognising their loyalty by holding their ticket prices for next season.

“This is the fourth year out of six that we have held season-ticket prices flat against continuing pressure to keep pace with rising operational and player costs.”

The club have also confirmed that an enhanced version of the current Ticket Exchange will go live ahead of the next campaign in an attempt to make it easier for  fans unable to go to matches to share their tickets.

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You’d fucking think so.

Cygan's Left Foot

I thought with the dross we have the misfortune to watch all season, we would get a refund for this season and discount for the next season.

Is Ivan and Arsene going to get bounces this year too????


what’s are bounces? Sounds like something my wife does on friday nights…

Runcorn Gooner

Sorry meant thumbs up
Blasted I Phone


Group has no short-term debt and continues to have a solid financial platform from cash reserves of £115.2 million (2010 – £110.4 million).


“This is the fourth year out of six that we have held season-ticket prices flat against continuing pressure to keep pace with rising operational and player costs.”

You mean paying players that like Squillaci, that would struggle in the Championship 60k a week?

Get your hand off it Ivan.

Jay gooner

and yet we are still the most expensive to go to

Dick Swiveller

Squillaci on 60k? Seriously? I wouldn’t believe that even if I had the contract in front of me. 40, maybe, as he was an experienced International when we bought him but I’m pretty sure you plucked that figure from nowhere anyway.


Football Manager have him on a 60k a week salary, can’t confirm it beyond that but on that sort of thing the game is usually accurate


@Dick Swiveller

Not exactly a reliable source…


I meant @GoonerMatt

Cygan's Left Foot

Why you picking on ONLY one crap player picking 60K?

How about those dross!!!!! Theo, Diaby, Alumina, Ramsey and also the 2 years 50K a week to our Korean striker that coasting us 8 million in two years for him to just give us the privilege of training with us.

Oh and 150K + bounces for winning nothing for 7 years to the “manager” .


You put Theo and Aaron Ramsey in the same category as Almunia and Diaby? Really?



more bounces huh? I think autocorrect is getting you.


When I saw that headline all I could do was smile……… and I havent had much to smile about lately.

You are right about Sunday though its us against them and there wont be anytime for those not getting behind the team for the 90 minutes.

coyg do us proud.

Cynical cunt

Thanks for not charging us more cunts


But how are we going to generate the money that Wenger needs to waste on wages for hopeless Koreans and second-rate reserves?

Cynical cunt

There is something very wrong with the idea that Squealatchee is getting paid 60k a week for resembling a wounded fawn on a frozen lake


Niet, Comrade! In People’s Socialist Republic of Arsenal everybody is equal, so everybody must get same wages! And nobody must earn too much – even if they are one of best strikers in world!

We are not filthy capitalists like Manchester United. These disgusting people actually believe in paying their best players top money, and, worst of all, paying less money to shit players. Even though they are more successful than us, we must not copy them. Much better to lose our best players at the end of every season!

Power to the people!


I suggest a little donations box for the Diaby and Squillachi retirement fund rather than increasing ST prices. This way anyone who feels for these two pillocks can fund them privately.

Its pleasing to see fan discontent has affected something – now to ramp it up and increase pressure on these mugs.

Keep it up Gooners.


As much as it pains me that I’m already funding the millionaire lifestyles of this pair of clowns I’d be all over a whip round to buy their contracts out, provided the money saved was reinvested in the squad. Just to clarify when I say reinvested I don’t mean 90k a week deal for Walcott


It’s still devastatingly expensive for most people. I think a good move would have been to remove the forced cup games from the season ticket and reduce it accordingly. Interesting that they talk about reducing prices for more games, yet not reducing ST price… so is it going to work out to be cheaper to not be a ST holder now and just buy them individually? Ticket Exchange has proven to be a pretty big waste of time so far, hardly any matches give you the option to sell tickets via it as most don’t sell out. Would have liked… Read more »


So what happens if we don’t qualify for the CL or even Europa? Surely a reduction would’ve been fair then, but they’ve neatly sidestepped that issue by announcing this so early.


I always thought that Gazidis is a massive cunt, this doesn’t change my mind

dan the frustrated gooner

Very crafty again from those imbossils at emirates towers.What they fail to realise that WHEN we dont qualify for the champions league and go in the europa league that we will effectively be paying cavier prices for tripe.
Nothing surprises me with these bullshitters in this club ,thats including the spin doctor himself whos will be spouting that our returning injured players our like “new signings” next season and thats why he is spendin F**k ALL again in 2012/2013


What a joke. They are increasing our ticket prices in Club Level (where we sit only because it was all that was offered) when we don’t know if we will even be in Europe next season, when we have the lowest net spend on players of any team in the PL since 2006 and a week after they offer Johan Djourou a new contract until 2015 at £50k a week! They are having a laugh!

the only sam is nelson

lazy fucking bullshit statement from IG, there you’d *think* that he might be working his bollocks off trying to figure out how to get the “sold out” signs back up at the ground. how to make sure the arsenal are accessible to the next generation of supporters, who might have to be dipping into their pockets to watch a team that doesn’t win anything any more? what about safe standing areas? what about giving non-attending member seats free to accompanied kids? what about, what about, what about? no fucking plan ivan, no plan, but hey why not give yourself a… Read more »


Lucky me i always watch arsenal on TV. (From Ethiopia, probably the largest arsenal fan base in Africa). and one more thing please leave that squillacci guy alone, the lad is doing his best. it is obvious that everybody has his own ups and downs, it’s part and parcel of life.


I cant remember many up’s.

Has played less than 90 minutes probably all season and earned how much?

Hound them out!


still for a club of Arsenal’s caliber, should we even talk about players wages. i mean how many players do arsenal miss failing to much players wage demand. lets face the issue doesn’t have any substance right now given the current condition of the club.

Midfield Corporal

He’s worse than Stepanovs, which is a truly remarkable feat.


I think Squillacci is in a permanent down.


Thanks for the “gift” you cunt!

The fans would be happy to pay the price increase if the money were invested in the squad and we were winning trophies. Doing this all under the auspices of the economic environment is clever cover for having to appease the fans.

Appreciate the gesture, but it doesn’t make another year without silverware and the possible lack of CL play any easier to swallow.

Midfield Corporal

Ivan forgot to say ‘we’ve shafted the club level members for a further 2% because they can obviously afford it and there’s not enough of them to really cause a fuss, in effect it’s free money.

I’m gutted, I invested £5k in a garage full of Stan Kronke effigies expecting a rush from
angry Gooners wanting to burn them down The Grove. I can’t think who else I can pass them off as…That actor Samuel Elliot with the silly moustache possibly.


If we don’t qualify for cl then it’s an increase by every other name. And how the cunt has the brass neck to quote players costs. What a prick, we pay squillachi 60 k a week park 40k and reward djourou new contract and more money. On top of that you can bank on us giving theo his 85k as well. I go every week with 5 pals 3 of us have had enough after 29years of having a season ticket. The other 2 are going to give it another year at the most. So Many people around us where… Read more »

Celebrity Serb

They can increase price as much as they want but i am not paying for this lot !Sack AW,sack half of the players,buy some world class for a change,and start treating fans with respect and i might change my mind.
Take RVP out and what do we have???Few players who have potential and 20 who can go tomorrow if you ask me.
AW made major mistake signing bellow average players and he has to pay the ultimate price.

the only sam is nelson

poster with blue/white avatar slagging off the arsenal?

who’d have thought?

see you down the clock end sunday, matey

Slagging off Arsenal??No way!!
Shall i pretend everything is great in Arsenal,hoping one day everything will click and we might start challenging again to win Premiership or Champion L.
Only blind person can see us moving forward or someone who think every other club will collapse due to financial problems and we will be sole survivors.
All great players,apart from RVP,have left and i am supposed to believe likes of Rosickis,Theos and Chamahaks will bring silverware in the club.?
You can fool fans for 1,2 or even 3 years but 7 ???????

the only sam is nelson

kos, the ox, gerv, sagna, BFG, arteta, there’s plenty been signed that’s good quality and it’s stupid to pretend otherwise, just like it’s stupid to pretend that everything is fine. simply moaning about shit whilst dressed as a fucking smurf who looks like he’s just trotted down the seven sisters road to have a go is something else, mind

Midfield Corporal

Actually you can fool some of the fans for seven years too.

Can we have a rule that of anyone mentions no trophy for 7 year the get a punch in the face. It bad enough having itv commentators and the press reminding us every 5 minutes, but can we assume on this site that we all know.

Celebrity Serb – sack AW, sack half the player, buy some world class players?? Is it that simple? You should tell Ivan, while your at it tell him where to find the 200million your ingenious plan will require.

Gooner Tim

I hope the club fails to qualify for Europe altogether. If we are not in the Champions League – a competition let’s face it we are not going to win with the current playing staff – it means, hopefully, that the seven extra ticket policy will be scrapped. I have already sold both FA Cup ties this season.
If we are in the Europa League, I will give up my season ticket, and not attend for the first time since the early 80s. I won’t be forced into watching sub-standard European football against teams from Latvia and Cyprus on Thursday nights.… Read more »


We have seemed to lost our way since moving to the Emirates. Feels like our sporting pride as a club is not what it should be compared to clubs like Milan or Bayern.


Gooner Tim: There are roughly 14 other PL teams every year unburdened by European football and that play regularly on Saturday’s at 3. I doubt though that their fans would agree with you that iti is the nirvana you make it out to be. And no European football at all, even that silly Europa thing, would be an utter disaster for player recruitment. If you, like me, think that we have too many under performering players, your ideal scenario would ensure that we were stuck with them. While the club would have to sell off all its top players to… Read more »


How could they even think about increasing the price?The fans are paying enough already by any standard, without seeing any silverware or even good football this season.


because they’re greedy cunts who only care about their bottom line….$$$$$


ladies & gentlemen of the arsenal fanbase,..

fisrt we had “LANS” = like a new signing.

Now I am proud to give you the latest,..


Use it wisely,..


I thought we had a new deal with Citroën, not FIAT?

C cost
I increase
T to
R rival
O other
E European
N No name teams




been trying to think of reasons to keep my season ticket but cant, and then thought of why and the reasons I don’t want to do it anymore after 29 years. I hate the fact that MY club is run by people that have no feeling for the club, who cant be arsed to turn up for games, like gazides skiing when we are playing Milan or Stan fucking off back to the us, with arguably the biggest game in years coming Sunday. I cant stand half the players, I cant take that they earn so much money for so… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

it was so much easier when we could just yell abuse at haysey and groves, hey no need to worry about how much was in the bank or being spent, because the scousers would hoover up every fucking trophy in sight in any case. cup runs were, dare i say it, “like a trophy”. and an actual fucking cup? you’re having a laugh mate. think is, i wouldn’t mind that so much, if it weren’t for the fact that footballers now earn more than 100x what we earn, rather than 10x what we earn. that it takes half a day… Read more »


The Only Sam is Nelson: That is probably the best and most succinct summary of our current predicament that I’ve read in a long while. I woulf add though that watching Fergie continue to win the league with a squad as poor as ours and the lack of financial muscle in the transfer market promised by the move has a lot to do with my current levels of agitation with the club.

Midfield Corporal

Martin Hayes, remember when he scored 20 goal that season, I think more than half were pens. That would have earnt him a 4 year £80k + contract nowadays. He never did anything after that bless him.


Fantastic, post, voldermort. You’ve just said everything that many of us long-term fans wanted to. I remember the rubbish days of the early and mid eighties, too. We loved following the club because even though we were a long way away from winning the league or European Cup, our (often average) players gave everything and didn’t earn too much money. That’s why I can’t stand it when rubbish like Djourou and Walcott don’t look interested then ask for huge pay rises when their new contracts come up. Football has dramatically changed now. The big, wealthy clubs like us should dominate.… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

with all due respect, i don’t think so late 70s/early 80s we were still the “bank of england” club, alan ball and malcolm macdonald ring a bell? by the time george turned up the arsenal was like a bloody england retirement home with the likes of mariner and woodcock turning up and not giving much of a shit. viv anderson? yeah, worked his socks off to get that transfer to a bigger club, hey. it was precisely the kind of spending fans seem to want now that brought arsenal to its knees and led to the appointment of the millwall… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

oh, and lee chapman *explodes* with rage at the memory of somebody who made arshavin look like messi, only harder working


Just had it with it all FG, the cloak and dagger shit with the season ticket announcement today is the last straw mate. everything they do now just winds me up.

Midfield Corporal

FG, I think we do tend to look back at the 80’s with rise tinted specs. As an 8 yr old in 1980 I just wanted to see The Arsenal live, the results didn’t seem to matter at the end of the day (yeh I cried when we lost but it was about seeing my heroes playing for my club). It was only when we started to win things that my expectations changed. Now there is this fear of not qualifying for the CL which is purely down to money. I still love my club but I don’t think I… Read more »


@Sammy Nelson and Midfield Corporal Maybe I was a bit too romantic about the eighties, but the point that I was trying to make is that the game HAS changed. Players like Chapman and Mariner were not great but a least they were not getting twice the average annual wage every week. Today these players are earning fantastic money for doing very little. We are a massive club now. The bar has been raised. The rubbish that we have seen this season is just not acceptable any more. By the way Sammy: George didn’t need to make big signings when… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

@FG once you drop the vitriol you make plenty of sense. Wanting a new manager isn’t such a problem in my book, being so negative about and disrespectful of AW is what undermines your points. He is, like it or not, the most successful manager we’ve ever had and when he goes I personally hope that it’s under circumstances of his choosing and i hope that he gets the recognition his achievements deserve. probably won’t happen like that, it’ll probably be flaming torches and pitchforks (with you at the front, fg? oh woe!), but still. The key is “maintaining standards”… Read more »


Kroenke will be at the game Sunday, so list of reasons to gripe just got shorter.

Old Clockender

There is a way we make our voices heard and that’s not to buy any official Arsenal merchandise…boycott the Armoury until we have won some silverware. Oh and by the way is it just me but does anyone else think those ‘fake’ banners being put up around the ground are, frankly, embarrassing?


I spoke with a truthful mind.clean with no arsene contamination n guess wat! I was thumbed down.its high time we Arsenal fans get realistic. BSB WEGNER is not the guy to win us trophies anymore …joaqim loew is the guy we should be tracking.


@ valdemort

Nicely put. I feel your pain.

This is an eloquent analysis of the announcement I think you’ll enjoy:


just read it mate, and it just confirms everything i expected from the club. gazidis is getting paid over a million quid a year to peddle this shit to fans like us. the only positive is there is one, is that by forcing season ticket holders to confirm renewal so early maybe means that they are running scared and the 40.000 waiting list is proabably not the assurance of filling the grove as they originaly thought. devious cunts, and they are dressing it up as if they are doing us a favour and we should be gratefull. fucking hell the… Read more »

Celebrity Serb

Lets be honest.If AW was a manager of any other club in the world he would be sacked long time ago. He knows that very well too.Hence,that is why he is in Arsenal,it is like his club,he is preparing club for the great future,team spirit and all that xxxxx. Why he didn’t go to Real Madrid?He would be sacked there after 12 months with this kind of results. He keeps buying and investing in players who clearly will never be champions. Rosicki,for example should have been sold in package with Hleb ages ago. Theo who was like,best English prodigy,turned out… Read more »


Less commas and more spaces next time.
Hard to read


lets sack wenger before spuds game to save us some sluck!


Hey guys,
Out of curiosity how much is a season ticket for a red member?
I was fortunate to get to emirates ONCE in my life while i was in Europe and it was for the emirates cup when we played athletico Madrid, winning 2-1
I think I paid 40 quid for a ticket to that and I thought fuck me that’s a bit steep considering in Australia we can rock up to a nrl regular season game for about $15-20

Naija Gunner

Oh boy this club is surely going backwards, how can a fourth place be a trophy? Wenger and the boards are insane.


Yeah great for the season ticket holders that can afford it but people like me (one of the 25,000) that might go once or twice a year because we can’t afford it every week just get stitched up further! I love this club with a passion but can’t really understand how we can still increase standard tickets without properly replacing a player like Cesc. I totally get it that players like him don’t grow on trees but they are out there and if we had sold the poor players 2 years ago the team may have been more competitive and… Read more »

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