Monday, October 3, 2022

Arsenal loan Arshavin to Zenit

In what must be one of the most oddly timed pieces of transfer business in the club’s long history, Arsenal have this evening loaned Andrei Arshavin to Zenit St Petersburg until the end of the season.

It is believed the Russian club will pay Arshavin’s full wages (saving the club around £1m) whilst also paying a £1m loan fee.

Talking about the move on his official website, Arshavin in that inimitable way his stated:

“I’ve moved to “Zenit”. On loan, will play under number 29. All the details tomorrow, when you wake up. :)”

Considering the way Arsenal pick up injuries the way school kids pick up nits, loaning out an experienced, international player when we still have so much to play for is hard to understand.

He has struggled for form this season, and suggestions of a lack of application on the training ground are not wide of the mark. But some recent assists show that he is capable of providing something to an Arsenal team which is hardly overflowing with creativity.

Some might rightly point at the emergence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and this may well provide him with more chances, but letting the Russian go when we’re scrapping for a top four finish does seem strange, even if allowing him to leave probably tells us more about how the club have failed to manage his mercurial talent than anything else.

And quite what kind of message this is supposed to send on the eve of this most crucial of North London derbies is anybody’s guess.

The bottom line is that after going through a month during which time we were allowed buy players to strengthen the squad, we have now weakened it when there is no chance of adding anyone to the mix.

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Step up The Ox!


Stuart Little…An unfulfilled dream.
So many would have enjoyed/relished the opportunity to play for Arsenal. Anyhow… back to the freedom of the City and weekly wages in paper bags.
Goodbye Andrei


I’m posting my comment here because I want people to see it. The only reason why Djorou got a contract extension is because they need someone to be the host of ‘Arsenal Insider’. ( though his wage as a host is ridiculous, he’s coming close to Jay Leno)… As for Arshavin, sad to see him leave. Yes he was lazy, sluggish, and often looked like he didn’t care, but I’ll never forget 4 goals at Anfield (+1 of the post in the other game, winner vs Cuntcelona, the one against B’burn and at Old Trafford ( when Diaby scored an… Read more »


“He’s 5ft 4, he’s 5ft 4. he’s gone back to Russia, but we’ve still got the Ox”


it almost rhymes to be fair

Monkey foot. And head.

He’s also 5 foot 6.

Always bugged me, that song.


This makes no sense.

Lee Morgans sister

It was the last day for Russian transfers.Arsenal save money.
Its the same old story money is more important than what may
happen regarding possible injuries or players off form.
AA has been off form but so have other players who are
still somehow automatic choices.

Runcorn Gooner

I would like to believe he will return to Russia regain his form have a
great Euros and come back LANS
But I don’t think it will happen.
Bye Bye AA great memories but too few of them

Cygan's Left Foot

-Diaby must be fit, errrr again!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

*Avoids all those eggs flying at him”


Good deal for Arshavin, bad deal for Arsenal.


about time the club hires a psychiatrist!.but it makes sense to me.logic is now we are out of all cup competitions and cup players like benyaoun,arshavin,park and chamakh are all gonna have to fight it out for first team chance in the PL.we also have ox,gervinho and walcott on the wings.perhaps wenger is considering giving more time for players like benayoun whilst also sending a message to the squad that you have to earn your place in the starting 11. but what is shocking is that a player of AA’s quality being shipped out.either the club failed to manage arshavin’s… Read more »


I will be boycotting arsenal until i find logic in this transfer.

SmokingGunner's Mother in Law

I hear there is logic to be found if you cross your eyes and stare at the news for 30 seconds or more.


Nope. All I see is two meerkats in red.


*are not is.

Darn, I’m turning into a grammar nazi against myself. 🙁

bob's your uncle

I don’t think anyone will notice, but good luck anyway.


You was right first time, its singular because its you seeing… Or something like that


Surprising in a way, but not surprising as well…..I just don’t get it anymore.


Not his biggest fan by any means but this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
With a struggling team full of injuries this is madness.
Could have played him in the middle behind rvp and may have got the best of him.
This club has gone totally and completely off the fucking rails.


This goes on to prove that the club is so badly mismanaged. Manager and Board.




I’m with you on this mate, absolutely fucking mental. As fat and as shite as he’s been lately it’s a crazy move to make when we’ve already got a weakened squad.

What’s that now? 15 players we can pick from 25?

All aboard the crazy train… .


Is Afobe ready to play?


Played in the reserves midweek so is not far off.

JodyThe goon

Arseblog you are always moaning about how its gonna effect the team. Who cares about the actual team when we have another 1mil in the bank! Well done afc, well done!!….sarcastic clap…


I suppose the message is, “if you can’t be bothered to play with desire for this club, you can fuck off.” So I get the timing in a way.

Having someone like Arshavin in your team is poison Nothing is taken seriously, it’s all shits and giggles, and the rest of the squad sees monetary reward of mediocrity and carelessness.

the only sam is nelson

if this is pour encourager les autres, as it were, then it’s potentially a season saving move

we can’t slag arshavin all season and complain

we can’t slag AW for not shaking things up when confronted with apparent lack of dilligence from senior players like arshavin and complain

we can’t slate arshavin for his lack of effort and then wish him back when he’s packed off

i only hope that this was delivered with a fucking brick wrapped in a bit of paper saying “you’re fucking next” through the windows of a large part of the first team


Well said, Sam.

Also, I like it when you speak French to me.


Exactly my thoughts!! This should serve reminder to anyone in our squad that no matter how much they were bought for or how much their wages are, if they don’t give a 100% for club they will be shipped out of the Arsenal.

Was good having him while his form lasted!! I’ll always remember him by that 8 goal madness in Anfield.


Yes, but one can be annoyed by the timing. Why couldn’t that brick have gone through his window on January 1st?


If i had the choice i would have shipped walcott to russia agreeing terms with them to play him centre forward. With that he would have realised how shit he is at that position and AW has been grooming him right it just walcott just doesnt have it.
With Arshavin going to zenit i hardly think thats a warning to other players its zenit kinda like Arsenal is for Henry. That said again its good for Arsha not for Arsenal.


Lists of things that suits Arsenal and Asharvin:

-He is 30 now
-under performing.
-plays out of position.
-one of the higher earner.
-more wage available for van Persie’s negotiation.
-isn’t appreciated by majority of fans.
-need to be in form for Euro 2012.
-frees up a spot for the 25 man rule.
-adds to Wenger’s “war chest” (haha).
-youth/reserve players know they can compete for that free space.
-kick up the backside for our passenger players.


Especially when dutiful players like Almunia, Djorou and Squillaci are sweating profusely to earn their wages, right? We let a fekin genius out of the door.


A genius who has quite clearly stopped giving a shit about his performances for Arsenal. Seems you can’t please some. We moan about Arshavin and then moan when he’s gone. This is about work ethic. As far as we know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the work ethic and professionalism of players like Djourou, Squillaci, Chamakh, Fabianski, etc. You can’t say the same about Arshavin. As for Almunia, we’ve tried for a while now to sell him. You can either choose to see this wholly negatively, or you can make informed speculation that because Arshavin has clearly not given… Read more »


@Bunburist. Since when did football thrive entirely on work ethic? This is sports, the first thing you buy is talent and potential. Messi was bought at 14, with his whole family, just how much of work ethic did they pay for. Football is 90percent talent and perhaps 10percent work ethic or whatever. Arshavin (playing out of position for d one millionth time) with a bad work ethic is making goals a la for Thierry against Sunderland, while Djorou (playing in his favorite position) with all the W.E in the world is comiting unforced errors and knocking us outta of the… Read more »


@Thorough. I can assure you that from a recently publish research that hard work is more than 10%. Yes, football does require a set degree of professionalism and work ethic. Look at Gazza, look at El Hadj Diouf, no one doubted their talent but without professionalism and work ethic look how they crashed and burn. Players like Nesta, Ballack, Kuyt, Fabregas or van Persie don’t pop up overnight if it was that effortless. Roberto Carlos work ethic is brilliant. You don’t play until you’re almost 40, play as left-back, or one of the best free kick specialist if you have… Read more »


So why give johan a new contract?

Although I do agree with your comment.


Arsene is making some crazy decisions! He’s gone Loco!


One word: “Huh?”


The way the fans treated Arshavin of late certainly didn’t help.. No doubt his performances slipped recently but he still deserved better.


stupid board and puppet coach arsene.suck him n we start tasting glory once more.he is off the mark!


I love how you just said ‘suck him n we start tasting glory’


It’s hard to see him go, as his Arsenal career started so promisingly. But I really think this is a message to the rest of the team as much as anything, that your place in the Arsenal squad needs to be earned.


I’d like to think that too, but it could be that he agitated for the move rather than the club, which will make other players think maybe it’s time for us to move on too since things aren’t going to happen here..


That doesn’t really stack up with rumours Walcott is back in the starting XI for Sunday. Coasts through a CL knock out tie, gets dropped but then brought back again in the second half anyway, then possibly back in the side again. It’s hardly teaching him a lesson for being such a useless tosser is it?

Alex X

This is total bullshit, and if our team need reminders in this insane fashion we are truly fucked. This is top level pro football, FFS. Yes, Theo, track back a bit more or we’ll release you tomorrow on a free. Amateur hour.

The King of Rock

Baffled. Why weaken the squad when we’re already so depleted? I have absolutely no clue why they have done this. I’m usually fairly supportive of management decisions but this has made me quite angry.


this is the greatest thing I have seen all week, I can’t believe this is the first time it has graced my eyes….wow! He will be missed, but hopefully it’s for the best for all and the team get’s the shake up at the right time (before sunday); I know I wouldn’t loose to the spuds if the club were going to ship me off to the middle of Russia in February !


Utterly ridiculous. The only way it even slightly makes sense is if Arshavin is clinically depressed or something and it’s an altruistic gesture. Because from a footballing sense it makes no sense whatsoever.


Also I say “sense” too much.


Money money money. Root of all evil.


Also, wouldn’t this be bit unsettling for the squad before such a big match? Poor timing..

Arsene Wenger

Unless he is not really part of the squad.From my memory of several
games he has finished he doesn’t seem to gel with fans or players.
Perhaps it is a good decision.Only time will tell.

Merlin's Panini

Absolutely no point to this. We need players coming to the final stretch and we’ve just moved two wide players (although Arshavin is never really a wide player) out on loan. That leaves three for the rest of the season. Is someone else going to step up or is this just a bit demented?
Well, I guess this makes things interesting in a way. Was hoping to see another four goals at Anfield though.
Oh well.


Just got in and seen this news. I am totally perplexed to be honest.

What the hell is going on?

I presume AW has some kind of trick up his sleeve for the Derby match. At least I HOPE he does.


The trick will be to stubbornly not change formation or tactics whatsoever!


“in order to maximise his opportunities for regular first-team football ahead of Euro 2012 in June ”
fck the euro 12 shit


Sammy I fully understand what your saying and mostly agree but surely this should have been done at the end of the season and not in the middle of an injury crisis and when the team is on its knees in terms of form.
Why say a week ago he ain’t going anywhere and why play him against Norwich. All very Wierd again from our manager.

the only sam is nelson

maybe, maybe but if we waited until we had a fully fit squad before making a move like this… well, it’d never happen, would it? as i say if it ratchets up the pressure on the remaining players, tells theo that there’s nowhere to hide, tells tomas that he can’t moan about playing LB and then put in a shift like that against milan, if it tells the first team that they can’t go out and talk to the press about “fighting” before folding yet again, then i’m all for it trouble will be if it does none of the… Read more »


If the players perform for more than two games on the trot then you maybe right as to the reason he’s gone. But if Walcott is in the team on Sunday as per the rumours then not sure loaning arshavin can be seen as a warning to anyone.


In my opinion, many of us are missing a possible reason.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s another, like cesc, na$ri, twatybayor etc, who are leaving the good ship wenger, as it slowly sinks.

how do we know it wasn’t him refusing to play or such like? Arsenal would never air that sort of dirty laundry in public.


Unless it’s like the Samir deal where Wenger said he wouldn’t sell and Gazidis or Dick Face or whatever his name is went over Wenger’s head. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.


Now, we really do not have any creative player on our first team roster besides maybe Rosicky who does not quite have the pace or finish ability of Arshavin. As much as I have been critical of Arshavin’s poor form this season, I have to admit I will miss his presence.

John Brandon

Grow up – for the past 12 months all we have heard is how poorly Arshavin has played, how his lack of effort tracking back is the cause of scores and how he has failed to perform and earn his pay. Now he is gone and one would be forgiven for believing he is our star player. He is old, playing poorly and has little to offer. Blood the youth and look to the future – the present is a low ebb and bold decisions need to be made.

glory hunter

Bizarre decision especially as we didnt sign anyone ourselves!
But in honesty Arsh was border line useless, the only reason, Theo, Gervinho & even the Ox are in the team is cos of his ineptitude, so lets not kid ourselves.

This really is the beginning of the end for Arsene, he wont get sacked, his pride wont let him walk away, he’ll see out his contract & then its au revoir.

Lets just focus on the game against those cunts down the road.
If we lose then vent your frustrations!


Another couple of million eh? Maybe we’re stockpiling cash for another, ahem, donation, to the powers that be, to ensure we finish above the Spuds. Well it worked in 1919.


There is no footballing logic to this move. It’s definitely about the money. Don’t blame Arsene, I’m pretty sure he made an earlier comment about expecting to keep him.

Always great to hear rhetoric about Arsenal’s strong financial position when we make money driven moves to further weaken the weak areas of the squad.

Naija Gunner

Wenger! Has he lost it totally? We are struggling with injuries and fatigue plus mental and internal strength, the manager still gat the guts to loan out our most experienced midfielder?

Am having a nightmare, can somebody wake me up please. Though he’s been playing like shit for years now but we don’t have enough back ups!

What the hell is going on in the boardroom?


First everybody and his dog wants Arsh out and now the dogs are complaining when he is eventually moved on? You (most of you at least) wished for his exit and now you want him to keep sitting on the bench, doing bugger all and getting paid for it? I don’t get most Arsenal fans…


I think most fans wouldn’t have minded him leaving in the summer but not right fucking now at the end of February when we are fighting for our fourth spot trophy!

Well all over to Benayoun now! 🙂


That’s one tubby Russian gone from Arsenal.One to go.


You’re mental. If the fat russian goes there will be NO-ONE to keep Kroenke on his toes. At least with Usmanov pressuring Kroenke has to pretend he gives a shit about the non-financial health of the club.

And the reason Arshavin has gone on loan? He’s finished, to be sold in the Summer i guess, best to send him away to get some decent performances under his belt to raise his value. Shame.

Dick Swiveller

We’ve been carrying him most of the season, anyone who can’t see the logic in dropping a player who isn’t contributing much and getting him (and his wages) out of the way isn’t trying too hard to see the point. He might have regained some form but how long does it take till you say ‘no more’? Better now than later, especially with the emergence of the Ox and Afobe coming back to fitness, a hungry and talented youngster who knows the way to goal or a disinterested prima donna? I know which I’d prefer.


I wish people would make their minds up!! All I have read in the last few weeks/months is “why didn’t wenger sell Arshavin?” “Arshavin is useless and lazy” “Arshavin should never be allowed to wear the shirt”
And now people can’t believe AW has let him leave!!!


this is a bold statement by both the club & manager, It’s obvious that Wenger has absolutely no faith in Arshavin, has had enough of him. what’s baffling is playing him in the reserves the other night, something is very very wrong at the club, how Wil the other players in the team view this? it would be typical arsenal luck that Arshavin Wil be the exact type of player we Wil miss against spurs,. Ox is a fine prospect but he’s still raw, and if he’s injured who do we have then? as I write this I find this… Read more »

It’s weird how some players just play like shit for so long, like Walcott, and he keeps getting picked, then Arshavin sets up the winning goal to save our skin and gets sold.

Anyways, guess it sends out a message to the squad that if you don’t put effort in you’re off … on loan to hide from reality with a chance of returning! How scary!


I just double-checked. Today isn’t April 1st. This can’t be true?


Fucking forgive me if I’m mistaken but doesn’t arshavin have one of our highest assists this season? Did he not set up henry on a plate to put us into 4th? Fuck me right now was never a time to deplete our squad further while Ramsey chamakh are injured. Ducking grow a pair and stop loaning players out. The only logic I see in this is he’s either going to give benayoun or park more minutes.. still a fucking dumb move


Genuinely not sure which Arshavin you’ve been watching. Time and time again he’s done dick all when called upon. One cross against a tired Sunderland side who’d played 120 minutes in a local derby midweek does not the man make!

He was dead weight, just a shame we couldn’t get rid of more of it.

Tick tock, Theo…tick tock!!!


If there’s still an hour left in the Russian transfer window, could we sign Vagner Love and Honda? my Xbox says they are excellent

The Gun

VL is back in Brazil and Honda has health problems, no thanks. We’ll have to do with what we have and pray for a CL spot. What ever happens come summer, it’s time to clean up some of the mess left in the dressing room.

Runcorn Gooner

Do they have one of those big all day countdowns in Russia until the transfer
window is finally slammed shut or is it just a case of Samba and Arshavin
go to Russia full stop.
I would love to have seen
23.59 Sensational news just before deadline TW signed for Salt Mine City
In exchange for a set of those never ending dolls.AW says we have
definitely got the better end of the deal at least the dolls won’t moan and
stare at other players.
TW said at last I can play for Man City

Merlin's Panini

I would love to have Vagner Love at Arsenal just for his name.
I know next to nothing about him otherwise, other than he’s good in Football Manager etc.

The Gun

I am the self sustaining economy and I approve this message.


Aren’t we all just sick of Wenger lying through his fuckin’ teeth. One minute Arshavin is the dogs bollox, then it’s no deal and he’s going nowhere, then he’s gone….Wenger speaks to the fans like we are stupid. This is awful and demoralising before such a big game. Wenger…stick Walcott up your arse.


Of course he’s gonna say there’s no deal if Zenit didn’t submit an offer. For all you know Zenit might have entered a last minute offer. There is simply too little information to past judgement on what you stated.


I agree. Last summer winger played the fans for fools with many comments that seem completely dishonest. Then we get the Orwellian mental strength, when the team has none. To me, wenger lacks honesty.


Waaaaaaah! My name is arseblood and I’m a crybaby wanker. Waaah, my name is “Critic” and I’m gonna boycott Arsenal. Honestly all these whiney spoiled bitches can get fucked, arsenal doesn’t need fans that just wanna “vent” on the internet all day. Sooooo fucking annoying, get a therapist, its much healthier and less abrasive


It is indeed a bold statement. That it’s been done as a cost cutting measure is highly unlikely if you ask me – there would be no logic in that, however twisted some of you have made out. I’d say he’s Wenger has either had enough him or he’s broken a major club code and they’ve keeping it under wraps. Either way, I genuinely hope Walcott sees this as a warning shot and bucks his ideas up quick fucking smart. We’ve seen enough of him to know he can produce the goods, now let’s see him do it week in,… Read more »

The Gun

Spot on.


In all seriousness (haha expensive signings) this doesn’t sound like a Wenger move, more like an owner not understanding football and leaning on a manager, risking a few quid for the £45 million difference on 4th (according to the AST). But considering how Wenger has publicly backed Arshavin so forcefully….


I hope AA’s departure from the Arsenal doesn’t mean a departure from Arsecast too? I’ll miss him as I did Eboue… in Arsecast of course!


We have earned 2m pounds towards the war chest.

No need to panic. We still have Theo, Rosicky and Benayoun to take his place. And the new Maradona – Oxley.



Arshavin had to be somewhat upset about being loudly booed by his own home fans during the ManU game. Although he didn’t make any comments saying he was upset about it, there is no doubt in my mind that greatly affected him and his view of continuing on as an Arsenal player. Arshavin has never really been known for his mental fortitude and I bet he’s wanted to leave since that moment, being loudly booed by your own home fans in one of the biggest games of the year has to be demoralizing. I’m still upset about the fans reaction… Read more »


They weren’t booing Arshavin you plum, they were booing Wenger for taking off Chamberlain. Whoever came on there would have been boos.

Bye Stuart Little

the only sam is nelson
February 24, 2012 at 8:57 pm That is how you say it. Well done


They may have been booing Wenger, but to Arshavin it had to feel like they were booing him. There were cheers for Ox when he was leaving and they started booing the second Arshavin came on. That shows the fans have no trust in the player.

If Henry had been healthy and available I guarantee he would have been the one to replace Ox, and I guarantee there would not have been a single boo. You can’t tell me the boos weren’t directed at Arshavin as well as Wenger.

Alex X

That is 100% false, it was both. I was there. They booed Ox coming off (the decision) then when Arshavin’s name was announced there was another round (for him personally) it was dead obvious and really fucking horrible to witness.


You’re sure enough to call this guy a plum? I think in reality you don’t know shit and now look very stupid


They weren’t booing they were chanting Boo-urns.


Were you at the game?

The fans weren’t booing arshavin, thay were booing the fact that the ox, the best player on the pitch, was being taken off.

If wenger had taken walcott off, there would not have been a murmer.

Stop twisting facts to suit your argument.


I understand if it was Walcott then there would have likely been no boos. But as Alex X said above they cheered Ox as he left the pitch and starting booing when Arshavin’s name was announced. Even if the boos where directed at Wenger Arshavin still had to take it personally that the fans where booing when he entered the game. As I said above if Henry was healthy he would have replaced Ox, and if that had happened I guarantee there wouldn’t have been any booing whatsoever if it was Henry rather than Arshavin. Whether or not the fans… Read more »

Der Springer

It is funny that a lot of message begin “we know he is shit” or “he has been useless for years” but then go on to say that Arsene is mad for doing this. Based on his performance he should never get a look in to the lineup. It is only hope that has kept him around. In what remains of the season it is hard work and dedication to the team that can lead us to through this mess with a shred of dignity.


form goes out the window when we can only just field a full squad on match day without bringing in the kindergarten team


Wenger said this in January. “If you look at his numbers you are always surprised at how good he is. Sometimes the visual impression you get from a game has been frustrating, but he is very efficient. We can all have a big responsibility but we need confidence for what we do.” Wenger intends to keep Arshavin at Emirates Stadium and he thinks confidence is the only thing standing between the Russian and his best form. “We know he has the talent,” said the manager. “He’s been questioned many times but his attitude has always been spot on. You can’t… Read more »


Is it wrong for a manager to defend his players from the media?

Merlin's Panini

if it’s Kenny Dalglish, then yes.

North Bank Ned

Here is the logic to the deal: All Arsenal players are out injured, recovering from injury or awaiting their next injury. Ashavin is an Arsenal player. As he is neither out injured nor recovering from injury, he must be awaiting his next injury. Loaning him now means someone else will be footing the bill when it comes. Smart, forward-looking management.

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