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Arsenal stay 5th (in Deloitte’s Football Money League)

Arsenal have remained in 5th position in the annual Deloitte Football Money League, which used the figure for total revenue extracted from the annual financial statements of the company or group in respect of each club, or other direct sources, for the 2010/11 season.

This is what they had to say about Arsenal.

Arsenal narrowly remain in fifth place in this year’s Money League after recording revenues of £226.8m (€251.1m) for 2010/11, which in sterling terms, is a £2.4m increase on the £224.4m earned in 2009/10.

Whilst football related revenues remained stable, Arsenal generated a further £30m (€33m) in property development revenue, despite a sharp though anticipated decrease, from the £157m reported in 2009/10. Our analysis focuses on football related revenue only. Although the Gunners reached the League Cup final, this was their sixth consecutive season without winning a major trophy or finishing in the top two of the Premier League.

Arsenal continue to benefit from excellent facilities and full capacity attendances at the Emirates Stadium, with a league match average of 60,025 in 2010/11. However, there were two fewer Champions League fixtures in 2010/11 and, as a result, a small reduction of £0.8m (1%) in matchday revenue from £93.9m to £93.1m (€103.2m).

Nonetheless, this still represents the fourth highest amount from this source of all Money League clubs and Arsenal are the only club in the top 20 who accumulated more revenue from matchday than any other source.

Broadcast revenue only increased slightly from £86.5m to £87.4m (€96.7m) in 2010/11 due in part to Arsenal’s UEFA distributions reducing from €33.8m to €30m (£27.1m), as a result of only reaching the last 16 of the
Champions League, compared to the quarter-finals the previous season. However, this was wholly offset however by an increase in Premier League distributions and for English clubs, a more beneficial exchange rate from the UEFA distributions.

In contrast to their strength in matchday revenue, commercial revenue only accounted for 20% of Arsenal’s total football related revenue. In absolute terms this is over £57m behind the leading English club, Manchester United. The club is bound to its long term (£90m) agreement with Emirates, which runs until 2020/21 for stadium naming rights and 2013/14 for shirt sponsor. Given the financial values of the shirt sponsor deals agreed by some of the other top clubs in the Money League, Arsenal will have a significant opportunity to boost commercial revenue when this deal expires.

The club is making headway with commercial revenue, growing from £44m in 2009/10 to £46.3m (€51.2m) in 2010/11. Looking ahead to the 2011/12 season, the club have agreed new partnership deals with Indesit, Betsson, Thomas Cook and Carlsberg, as well as a three-year renewal with Citroën, which should all contribute to an increase in commercial revenue in the next edition of Money League.

Arsenal remain committed to a long term vision of a self-sustainable football club built on solid foundations.
If the Gunners are to retain their position in the top five of the Money League, they will need to close the gap in commercial revenues with Europe’s other top clubs, whilst continuing to qualify for the Champions League.

You can see the top 10 below. Sp*rs are in 11th place with total revenue of who gives a fuck.

Deloitte Money Football League

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Henry's beard

Is there any info on how much of the stadium still remains to be paid for?


i guess spain needs to crumble for arsenal to have any kind of chance to reach the top spot.


they just need to change their tv revenue deal


I didn’t realize Gazidis was an avid skier.


LOL, is that a Gazidis family photo?


I thought Stan is the one wearing the top hat?

Master Bates


is it true that Wenger said there were financial restrictions at the club since 2004 and are going to be lifted in the coming summer . If so I hope they Buy Hazard and Gotze and Giroud and Messi . just anyone good

Cygan's Right Foot

We are waiting to sign new sponsorship deals. The ones we have now were of a low value but neccessary to aid the construction of the new stadium, thus were a ‘whatever price we can get’ deal.

As we won’t have that hanging over us, due to the stadium slowly paying itself off, we will be able to get a much higher, more competitive amount. This in turn will allow scope for higher transfer funds, agent fees (unfortunately), signing-on fees, bonuses, etc…

Master Bates

I hear we are paid 5.5 Million a year , that’s peanuts compated what Liverpool and Man Utd are paid , Even Sp*rs have a better deal than us .

Step 1 : New Deal
Step 2: ???
STEP 3 : trophies!!


I was reading about this earlier and wanted to post about it. You need to post #11-20 to show that Spurs actually had higher revenue than Man City! I couldn’t believe that. The 2 important points in my opinion “Arsenal are the only club in the top 20 who accumulated more revenue from matchday than any other source.” and ” In contrast to their strength in matchday revenue, commercial revenue only accounted for 20% of Arsenal’s total football related revenue. In absolute terms this is over £57m behind the leading English club, Manchester United. The club is bound to its… Read more »


Never mind the megabucks we’ll be raking in from selling Bendtner, Denilson, Vela and Almunia!!! *ker-ching*


I don’t know where we’d be without Almunia, Bendtner, Denislon & Vela…. we’d be lost without them! If we sell them I see us taking Real Madrid down! Superstars!


yeah, £2.50

Danish Gooner

I just want us to win a trophy once in a while i dont care how much mulla we accumulate.

Cygan's Left Foot

You are just old fashion, We did not expect Chelsea and City have that much money and financial muscles to over take us. We built the Stadium to compete with the likes of Untied …oh wait, united won most of the trophies and not Chelsea of City. Chelsea beat us in one cup final and one semi final because of their financial muscles …oh wait, our manager in both games decided to play weak teams We reach two cup finals, both were tough on we played most of the game with ten men against the best team in the world… Read more »


A worrying statement at the end about needing to stay in the champions league…….


Forget hazard or gotze. Is just is not going to happen. If you don’t realise that by now then you never will. Arsenal are a selling club in terms of our top talent. We buy top young hopefulls when they mature into top class players we sell them. That is now our operating model. People don’t want to face the facts but it’s been happening for years and will be evident again in the summer. We maybe 5 in the world in financial terms but we act like a mid table team in real terms. Which is exactly what we… Read more »


Not necessarily true, if Wenger really likes Hazard, there’s nothing stopping him from paying 20-25 million pounds now, develop him further, get 2-4 good years out of him, then sell him to Barca or Real Madrid for 10 million profit.


Hope your right witoldo but I believe there are a few reasons why we won’t sign him. One we won’t pay 20 million + for a player and two and even if we was willing to we won’t pay the wages that man city,chelsea, man u, liverpool etc will pay. And three we just don’t have the will or the ambition to spend that sort of arsene himself said. If we sell nasri and cesc how can the club then say that they are ambitious..

Burt Reynolds

I’d say Arsenal under AW have always been a bit of a merry go round for top players b/c they can get better wages elsewhere and there is always stupid money out there. Pre-oligarchs and petro dollars it was Anelka, Overmars and Petit; Henry and Vieira flirted with leaving nearly every summer. But we did keep them for quite a while, plus Pires, Bergkamp, Gilberto. That was down to the power of AW and our wages being competitive near the top. Post oligarch and petro-dollars the balance seems slightly toward losing stars rather than keeping them — Henry, Cashley, Toure,… Read more »


Whats the point of getting Hazard of Goetze?

If they are willing to leave their respective parent club for more money, doesn’t that suggest they will leave us for the likes of Man City and PSG who pays ridiculous sum of money in a few seasons time? It’s not as if their parent club are not successful or incapable of Champions League spot.

Eg. Nasri.

Apologies for being off topic.


Really old news. Reported in nearly the exact same terms much more informatively bt The Swiss Ramble last Autumn,


I just read the article posted on Oct 6,2011 on Swiss Ramble and OMG that was a head full of information. I’ve never seen that before. THanks for mentioning them arseblog. EVERYONE should read the “Arsenal’s Finances -21 questions” article if they haven’t. #21 especially since it’s what all the Arsenal fans have been saying for some time.

Naija Gunner

The portion I like and which made me laugh so much is this “You can see the top 10 below. Sp*rs are in 11th place with total revenue of who gives a fuck.”

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So funny.


As nick says all arsenal fans should give this a read. I am convinced more than ever, if more proof was ever needed after last summer, that we are now a selling club and will be for a few years yet.. And any talk of hazard et al really is just a total waste of time. We have to make 15 to 20 million a year profit arsene says. Read the article then explain where the extra money will come from if not from sales. As it has been for the last few years anyway. Its one thing investing 12… Read more »


Schalke in the Top 10. Thats interesting. Respect for German football has gone up a notch.

Master Bates

they fill out stadiums and bring binbags or threaten to

Master Bates

*don’t bring binbags or threaten to


They haven’t won the league for the longest time. And yet they’re one of the most supported clubs over here in Germany. Serious props to the supporters.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

An example to us all.

Glory hunter

Damn!! even on Deloitte’s Football Money League we are struggling to make Top 4!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

True, but we’re above Spurs.


Yeah, the German Clubs are doing pretty well. You can easily see why nobody in Spain can compete with Real and Barcelona.


Hopefully it’ll all change if the other clubs succeed in making the tv broadcast rules a bit more fair.


You can see the top 10 below. Sp*rs are
in 11th place with total revenue of
who gives a fuck.


Schalke 10th? I’m very surprised.


Think I remember reading an article saying it costs Emirates an average of £8m a year to sponsor us.. bloody good deal for them, but guess we had to take it to get our shiny and awesome new stadium! Anyway it looks like we get a good chunk of cash from progressing in the champions league. Judging from last year, the difference from the last 16 to Qtr-Finals is about £3.2m, and then to the finals is another £12m, so the better we do on the pitch, the more moolah we get – and being the money man Arsene is,… Read more »


Almost forgot to ask, anyone have any idea why we currently have so much trouble holding on to our players considering out wage bill is similar to everyone else? That is besides the obvious fact that we haven’t won anything in the past 5-6 years.. =/


I think that the first step towards a reasonable and truthful answer to this question would be to reformulate it. Remove the far reaching umbrella of “our players”. I think that if we break them down by who the players are, what the circumstances were, other exigencies, etc, we’d get a clearer answer. In recent times we’ve lost Fabregas. Why? For very different reasons that we lost Nasri. We lost Clichy because Arsene felt Gibbs needed playing time and the money was too good to pass up for an average defender. So we “lost” Fabregas, nasri and Clichy for very… Read more »


I’ll think you find they all left for the same reason, they wanted to win stuff, and as much as it pains you to realize this, the way Arsenals sells top players and buys inexperienced ones, they probably felt the squad was not improving.
I’ll say it again, we lost the league title in 2010/11 because we did not buy one or two key players.
If we do not make the top 4, you can point to Wenger not buying defenders to deal with our injury problem.


@ Goonerific

Surely you need to omit players like Nasri from “they wanted to win stuff” category.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Cashley won 5,000 pounds a week more than we would give him.

Nasri won a big wage packet and more free time at the weekends.


I saw this earlier, in the INDEPENDANT I think. They were harping on about ‘Good Old ‘arry’ etc also (Manager fer England etc…).

Anyway, I think folk augt to take a look at the fact that sp#ds are planning on taking tax-payers cash to build their stadium.
Mr. Levy seems to think we did the same on building the Emerates.
You probably know this already but here is the link.:


A gunner. The reason is we pay all our players very well. Bentner almunia will be on wages similar to arteta and say sagna. We pay our average players the same as our best players rvp apart who is our highest earner. Most clubs pay their stars top wages and the average squad players a lot less.
Hence is hard for us to off load certain players because clubs like Sunderland would never dream of paying bentner 40 odd k a week.


Another classic about the revenue of that lot down the road. Top stuff. Blogs, why didn’t you mention Gervinho’s brilliant run-the -length-of-the-pitch-to-score strike yesterday? It put his team in the final of the competition ffs. Even if we don’t care about the competition, he remains our player. Or did I miss it?

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