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Bolton v. Arsenal: By the Numbers

Measured by combining shots, chances created, and take-ons*

A lot of times we get criticism for just pasting numbers and not giving any context. So the chart above is intended to give context to some numbers about Robin’s and The Ox’s performances today. As you can see, by my measurement (which is admittedly just one way of looking at it), Ox and Robin carried 55% of the positive offensive output of the team in terms of chances created, dribbles, and shots.

I would also like to point out that those two carried 55% of Zero goals, which is, by my math… uhhh 0.55/0… sonofabich.

First Half

9 – Shots by Arsenal
3 – Shots by Bolton
311 – Passes completed from open play by Arsenal
117 – Passes completed from open play by Bolton
36 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal (won 21)
34 – Tackles attempted by Bolton (won 21)
3 – Corners won by Arsenal
0 – Corners won by Bolton

Second Half

7 – Shots by Arsenal
9 – Shots by Bolton
205 – Passes completed from open play by Arsenal
107 – Passes completed from open play by Bolton
34 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal (won 21)
29 – Tackles attempted by Bolton (won 15)
3 – Corners won by Arsenal
6 – Corners won by Bolton

Final 10 minutes

0 – Shots by Arsenal
5 – Shots by Bolton
38 – Passes completed from open play by Arsenal (of 63 attempted — 60%)
55 – Passes completed from open play by Bolton (of 79 attempted — 70%)
13 – Tackles attempted by Arsenal (won 7)
11 – Tackles attempted by Bolton (won 8)
0 – Corners won by Arsenal
0 – Corners won by Bolton

100– Percent chance Bolton deserved something from that game for playing the full 90 minutes.

Individual studs and duds

5 – Chances created Robin van Persie1
3 – Chances created Mark Davies2
1 – Chances created Aaron Ramsey
23 – Successful passes in the final third by Mikel Arteta1 (of 30 – 77%)
21 – Successful passes in the final third by Aaron Ramsey (of 28 – 75%)

Image of both player’s passes in the final third:

click to embiggen

4 – Successful take-ons by Ox1 (of 5)
2 – Successful take-ons by Mark Davies2 (of 3)
1 – Successful take-ons by Theo Walcott (of 5)
4 – Successful tackles by Mark Davies1 (of 4)
3 – Successful tackles by Aaron Ramsey2 (of 6)
2 – Successful tackles by Aaron Ramsey on his own teammates
1 – Dives by Davies which earned the defender a yellow card
1 – Penalties Bolton feel they should have been awarded
8 – Clean sheets by Arsenal in the Premier League this season
6 – Clean sheet by Chelsea in the Premier League this season

1. Lead all players
2. Lead just his team
*Not all players included in tabulation. For example, Per Mertesacker was credited with a shot. I left him and a few others out.


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Going to be bitter and say Bolton didn’t deserve a point. We deserved better finishing in front of goal. Theo was woeful, so thrilled Chamakh is coming back early….. Glad Sagna is back.


That’s interesting. Why are you thrilled that Chamakh is coming home early?


He’s promised to get him 200 B&H at Duty Free?


Hey, why should Theo be the only one who misses easy chances, right?


11 – Tackles attempted by Bolton (won 8 ) LOL


2 – the number of times RVP has turned beautifully to produce a Bergkampesque chip worthy of the goal of the season award
2 – the number of times has those chips has hit the fucking frame of the goal


11 – Tackles attempted by Bolton (won shaded smiley) haha
I believe that’s supposed to be (won 8 )

Arsene McLovin

23 – hours of sleepless nights scared shitless & sweating piss should Arsenal finish out of top 4

1 – glimmer of hope we win the CL


i have supported wenger resolutely and hate it when fans turn on their team i have tried to support theo this season be positive and believe that he will actually do something notable but for fucks sake blind freddy can see he is fukin useless can’t score, tackle and his attitude reeks of spoilt brat we can’t carry him till he decides to put in an effort has he got incriminating photos of wenger or something cos in the last three games he should have been subbed in all of them excluding the fa cup which i didn’t see due… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

….and breath.


And why is denilson 2.0 playing all his passes away from goal?
It’s time to try out yossi in that position or give rosicky more game time. He’s looked better than mr nevez workrate


That’s fourth place gone – not good enough Arsenal.

Dave Gooner

Its not actually.

We play Blackburn next, and the Rent Boys have JamU. Having Sagna and Arteta back I think will make a very big difference to the team, as big a difference as losing them had.


We have not improved for the last 7 yrs. we was promised that the youth coming through will be the future of the club. Buying young was our operating model. That was 3, 4, 5 years ago etc. well we are now in the future that was promised back then we are living it now. And it’s just not working. The problem with buying so many young players is its hit and miss as to wether they come through. Vela, bentner, denilson and many many others where the great hope a few years back. 7 years ago rvp was a… Read more »


Totally. Couldn’t agree more. They’re trying to be like Barcelona, but the circumstances are way different. Barca are never in danger of falling into 7th in la liga… Their best players don’t tend to leave (bar figo)… At arsenal, players get good then go to great teams. Good luck to RvP at Barca!


Sadly you are spot on mate. Fuck knows what the answer is in the here and now though. I don’t think anyone is convinced Theo should remain in this side. He needs to be dropped, simple as. We’re so far in the shit, we may as well go shit or bust. Take Ramsey out along with Theo and put Arshavin behind RVP in the hole. That’d probably mean 3 strong lads behind him covering up and down and across, so Arteta, Song, Coq, keeping one wide player in Ox? I don’t know, it seems unbalanced and it’s fuckin desperate but… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I don’t get why Arshavin hasn’t had a chance to play behind RVP. He was world lass in that role but we stick him out wide. For Russia his work ethic was good, surely we don’t even have to tinker too much with formation to put him in there. I would play two of Arteta/coq/song behind him with the strict instruction to sit in front of the defence.

0- number of games we’ll play in Europe next season.


But then Wally has a good game like saturday where im sure anyone else would not have produce what he did


4th? It could all be like last year when we were still complaining about dropping points and what looked like second was that annoying. Then we dropped to third and it felt all bad. And then we dropped to fourth. In our fight with chelsea for fourth now we find ourselves down to seventh. And doesn’t look like we will win all the remaining games. On the positive side we can put up a good fight in the cup with chelsea, pool and the LWC


I m really tired to see Theo on the pitch. I’ve always supported the guy but now it’s obvious that is missing talent. How many passes did Theo miss during the last games ? How many one a one ? How many crosses ? Should be amazing numbers… Bring one Hazard next season ! Play him and Gervinho with the Ox as a back up and sell Theo and his false confidence to Stoke…


The thing that really shits me about this season is just the fact that wenger is so determined to pull off the great escape or he’s just given up! A few years back we drew all our games in January and he went out and bought Arshavin… This season we lose all our games leading upto the window deadline and he does fuck all? Are you telling me that one of the highest revenue earning sports teams in the world doesn’t have a few bob up its sleeve? How can that be the truth when we got 50 million in… Read more »


Ramsey is playing in the hole. He’s the guy just behind the stricker and players who play there score goals because they are playing as the second stricker. I am sick of people giving excuses for him. He’s tired, he’s got workrate, he doesn’t hide. Even non league players have those attributes. But they dont have the skill to play at the highest level. Ramsey has totally failed as much as theo. And the boss told us diaby and wilshere would be back soon so i thought they’ld rotate, now jack is out, diaby is diaby so its all on… Read more »


I agree. Wenger is addicted to Ramsey only because he runs around like a chicken for 90 minutes & gets into great goalscoring positions, which have not been coming to fruition. Rosicky even with less workrate offers much more with his tackles and passing…and finally he has gained back his best form but Wenger will take it away from him by benching him again.


2 – Successful tackles by Aaron Ramsey on his own teammates

LOL. Sums up his recent perfomances.


I recall seeing Sagna pull a fantastic sliding tackle on Song. :cP


Walcott may only be 22 but hes played over 200 games for Arsenal now and for the most part doesn’t look any better than he did 2 years ago, the last good game I remember him having was Norwich away in November. Acts like a superstar, wants a central role and then phones in performances, making basic basic errors – several times in recent weeks he’s misplaced balls/fired wide only for the replay to show he hadn’t even bothered looking up to see where he was aiming. While I’d love nothing more than for him to bag a hat-trick against… Read more »


Why don’t we try playing Arshavin in midfield with Song & Arteta and give Ramsey a breather, he may even pick up some form playing in his favourite position instead of being stuck out on the wing.
Either that or drop this ridiculous 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation because clearly he doesn’t have the personel in the squad to play this way (even Slur Alex has gone back to 4-4-2).


FFS now Liverpool are above us in the table
I’n not sure who is responsible but Wenger/Gazidis/ board/Silent Stan are a joke with their transfer dealing over the summer and the lack of transfer activity in January!


i think rosicky should get an extended run in the team, Ramsey looks jaded, & if Wenger persists in constantly playing him week in, week out, he could well end up with a serious injury, just like jack now. it’s history repeating itself. the reality is that van persie has done remarkably well to score like he has, but he wasn’t ever going to keep scoring every week, a team needs its midfield players, especially the wide players to score 10-15 goals a season, & another striker to score around 15-20. now them stats would be for a club that… Read more »


Always a pleasure to read ‘by the numbers’ article.
I can’t imagine which of the two will haunt me the most : finishing outside of top 4 OR to be finishing below spuds in the league

UK Gov

Warning! Trading Standards Officials have asked all football fans to be on their guard against a scam being carried out by a certain north London football club. The aim of the scam is to trick supporters out of thousands of pounds by getting them to buy tickets in the mistaken belief that their club is actually trying to win trophies. Having collected the supporters’ money, the club makes no effort to finish higher than fourth in the Premier League and are easily knocked out of cup competitions. The club also makes large amounts of money out of UEFA by consistently… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Many people have said this in a lot less words and more amusing ways.
D+ Go away and try again

Chamakh's Sh*t Lid

I dont even get upset about this anymore. I learned to accept that our season was a write off when the chairman comes out and says it ‘wouldn’t be a disaster’ not to UCL next season.

Arsenal have been in the top 4 for so long they would fall eventually – perpetual underinvestment in the squad and selling your best players does that.

The important thing is to keep the faith and bouncing back next year.



I thought I’d share this from a forum and posted by gunnersaurus on Twitter. Worth the read: In my opinion Wenger is both a miracle worker AND a stubborn incompetent in some key areas. It’s like a brilliant brain surgeon who is also an alcoholic. You just can’t believe an intelligent man would have such a fundamental weakness that undermines everything else he does. Mind you, he’s not had much help. Everyone heard what that Gazidis bloke had to say. He’s delusional in terms of football, a top grade bean counter maybe but totally unsuited to the job he has… Read more »


Posted on Twitter? Thta’s a hell of a tweet.


I’d sell RvP just so that at least he can go out there and win something. Enough about it being all about the team, sometimes you need to think about the player and this player needs medals


Wouldnot cash in on RVP but would like to see the club aim for the title and not fourth place(from next season) because that guy deserves some trophies so lets hope its gonna be with us when we start challenging for one.
Also wouldnt mind Park ahead of theo.yes Arsene not picking him shows he is not that quality but watching theo one would imagine why Arsene picks him up for the first team? That doesnt mean he picks Park before yossi but definitely ahead of theo.

Cygan's Right Foot

And there is the sad truth of football today. There was a time that players stayed at a club for their entire careers, whether they won a trophy or not and no matter how good they were, just for the love of the club and the joy of playing in their colours.

Unfortunately, we now we live in a ‘instant’ society, where hardwork is beaten to death with greed and everything must be gained as quickly as possible.

Johnny Massacre

Here’s what we need to do to save our season:


Cygan's Right Foot

So essentially swap Ramsey for Arshavin and play Koscielny in a position he’s not comfortable in?


mert on the bench forehead for theo and samba samba santos at lb


Im not rntirely happy with a 1980s pop singer between our sticks either.


For some reason, wenger seems to have become far less ruthless in his old age. 5 years ago he would never have allowed players who were consistently off form to start every game, they would have been dropped, end of story. It almost seems as if the criticism hes receiving is making him dig in his heels and stick with the underperformers regardless just to try and prove a point.


I feel like the hole was created because you had a player that was so creative and could control the game and at the same time was constantly a threat in front of the goal that you wanted him in both mid and striking. Aaron doesn’t fit either yet.
RvP could if we had anyone that could score to put ahead of him.
AA23 should be given a shot. Maybe playing him where he likes to play will give him an energy boost and he’ll be effective

Cygan's Right Foot

Didn’t he play in that position in the Carling Cup and ended up ineffective and completely invisible throughout the game?


Really? Well there goes that idea

[…] is another player who seems like his confidence is gone at the moment. In yesterday’s By the Numbers column, I posted a comparison of Ramsey’s passes in the Bolton final third versus Arteta’s […]


AW reckons putting Henry on for the last 15 minutes in every match will fetch the team a goal is it?


I hate to say it, but I told you so. What’s happening now is the culmination of five or six years of under-investment and selling off of quality players. Our problems go right back to when Ashley Cole was allowed to leave for the sake of just an extra five grand a week. You can’t defy the laws of football gravity. If you want to maintain your position as a top-four club then you have to be prepared to spend realistic amounts on wages and saleries. Thinking that you can compete with Man United, Man City and Chelsea by signing… Read more »


Thanks for the work and for pie chart dude. It’s a thing of beauty. More please.

A question for all those anti-Wengerians (towards whom I am sadly taking steps daily): who will replace him? In every other post the board is castigated for not spending on players. Why would would they suddenly do so on a manager?

Another question is who in the current board would have a clue how and whom to appoint AW’s replacement ?


Time to bring in the 29% shareholder Russian that can’t even get on the board. I wonder why.

Cygan's Right Foot

Because he wants to increase the shareholder payouts?
Because he openly admitted supporting Man Utd?
Because he’s know to deal in quite a few less than savoury activities to get his money?


Excellent point Tomc, and that’s the problem the current board phw apart are not football people. They have shown on their pr and transfer dealings in the summer and the rediculas statements that have come out from the club. But having said that how long do we continue failing and doing nothing about it. I know totally what your saying about who can replace wenger because if this lack of spending is down to the board withholding funds then can another manager do a better job given the status quo as it stands. In other words we are fucked whatever… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Like with Blackburn, when are the fans going to realise that Wenger is not to blame for everything? The board needs to be injected with youth to bring it in line with the current footballing world (I think they worked the average age to be like 67 and the total age was like 470-something). Steve Kean and the players have worked their ass’s off to show the fans they should be targetting the Venky’s and not himself for lack of investment. Wenger is not blameless i’m sure but I doubt any manager chooses to go from winning trophies and challenging… Read more »


I went to the Emirates Stadium Legends tour yesterday, was very good, met Lee Dixon. The worrying bit was his analysis and point of view on the current board and wenger. Everyone was asking him about Wenger, board, Wallcot etc etc (and Stan – yes the new owner). as much as i would have loved to see some optimisim from him, it was all doom and gloom. According to him David Deans departure has been the biggest loss for the club, which i couldnt agree more. and he said wenger only has couple of more years prob ( in his… Read more »

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[…] Graphic of Thomas Rosicky’s passes in the final third, please feel free to compare it to Ramsey’s from Wednesday. […]

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