Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Carlos not a jolly Vela

In a rather unsurprising turn of events, intermittently underwhelming and then overwhelming, formerly teenage, chip-happy, Mexican strike sensation(!) Carlos Vela has decided he doesn’t want to come back to Arsenal from his loan spell at Real Sociedad.

“I would stay at Real,” Vela told El Diario Vasco. “I am happy and the people support me. I owe Arsenal affection and gratitude for the opportunity that they gave me, but I was not happy there and this affected my work.

“It was hard day to day and, when it came to training, I was thinking about going home. Here, however, I am happy and have made good friends.”

Regarding staying at Sociedad, Vela added: “It is too early to talk about these issues, but I do not close the door to Real. But, if you cannot reach an agreement with Arsenal, you cannot do anything.

“As I said, I’m happy here and would like to help the team stay up. Then we’ll see what happens in the summer. Right now, we cannot do anything even if we wanted to.”

Vela’s form has (somewhat) picked up of late… he’s scored 3 goals in his last 9 games (as opposed to 0 in the 9 games before that), including one against Barcelona, and this stupendous bicycle kick in a 3-2 win over Malaga.

The Mexican’s performances for Arsenal never quite lived up to his early promise. Apart from questions over his lifestyle and commitment, his performances over the last year and a half were quite ineffective. Like Eduardo before him, he offered very little in a front three, and failed to take whatever chances came to him.

His departure in the summer went relatively unnoticed… so much so that when a rather chunky Andre Santos (who also enjoys a chip or two) showed up on deadline day wearing #11, a lot of people just assumed he’d eaten little Carlos and taken his shirt.

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Bye bye Chiperito! :c(

Cygan's Left Foot

That is fine Carlos, I knew your time was up in England when you couldn’t force your way into the WBA starting line up while they were fighting relegation.

Good luck and we will miss your chips.


Who the fuck is Carlos Vela?


Aww come on guys! Its a joke!


People here don’t always get jokes.


Or they think the joke is not funny and stupid.


that andre santos chip was pure class 😛

Red Fred

Fair play to him, didn’t live up to his promise, now playing regular football in a league he is more comfortable in, which probably has more to do with language issues than footy issues. So long Fella all the best.

dave seago

Goodbye Charles Candle.

All the best for the future.

Malaysian Gooner

He got the talent but will never fit with the current system we are playing. Just like Eduardo. We bought them when we were still playing 4-4-2.

Dick Swiveller

I don’t think it’s the system that was holding him back, he’s got pace, trickery and good movement, three of the things that make a dangerous wing forward, I think he simply couldn’t get to grips with either English football or England in general which is a real shame.


I don’t know how Eduardo can be considered in the same light as Vela.. He scored 10 in his first 13 starts for us before getting broken in half against Birmingham. Different planet!!


I can’t beleive ppl hailed him as a saviour at one point- even Wenger claimed he would be the next Henry!


No he didn’t.


sorry my bad- Wenger compared him to Fowler but alot of fans did claim he would be the next Henry


“Arsenal Supporters In Unrealistic Expectations Shock!”


I don’t understand why lifestyle issue is affecting our players. Having coition with tranny and same sex affair has affected Vela and Chamakh. I wonder how cunts like Rooney gets away with shagging grannies?

Dave Gooner



Don’t think he was ever given a fair shot but I don’t go to the training ground and don’t know what happened there. Sorry to see him go.
Now I can hate Mexico again.


I know Blogs you said 3 goals in his last 9 games…….
Its also 3 goals in his last 18 games for sociedad ….. oh and 3 assists.
Not that anyone really cares but hopefuly he can score a few more and drive up the asking price.


Have to take issue with that rather unnecessary swipe at Eduardo at the end there. He was markedly more effective that Vela ever was, even in his post-horror injury state. Eddie was a finisher through and through, and although he wasn’t as complete a forward as say RVP he was a valuable player. Had he not been cut down in his prime by some knuckle dragger, now breaking bones at the wrong end of the Championship with Watford, who knows what would have happened.


if eduardo hadnt been shawcrossed he would be our second striker, no doubt about. He was just starting to shine when he got injured dont forget that.

also dont forget that Eduardo always stayed 100% loyal to fans and club and went away with honour and when he scored against in shaktar he didnt cheer.

he loved arsenal

so fuck off with all that hate to our old players, total spurs behaviour i reckon

Merlin's Panini

Fucking spot on. What the hell was that about?
Eduardo was pure class and becoming a nailed on starter before that goon destroyed his career. He was a natural finisher and an exciting player.
I, for one, wish we had given him a bit more time. He was still better than Chamakh post injury!


I agree. The barb against Eduardo was unnecessary and out of place. He was a solid contributor to the team, and a forward who possessed the rare ability to keep his form even when lacking a run of games in the starting XI.

“SUL”–check yourself.


Posted before getting down to these posts.. Glad others have said it; definitely no comparison to Eduardo.

max stirner

Djourou signed a new contract, talk about rewarding mediocrity. This is a guy who gets fatter every year, in fact i’m starting to think he’s an FBI agent, yes folks big momma plays for Arsenal.


I kneel to your superior wisdom. Your propensity towards truthiness is beyond words.


We’ll always have those dinks Carlos!

Spent too much time in Spain and never really picked up the rhythm of the English game. Parking talented players in Spain due to work permit issues may turn out to be a failed experiment. We’ll see how Pedro Botelho & Wellington work out.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

Won’t be long until Wellington is given the boot.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

Come on peeps, that’s top class word play right there!?!


you mean “UNlike Eduardo before him” – Eduardo was doing just fine till his leg got snapped. Vela was on the books / in the team all along and didn’t convince anyone – save for the last 5 minutes in a game.
Did love the finish though.


The guy had talent but no commitment.


cant blame him. chamack, bendtner, etc.. starting over him, lol…
by the way his jumping off a sinking ship, 2 trophies in the last x years, not making champions league, cant even win the carling cup.
rumors say fabregras asked Vela for RVP’s # so he can join him down in cataluna next season, lol….
RVP exit = end of arsenal


letseat, you are a spurs wankoff arent you?

Only one

Didn’t mean the thumbs up. Old men, big fingers and a smartphone……. Disaster




He was asked whether Vela’s talent was the single reason he decided not to replace Emmanuel Adebayor in summer.

The manager replied: “Yes.”

Glory hunter

Who wants to bet that Vela will be returning to Arsenal once his loans ends!
Sociedad can’t afford to pay his 25-40k a week salary plus btw £5M – £10M transfer fee!
See you next season Carlito.


Fair enough comments from Vela. Hope we can move him on permanently.

Loved the line “…just assumed he’d eaten little Carlos and taken his shirt.”


I liked Carlos Chiporito! Gald to see he is playing and enjoying his football.
For every gem Arsene unearthed, 10 unfortunately do not make it.


That’s great news. Now we can fill that squad position with someone who fits better into our squad. Who knows we might even go out and buy pure class


Seriously, who gives a fuck about this grinning, (once in a while) chip happy, lazy, pointless little fuckwit. He epitomizes everything about a rather shit period is Arsenal’s history. Jumped up, big time Bentleys, that thought they were already the real deal, without actually contributing fuck all or achieving anything.

Vela, Bendtner and Denilson can go fuck themselves, I hope I never see any of those pricks in an Arsenal shirt ever again!

Bould over

I think you’ve got confused, you’re supposed to post as Nasty-Bloke and then Good-Bloke replies…


Add Fabregas to that list for the way he behaved the last year of his contract- acting like a spoiled child behind closed doors.
Add Adebayor for joining spuds. Gallas, too. Oh… and Pennant, for playing for Stoke City Rugby Club.

Merlin's Panini

Chip chippety chip chippety chip chip cheroo
That Carlos Vela, it’s all he can do,
Chip chippety chip chippety chip chip cherry
He’s not as good as Thierry Henry


Neither is Walcott but with the number of games Walcott got to prove himself without scoring, i am positive Vela would have scored more in that time… just saying. Great he is leaving to make a carrier for himself, sad Wenger never gave him a proper opportunity when he was in form (yes that is what i said, after scoring 3 goals in back to back games i.e. CL and BPL, did not see the pitch until about 6 games later). Then ppl will come say he only score when we are leading or we in control of the match… Read more »


And for all the he is no good just ask Real Madrid and Barcelona about him
he he

Mr. G

Scored some nice goals for us…but seemed unable to actually score goals unless we were winning comfortably.

Knew he was more or less gone when we gave Andre Santos his shirt number. Even though his leaving will mean nothing, I wish him the best of luck.

Biff Baxter

Vela is amazing on FM and nowhere near that good in real life. Makes you question our coaching staff to be honest 🙁


good luck to Carlos, but I hope we get more than a few bob for him from Real (not the richest club in the world). San Sebastian is one of the nicest cities on earth so I’m not too surprised he’s happy. Playing well too according to a mate of mine who is a Real regular.
Hope someone’s monitoring Santos’ pie intake during his long injury lay off!


Just nice to hear a player say they were unhappy and wanted to move, rather than the usual shit the agents provide!

Ashley Cole take note.


Ashley wasn’t unhappy just greedy.


I presume it’s much warmer there.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

I like his face.


Why are people getting their knickers in a twist about the Eduardo stuff? It’s perfectly accurate to say Dudu offered very little in a front three. That system doesn’t suit him. He needs to play centrally up top in a formation with two forwards. The author isn’t dissing his ability by pointing that out.


I am considering doing a fall pltainng schedule. I actually have a bunch of weeks already worked out, but I haven’t figured out how to coordinate it all yet. If I have time, I will be putting it together this fall.

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