Friday, June 2, 2023

Frimpong: I told Fletcher to join Arsenal

Emmanuel Frimpong has shed light on his short spell with Wolverhampton Wanderers and revealed that he was so impressed with Scottish striker Steven Fletcher that he suggested the 24-year-old join Arsenal.

Despite having his time at Molineux cruelly cut short by a cruciate knee ligament injury, the second time he’s suffered such a problem, the Ghanaian enforcer also spoke in admiring terms about the attitude and spirit within the Wolves set-up.

“I think Steven Fletcher is a good player, I told him to come to Arsenal!” Frimpong told the Arsenal official matchday programme of a player who has scored ten goals this term.

“Stephen Ward at left-back isn’t bad either. They’ve got decent players, and the thing about them is that everyone works so hard.

“They base everything around work – people there even told me they haven’t got the ability of some of the teams in the Premier League and need to make up for that by working hard and I think that’s the right attitude.”

Reflecting fondly on his period away from Arsenal, Frimpong hinted that he could one day return if another loan spell was deemed necessary: “As a footballer you sometimes have to make decisions, and I think going to Wolves was probably the best thing I could have done.

“They may not have been doing too well, but the manager [recently departed Mick McCarthy] was very good to me – I think it’s very important to go to a manager who likes you, and he showed belief in me.

“He put me in the team, and I’m just happy that I was able to do him proud on the pitch. I had a great time, and if I come back from injury and need some games then I’d be happy to go back there.”

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Fletcher ain’t half bad. And he’s not English.

But while we’ve still got Chamakh and Park, Fletcher is a crazy name to throw around, though I wouldn’t mind seeing him in red and white, but wouldn’t kill for him to wear the colours.

Jermaine Pedant

Get well soon, Frimmers!


Fletcher would be a decent signing as a backup to RVP but I’m not sure he’d want to be backup. Couldn’t see the guy starting for us.


That’s the thing, though. With our current set-up, any striker in world football would have to expect to be back-up to RvP with the kind of class he has in the form he’s in. That goes equally for Podolski, et al.

We can’t in one collective breath dismiss the possibility of Steven Fletcher coming to Arsenal to be RvP’s understudy as beneath the Wolves man, and then in the next breath vent our frustration that Wenger hasn’t brought in German International Lucas Podolski, or some other high-profile player to bolster our attack.


Spot on mate, the other thing is Robin won’t be around forever and who better for a young guy to learn from? He’s a good guy personally from what I’m told.


Any decent backup to RVP would reaslistically have to be able to play on the wings as well as spearheading the line. That way we could bring in someone good and still promise them game-time across the front three, as most of the strikers willing to not play most games I would tend to pass on., since we want our signings to lift the team quality, not just make up the numbers (wow that was a long sentence! ;)) Anyone want to throw any names into the hat that fit the bill? Obviously Podolski seems a good shout, as Jasonissimo… Read more »


dunno about fletcher, watched him a few times when he played for hibs & he didn’t really impress me eventhough he was considered their best player at the time. then again, you’d rather have a striker who plays ok than one who doesn’t play at all..


Mind you, I’m not suggesting Fletcher is a viable possibility, nor am I suggesting Podolski is. I merely wish to make the point that we can agree that we need a productive option to RvP. Anyone we are going to get is going to be a back-up. That mantle is either beneath a player or it isn’t. If we would give a guy like Fletcher a pass because he’s not likely to want to play understudy, how to we expect to attract a signing of “super-quality” for the same job? There are fixed options to solving our problem. I see… Read more »


Bob is spot on. i was actually about to write the same thing saying any back up striker we get would need to be able to play on the wing as well. otherwise they will end up fading away from lack of game time like Chamakh or Park. Thats why Bendtner managed to get alot more games then these two, because he could actually adapt and play out wide.

Lukas Podolski, perfect example.

Dan Gardener

It does sound crazy but I wouldn’t mind seeing him as back up, rather him than Chamakh at least!

Dan Gardener

HE IS 24?!


Runcorn Gooner

Got to agree he looks at least 5-2.

It is what it is

10 people have the same Benjamin Button syndrome……..or, are just balding


Bit late to sign a player now, isn’t it?

I’ll be watching the England v Holland game with a feeling of profound trepidation. Not because I care about the result (international football just doesn’t interest me) but I’ll be praying that our Dutch master doesn’t pick up an injury.

The thought of Chamakh or Park leading our line plunges me into deep depression. Let’s just hope that RvP can hang on for a couple of months more.


What has Park ever done on the pitch that depresses you greatly?


Nothing, that’s the point


I’d reserve judgement until he’s given his time to show what he can do.
I’m convinced he can provide us goals if Arsene will finally play him!


What’s the name of your psychiatrist, Nick?


Neverind psychiatrist, who’s your pharmacist ?


Rhetorical Question: what has your comment got to do with Steven Fletcher, Emanuel Frimpong, or Wolverhampton?

Can’t pass on any opening to criticize the club or the manager and bring the mood down, can you, even if you have to shoehorn your comment in.


Actually, Mr Gazidis, I was making a positive comment. I was hoping that our only decent striker would stay fit until the end of the season and thereby give us a chance of finishing fourth. I know that you have to defend the hopeless mismanagement of the club over the last three years, it’s your job, but you are getting a bit touchy. And by the way: Steven Fletcher is not the answer to our problems. Even if RvP stays, we will need a top-quality second striker to back him up, not an average, relegation-fighting journeyman or hopeless rubbish like… Read more »


“Bit late to sign a player now, isn’t it?” “The thought of Chamakh or Park leading our line plunges me into deep depression.” “… the hopeless mismanagement of the club over the last three years,” “Even if RvP stays, we will need a top-quality second striker to back him up, not an average, relegation-fighting journeyman or hopeless rubbish like Chamakh and Park. We should waste eight million quid’s worth of season tickets on something better.” Your “positive comment” defense is not believable. (And for the record, no one except Emanuel Frimpong has suggested Arsenal sign Fletcher. Another straw man propped… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot


Your kind of supporters is what is wrong with this club and let us waste 130 million pounds of wages in rubbish and the team keeps sliding down the table and still you see everything rosey.

You support the board and the manager more than the team, even the biggest Arsene’s blinkered can see what is wrong and you don’t. Wake up and start knowing your football and stop your blind faith.


“Your kind of supporters is what is wrong with this club” You won’t be surprised to hear I like to think the opposite is true, actually. “let us waste 130 million pounds” I’ve let who do what now? Stay with reality. “the team keeps sliding down the table” As of writing, we are exactly where we we finished last season. “You support the board and the manager more than the team.” Not true, and a statement made without any basis whatsoever. I do support Wenger and the players. I am also cognizant of the realities the Board and executives will… Read more »

Naija Gunner

Mmmmmmmm! We’ll hope for the best as regards to RVP.


To be fair , I don’t think fletcher starts every match forb wolves so bench warming for Arsenal sure beats doing the same for wolves


Fletcher would be a far better back-up striker than Chamakh & Park.


Frimpong doing some scouting business while he is injured? Man you got to love him!


Fletcher is just 24!!?? Bloody hell he is as bald as a 34 year old bloke. Sign him up Arsene! Especially if Wolves are relegated. Sure to be better than Park if not Chamakh (hehehe)

Cygan's Left Foot

I am better than Park and Chamakh, I love the Arsenal, I will play for bed and breakfast money and NEVER in the RED.

All I need is to lose two/three stones and do few miles every morning till the summer and I will be up to scratch for preseason.

He should sign me too.

Franky Knuckles McGuire

we should of took saha when we had the chance imo ! Fletch would be a great back up striker who has already proved him self in the PL if he can score 10 with wolves he will do well as he wilkl have better service and have more chances created for him . hope wolves get relegated and we get him on the cheap !


I’m glad someone with a footballing background has said this because when I watched him play for Burnley its exactly what I said as well. His vision and finishing is excellent.

the only sam is nelson

we’ll probably get done by the FA for tapping up now, after agent Dean failed on Sunday to fuck us over

african gooner

Lets sign him up if he would score 100 goals against sp*rs and make sandro lose his dentition.

Titty Bar Barry

That’s it mate, tap up their players Barca style!


“They base everything around work ”

Fucking genuis is frimpong. And stop licking Adebayors ass please frimmers.


And maybe we should treat this type of tapping up as we did with Xavi the cunt.

And Fletcher can stay where he is pls. Good job Frmpong aint the head scout.


disgusting tapping up


It’s excusable if Fletcher has “Arsenal DNA.” Them’s the rules! Right, UEFA? (fukkers.)


I like this comment of all. It applied to everyone of us who wants to succeed in life.

“…They’ve got decent players, and the thing about them is that everyone works so hard.

“They base everything around work – people there even told me they haven’t got the ability of some of the teams in the Premier League and need to make up for that by working hard and I think that’s the right attitude.”


wenger’s not going to buy a player on frimpong’s recommendation, so this won’t happen.

but i don’t like the snobby reaction to the idea of signing a scottish wolves player.

i’ve rated fletcher for a few seasons now, i definitely think he could do a job for us.


We need a striker that can score like Robin Vanpersie again, not Fletcher cause i don’t think he is Good Scorer

Trevor Hickman

Mick McCarthy would be a fantastic Arsenal manager – he really deserves a chance at a bigger club. He’s proved his worth at Wolves and Arsenal would go from strength to strength under him.

A.N Other Wolf.

This thread is on our forum. Got to say Frimpong is just amazing. As prem strugglers having that sort of class in our midfield, it just shows us what we need to succeed. It probably also highlights the strength of youth coming through at Arsenal. You really should keep the faith with Arsene but I’m not here to comment on how you run your own house. I hate it when other supporters tell me. Re: Fletcher. I do find it hard to comprehend how some fans can think Fletcher isn’t good enough for a top 4 club. His movement, vision,… Read more »

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