Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lansbury keeps clean sheet for West Ham!

Arsenal’s Henri Lansbury was forced to play in goal for West Ham last night and the stand-in keeper kept a clean sheet during their 4-1 win over Blackpool.

Lansbury started the game on the bench but with the Hammers 2-1 up, Rob Green received a 53rd minute red card, and with no reserve keeper named in the squad, Walrus-looking cunt threw on the young Gunner who kept Blackpool at bay as the ten men scored two more.

Speaking to the official West Ham site, Henri said,  “I was a bit shocked at first but then the gaffer turned around and said ‘You’re going in’ so I thought ‘alright’ and I couldn’t wait to get on. It was enjoyable.

“I enjoy playing in goal. I did it quite a bit when I was with my mates and in five-a-side tournaments I go in goal, but to play out on the pitch is another level, to be honest with you.”

I’m not sure developing his goalkeeping skills was what anyone quite had in mind when he went to Upton Park on loan but it’s a story of some brightness in a pretty miserable week.

Unless you take into account the fact that winning last night made Allardyce and Trevor Brooking (still not forgiven for 1980) happy but we at Arseblog News would like to focus on Lansbury’s effort.

Now come back and dislodge Fabianski! We kid, we kid.


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Anyone know how many saves he had to make? Be interested in seeing some highlights.


no matter how many saves he had to make he’s probably better than mannone

Cygan's Right Foot

Isn’t Herbert Chapmans statue better than Mannone?


“Walrus looking cunt” ha. You’re funny, let me take you out for a beer mate.


Even if he is, he is providing beer… decisions, decisions…



Groom way if there’s alcohol involved.


Nah mate. I ain’t gay. I just like beer.


I really like Lansbury attitude, seems to like getting stuck in I really love him to play for Arsenal regularly, I know he not Messi but sometimes you need people like him to work their socks off and play for the team.


Big Sam way be a walrus looking cunt but at least hes not French and were meating our targets for the season. Same cant be said for you lot however, does it feel good knowing you the second best team in North London behind the pathetic spuds from N17. Have a nice struggle making the top ten and seeing your so called ‘big’ club humiliated further more in the coming weeks and months. COYI!


The thought of Big Sam the Walrus Cunt ‘MEATING’ his targets conjures up some horrible imagery. *Shudders*

Learn the English language IRONS x. Your grammar is embarrassing you.


Pssst…. it was a spelling mistake. Different to grammar. You’re embarrassing us.


Goonerchimp, there were plenty of grammatical mistakes. A grammar is a set of rules that governs a language. You are correct in saying Irons had many misspellings, such as “meating” for “meeting” and “way” for “may”. He also had plenty of grammatical mistakes such as “you the second best”, “hes” instead of “he’s”, and “were” instead of “we’re” (wrong word choice constitutes a grammatical error, not a typographical error). That is not to mention the run-on sentence and the lack of capitalization of a proper noun (“Spud”). The point is this: If someone is going to be critical of another… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Are you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Premier League? Or do you infact play boring football with owners that clearly think they should also be the managers?

A recently relegated premier league team that gets parachute payments are ahead of the other championship teams. It must be hard being proud of your clear financial advantage and your xenophobia at the same time.


Ironx which CUNTerry you are from?


cant seem to hear you from all the way down in the championship, maybe next year if you make it back into the premiership will you be in a position to say anything.

Merlin's Panini

Does it feel good knowing your team is the worst in the whole of London, out of the ones that actually sort of matter? That’s pretty shite mate. Oh, and who taught you to spell, ‘Arry Redknapp?

Top of the Championship and all of a sudden you’re Billy Big Balls. fucks sake.


Lansbury is the sort of character that this Arsenal side is seriously lacking. However, is his spirited manner the very thing that has kept him out of Arsene’s plans?


It’s probably that he’s not quite as good as other players that play in his favoured position.

Just a stab in the dark there.


this definitely made me laugh!
Will he be back next season? Could be an interesting player to throw into the mix from time to time…


Good for Lans.. but worrying that he cant get to play regulary in midfield for a championship club.. Looking at the Loan Watch on is not what i would have liked to read about our loanies.. big talents we have bought and sent out on loan not getting enough playtime in the teams they have been loaned to.. Campbell , Botelho , Vela, wellington etc etc.. A 20 minutes 2nd half subtitute apperance here and there.. but very few of them regular starters.. And this is the same week after week.. Is just me who thinks this is not… Read more »


Ha! Doesnt Lansbury look like Green too?

And hey LANSbury will defo be LANS next season!

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t


Big Henri is a dreamboat!

Rob Green looks like a hairy faced, unwashed Polish mail order bride.

Who has both an ‘in-y’ and an ‘out-y’ in his special region.

Jay gooner

I do like lansbury, probably not a good enough footballer but a battler for sure. utility payer?


To be fair Lansbury was starting regulary at the start of the season before his injury but has found it hard to break into a winning team. Seems to be able to play in a few positions, hes features at centre mid, right back, just behind the striker and now in goal! He could defo do a job in the Prem but if Arshole Wanker isnt prepared to give him a chance in the first team i can see him joining us permanently which he has already said he would consider. Cant wait to come and get a result at… Read more »


Yep that’s greatest idea I heard thus far given our current position in the PL. Yes, let’s immediately get Lansbury back from West Ham and play him this week against Sp*rs. Let’s play him against Milan as well for that matter. In fact, forget Jack’s imminent return, and play him instead.

Is that what you want if you are the manager?

Jay gooner

pretty sure he is a hammer, dont listen to him. the old walrus cunt is rubbing off on them

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

Get back to jerking off to your Danny Dyer pictures, fool.


Why the hell wasn’t there another goalkeeper on the bench?

Congrats to Lansbury, perhaps now we can get permanently rid of Almunia… ?


Only five substitutes allowed in other leagues. Strange rule.


Even if you had 4 subs. I’d still think a GK would be a pretty good thing to have!


Goonermonkey, misspelling ‘meeting’ isn’t embarrassing to be honest cos you still knew what a meant. Embarrassing is getting beating 8-2 by United, 4-0 by Milan, 3-2 by Swansea and losing twice in a season to Spuds and seeing your ‘massive’ club not even make the top 7. Bye bye RVP


Embarassing is going on an Arsenal’s Supporter’s website just to make negative comments about Arsenal when you’re clearly not a Gooner.

If you want general advice for the future, you can ask Nasri for our default response to anything he says: “Sod off!”

Jay gooner

how is he championship?

Cygan's Right Foot

Is it as embarrassing as your ‘massive’ club being relegated? Must have been hard watching your team lose 5-1 to, at the time, 19th placed Ipswich…


Look mate, I know you’re trying, I like your spirit. But you have to accept that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as big a cunt as John Terry.


hahahah!! This comment kills it (him?).


Yup a stull kno wat ya meen. innit. Ya cun.

Off you pop to do your ironing.

Not sure why you’re posting negative stuff on here. It’s a positive story about one of our players doing well in an unusual situation out on loan.


Irons X,

Go get your fucking shoe shining kit and clean up my shoes for me. Thanks bitch.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

“It’s a jooooo’y ‘oliday wi’ Maaaaaaaaaaaaaary!”



Well seeing as we are currently 4th in the Premiere League and last time I checked it was end of February not end of May I would say you are a bit of a presumptuous cunt? How about you sod off to whatever shitty little hovel you call home and enjoy the little fantasy land that most Hammers live in whereby being the subject of films such as “Green Street” and “Football Factory” makes you all ‘ardmen by association whilst in reality you are likely some fat cabby who fingers your arsehole to the thought of bumping into Cass Pennant/Danny… Read more »


God, you lot are actually making me like Spurs for leaving you behind.


Noooooooo no never!
May God forgive you.


Heh, you’re just saying that to try and get free lunches with old ‘Arry, aren’t you?
Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but he only does that with journalists…


Alright, alright I didn’t really mean it!!

Cygan's Left Foot

God, you lot are actually making me like Rosie47 AKA Dodgy Arry boy for leaving you bankrupt, sell your best players and suffer for years until you bend down in your knees and begged those porn stars to save your club.

God, that felt good.

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t


More like….




They might be dicks but we have the bigger Coq

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