Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Report: Arsenal 5-2 Sp*rs (inc. goal clips)

Arsenal went back into 4th place today after sticking five goals past the cheating, hapless Scummers at the Emirates today.

The Gunners couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start conceding to Louis Saha in the 5th minute. Quite why there was so much space down the middle of our defence so early in the game is anybody’s guess, but Saha had some luck when his goal deflected in off Vermaelen and over Szczesny. 0-1.

Arsenal responded quite well, however, dominating the possession and trying to fashion chances. They should have been level when Robin van Persie fired a volley just wide and for the most part Arsenal took the game to their cuntstrous opponents.

However, a Luka Modric pass played Gareth Bale through on goal, he got ahead of Gibbs then when Szczesny came out he dived, Mike Dean bought it and gave Sp*rs the penalty. Emmanuel Adebayor tucked it away to make it 0-2.

We’ve seen Arsenal go into their shells in the past, but not this time. Again they pressed Sp*rs, van Persie hit the post after a nice Walcott flick set him up, and when Arteta got the ball back in it was attacked by Bacary Sagna who thumped home a header past Freidel. 1-2.

A few moments later we were level after a world class finish from the captain. Sp*rs failed to clear, van Persie got it on the edge of the box, turned one way, back onto his left foot, curled it all the way fucking home. 2-2.

And if Sp*rs thought that Arsenal’s response was temporary, they were wrong. Half-time provided a brief respite but in the second we picked up just where left off.

In the 51s minute Tomas Rosicky drove at the Sp*rs defence, kept going and when Sagna’s cross took a small deflection he was there to nick the ball past Freidel at the near post. 3-2. It was a fantastic finish from a guy who hadn’t scored a league goal for over two years and no less than Arsenal deserved.

Then it became the Theo Walcott show. Arsenal’s all round play was fantastic but to Walcott had a game of two halves is something of an understatement. Nothing much went right for him in the first half, but when Arsenal broke in the 65th minute and Robin van Persie found his storming run, Walcott’s coolly clipped finish over Freidel made it 4-2 to Arsenal.

Just three minutesΒ  later Theo made it 5-2, shooting across Freidel after Alex Song’s excellent pass helped him beat the offside trap.

At that point it was all over, Sp*rs were broken, Harry sat twitching forlornly on the bench, and Arsenal just played keep ball. When they did have it they resorted to long distance efforts which didn’t trouble Szczesny.

Late on Scott Parker got a second yellow card for a foul on Vermaelen and because Arsenal won by three goals we go back into 4th place.

For all the trauma of the cup defeats you have to say this was a fantastic response from the lads. Supposedly our worst team for a generation sticking five past their best team that anyone can ever remember.

If we’re going to criticise when things go wrong, we have to give props when we get things as right as we did today. Some pride has been restored and we’ve reminded them that cannon > chicken on a basketball. The cunts.

I love football today.

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fuck you


Had to take this opportunity, never been first πŸ™‚


Chill out people, we just beat the cunts 5-2!!!! Come on!!


Heh! But there’s no need for vulgarity. We just beat those fucking poxy cunts 5-2.

Funniest moment of the match was Parker going off and the crowd brandishing red cards. Quite where those came from, I don’t know, but it was hilarious.

Woolwich Gooner

Season ticket books mate (Red cards).




You should have seen the spuds faces in my local as they went from 2-0 up to 5-2 down! Absolutely priceless!!!

Most of them walked out after Walcott’s 1st.


I’m sick of seeing people so happy and proud saying “First!!” like it contributes to fuck all.

Don’t you have more important things to do, seriously?


Cheers @ Woolwich Gooner.


@anon well the fact that your here too suggests you dont either! cool yo shit biatch! we just spanked the wanky tottenham hotspur, today is a good day πŸ™‚


the hairs on my bum stood up for the first time in a long while today, hope the good luck continues


Spuds mashed please lots of it


Thanks for thumbs down lonely sad spud. We are going to catch you now come on manu next week


First comment on such a result is worth a thumbs up!


I LOVE MY TEAM….IN EVERYWAY When Arsenal lost two away games last week…. I told myself there will be fickle season ticket holder who will sell his/her ticket in disgust. I was right. I bought a Clock End ticket for Β£71 on Wednesday via the Dot Com Exchange. This was the first time I’ve seen Arsenal v Spurs at the Emirates, I am a Red Card holder. I have to say this was one of the best footballing games I have seen in a very long time. So thank you season ticket holder who sold his ticket because he thought… Read more Β»


interesting theory


Class is permanent!


That was fun!

The only problem is now I really don’t know what to make of Theo Walcott! How do I describe my thoughts… “not as unconvinced?” That was so much better from him–his touches mostly came off and his shooting was accurate.


I don’t think I was the only one calling for him to be substituted just before he scored, he didn’t look up for it at all in the first half. Credit where credit’s due though, two brilliant finishes!


no twisting words here, his two goals aside, theo was shite today, poor touches, no dribbles crap passes! but when you score two goals, specially against the cunts next door, those things can be forgotten for the one game.


his goals were well taken mind you!


I’m just glad Theo clicked two in today. He recovered in time from a bad touch for his first goal and his receive on the second was just first class. Moments like this leaves me scratching my head when he goes completely missing in games like that against Milan, Sunderland.

There should have been a huge sign for the sp*r fans leaving the Emirates today urging caution – Mind the gap.


I thought Walcott was AWFUL during the first half. Second half he attoned for his crap playing by scoring and finishing excellently.

I do think Rosicky is MOTM though.


Theo is a different player when the opposition chase a goal and leave themselves open. What a fuckin atmosphere today. Shouted so much, felt like my head exploded at one point there ….

Boris Pimple

Theo Walcott works in mysterious ways



I was inclined to agree with your assessment, although he showed good control when he touched that ball through for RvP to thwack off the post in the first half in the lead up to 1-2. But then I had a look at the “by the numbers” column (I know, “lies, stats, etc.”). Theo’s passing stats were an eye-opening read. He played very well today.

Runcorn Gooner

The line between useless and brilliant can be very thin.
His 2nd touch for the first goal was awful.
Let’s hope he now moves on and scores more goals

What's my name?

With a classy captain in RvP, I honestly believe his effective leadership will take us home safely to the top 3 by season’s end. Much as I regret our elimination from the FA cup, i believe the longer rest and recovery in between games will work to our advantage,

5 goals v Chelski, 5 goals v Scum, and now 5 goals v Milan to take us forward in the CL!



ooh now you mention it, it sounds tasty but then again we did concede 3 and 2 against the russians and cunts


Heh just read this: Confucius say ‘Man with hen on shirt look like a total cock to the world’. (:D)


the cocks have gone limp.And the twitchy blundering cunt is better than capello?GOD SAVE ENGLAND.


DVD? Oh that’s right, we’ve won before…


My summary of the game: Song didn’t put any foot wrong, Rosicky put every foot right. I wish I could say something to Spurs fan, but they are where they belong, in the toilet.


Fuckin yes!

More of that next week and we’ll be reeling these cunts in. Loved ‘arry’s face – looked like his dog had eaten his pin number.


heh πŸ™‚

Oleg Luzhny

Quote of the day!


I went onto a Sp*rs blog to taunt them after the game
the main title was “are we a bigger club than arsenal”, published just before the game
Put the cunnys back in there place



Do give our love to Lee Morgan.


Will do.
The Cunt.


Hes got a twitch. Harry Redknapp, hes got a twitch. How he got it we dont know, how he got it we don’t care, all we know is he has got a twitch!


seven year itch needs scratching

Car crash.

Light Refreshments

North London will ALWAYS be RED!




I Fucking Love Arsenal Too!!!!!!!

why is my name required

i have a message for those cunts –

You’ll forever be in our shadow.



This is why i love arsenal.


5 against Chelsea, 5 against Sp*rs, 5 against Milan? There is HOPE.


Not forgetting 7 against Blackburn…

Three wins on the bounce in the league by the way… COYG!


By the way, for all Spurs’ “beautiful football” that the press have been wanking over, unbelievably we’ve actually scored more goals than those cunts over the road


To be fair, they don’t have RVP



To be fair, they’re not the Arsenal.

Eric Irish gunner

I have to admit I wanted him of at half time because he done fuck all then he goes and scores two against the scum and all is forgiven he cam be very furstrating

Moo Moo Toure

Out of all the Cup competitions (almost?)..But my god this win feels so Good..Orgasmic


Those spuds will forever remain in our shadow. Know your place… cunts!


Someone posted this on bbc.

Happy Arsenal fan, via text: “51 years without a league title for Spurs. Make that 5-2…”



Happy birthday you dopey eyed cunt!


best game of the season so far….have to give props to bacary sagna…had a point to prove after his return from the broken ankle….his determination was inspiring….and he bagged a goal and an assist

Runcorn Gooner

Totally unbelievable.Only one team was playing football today.
TW please replicate your second half performance more often
and we will really love you again.
No weak links today (apart from 1st goal).Rosicky,Benny really
produced the goods given their oportunity.
Really proud to be a Gooner today.
Bring on the Scousers


Its because of days like these that all the football heartbreaks seems to worth it. Before you give VPANYTHING he wants, can you kindly give Monsieur Rosicky another 2years and some big bucks?


Who the fuck are tottenham hotspurs


Its all about fight and spirit. Show that sort of commitment for the rest of the season and we can catch these scum cunts. Great showing today from all the boys. They need to play this DVD before every game from now till end of season. We are lacking in some areas we all know that but this shows what can be done when you have the desire and the will to win. Glad to say am proud of my team today. Just need to show it week in week out now. Only downside I missed my first home derby… Read more Β»


Fucking love you all you winners.


Stick that where the sun don’t shine, you spudy looking cunts!


We are the gooners! London is red!! It’s as simple as that…


‘Shift of power’ my arse!! North London is, and always will be, beautifully red. COYG!!


All the punditry as the game wore on was the only thing that was ‘Shifting’. LOL

Total bollocks, most of it, to the point I was shouting to turn the sound down in my local!

The cannon massacred the basketball chicken yet again, excellent!


Midfield Corporal – we’ve had a whip round and you’re off to Cadbury World every weekend mate. Schweeeet.


Haha I wasn’t 100% sure it was Midfield Corporal who posted that so while I was trying to find that post from last time you beat me to it Mooro! Well done lads!

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, cadbury world was booked out, ended up in the science museum in Bristol, I’m buying a season ticket!!!!!! Lee Morgan- your boys took one he’ll of a beating, bet they won’t be releasing a video of that. Time for a cheeky bottle of London Pride seeing as we are the pride of London.
Ooh to ooh to be, ooh to be a ….GOONER!

Kiwi Arse Lover

That was fuckin excellent..


Everyone was absolutely terrific today. Was great to see rosicky score after so long, van persie get his weekly goal, walcott score and defend, sagna with a great header, yossi putting in a great shift as usual, and seeing jenkinson back! Awesome sunday, thank you arsenal!


I said in one of the previous posts how good it would be if rosicky finally broke his goal draught against thosee mugs.. preferably off adebayors face and in… But you know what, that finish was better. Little Mozart pulling the strings. To all the previous rosicky haters, that’s why he needs a new contract


Not even Cesc could have played as good as Rosicky today. i am just over the moon for the guy, on every other fucking website they say he will be the first to be shipped out and i always say “you cunts dont know what your talking about”

GoosefuckingBumps seeing Rosicky run down that sideline fists pumping with his red and white sweat band.


RVP and Kosser on 5 yellows both, does it mean they gonna miss our next game?


Say it ain’t so…

Light Refreshments

It’s late in the season, I think it’s gone up to 10 yellows now before a ban

Eric Irish gunner

Shoot him


the 5 yellow card erases after 31st December and it changes to a different number after, so were good!
and what a fucking win and my brother is a spurs fan BAHAHAHAHA!
Oh to be a Gunner!


Thank God for that!!!!!!


and its gunna be awkward at dinner table tonight….

Merlin's Panini

When it’s dinner time do you go “mum! Not spuds again!”

Merlin's Panini

I much prefer Rice…


No you need 10 now and you get 2 match ban. 5 yellows is before feb or something

The FA

No as they didnt pick up 5 before Xmas ( at Christmas if a player has less than 5 then the counter gets reset if u like so they have to pick up 5 post Xmas to be banned)


Hooray! Honestly, never thought Arsenal could hit that much given the poor form of run recently. One really cannot expect this team performance but let’s hope consistency will remain in order to remain top four or higher than Spurs eventually.


Fuck those cocks.. Class is permanent


Forever in our shadow

Eric Irish gunner

Jamie rednapps face was a picture when he tried to comment on carling final after daddy got fucked can only imagine his shit talk had they won


Will be interested to see how Sky Sports News dress this up as further proof of a ”change of power in North London.”



fucking bastards didn’t have the guts to call the dive even after replays.And to say the cocks’ title ambitions seem to be over was fucking rich.Go suck your own sky,cocks and the twitchy tax evading illiterate cunt.TRULY GUNNED DOWN.


…and normal service was resumed in North London! Fucking brilliant!!

Lee Morgan

Me and my big mouth.


Where are these goal clips then?


Never seen the team make this many tackles it was beautiful, rough tackles then beautiful passing best game since the 5-3


well said, the way they were working for each other today…..beautiful too watch…i swore every time rosicky released the ball , i thought it was going to be a goal…saw some genuine anger there in the players

….god my voice…


My thoughts exactly! πŸ™‚


As in the 5-3 comment


The Arsenal..what a club!. Was so pleased for Rosicky. Theo now needs to replicate that performance another 6 or 7 times this season but I was very pleased with his effort today, he deserves a lot of credit. Fantastic team performance and even at 0-2 I thought we were quite good. I love football but I love this club more! Well done Wenger and the players!!!! COYG!

Der Springer

After the …went ahead 2-0, I admit to hanging my head. Thank god that the players did not. They displayed a massive amount of Wenger’s cliched ‘spirit’.

There are not enough words to describe how good that felt.

Also, Little Mozart has come out retirement.


Thank fuck we didn’t sign Scott Parker eh πŸ˜‰


fuck scott parker, weve got alex song, and he does this!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpFXczsnexI πŸ˜€


Man they did really show great spirit out there, finally sent those spuds back to their pond

Ian baldwin

what a difference no ramsey makes


too rite mate.as much as i like ramsey hes just not good enough.ive been sayin it all season


Nah, it obviously wasn’t that Ramsey was missing, It’s that Rosicky was that good today! It’s been over-said but Ramsey’s still developing a bit so he just shows flashes of brilliance rather than a complete picture. Rosicky is the better one of the two right now, hands down. He can teach Aaron a lot. The big difference between the two is Rosicky is much much faster than Ramsey is in making a decision and moving with it, I’ve always seen that! Ramsey jus’ wastes time a bit!


WTF?! only 5?
Wenger out.


Arsenal fuck-you Spurs


Amazing, amazing game for Rosicky. He deserves it after all that injuries he suffered!


What a turnaround! What a match! Rosicky had a great game! Benayoun played well (right to ask for more minutes) we need to start him more often. On to Anfield!

ack ack ack

benayoun, rosicky & arteta all played with some urgency – nice to see that our players still care. even when the scoreline was against us, they were working like they hadn’t in quite a while. more of that please, lads.



My god we needed a result like that today.

El blondo

Fuck you Spurs fuck you so proud of the boys in red today & massive cred to the Arsenal fans in the stadium – as noisy as I’ve heard it since Barca last year. Ooh to ooh to be…ooh to be a gooner!

ack ack ack

well done you fucking gunners! sublime result.

for such a quality player, bale is quite the cheating shit, isn’t he? let’s hope the refs catch on to his bullshit. LOL @ spuds now & forever <3


Read the spurs blog yesterday saying they are a bigger club than arsenal.
The 5-2 hammering must have drilled it in there fickle heads that there is only 1 team in north london, forever in our shadow COYG.

PS the fans showing the red cards to parker was a nice touch and they have a shit blog.


Spurs fans have a blog? What on earth is happening? Next thing they’d be wanting to win the league title!


I heard from some spurs fans that they were going to 1. thrash us, 2. bale would have a hat trick 3. our midfield would get completely outplayed, 4. our defense wouldn’t be able to handle adebayor. After the game they 1. got thrashed by us, 2. bale disappeared after the first 20 minutes, 3. rosicky made modric look like a scrub, and 4. adebayor was pocketed by our back four for the entire game.

Red rich

So was sitting in my living room with three spud mates – they were giving me loads of grief at 2-0 down.
Needless to say they got it back in spades – ruffling their hair the lot .
They fucking hated it – I fucking loved it – Awesome !


You have friends who are Spuds?? Was this some sort of adopt a chav program?


As soon as we had our first touch I could tell we were going to win today. We looked up for it and sharp. You wonder just for today at least, Milan??

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