Friday, August 19, 2022

Ryo lauds his ‘irreplaceable’ Henry experience

He may have been given next to no playing time at the Emirates in the first half season, but it appears that Ryo Miyaichi isn’t short on confidence having taken the Reebok Stadium by storm with two captivating performances for Bolton Wanderers.

On loan with Owen Coyle’s side until the end of the season the Japanese winger nearly snatched a win for the Trotters in his first game against Wigan (only to be denied by an Ali Al Habsi save) before opening the scoring in the weekend’s FA Cup showdown with Millwall.

Those who’ve seen the footage of his finish will recognise a Thierry Henry quality about the manner in which he curled the ball into the top corner having cut in from the left wing.

Paying lip service to the Frenchman, with whom he spent January training, and Arsenal captain Robin van Persie, the 19-year-old spoke about being inspired at London Colney.

“I like the style in which you attack from the left to get into the box, like Thierry Henry does,” Ryo told the Bolton website.

“When I was in Arsenal, I saw it many times as Henry scores the same way during training. Van Persie also did it plenty of times at opposite side, from the right flank with a left foot shot.

“They showed a very good example for me and that helped me score.”

Revealing, somewhat unsurprisingly given the current circumstances, that the atmosphere in the North-West is very different to that in North London the youngster continued:

“At Arsenal the atmosphere is incredibly tense, but here (at Bolton) things are much more friendly.

“There were certainly difficult times. But it wasn’t a waste to practice with superstars (like those at Arsenal) every day. In fact I think that sort of experience was irreplaceable.”

Fingers crossed the boy from the Land of the Rising Sun can continue to develop in the next three months. Given that Gervinho, Andrei Arshavin, Theo Walcott and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain are ahead of him in the pecking order at the Emirates he’s got his work cut out trying to impress Arsene Wenger.

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That’s a gem. How long have you been waiting to pull that out?


He took his goal really well at the weekend. He looks like he may become a really exciting player.

Cygan's Right Foot

I’m hoping the ‘Owen Coyle effect’ wears off on him as it did with ol’ Jack. His step up from high school football to playing in the Eredivisie to playing for Bolton in the EPL and FA cup in such a short space of time is impressive and smacks of Wilshere.

Cygan's Left Foot

Good player bright future ahead of him but I hope that doesn’t make us not getting rid of the dead wood and stop us sign top quality players. We should never put the pressure on Ryo and Ox to carry us to the title or first trophy after 7 years next season, those two are still teens and they need to be protected and play as squad players behind experience players. Get red of Theo and Arsha and sign two top wide players that can handle the pressure and let those two kids find their way slowly. Arsene, don’t be… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

With regards to kids being world class and relied upon: Messi, Neymar, Hazard, Eriksen, Lukaku, Eriksen, Gotze, etc… to name just a few (obviously some of those are no longer teenagers but they were when they first played and improved a team). If you’re good enough then you should play. If Miyachi, Chamberlain and Wilshere are world class talents (which is looking likely) then i’d use them to improve the squad and build around them.


I hope he continues his progress at Bolton and turns out to be a good replacement for Walcott next season.


But let’s be honest. The absence of Walcott is a good replacement for Walcott.

Runcorn Gooner

The lack of Walcott would be LANS


A cone is a better replacement than Walcott, which of course Ryo will happily clean up.

Cygan's Right Foot

As we’re not using the rod in goal anymore, can it be moved to the wing? ‘In Rod We Trust’


The Lack Of Walcott would be LANS….? Oh thts LOW!


Huge fan of the lad, he’s finally showing his potential in the PL. I thought he was fantastic against Wigan, and now he scores a goal… Best of wishes to him! 🙂

Cygan's Right Foot

“The 18-year-old Japanese is on loan from UK club Arsenal where he recently signed a five-year contract. He made a profound impression during Feyenoord’s home game against Heracles Almelo (2-1). Miyaichi scored a brilliant goal and throughout the match posed a threat to Heracles on the left side. He received a standing ovation and was nicknamed ‘Ryodinho’, after Brazilian star player Ronaldinho. Earlier, Ryo had already been nicknamed ‘the Japanese Messi. But isn’t everybody moving a little too fast. Feyenoord coach Mario Been said we are. However, that was before the magnificent goal that gave Feyenoord its first victory in… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

the lady in pink appears to be suggesting our ryo likes to indulge in the occasional five-knuckle shuffle. she must be millwall.

cracking goal against them, let’s hope that he does that regularly in the premiership before coming back and doing the same for us.


Arshavin and Walcott shouldnt be ahead of him, imagine Ox on the right and Ryo on the left with RVP centre… scary for the opposition.

Master Bates

and Coq in the back



massive fan of this kid, shows some great spirit and desire, which some of our other players lack. this kind of talent mixed with some experience would make a scary team for any opposition to face.

also have to say im a fan of owen coyle, think hes a great manager, and that we should send a lot of our boys out on loan to him as they seem to be coming back stronger, level headed and much more developed, so props to him for giving them solid game time.

Wes Mantooth

It’s been mentioned before, but it would have been interesting to see what type of player Carlos Vela would be today had he spent some time at the Reebok.

Merlin's Panini

His finishing is good, his dribbling is excellent for a guy with such pace. From what I’ve seen he could work on his passing though, but hell, he’s only young.
Really, really promising.

Merlin's Panini

Have you seen this on the Guardian website?:

Samir Nasri: ‘Arsenal need to learn how to win ugly’

Well, I have to say it much harder to win “ugly” with that horsefaced cunttard!

Merlin's Panini

i meant without that horse-faced cunttard, sorry…

Naija Gunner

Let’s shipping all those dead woods to Bolton for some serious upgrade. Lol!


Ive decided to re-write a knickelback song to cheer up my fellow arsenal supporters,. I hope ye all enjoy it 🙂 To the tune of “When We Stand Together” Once more depending on our players And we all sing away People supporting everywhere It’s another saturday Van persies running in the clear  And still he carries on We go a goal up at the grove From another sweeping move,  Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah We must stand together Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah There’s no giving in Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah Hand in hand forever Hey, yeah, yeah, hey,… Read more »



H. P. Arsecraft

I really hate knickelback.

Depressed gunner

fair play lad, a good effort.

I think it’s at the wrong time tho, alot of tension around before the spurms game Sunday.

However if we win I’d re-post it again if I were you.

up thee arse!!

Yaw Julian Sey

spurms ^^


What the fuck?


nickelback is for white people..oh shit i’m white and I hate nickelback…I must be black then


Thumbs for effort!

Cygan's Left Foot

Nurse, who has let him out?

yeah yeah yeah yeah

Nurse, did he forgot to take them?

yeah yeah yeah yeah

Nurse, can you lock him up please?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah


Someone has to much time on their hands.


jealousy will get u nowhere,.


Well done by Ryo. You can definitely see the potential in the youngster and I hope he will be brought along carefully and allowed to develop game vs being thrown to the wolves and burnt out/injured. Can’t wait to see him in the starting 11, I think it’s only a matter of time. Truly glad he got a loan out to Bolton so he can get a lot of premiership experience the rest of the season, it only benefits Arsenal in the end.


Looks like a bright prospect.

AW always planning for NEXT season.


Well done Will,

Great passion there lad.

Just nows not the gung ho and merry time.

We’re all just so tense ahead of this fukn derby.


And… Nickleback is shyt


while I realise knickelback are shite, their song that I used had all the right choruses.

it was only a simple gesture to lift some of the doom & gloom. judging by the amount of thumbs down tho some people love being miserable.

really quite strange,..


i’ve given you thumbs down because i dont l like your song

but i’ve also given you a thumbs up for the effort

who gives a fuck what thumbs think

Merlin's Panini

“who gives a fuck what thumbs think”

That’s the comment of the week right there!


this seems to be one of the things a lot of people are forgetting about arsene. we have probably the best reserve/youth squad in the league. next season we could field the following: sczezny/jenkinson/miquel/bartley/wilshere/ramsey/frimpong/coquelin/ryo/ox/campbell who are all 21 or under and with ozyakup/toral/angha/martinez/bellerin/gnabry all looking good a little bit further down the pecking order. we could also raise 50-60m in cash and massively reduce the wage bill by offloading the dead wood in the squad (rosicky/lansbury/park/arshavin/denilson/bendtner/almunia/squillaci/eastmond/watt/mannone/hoyte/chamakh/vela and, dare i say it, walcott). this summer will be the right time for a complete overhaul of the playing squad and i hope… Read more »


Justin Hoyte plays for Middlesbrough mate… sold in 2008 for 3 millz.

Cygan's Right Foot

I think he means Gavin Hoyte, Justin’s younger brother


ouch, my bad…


oops! i forgot afobe too. another exciting prospect!

eboue fan


That song is a great effort man, really cheered me up.

Don’t matter how many thumbs down ya got, there’s always doom mongers on here,
I suspect they are by products of watching manically depressing shite like eastenders 🙂

pay no attention.
Well done!


Really? Reading “yeah, yeah, yeah” countless times within a highly unimaginative, pointlessly long song by a singularly terrible band cheered you up?

I bet you get goosebumps watching paint dry!

Imagine sex! It must make your brain explode.


^^ absolute wanker ^^

although he is right about one thing,.

Sex does make my head explode,..

especially when it’s with his mother & sister!!


Ooohh, the “sex with your mum” bit. Never heard that one before.

You’re as dull and unimaginative as that song.


Really sad if the atmospher at training is ‘really tense’ – Bolton are in a relegation battle, and when Ryo was training with us our season hadnt yet completely imploded.

Cygan's Right Foot

He goes on loan and our season starts crumbling… Coincidence?


No one was around to pick up the cones so the first team was unable to train. No space left on the field.

Jeremy Mathews

“He may have been given next to no playing time at the Emirates in the first half season…”

In fairness, wasn’t he out injured a large part of that half-season? I get the impression that Wenger’s plan was to break him in via some Carling Cup matches, but once he got back from injury there were no matches to left to ease him in. Regardless, happy to see the kid doing well and looking forward to seeing him in red and white next season!

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