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Sunderland v. Arsenal: By the Numbers

The weird and wonderful world of football statistics as brought to you by the events of 11 February 2012 and tabulated by Opta sports, 7amkickoff, and various people on twitter:

0 – Passes completed by Andrei Arshavin
0 – Passing percentage by Andrei Arshavin
2 – Key passes by Andrei Arshavin
2 – Accurate crosses by Andrei Arshavin
1 – Assist by Andrei Arshavin
100 – Percent of minds blown by the above stats

9 – Aerial Duels won by Bacary Sagna (of 10)1
1 – Aerial Duels won by James McClean (of 11)2
15 – Aerial Duels won by Arsenal (of 17)
2 – Aerial Duels won by Sunderland
4 – Successful tackles (of 4 attempts) by Bacary Sagna1
4 – Successful tackles (of 5 attempts) by Gardner and McClean

4,000 – Number of holes in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
1 – Number needed to take down the BFG

8 – Turnovers* by Theo Walcott1
1 – Successful take-ons by Theo Walcott (of 5 attempts)
3 – Successful take-ons by The Ox (of 7 attempts)1
4 – Number of times Tomas Rosicky was dispossessed1
9 – Number of times Samir Nasri was dispossessed in his one match for Arsenal3
72 – Number of times Aaron Ramsey has been dispossessed this season3
0 – Number of total turnovers Aaron Ramsey had against Sunderland
36 – Number of touches by Aaron Ramsey in 18 minutes
33 – Number of touches by Seb Larsson in 90 minutes
127 – Number of touches by Arteta in 90 minutes1
81 – Average passes per game by Arteta this season for Arsenal
4 – Rank in European football in passes per game by Arteta

187 – Number of hands shaken between Sunderland, Arsenal, and the referees in the pre-match Presentation of the Hands
185 – Number of hands shaken between Liverpool, Man U, and the referees two hours earlier
99 – Percent of hands shaken in the Liverpool, Man U, pre-match Presentation of the Hands

7 – Shots by Arsenal in each half of play (14 total)
1 – Shots on goal by Arsenal in the first 74 minutes of play
55 – Minutes between Arsenal’s first shot on goal and their second
603 – Completed passes by Arsenal in 90 minutes
294 – Completed passes by Arsenal in the first 45 minutes
309 – Completed passes by Arsenal in the second 45 minutes
89 – Passes in the attacking third by Arsenal in the first 45 minutes
109 – Passes in the attacking third by Arsenal in the second 45 minutes

2 – Premier League goals by Thierry Henry in 2011-2012
2 – Premier League goals by Fernando Torres in 2011-2012
229 – All time goals by Thierry Henry
100 – Percent chance that Thierry Henry is made of pure diamond

*”Turnovers” are possessions in which the player loses the ball on his own due to poor control, poor touch, etc. Being “dispossessed” only happens in a tackle.

1. Lead both teams in this game
2. Lead his team in this game
3. Leads his team in this stat so far this season


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Good stuff here. The Arshavin stuff is a total mindfuck.


2 – Premier League goals by Thierry Henry in 2011-2012
2 – Premier League goals by Fernando Torres in 2011-2012

My belly is full of cheer.


Wow, what are the odds of there being the same number of holes in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear as there are in Blackburn, Lancashire?


So many holes still the coq didnt play.
Would have been more effective than walcott.

Frode Grøtheim

Walcott was shocking today. 8 turnovers is criminal. Depending on the situation he can be very effective, but in any case it’s frustrating to watch his lack of footballing skills and brains every week. Without that pace, he certainly wouldn’t have been a Premier League player, and I doubt he could even have played in the championship.


Even more disappointing for me was that after each turnover he glared at the player who’d made the pass. There’s having a poor day and there’s having a bad attitude.


Glad to see others feel the same way I do about Theo. “C’mon man” is what I find myself yelling at Theo constantly. The guy can run fast but couldn’t dribble past a defender to save his life.

Bob's your uncle

apart from that great assist last week for the ox against blackburn rovers for instance.


Ramsey’shad 2 goals in his last 15+ games…coming off the bench (last was Marseile). Moral of the story: you get more from the youngsters when you ease them in. What am I saying? Rest Theo and he may come good. Benayoun or Coquelin will be okay for me. The way Coquelin pass people when he overlaps is amazing, I have been salivating about having him do that alll day.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Drooling over Coq ???


I thought that turnovers is ‘positive’ and I was thinking maybe I watched not the same game so thanks for clarification. I’m curious why Arsene fears that eventually he will be forced to sell him? Also he is given chance after chance and even Ox is better then him he is taken off before him. I only hope that he will realise that he is maybe even not worth half of what he want or he will end up ‘keying buses’ like bendtner or denilson.

Runcorn Gooner

Time to give TW a rest and AA a run.AA cannot
play as badly as TW has recently plus TW seems
to have an attitude problem at the moment. I.e.
It’s not my fault if I run into a player or miss an open
Bench him for a few games and see what he is made

Master Bates

“it’s frustrating to watch his lack of footballing skills and brains every week…” I thought it was just week ,where he had a hat trick of assists and the match before that he scored a goal(yes a fluke goal) it not okay to give these decisive statements about players like Walcott ,he inconsistent meaning he sometimes shows up like that time when he scored home and away to get us in the UCL , so you can’t say he lacks footballing brains and skills ,he just loses them once in a while . Notice everyone has been using thet Footballing… Read more »

Jeremy Mathews

What’s Ramsey’s average disposessions per 90 minutes? I was very happy with TR7 this match. He was constantly finding space and linking passes.


Great comment. Rosicky is a great little player, and with tons of experience. I have no doubt that if he continues to get games (and in the central position which earned him the nickname “Little Mozart” at Borussia), we’ll see him contribute more assists and perhaps goals. The best thing about him–and this is what Ramsey still needs to learn–is that he redistributes the ball very quickly, and almost always forward. His play is direct. We’ve been missing that. He’s the opposite of Samir “Crab” Nasri.


Same here! If he could develop the upper body strength of Song to hold off people he would be even better, as sometimes he gets pushed to the ground during a run…good player despite some of the stick he does get and in my opinion with the way he’s going right now he could probably end his goal drought soon


I would have given him 10/10 if he can try to shoot when he gets the chance, as I thought he had a nailed-on goal but instead passed to Theo at a stage. Great player. Just by playing, and keeping Ramsey on the bench, he is helping the whole team – Ramsey inclusive. Is it a surprise that Ramsey has scored 2goals in about 15+ games and both came while he was a sub (last was against Marseille). Let Le Boss help this team by not overplaying them.


Just needs a goal . Rosicky was all over the pitch . Just needs some luck & he’ll score . Had 5 shots blocked if I’m not wrong. There’s a great flow in the midfield with him in it , links up wonderfully with arteta .

Red Cannon

I’m loving Rosicky’s resurgence in the past month or so. He was such a devastating player back in the day. His WC goal against the US was sublime. While he’s not making the same slashing runs that he was able to make then, I’m glad to see him able to put in a useful shift for us again. Keep it up, man!


I remember that goal too well. I’m American, and when it went in, I remember shouting “FUCK YOU ROSICKY” at the TV. Hated the guy. Like a month later, he signs for The Arsenal and I’m like “fuck, now I have to like Rosicky.”

The invincible arse

In fact, he was signed by Arsenal before that World cup started.


I’m just wondering whether it might be a good idea to try Benayoun on the right instead of Walcott. Barring his hat-trick of assists against Blackburn, I think we’re all in agreement that he’s been fairly useless for a while now. Benayoun has lots of experience on the wing (and the right wing, too, I believe), and his experience and guile–and the fact he’s got fresh legs…Walcott’s played an awful lot this season–might be the right option for a few games, or more, as we try to end this season on a positive note. Of course, Gervinho gets back soon,… Read more »


I think we’ll see him next week at SOL, in F.A.Cup fixture.

Runcorn Gooner

And it will be welcome to Farmer O’Neills Cabbage Patch once again.
I understand he is going to get the tractor on a little earlier this
week with Bendtner and Cattermole driving it.

Cygan's Middle Foot

fucking walcott never seem guilty for losing the ball. there was once, he just anyhow dribble and let the defender took the ball form him, then he just jogged like nothing happened. if it’s other top player like rooney or messi, they would have tried to get it back. another occasion was when per passed and walcott lost the ball with his usual poor first touch, he blamed per. what a cunt! walcott is getting over the top with poor skills and technique. i know he has pace but with arsenal playing slower tempo than last season, there won’t be… Read more »


I find it hard being critical after a good win and considering the good talking points in this one. There’s that moment though from theo when i chocked on my drink. We were either level or had just taken the lead, they were all over us for a moment and the ball run through all the legs and found its resting place at our far post on the right, every one in the box for us and them had been at the near post except theo, instead of whacking it out for a corner or a through theo did his… Read more »


@Gooner. You didnt exagerate mate, thats exactly how it was. He didnt care a hoot if someone was coming from behind to take the ball. Absolute shite commitment.


I saw that as well, i remember diaby doing that before as well. what the hell.


I saw it aswell, it was exactly like that, I was screeming at him to clear the ball like i was giving birth to a sumo wrestler.


Arsene makes You are the Ref:

And it would be nice to see more of Benayoun, I know he is not our best option, but I’ve always liked his play and feel some more chances for him might bring out the best. Arshavin should get minutes in Milan to boost his confidence. Combined with Saturday’s result it could make a nice string of play for him and hopefully turn his and our season around for good.

Gervinho's Forehead

Can we also agree that all goals were essentially set up and scored by substitutes. At the very least for that, thank you Wenger!!


you guys seem to be forgetting that almost all Robin goals this season have been Walcott assists.


A bit exagerated but i get you rpoint. He has made aot of assists to robin.

In the PL Robin has made 22 goals, theo 9 assists. atleast 2 or 3 of those assists were not for Robin. So out of 22, theo has made 6/7 assist, pretty good still

Alex Song's already been booked!

Strong tackles Bacary Sagna. So glad he’s bac.


Ari, I can see your point about walcot, but I honestly believe a lot of walcots assists are more down to rvp’s positioning than anything else.
if rvp gets injured I think we wil struggle not only because of no rvp but walcot cannot get his first ball over the first defender and if chamakh is the replacement then he will need crosses onto his head.
Walcot then will offer almost nothing in his current form. But with gerv on one side and the ox on the other maybe we will get away with it.

[…] Match Report – Video – By the numbers […]

Master Bates

Rosicky is VERY fast!! he releases the ball quicker and gnereally quicker than Ramsey , But that’s also because he choses the easier pass ,he usually distributes the ball to the Fullbacks . Take yesterday’s match for instance It was pretty Boring we created very few chances only Thierry’s goals was created from a move,he had only 1 key pass( a possible assist or a pass to potential assister) , and the previous he also made only 1 , whereas Ramsey in his last match made 4 key passes , and Just remember how many times have shrieked after Ramsey’s… Read more »


How does our “second half index score” rate for yesterday? It must have been pretty good, surely?


Dats hw crucial Arshavin can be. I’ve always believed in him…

dave seago

Arsenal made more passes in the second half than Sunderland did in the entire game.

we had 70% possession which is pretty phenominal away from home.

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