Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Van Persie: “I am a true Gunner”

Every time anyone who isn’t an Arsenal fan mentions Robin van Persie they bring up two things:

1 – What an excellent player he is, scoring all those goals and what have you.

2 – How he’s certain to leave Arsenal in the summer because he’s an excellent player, scoring all those goals and what have you.

Last week the skipper reiterated his stance on his new contract. All along he’s said he’ll discuss it with the club in the summer, but despite telling us what we already knew, many journalists and news organisations used this as an excuse to bring up point 2. Again. Ad infinitum.

However, Robin has hinted that his preference would be to stay with a club he clearly has real affection for. Of course we have to accept the fact that lack of Champions League football next season might well influence his decision, but it’s not as cut and dried as everyone seems to think.

Speaking to the Dutch press about Arsenal, Robin said, “I have been there for eight years and I’m proud. At the end of the season I will it down with the trainer and the president. Then we make a cup of coffee all together.

“I am a true Gunner. I love this club and that’s no secret. We will soon talk about many things. I do quite often with the trainer anyway. Only later on is the president there.”

Let us hope that this is a cup of coffee of love, of commitment, of hope, of ambition and, most importantly, a cup of coffee so large that it takes him 4 years to drink it.

For now, let’s focus on winning games, Robin’s contract and coffee can wait until summer, and maybe a few people will be eating their words like Biscotti.

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Sherlock Holmes

Robin Van Persie loves Arsenal

Confused Watson

Elementary my Dear Sherlock…..


robin loves london,robin loves arsenal.he is becoming one of us.he will go on to become a proper ‘legend’ and then ofcourse he loves feyenoord and rotterdam.he will end his top flight career with us and he will end his footballing career in netherlands.


No shit Sherlock

Daniel Clancy

How many Gunners does it take to make a cup of coffee? maybe take him to a decent coffee shop, if you know what I mean. Then have a nice long chat and a giggle over a nice lenghty contract. Stereotyping is fine, right?

Cygan's Right Foot

Maybe that’s the deal breaker; if Ivan can’t make a nice cup of coffee then he just can’t commit to that sort of morning routine. He needs his world class cup of the brown stuff to go with his status


nothing like a hot cup of joe

Runcorn Gooner

If Bale decides to discuss his future will they all meet for a Leek?


No, if Bale wants to sit down & discuss his contract they will sit down with a banana, which he will proceed to peel with his feet…………


“…unpeel it with his feet”
Post of the day – Bravo Perry

Ace McGoldrick

No shit Sherlock.

Runcorn Gooner

What time is coffee being served….5-2?


RVP: Star talks Bucks over Coffee?

Missed a trick there blogger. I’m here all week.

Steve H

Whatever the Costa he must stay!?

Cygan's Right Foot

Out! Both of you.. out!!!


I’ve no problem RVP taking his time over a new contract, so long as he signs.

Better latte than never.

I’m on fire.


I love the man, all the more so after he made a mocha-ry of Spurs’ defence at the weekend…

Cygan's Right Foot

At least he hasn’t made a mochary of our club like other ex-players whose contract ran down so far

Cygan's Right Foot

You son of a bitch….. stealing my coffee based pun

Runcorn Gooner

Are you sure it’s Coffee Mate

Runcorn Gooner

Robin Van Persie he pours when he wants


If he signs, better “latte” than never!


Sorry @ Andrew Allen, I saw your comment after my dreadful pun, I really wouldn’t nick one that awful.

Please don’t be wild old bean!

Master Bates

RvP:Star talks Bucks over Coffee?

Starbucks to sponsor RvP talks


Wes Andersen

They will have to grind out the details? Anyone? Is this thing on?

Glenn Helder

I read your post, opened my mouth and emitted a sound of merriment.

Gis a tenner

Touraine Gooner

Comedy gold (blend)


haha guys made my day! Thanks a-laté 😉

the only sam is nelson

as long as arseblog is first to spill the beans

another 4 years and with the espresso pace of the ox and theo on either side it could be all good


The Sun are looking for headlines like that, they’ll probably rob it anyway the thieving cunnies

Jermaine Pedant

Wanna new contract, eh? How much we got in the coffers?


No S**t sherlock 😀

Sanchit Shorewala

He has always, always maintained that if he wins a trophy, he wants to do it with Arsenal. Last year, and then the last time he extended his contract.
What a legend. I lo


ve van Persie

gun for the hills

I think if we stay in the top 4 he’ll stay. if not…. :S

Sanchit Shorewala

He has always, always maintained that if he wins a trophy, he wants to do it with Arsenal. Last year, and then the last time he extended his contract.
What a legend. I love him.
Sorry for the last one, wordpress >.<



Maybe we should knit a new banner: “In Robin We Trust” and to hell with the ratbag media.


Is there a banner that says captain van-tastic ? Cos that ones a must, the we dont need batman one isquality bless whoever dreamed up that one!


Lets just hope this coffee is the good stuff and not any of that instant rubbish

a gunner

whats this “trainer” supposed to mean?


Second this. Is it his trainer he works with during his specialised sessions? His golf trainer? His Barista trainer? WHO IS IT??


And who is our President? Stan, Peter?

I’d imagine RVP is looking for top 4 and some proper investment this summer.

bob's your uncle

its translated from dutch you burk. work it out.

Steve mcclaren

Dutch,what a great language.

Cygan's Right Foot

It’s his personal horse trainer. He needs good horses for all the placenta’s clearly being used this season…


He’s said before he wants to emulate his hero DB10 and his obvious love for the club have put no doubt in my mind that hes gona stay!

Jermaine Pedant

Watch all his interviews. Watch his captainy ways. He wants to stay; just wants AFC to figure out a way to make it work.

Come on, make this happen!!!!


Make it a vat of coffee. And threaten to dunk his chocolate leg in it if negotiations go badly.

Arse Fan

Robin is an excellent leader who is carrying our ship through some difficult waves.

Here’s something to cheer you up from Sunday


The only thing wrong with that photo is the tattoo. Should be a cannon.

Master Bates

Fatgooner will say this is a prepared statement . RvP doesn’t really love Arsenal and he prefers tea


Qhat a load of crap, RvP doesn’t speak like that and he DID NOT say those “quotes”

He loves our club and he only wants to win with us! I hope he stays like you all but have doubts!

Cygan's Right Foot

How do you know how he speaks in dutch? Have you had a lot of conversations with him in dutch? Considering it was translated then yes, he does speak like that.


yes he does speak like that in Dutch mate. Also ‘trainer’ in the homecountry (for me) = manager.


I have always felt he’ll stay, no matter whatcrap the media and opposition say.

RVP is a TRUE gunner!


What Robin van Persie is actually saying is gime me a break while i concentra
te on the Premier League,s top goal scorer title and keeping Arsenal in third
or fourth place in the League, signing a new contract can wait until the end of season as it will only distract me from my mission,so why do Arsenal fans misread between the lines ?


Give him your house Arsene.
Make him stay.

He is becoming one of us!

Few players do in their careers, but he has the rapport with the fans that Henry did … but then again we all know what happened to Henry … but then Henry came back and, and…

I just hope he stays. He’s not a pace player, so he could play, injuries permitting, until 35 hopefully.

Josh Tarrant

Would be such a sad loss to the Premier League if RVP went. It is starting to lose a lot of the leagues stars.

Crossword: jewish football club, 2 up 5 down

I think the adulation he saw henry receive on his return is making him realise what it means to be a true arsenal great. He’ll never gain that status at for example, r madrid, barca or man city and im sure henry made him well aware of that when they undoubtedly discussed rvp’s future plans. You look down the years, u have anelka, overmars, petit, henry , vieira, hleb, nasri, none of them ever really reached the heights of true football happiness achieved while at the arsenal, many of them outright regretted it. Rvp is an intelligent man. I can… Read more »

bob's your uncle

or going to barca,, then coming back on loan for a month.

Master Bates

or stay and retire with Arsenal like the other dutch man did

Matt F

Then again, if Henry hadn’t have left, and now only played as an occasional sub, many of our fans might well be berating our manager for sticking with a player who’s past it, and calling for us to invest in some dynamic Moroccan chap from Bordeaux.

Master Bates

or that French Defender who is winning league titles with Olympique Lyon and won that cup with Sevilla

Matt F

Given that he’s a gooner, maybe he’s waiting to see if van Persie signs a new contract before signing a new contract…

Cygan's Right Foot



Wait, so van Persie is waiting to see if van Persie signs a new contract… Have i read that right?

Merlin's Panini

makes sense to me…

Cygan's Right Foot

Well as long as one of them signs it then i’ll be happy. If they both sign it, then we have our back up or a hell of a front 2…


Well said, how can he expect us to recruit players around him unless he commits himself. All this nonsense about not getting in the way of the current campaign is b*ll*cks, it doesn’t take long to work out where your price is and I’m sure he has been made adequate offers over the course of the season as Arsenal would obviously prefer him to sign before the summer. I don’t think they will see him re-signing as getting in the way of the current season. Quite the opposite.


Good to see Arshavin’s translator has been found an ongoing role.

Glenn Helder

What happened to yours?


I think we need to be chanting that boys name from the stands non-stop till the season ends!


Of course I want Arsenal to qualify for next years CL, but it’s not the most important factor to determine whether RVP stays or not. He’s still under contract, so if Mr. Wenger decides not to let him go he will stay (I’m sure he wouldn’t do a na$ri and sulk his way out off the club ). So it might be more decisive to have a competitive squad and qualify for the CL 2013/14 to persuade Captain Vantastic to sign a new contract


Why don’t we pay RvP his regular wage, & then on top of that give him Bendnters, Almunias, Squilaccis, Velas, Denilsons & Diabys money as well. Make that about £400k a week.

Reckon he’ll sign up for that…..


Sign up then bob and prove it.


(Prologue: Qualify for the Champions League)
Step 1: Fly in the best Barista in the world and make RVP any kind of coffee he wants

Step 2: Promise him to bring in quality players to help him shouldering the load of the team

Step 3: New contract with higher wages & loyalty bonus every year he stays + incentives for goals, etc.

Step 4: Win some Silverware….lots of it…..Profit!


Also… Congratulations to Ryo for getting his first Japan call-up for the senior squad!


If he wanted to stay for sure, he would have already signed a contract. I’m not saying he will definitely leave, but he could have signed a lot earlier, if he wanted to.


Re: gooner
February 28, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Give him your house Arsene.
Make him stay.

you wanted Arsene to go instead, didn’t you?


Surely he should go though, right? Carrying kids for the rest of his career can’t be an attractive proposition. I can’t see these talks going well unless we have invested significantly in the squad.


we can conivince him to saty by siging players that would make us title contenders next season





Merlin's Panini



Think this is a tough one as much as we as fans will always want him to stay because we love him. He will be thinking and will have his agents telling him that he’s getting older and if the situation at Arsenal doesn’t change he may be retiring without a trophy haul he certainly deserves. I think money will play a very small factor in this transfer and it all depends if the club is willing to match his passion of strengthening the squad so it can compete better for silverware

Celebrity Serb

RVP…always knew he was world class!!But injuries always stopped him showing the world what he can really do..Like his legs are made of glass..So when he gets injuries is like out of all the season, Remember that goal volley against Charlton 4 or 5 years ago??Fantastic! Bottom Line,thanks to him we still fighting for 4 th spot..if others were like 30 % like him we would be on top. After all big names gone..only WORLD CLASS PLAYER left in our team. Has to be kept at all the costs and few other world class players need to come and support… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

I just hope we don’t let him down like we did with Fab, RVP want to win things with us (not the top 4 trophy) just like Fab did and henry knew we wouldn’t and left the club they love. But I have my doubt our manager will ever change, look at it this way. Ryo, Jo, Jack, Diaby, Bartly , Afobe, Frimmer maybe Denilson, Vela and dare I say big Nick all coming into the team as LANS, it would give our manager the perfect excuse not sign any players as it would kill the our youths!!! Out would… Read more »


“Remember that goal volley against Charlton 4 or 5 years ago??Fantastic!”

You don’t have to go back that far. There was the small matter of an absolute screamer hammered straight out of mid-air to overstress the back of the Everton net last December.
I recall the MoTD crew opining at the time that goal of the season was pretty much a foregone conclusion after that…..

Glenn Helder

The goal against the Toffees was great, but the one against Charlton, well, even I’d be happy to stuff one in like that


We all know this is gonna be Persie’s last contract and he wants enough time to discuss not at the time when we are fighting to stay in the champions league places…so he and the team need to concetrate 100%! This guy is mature he’s not a boy like FABREGAS! He truly loves the club! We have stood with him through out the time he had those injuries! Van knows that he’s gonna be adored like king Henry when he retires! He wants to write his name in the history books of arsenal And this being his last contract he… Read more »

Ian allinson's tache

Let him see out his contract and then let him do what he wants. How much did we buy him for £2m ? He deserves medals and next season with a fit jack and a couple of good signings and deadwood departures he might win those medals with us and if he did he strikes me as the type of bloke that would stay- oh look it’s 5-2!


Apparentle we have signed precontract with matias Suarez and Liam Holtby. We may also get hazard now we’ve decide to spend.
So RVP is gonna stay!!!


wenger & Ivan need to wake up and smell the coffee, & grind out the new full bodied, rich and tasty contract, and get RVP to sign it, before it’s too latte, because if they dont, theyll get roasted 🙂

Naija Gunner

Robin Van Persie!!! He’ll stay I can smell it….


[…] some Chelsea fans complaining he’s ours. Mwahaha. Meanwhile, Robin van Persie says he’s a “true gunner” and he will look at signing a new contract in the summer. Hardly news, considering he’s been […]

Mertesacker's Houseboy

Rumor has it that he will most definitely stay…

Cpt BlackBeard

Funny how nobody, including us AFC fans knew how detrimental Robin would be to our club back when he was playing second fiddle to Henry and was often injured. When he signed I had never heard of him, yet in nhis early years you could tell he was technically brilliant. I remmeber thinking, this guys technique is immense and his left foot was equally deadly. Back then though, his right foot wasnt anything to write home about. Now, however, you fancy him to score even when its on his right. Testament to the player for obviously putting work in to… Read more »


I guess you mean instrumental not detrimental…….:S ?

Lee Morgan

Even I love Robin van Persie. And I’m a cunt.


Haha good to see you back Lee


Im quite sure RVP will stay, why put pen to paper now when by the end of the season he’ll have another 10+ goals to his name which means more fire power in contract talks? He’s a gunner through and through no doubt, and if he does stay and has to carry our youth for a few years, i just hope that the board will live up to their words and bring in some proven players to help him out next year, hope thats what IG meant in the bbc article ( besides, our next 3 fixtures are pool (a),… Read more »


Haha loving the coffee related punage… great work!!

My hope is that we see a lot more of the arsenal that thrashed sp*rs on Sunday, if we do then surely VP will want to be a part of it… COYG!


Wake up and smell the coffee, Stan!

[…] contract, has hinted his ideal scenario is to sign a new one with us. Speaking to the Dutch press, he said: I have been there for eight years and I’m proud. At the end of the season I will it down with […]

[…] contract, has hinted his ideal scenario is to sign a new one with us. Speaking to the Dutch press, he said: I have been there for eight years and I’m proud. At the end of the season I will it down with […]

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