Sunday, October 2, 2022

Wenger confirms Ox knock and Arshavin stay

Arsene Wenger has spoken to the press ahead of Saturday’s showdown with Blackburn Rovers and revealed that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a doubt for the game after picking up a knock against Bolton.

Speaking at London Colney this morning, the boss confirmed:

“We have a little problem with Oxlade-Chamberlain that we have to check today [Friday] because his knee jarred a little bit and we will see how he has recovered from it. All of the other players look alright.”

Having been one of Arsenal’s most effective players in the last three games, the absence of the Ox would be a disappointment.

Andrey Arshavin will likely replace the England under-21 international if the teenager is deemed unfit following a fitness test this afternoon. Furthermore, in a bid to quash rumours linking the Russian with a move to Angie Kalashnikov, the boss made clear his £15m man would be staying put.

Responding to suggestions Arshavin could leave before the close of the transfer window in his homeland at the end of February, Wenger replied: “For me, no [Arshavin will not be leaving].”

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Let’s hope that Arshavin won’t be as ineffectual as he has been for say, the last, two years?


Yeah – he provided absolutely nothing in the home game against BArcelona last season.
…Oh, hold on a second….

What's my name?

And so just for one good game in 2 seasons he shouldn’t be criticised? It’s a Champions League team fighting desperately to remain in the CL next year that he’s supposed to be delivering goods for, for goodness’ sake!


whats my name,

only 1 good game in 2 seasons?
why do people forget that Arshavin was 4th in assists (for the league) last season?
only Nani, Drogba and Fabregas provided more…

Master Bates

He has the most assist for us last season ,but we all hate numbers we should ignore them


Same logic a few people are still at the Arsenal, did some good for a while but then nothing. And to the chap who mentioned Barca, even a broken clock’s right twice a day.


And if he does play, if any cunt boos his name when it’s read out pre game I am going to unleash fire upon them and their families.

Ace McGoldrick

Shame if the Ox is missing but if its only for tomorrow hopefully we can handle Blackburn without him.


Drop Arsh into the hole behind RVP and let him do his stuff.

Drop Theo into any hole until he grows up.

Merlin's Panini

I’d rather see Coq in the hole.

sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Better than Coq in the Arsh… position on the left flank.


not to worry. coq will play holding midfield while ars plays in the hole. meanwhile…Van Persie looks on disapprovingly wondering if he’ll ever get a chance.


couldn’t agree more. Arshavin will be more effective if he plays in the hole behind RVP. Playing him as a winger is not his natural position. I rate Arshavin higher than Rambo if played in the hole. Don’t understand why Wenger plays him on the wing


Even though he is a massive cunt, Nasri preferred to play in the middle but was often productive on the flank. Arshavin isn’t being limited by his placement but rather his work ethic and attitude. He’s letting his coach down, not the other way around. Arsene has given him chance after chance, does he have to give it to him on a silver platter?

The Red and White Observer

Arsene will not play Arshavin in the middle because he loses the ball too much. He is no longer strong enough for that role. The Bolton game is often used as an example. I was at the Emirates that night (CC). He was shocking in the first half and his improvement came about when Arsene coached Arshavin from the touchline that evening. He scored and made a goal. Arshavin like Chamakh came to us a year too late in their playing game. Both have lost confidence and I would have sold both of them in 2011.


Why can all the fans see this but the manager can’t? It’s about time we tried something other than this ridiculous formation. It doesn’t suit players like Arshavin. It’s no coincidence that his poor form has coincided with him playing on the left.



No wonder spuds fan mock this little twat called Theo.


Now that nakes sense because he’s wank at falling back but great going forward. Maybe we’d see the skill we know he has if he’s played in the right position.


Regardless of what you think about Arshavin, please dont boo him. We know his belief in himself is very fragile and if we want a performance we really need to swallow all of our negative thoughts about him and support him. Because we all want to fucking win this weekend don’t we?!



Mooro, am laid up with a bad back and uve just made it pissing worse. The laughing has made the nerve go again. Cheers mate


Sorry mate. Let’s hope we’re all laughing after the weekend.


£15m man? Not these days.. Unless Citeh want to do us another solid, of course.

Dave Gooner

I have to say that I want AA to stay, and I want him back at his best. The booing for the substitution, and the subsequent blame for the JamU goal were I thought undeserved and really painful to watch. The little fella was broken before he had even crossed the white line. And the blame he attracted for the second JamU goal was really unfair, and actually belonged at other, dare I suggest, more favoured feet. Anyone who thinks AA will react positively to 60,000 people booing his name is mistaken. And AW needs to help the guy by… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

spot on.


Very true. But I have to point out that it wasn’t 60,000 people. I was at the game and I’d say it was closer to a 10th of that. I think they were more booing the fact that the Ox was taken off, rather than any negativity to his replacement (although they could be seen as intrinsically linked). Regardless, it’s counter-productive and deeply negative. I will be cheering his name (if read out) more than any other players name pre-game on Saturday, because he needs it most, and Arsenal Football Club as a whole need him to return to his… Read more »


If you are brought on as a sub and 10,000 fans boo it would be really hard to think none of that was for you. Regardless of who or what it was aimed at, AA23 felt it and it effected his game.

Holdin Mygroin

Arshavin still has class in him. I would keep him for another year


It’s tough with aa, he don’t play because he don’t perform and to get his form back he needs to play. I think even arsene has the hump with him after the man u game judging by his post match interview. Trouble is we need fighters in the mess we are in, and I’m not convinced arshavin has the stomach for it. Partly because he’s only a bit part player. It’s a catch 22 thing, play him he may improve and become the player he was but can we afford to take the chance and carry him until he does,… Read more »


Here’s a thing, as we have nothing to lose, why don’t we cheer Arshavin and help him get his confidence back, I am sure anyone who gets shouted at in the workplace really wants to put in a good shift, give him a chance, get behind him, he may surprise us all..


I’m pretty sure a CL place is on the line…


A: I’d rather have Ox on the pitch than AA23 any day of the week B: Arsene’s comments are obviously aimed at showing his support and love for Arshavin but if the big spending Russians offered up a decent amount for AA23 he’ll be gone whether Wenger wants him to stay or not. We all know how our board thinks and what their priorities are. C: Both A&B aside, I’ll support AA23 while his on the pitch and hope that he gives his best, maybe has one of those random games where he plays well like the Barcelona game everyone… Read more »


‘For me, no’, is an interesting response. So Wenger doesn’t want him to go, okay, but who does? (apart from clearly a lot of the fans)


If anything at Arsenal, and this is purely my opinion, needs an overhaul, it is our Physio/ Medical department. These guys are like the weather people you see on our TV screens every morning.
Our players seem to get knocked, injured every 2-3 weeks and is quite unheard of at the other clubs. And this is to do with the fitness levels maintained.

Granted there are players who get called on national duty and get injured then, but what about the rest?


Well said nick. Arshavin can work hard like he did I think it was Leeds. If he’s off his game like he has been for nearly a year. Then all we ask is he works hard chases back and gives his all. If that happens then fine it’s the lack of effort that winds people up, he’s proved he can work harder, let’s see that and ya never know it may rub off on theo and then we all win.


Id rather have arshavin on and Henry instead of Walcott the clueless chicken


I want to see the Arshavin that was banging in 4 goals against Liverpool.


i will be more grateful if Aw plays AA. he has a very good wprkrate and assist. pls Aw we need AA23 to help us finish in a decent position.


You could easily reverse this Arshavin debate, players getting stick has always happened ask Perry Groves or even Jon Samuels. Equally you could credit the majority of the fan base supporting him through his ‘difficult’ period up to now. Everything is far too precious in football these days, both on and off the pitch.

the only sam is nelson


“whoops-a-daisy, Martin Haysey” and so on

the only difference being that back then there was at least a modicum of affection when mocking our hapless heroes; the thought of having barnes/beardsley on the flanks was a non starter for the arsenal back then, something to keep the scousers’ minds off the dole.

looks like those times might well be on the way back. hopefully we’ll still keep a sense of perspective on it all even when the glory hunters drift off, hey…


Surely a simple, non-drastic formation change, to help our most talented creative player would benefit the whole team.

A 4-5-1 with Song and Arteta holding, with Walcott, Arsharvin and Oxlade-Chamberlain infront, will provide slightly more protection for the defence, and have Arsharvin in his best role.


Sammy it was good days back then, even without the trophies, your right
The fans had a sense of
Humour and an fa cup run was the best we could hope for. Listening to the 4th round draw
On the way back on the train from the away game in the 3 rd.

the only sam is nelson

hahaha let’s start an old gits club where we can moan about how much worse it was in the old days and these youngsters don’t know they’re born and – oh, pint of mild, please, thanks – now where was i? oh yes don fucking howe don’t give me all that about the double (con’t for ever and ever and ever)

the only sam is nelson

one thing is for sure and that is if we’re not up for thashing a shite blackburn side who had the fucking cheek to beat us at ewood then it’s going to be a miserable hour and a half at the grove. 200 blackburn fans (if that) laughing at 55,000 gooners turning on their own team that would be a fucking mess. equally it would be brilliant for a full house to show the blackburn fans baiting their manager what class,tradition and support *really* means by getting behind the team on the day, whatever our reservations about the board/manager/players/medical team/martian… Read more »


At home and probably more so
Than most clubs the arsenal crowd needs to be lifted by the fans before they get behind the team not the case so Much away. Maybe if they done it from the start the
Players may respond.


Meant lifted by the players. Sorry

the only sam is nelson

are you posting via etchasketch?


Lol backs gone mate and am posting due to boredom and through the odd spasm, hence words all over the place. What was that you said about old gits.

the only sam is nelson

Hmmm you didn’t go for an initial treatment at London Colney, did you?

*prepares obituary*


both are at fault here. The fans need to be totally behind the team and cheer and make as much noise as possible. The players need to show heart and determination to the fans that are paying their money (in some cases that they probably shouldn’t afford) to see their beloved Arsenal play fora full 90+ minutes. You get a goal your work harder for another. You go down a goal you work harder on offense and press harder on defense till you’ve got that goal back and are up a goal. I don’t care if it’s AA23, Benayoun, Rosicky,… Read more »


The Ox missing the game would be a terrible thing but it could also be and opportunity for Wenger to try a new formation with Arshavin in a more central role… That’s where Arshavin shines and also it won’t expose TV5 when it comes to the defensive side… And if we do lose (touch wood) or draw (touch some more wood) then at least it will seem that we tried something different… We have been playing the exact same formation and tactics for the past 4 or so seasons and it has resulted in absoulety nothing… I think that’s where… Read more »


Quality he he. No flowers please. Donations to the theo pay rise foundation.

the only sam is nelson

to be honest, i can’t think of a quicker way to drive myself to insanity than coming up with new formulas and tactics for the arsenal. fact is, arsene is unlikely to be looking in for ideas. so the only – and inevitable – result will be frustration that your strategic nous remains ignored. oh, the rage

for what it’s worth my suggestion would be THEO KICK THE BALL AT THE FUCKING GOAL THAT’S RIGHT THE THING WITH THE FUCKING NET GAHH or something like that


Whats with the protest at the Blackburn game ? Black bin liners to cover the empty seats. Even when they are angry and protest the arsenal fans do it with dignity and in a mild un offensive manner. Very strange.


So, we’ll be starting a man down…


I’m with everyone on here for Arshavin to play behind RVP – maybe he’ll start Park on the left, Walcott on the right and Ramsey on the bench – give him a rest?

Or he could play 4-4-2 with Coquelin and Benayoun? Walcott and Henry as super-subs!


Has Benayoun been fit all this time? surely he should start any game over arshavin even walcott,maybe but yea walcott will fight hard for a goal as a sub



No wonder spuds fan mock this little twat called Theo……!!!


Arshavin should celebrate by unveiling a tshirt printed with “booo” when he scores.


“All of the other players look alright”…Mr Wenger, if that statement includes Walcott than surely we be in trouble cos as always you’ll be sticking with him.


Walcott and Oxs statistics are roughly the same this year, a goal or an assist every 180 minutes.

Arshavin’s is worse, at about 240.

Walcott is getting more stick because he is missing more, but then he is getting into positions to miss more as well.

Overall, Id still go with Walcott over Ox.

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