Wenger: we were shocking

Arsene Wenger during Arsenal's 4-0 defeat by Milan

Arsene Wenger has reacted to tonight’s 4-0 defeat to Milan, labelling his team ‘shocking’ and castigating them for their mistakes.

We were never in the game,” he said. “We were very poor offensively and defensively. It was shocking to see how we were beaten everywhere. It was our worst performance in Europe by far.

“Not once in the 90 minutes were we in the game. You question everything on a night like that but it’s difficult to analyse and it’s better not to talk too much, analyse it with a cooler head and to regroup for the next game.”

The Arsenal manager has ruled out any chance of a comeback in the home leg, saying:

“We don’t live in a dream world. There is may be 2% or 5% chance statistically, but realistically we are out of this competition. We made mistake after mistake and we were punished.

“It is too big a deficit to turn over, we certainly will try, but it will be very difficult. We will give it our best and we certainly cannot be worse than we were tonight.

We left ourselves in a position where we had to chase the game from early on and we continued to lose the ball in positions where you cannot afford to lose it at this level and we left ourselves exposed. It was a big problem for us and we were slow to respond all evening.

“We will not talk too much tonight − we will take our punishment and get over this. The season isn’t finished.”

“We have a big game on Saturday to show character & spirit. We have to regroup, but there’s not a lot of time.”

A bad night was made worse by the loss of Laurent Koscielny with a knee injury, meaning Arsenal are just one centre-half mishap away from being utterly Squillacied.

Yes, you can thank me later.

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wenger got the tactics wrong, but its the players who should be dissapointed. fucking joke of a performance, tommy v should be ashamed, same with arteta, ramsey didnt turn up, sagna was shit, as was song, and dont get me started on that dumpling head rosicky, the guys shooting is woeful, no wonder he hasnt scored in 2 years. i think the only players who played like they gave a shit were koscielny and gibbs. oh and i forgot to mention walcott, i dont remember him actually doing anything, as per fucking usual. who will blame RVP when he leaves… Read more »

What's my name?

My great fear too, that tonight might have sealed our fate in so far as keeping RvP with us next season. And who’d blame him if he did leave? It’s so sad to see the team I love haermorage true talent after true talent every year due to perennial under-performance.


Still think he owes us another _injury free_ season. But we do owe him a huge investment as well.


The positive would be if this is really seen as a watershed. Dennis Bergkamp gave the perfect match report 24 hours before the game kicked off. He said that we are weak, spineless and have no character in the team, no willingness to fight for a win. Then the team go out and prove him 100% right. Changes are needed. It can be done. Milan have done it; they are tons better now than they were a year or so ago. I suppose I can be mildly encouraged by the fact that Arsene admitted that we were shit, rather than… Read more »


The Ox also gave an effort. Everyone else, fucking dreadful.


i would really like to thank henry for what he has done here.he is probably our last legend in a long list of arsenal legends.i don’t see anyone in the making.feel sorry for RVP. the brightest moment of the match was henry’s pass to RVP and RVP’S volley.that reminded me of bergkamp and henry. i think it’ll be very helpful if ramsey goes on loan and goes back to learning basics like putting through ball and so on.we have arteta to fucking pass the ball around in midfield and it doesn’t mean all our midfielders should do the same.what a… Read more »

Red Cannon

I’d rather see Ramsey sold than put out on loan. The loaning time has come & gone for Ramsey. Even on days when he play well by his standards, he doesn’t play well enough to be an Arsenal attacking midfielder. He’d be a nice player for West Ham or Aston Villa. We should sell him and add the money to whatever we already have stored up from last year’s sales to buy a world class attacking midfielder. And even for now, playing Arteta, Arshavin, or Rosicky there would be preferable in my mind. Even Song would be a better attacking… Read more »


I strongly believe Vermaelen’s poor performance is purely wengers fault. it is his fault for not buying a Left Back during the transfer window. You cannot expect vermaelen to play at Left Back for 2 months and then in the biggest game of the year throw him back there and think he will be on his best. not against an Ibra/Robinho partnership.


Agreed. We were still in this tie in the second half, only down two goals, but Wenger did nothing to change the character of the team and we continued to make mistakes. It just shows that Arsenal lack the defensive ability to not ship in goals (that comes from Wenger) and a true playmaker, someone who can run at and get behind the defense and then distribute (that comes from the checkbook). I’m not as gutted from this tie as I should be but you can’t help but make the disconcerting observation, that we’ve fallen far from competing with the… Read more »

Titsan Arse

Dont agree Ken, you say Wenger did nothing at half time to change the character of the team? He brought on Henry for Walcott. Seemed to play Henry higher up the pitch than RvP. I would say that was quite a drastic change (esp for a half team change). I think we have seen the makings of this performance quite a few times this season. Arsenal seem toothless in the final thrid and lack any ideas. You have passing about in the middle then nothing. No-one making runs, trying to find space. I can’t really understand it. And at the… Read more »


Not true that Wenger did nothing. We were a much better team at 2nd half but it’s really not hard to be better than that abysmal 1st half.


Wenger got the squad right i will say that probably kept ox on the bench to surprise Milan at the later half( which didnt happen).
Except for theo i think most of ur agree it looked like a balanced squad for such an away tie. The players got it wrong thats it. Why does Arsene have to influence them everygame? Cant they keep it together for atleast some decent run of form.


Why?! Because he’s the bloody manager! I’m sick of seeing him sulking in the dugout in his oversixed parka while the oppositions manager is on the sidelines directing his team. On your feet, Wenger!


If Theo didn’t play people will say why didn’t we exploit the wings with our pace. If Ox came on he might played and lost confidence in himself if the result stayed the same.

Runcorn Gooner

Don’t forget Chesney.Great keeper but his error led to the opening


I thought Rosicky was our best attacking player, at least he tried. RvP did well in the last half an hour. Ramsey and Walcott might as well have stayed in England.


I have to agree and I was a tad upset by the first post above.
Yes he missed, but at least he fucking tried, which is more than you can say of most of his colleagues in the outfield.


Who would have thought we would miss our BFG so much. He would have made the difference. Oh well….


The ones who knew mertesacker is quality not those kept slagging him for his pace.


Such a poor performance its hard to even know where to start. It was a horrendous performance against the best Milan side I have seen for a while. But we didn’t even test them, you can’t sing their praises too much as we didn’t even turn up. Wenger got it wrong not starting Chamberlin and Ramsey again looked off the pace. Can’t understand why we didn’t start as we were from the weekend. Hopefully Konscielny isn’t long term and hopefully we use the 2nd leg to rest some players, as we won’t pull this back and we may as well… Read more »

Henry's beard

Couldn’t have said it better. Important thing is to admit that Wenger got it wrong but stay strong, stay loyal and there’s no reason why the FA Cup can’t come back to the Arsenal cabinet.


Not for the foreseeable future, my friend

Cygan's Left Foot

Not while our creative player Ramsey create more chances for the corner flag to head then our strikers, and clueless Theo keep getting picked ahead of the OX, I understand you might say the ox needs a rest, but I will still but Le Coq at right wing and he will play better than that impact sub.


I agree; this season it’s key, unlike last, that we isolate the competitions. Its easy to get down but come Saturday we’re still in the FA Cup, forget the CL. And after that, we are still sat in 4th in the league – that hasn’t changed and we have to be positive in each game, regardless of the result of the last.


My 2 favorite teams clashed today and a sub-par Milan team thrashed an extremely sub-par Arsenal team. This is no upper-level Milan, there have been much better in the past 5-8 years, but this is the worst Arsenal set to take a pitch. Tonight: RVP – starter Rosicky – sub Ramsey – sub Walcott – sub Song – starter (w/ better CMF’s in front of him) Arteta – starter Gibbs – League Championship player Vermaelean – starter (w/ more suited studs) Kos – starter Sagna – Starter (AFTER getting the pin out of his leg) Henry- Super sub The Ox… Read more »


Why did you thumb TRob13 down? Not the worst peremptory analysis I’ve ever read. Freedom of speech and all that. And he didnt use any fucking swear words.


Was probably the Henry = SuperSub.
I didn’t even bash Wenger – fickle folk.


That’s a pretty good analysis for me.
The truth can hurt sometimes… a lot.

If by some unlikely miracle we could keep our best eleven fit for a whole season we have a chance , but as soon as even one or two of them go we fall apart.
The squad lacks depth in all areas.
The team just seems so unbalanced. I’m not going to attack individuals, at the end of the day its a fecking team game.
I’m not a Wenger out guy , but I am certainly starting to question that.


A very poor performance it was but what kind of team says it’s over with a full 90 minutes to go on home turf?! When did we become such defeatists? I wanna see Wenger rally this team for the return leg, fire ’em up with any means available to him and send them out fighting. We can’t not turn up for the first leg and then what? Do the same when they come to London?


No matter how crap we were in Milan we need to get behind this team. Arsenal need to pick themselves up for the FA cup and prove that we are better than that cow pie on the San Siro’s pitch.


Should we prepare the risky champagne for the Home leg?

Cygan's Right Foot

I’d play a 1-1-8. Just attack, attack, attack. Maybe even 2 banks of 5 with no defence (we don’t need them if we’re going to overturn 4 goals anyway)


Ha! I thought Arsene was building up to say ‘Wenger out!’ All the usual shite problems… schoolboy defence at the back and more worryingly, apart from RVP, we don’t seem to have anybody that can consistently score. Again, too much dawdling in front of goal, tippy-toeing, too much unnecessary passing/fucking about. And as to why ‘No goals for over 2 years’ Rosicky is still on the pitch is anyone’s guess… even more so, why he even bothers to try and take a shot at goal… Much as I don’t want to see it, RVP will go this summer, and tbh,… Read more »


Rosicky is better than Ramsey, on most nights, at attacking CM. He is quite inconsistent and seems to need about 3 games off, after having 2 good games, before he is any good again.
Ramsey is but a really, really go sub – same for Walcott.

I will have to say – in coaching youth (both Rec and Competitive), I have never seen a shot go out for a throw-in.


I love RVP. I really do. But seeing a player of his calibre playing in this club, with mid-table players, is a shame. I for one would understand if he left and to a certain extent hope he leaves so that his quality can reap its rewards. Painful loss.


We shouldn’t have players at the club who want an easy ride. We should have players who want to give 100% to the club and if RVP wants to leave because he’s having it a little tough well he can fuck off. Whether or not he likes to admit it he owes us a lot for sticking by him whilst he was having his numerous half season injuries.


RVP can fuckoff? Without him we’re a mid table team, and thats no exaggeration. How many goals would we have scored without him? He does give 100%, unlike many last night, and looking at his situation from an as-neutral-as-possible point of view I completely agree with gooneriffic, it’s blinkered and unrealistic to expect him to stay because he ‘owes us’ – he’s more than repaid us with the amount of goals he’s scores since the beginning of 2011. If he owes us then surely AFC owes him the platform (teammates) by which he can utilise the full extent of his… Read more »


I hate to say this but at this rate we don’t deserve to play in the Champions League.

Llandudno Larry

You all seem to ignore the fact that Arsene and his team are the ones who turned rough and promising players in RvP, Henry, Fabregas et al. into world class players.

So in a certain respect they owe each other.


Well it good to see Wenger actually come out and publicly slate the players, he certainly doesn’t make a habit of it. For all that it should be the players that take a hard look at themselves you can’t help but think this is all Wenger’s short comings coming back to haunt him. This is his squad of players, yes we know that not a lot of money could be spent because of the stadium but surely there must have been more money available than what was spent in the past. His plan of buying youth and rewarding potential hasn’t… Read more »

Danish Gooner

He signed them,he schooled them,he played them,he talked up their egos,he gave them lots of money for not achieving anything,he teached them crap tactics,he motivates them or more likely the opposite…….he is to blame.


i’m just hoping that by the end of this month we’re not out of the champions league out of the cup and beaten by sp*rs… because i might actually then end up in a fucking mental institute…

Glory hunter

Would it surprise anyone if we lose to spurs? I’m wrote that with tears in my eyes, it really is over! Even a Lge 1 side would have put up more of a fight. Our squad will prob get worse over the summer instead of improving. Im at a loss at what to do cos we all know Wenger won’t splash the cash. I never believed we would win the champs lge anyway but damn that defeat hurt, we were humiliated/thrashed in Europe with the whole world watching!!! I have no mental strength, I’ve given up, a bit like our… Read more »

The Romford Pele

First of all i want to say all credit to milan they looked very good tonight and took full advantage of our mistakes (something we have not been able to do ourselves). This is best looking Milan team i have seen in a while and they have to be considered as genuine contenders along with Barca and Madrid. I thought RVP and Kos till he went off looked like the only two interested. At the back we were utterly dreadful and i think some of that comes from a lack of confidence in Scez! The last few months errors have… Read more »

Danish Gooner

That is not far fetched pigsinspace,it wil be a massive meltdown, saturday will be another horror show with Squid and Ignasi Miguel in central defense.


we need new owners who will invest in the team . our team is shocking, just average all season.
get the YANK OUT!!!!
the club is a joke. they are happy being in the cl but they are not prepared to invest to win it.
kronke out now.


Cause we were at the HIGHEST level right before Kroenke came on board….Oh wait.

American gooner

We actually made the final of the Champions league the year before he arrived.


I shall make arrangements tomorrow to check myself in so…


i think dj your looking to get the wrong man out….


Jog on Europe, on to the next game.


everytime Djourou gets the ball i find myself shouting…”get rid of it”… that man scares me and looks like he’s been schooled by squillaci

Dave Gooner

I thought Dj was ok tonight. That Ibra dive was a fucking disgrace.

I find myself embarrassed for such athletic and talented men like Ibra, and the rest of them diving and pretending to be hurt when they already have the game well and truly won. They really are an embarrassment.

And its not an excuse, but the fucking pitch? If its unfit for football, then its unfit for football. If Milan can’t maintain a proper playing surface, the game should be switched to a proper venue.


Yup an overlooked offside[1], a pen for an obvious dive, a pitch that shoulkd have been condemned and some of the most blatant time-wasting ever seen.
I do hope the ref is happy with the freebies he picked up in Milan.

[1] And if the offside had been spotted and the ball had still gone in the net afterwards, would there have been a yellow card in it? I think not.


DJ actually performed a lot better than most players in Milan. The penalty was a bit unlucky but I don’t think Ibra dived for it. its just one of those things.

Eric Irish gunner

And he’s just got a new contract for his efforts

Alex X

These are average players with a (at this point) below average, tired old manager. To contrast this night with the memory of our win here, with Cesc’s goal…this is really sad. A team that is a shell of itself. This team needs a total rehaul, and if RVP decides he does not want to wait around, who could blame him.

Abd al Rahman

Any time we get form going or some positivity Wenger frantically flushes it down the toilet like the police have just smashed his doors in and he’s got a kilo of cocaine on the coffee table.

Ryan goon

The whole team were shit tonight feel sorry for rvp having to play with that bunch . Imagine if you were him you see a great side around you then they all leave fabregas nasri Henry a feat defence all gone . Ok you become skipper but to who a bunch of players who shouldn’t even be wearing the red and white . Rvp go to Barca or Real win things get paid more and come back a hero at the end of you career and play for us in the europa league because we’re not going to play in… Read more »

Ryan goon

Been a gooner all my life and never been so low ….. 🙁 🙁 🙁


Cheer up mate chamakh is back…


back to save the day?


sick sense of humour.


Good, just in time to shave his head and send him to New York. 😛


The start of a good blues song there, fella.


Ok so wenger changed a winning team (mostly positionaly) and as they say, never. Ok (and i am not criticising rambo here) we got our selves behind but why the fuck did we play the way we did? Look at the team we had in the second half. Henry has to come on for walcott but why push ramsey to the right? If he’s not working in the middle then take him the fuck off and make a double sub, bring the ox on. I know i’ve been harsh on rambo recently (and he’s not the season we lost) but… Read more »


Ok so wenger changed a winning team (mostly positionaly) and as they say, never. Ok (and i am not criticising rambo here) we got our selves behind but why the fuck did we play the way we did? Look at the team we had in the second half. Henry has to come on for walcott but why push ramsey to the right? If he’s not working in the middle then take him the fuck off and make a double sub, bring the ox on. I know i’ve been harsh on rambo recently (and he’s not the season we lost) but… Read more »


At this rate we’ll go from CBs filling for FBs to FBs filling for CBs… Sagna in the middle or unleashing the Squillaci?

Ryan goon

Where we get our medical staff from I don’t know they haven’t got a clue everyone just gets injured then take twice as long to come back to fitness . Wenger say he’ll be out for 2 weeks then he’s out for 5 what the fuck is happening ?

Ryan goon

Biggest point of tonight is we’re just NOT good enough !!!!!


nothing changes. it wont get better, our squad is degrading every year. our best players leave while the crap and average one stays or goes on loan, replacements arent better nor same than those that left either. the club isnt being transparent on whats going on. we hear wenger say money isn’t the issue while other staffs say we can afford big names and the board says they are prepared not being in the champions league. its a total mess.


Ramsey’s such a good bloke. He clearly didn’t score four because he didn’t want innocent folk to die.

…yeah, laugh through the tears…

H.P. Arsecraft

“character & spirit”

God I hate those fucking words.


don’t forget sodding “mental strength”


Are you hearing the call of Cthulhu?


The most disappointing aspect of this team is that it is dull. They are scared to give the ball away so they go across the pitch at a snails pace and then throw in a cross where we have VP marked by 5 defenders. Walcott was poor but when he gets it there is nowhere to go. The current Arsenal crowd don’t help, you have to have players that take risks, but just listen to the crowd when Walcott ,Arshavin or Ramsey make a mistake.The high bury crowd didn’t demand everybody worked their bollocks off, 4 defenders two defensive midfielders… Read more »


Your right. We haven’t looked good to watch much of last and this season. Wheres all these neat triangles and cutting midfielders and defence out of the game that we used to do. Now it’s just one straight line across, no more Barca triangles that the after match commentators cream themselves over


what are you talking about last season we was playing sexy footie its only this season where its been dry but take 2 of the best players at any club and the same will follow you noob


The reason for that reaction from the crowd is they are treated like theatre goers and charged such extortionate prices that they are going to hiss and boo. Personally hate it, as a Junior Gunner from 1983, and desperately miss Highbury, but this is the road the club decided to go and these are the consequences.


“Arshavin will create and score goals…..”

Yeah, right. Do you have a timescale for that and more importantly, is it likely to be this season?


You know we played shit when we make that feckless lazy Ibrahimovich look passable. Any remotely decent team can lock that guy out of a game. Every year we lose a good player and replace it with ‘potential’ on the same wage. Unfortunately that ‘potential’ isn’t being fulfilled and we are left with slightly worse players on the same high wages. To think Walcott could earn more than Pires makes me want to cry. Can’t remember a summer for the last 5 that we haven’t lost one of our best players then replaced him with someone, if we have even… Read more »


Just wanted to let everyone know I got on FIFA and gave those Italian bastards a right good whipping.


Thanks for that. Me, I just finished masturbating. Feel a lot better now.


Just watching the highlights, don’t know why.

Ibrahimovic looks like a gay musketeer!!

How can we make a gay musketeer look good!!


At least he didn’t get the pleasure of seeing our Coq in action.




I have now confirmed that I have more ball skill than most of our team. Gonna go cry now.


No, not skill. Endeavour, ambition, energy, fucking mental strength…


Hey, Milan may have beaten us comprehensively, but at least we’re self-sustainable! Last laugh’s on you, Milan!


It’s not just this game, it’s the direction that we have been going in the last five years. We are simple going nowhere under Wenger and this board. We lost today because, at the end of the day, we are simply not good enough. And we are not good enough because we have spent the last five years selling quality players and not replacing them with quality replacements. Things will only get worse. Van Persie will probably be gone this summer. Then we will have no chance of a top-four finish. The Board must act soon. If Wenger is the… Read more »


We need this previously great manager to realise his time is up. We desperately need a new broom at AFC. Yes, we may still finish behind the Manchester clubs but still, what we need as a club is a refreshment. If you still want more Wenger, you’re saying you want more repeating of a repetition we’ve had a for quite a while already.

Tush FC

The only positive thing that came out today is that we can concentrate on just 2 ( for now ) competitions, I would actually like if had to only concentrate on fourth spot ..

Bert Hancock

All this schizophrenia is making me insane! Wenger is an idiot for putting Arshavin on against Man Utd, but he’s a genius when he puts him on against Sunderland. He’s a fool for signing old man Henry for a loan spell, and then he becomes a wise sage after Thierry scores two winners. People say he should have started the Ox against Milan, but remember how everyone thought he was crazy for signing the lad this past summer? Our season was a disaster, some jackass at the Mirror even whispered relegation. We made it to fourth and got through the… Read more »


You are making excuses for decline and inadequecy. It is okay in your world AFC have just effectively been knocked out of the CL? Are you sure you support AFC?

Kenyan Arse

I support you Jekyll. I have a friend who supports United and this is what he tweeted last night out of pity:

“As long as Arsenal are content with just qualifying for the Champions League they will NEVER win that or any cup”

What is our ambition? To win or to escort the winners? This team has been made to think that finishing 4th is good enough

Under the Crossbar

Yes, Bert! How /dare/ you make excuses for that performance by remarking on the attitudes taken by some fans. My favorite part was where you said that we weren’t that bad and that it’s absolutely OK that we are 4-0 down. Jekyll’s surely got you pinned now!

Bloke From N17

In truth, Spurs got it all wrong in the San Siro last season. Clearly our tactics of trying to soak up pressure and score on the break pale in comparison to your master tactician.


Im pretty sure it was exactly this week last year or maybe even next week where Arsenal were dumped out of 3 competitions in 1 week. that started a chain reaction of leading to one of the worst forms in the league. We cannot afford for this to happen again because we will end up in 7th or 8th spot if we fall like last year. But you know what, its wenger’s job to make sure we fucking dont. and that silent cunt stan’s job to make sure he fucking speaks up at the end of the season rather than… Read more »


*sigh* Bergkamp nailed it.
We have no bite. How no one shows up for a match like this is beyond me. It’s one thing to get beat by a Milan side littered with experience and talent but to lay down as a speed bump on their way to the next round is shameful.
This squad and club does not have just one problem, player or man that needs to be changed. It’s a myriad of things that need to change.


if we continue to give average players contact extensions and pay rises we will be fucked as a top 6 side in 3 years . the decline is there for all to see . next year will be worse believe me ! for a start we will lose rvp . who replaces him ? top players won`t touch us with a barge pole . only average players on bigger than average wages and contracts .


Gather round one and all as what you are witnessing is the slow death of our great leader. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Please can we have our club back now, this is not your frankenstein. This is The Arsenal for fucksakes, in sickness and in health we love our club all the same… Note i said our club..! I’m grateful for everything Mr Wenger has done for me, he has brought me pride, joy and orgasms aplently but like all great leaders they never know when to let go of power. The fact he has had so many… Read more »

Harry Collins

Come on everyone, we are supposed to be GOONERS and we need to get behind our team right now, seen a few ppl on here making positive comments about Sp*rs and frankly you all can go suck ‘Arry’s balls if you wanna be that way: we need to stick together as one, even now. This season is turning out to be a total crapshoot, and will probably end up being the worst season yet under Wenger – however, I for one think it’s better to be shit all season than a repeat of last season, getting our hopes up and… Read more »

It is what it is

Shite happens, we need to move on as a team ASAP, as we cannot change the past. A record European win at the Grove would appease all, however, it would be hard. The players who still have a soul need to do some serious searching. AR16 needs to realise that a turn and pass/shimmy is gonna be more successful than a back heel…..I’ve seen him try more audacious things than Arshavin and they seem to be in the wrong section of the field. Watched Wales against Norway not too long ago, and all I kept hearing was “easy Rambo”, “simple… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Feb 13 A.Ramsey reveals that they had a
team meeting and agreed that “They would
never give up”
Feb 15. What the [email protected]&K was going on.
Overpaid,underperforming players
continually spouting garbage.
This set of players has seriously got to look
at their performances and say we are not
producing goods.
Yes that does include you Walcott as it may
come as a surprise to you but you are the
worst offender


As a treat I took my wife and 6 year old daughter (who are Arsenal fanatics) to the game last night. Even before kick off it wasn’t looking to be a great evening. I have been to great sporting arenas all over the world but San Shito is the absolute armpit of the world. It makes Ewood Park look like Paradise!!!!! You are welcomed to the ground by aggressive riot police brandishing shields clubs guns and dogs. (at least my daughter found this part funny) You are caged in behind perspex and wire at the cruising altitude of planes. There… Read more »


No, you deserve a medal.


One thing I do have to say, on top of my earlier point is this. We look our worst, most unproductive and desperate in these games where Wenger seems to see it best to play players in a system they don’t fit into, in a position they dont usually play and often changing the system numerous times mid-game. Last night Rosicky played wide, when thats never his position. He then bought on Henry and put Ramsey wide, which isn’t his. He then moved the only surviving centre back to left back, when Milan were 3 up and put our holding… Read more »


No drive, no guts, no desire and no bollocks. How many of our players are genuinely gutted this morning? Or are they just swanning around their millionaire mansions, tweeting shit and looking forward to some designer shopping later. Well fuck off.
In the summer get some players in who are up for every game and really fucking hate losing, cos a few of this lot really don’t care enough.


Either a) wenger realises finally he needs 2/3 quality ie world class additions to the team and buys as such in the summer b)wenger switches his system to something more so 4-4-2 coz this current system just does not suit the players we have c)wenger leaves and is replaced by a a new manger with new system and hopefully a few new players ps) if some deluded team theo is worth any money then to tell the young lad that the times up ,pack your bags mate all the best this current team just do not live up to the… Read more »


Arsene and the club are really treading water. It’s like managed decline – an obvious downward spiral with some excruciating moments (St James Park last year 4-4, chucking away 2-0 leads against Spuds, OT 8-2, and now this) but with just enough balm (Chelski 5-3, beating Udinese, 7-1 Blackburn) to keep alove some faint hope for the future. The disasters like last night are becoming more and more frequent. The debacle starts slow and then gathers pace. Surely someone at the club has a geniune vision behind all the surface arrogance and inane spinning. Otherwise, this is how the world… Read more »