Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Gutierrez slams the wrong man

Newcastle’s Jonas Gutierrez has slammed Robin van Persie for his contretemps with Tim Krul on Monday night. The Dutch pair engaged in some sparky verbals throughout the game, and Krul reacted badly when reminded his five minutes of injury time provided Arsenal the time in which to get the winner.

“I can’t understand a person like that,” said Gutierrez. “I think it is not right. When you feel like that, it is because you are not a good person. I don’t care about the football, I’m talking about the person. When you have people who do that, it’s not right.

“It didn’t help the game – both sets of fans are having a good evening, they’re enjoying the game. He made a big mistake. I say well done to Tim for staying calm. In a second, you can lose your mind, but we have to stay focused.”

Yes, well done to Tim for staying calm … and then running out of his area to kick off the confrontation in the first place. Rather selective memory there from Gutierrez.

Wasn’t it Krul who was going mental, pointing, shouting and gesticulating? And what was Robin doing?

van Persie trollface

Exactly. Arseblog News suspects Mr Krul needs some anger management lessons as clearly his version of staying calm differs wildly from actually staying calm.

Meanwhile, Theo Walcott believes the captain is a shoe-in for the Player of the Year awards. Speaking to the official site, Theo said, “He is a great man, a great captain and is very important to this Club. You just give him anything and he will just put it away – left foot, right foot, and he has scored a couple of headers as well.

“He makes it look easy and it is not. I think Wayne Rooney is 10 goals or so behind him and he has had a fantastic season as well. It just shows you how good this man is.”

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haters gonna hate


Potatoes gon’ potate
And the Gunners still be grrreat!


Negotiators gonna negotiate
…a new 5-year contract for our inspirational captain that is.

My coat, I’ll go get it.


he scores when he wants
he scores and he taunts.
he waits for his trophy
while arsene makes his favourate coffee
he is shows no mercy
he is robin van persie


This one makes more sense:

Arsene McLovin

“It didn’t help the game – both sets of fans are having a good evening, they’re enjoying the game”

What game is he thinking of? Hopscotch?


I think there is an omission in the original verbatim here, it should say:

“It didn’t help the game – both sets of fans are having a good evening, they’re enjoying the game. He made a big mistake. He scored a goal…”





Cygan is a snowman



I think Krul got so wound up because RVP said to him;
That’s why you shouldn’t waste time. Now you’ll never play in the Euros with me you cunt!


He must have said ” Just face it Krul, I know it’s cruel but I’m awesome and that’s why I’m in starting 11 for the national side. you on the other hand….”


It should be noted that Van Persie isnt as good as Huntelaar when it comes to the dutch national side. And there are times Huntelaar starts ahead of RVP.


Good. Less chance of some Bolivian journeyman defender sliding through his ankle.

Cygan's Left Foot

Because in the national team there are cunts like Sneijder and Mr Fart would rather pass the ball to any player or lose it than pass it to RVP.

Arsenal focal point is RVP every player get the ball in attacking position, the first thing they do is look for Robbin.


huntelaars RVPs understudy


Fuck me i didn’t expect people to take that comment that badly, it was merely an observation.


RVP shits Huntelaar tards!

Cygan's Left Foot

No, All RVP said to him to make him go mad is ….

“You Should be playing for the 5pud2”.

Runcorn Gooner

Just googled translation of Krul in English.Kid you not one of the answers
is Urinal.
So hello Tim the Toilet.Is that what RVP was calling him?


RVP’s face gets funnier everytime 😀


That photo is genius.

Master Bates

Evil RvP is evil


No Dutch player with international dreams should be upsetting RVP!

Midfield Corporal

Surely the refs association needs to revise what constitutes ‘violent conduct’. The rule has got confused so people think ‘raising your hands’ is the issue. I would think running full pelt to attack a player is violent conduct, particulary when it causes a melée. I do however like Krulls name, reminds me of that fantasy adventure film I used to watch as a kid……..and also, but not so much it’s what Matthew McConnoughy names his cock in How To Lose a Guy in 10 days, quite apt really seeing as Tim Krull is a cock.

Luke McDonagh

That Robin as cheshire cat picture is never going to cease to be hilarious. What a captain.

Rad Carrot

I believe it’s ‘Trollface’, actually, or simply known as ‘Problem?’


Runcorn Gooner

You reap what you sow.Krul created some of the extra 5 minutes and ya boo
sucks to you.
Not often I agree with Neville Neville’s son but it was all a lot of hot air and
part of the game .He actually said he was not the right person to ask about
getting involved.
See the Sour faced Scottish Git wants AW to be charged for calling Suarez
a diver.Can you be charged for telling the truth?.Noticed that the Chipmunk
tried it again last and got short thrift


I seem to be agreeing with a lot of what Neville says…

This upsets me a great deal 🙁


One of the very few players I actually covete among the Geordies. Sad to know he listens to Maddona too ‘You only see what you want to see’. Or perhaps its a good thing, he will be seeing it our way if he ever makes it into the ‘Red and White’.


WTF is he talking about? Did i miss something? Or is he just talking about Robin telling krul to stop time wasting in the 20th minute and afterwards asking him if he’s still time wasting now?
If it’s like that, i have 2 conclusions.
1) gutierrez is a fucking Drama queen, he sounds like RVP killed somebody
2) Altough was ‘enjoying the game’ the time wasting was annoying, and the fact that Robin was not prepared to accept that and made fun of krul’s bad sportsmanship going wrong, made the game much more enjoyable 😀
RVP = Legend


RVP just did what every supporter wanted to do: tell him off for time wasting.

It was Krul’s own doing…


Fuck off Gutierrez you dimwitted scumbag.

All of this is just trying to deflect from the fact that

a) For a club that is two places behind us, they timewasted at 35minutes onwards playing for the draw. Really shows their “ambition”.


b) Ironically their timewasting caused their defeat when they had the ball in our corner, fucked it up and we cunted them in the 95th minute.

Unrucky you Geordie pricks.

Midfield Corporal

Excellently put. Should have been the headline on the back page of All the papers…’CUNTED!!!’

Naija Gunner

Gutierrez is one of the cunts and cunts don’t have eyes, they only have mouth….

Naija Gunner

Gutierrez is one of the cunts and cunts don’t see they only have mouth….

Midfield Corporal

Technically isn’t it lips rather than a mouth?

pard pardy

What a hypocrite and crook! Gutierrez is guilty of trying to injure Arsenal’s walcott (or was it sagna) when he came charging tackling full force at walcott at the sideline. Walcott was quick enough to miss that.


How was this Van persie’s fault? He just reminded krul that because of him there was 5 mins of injury time. Where was this jonas guy when there was a certain Barton in his team who had picked up Gervinho and abused him for something gerv was not at fault for. I wish gerv would have kicked him in his nuts rather than pushing the loose screw back into the cunts head no wonder he went down when the screw and bolts got fixed in his head.

Morrissey's love child

If not a footballer, Krul looks like a driver of those lorries from Holland that deliver flowers


Jonad you massive big nose chin face. Wasn’t it Tim Dutch but dim who ran 20 yards out if his goal to have a pop at Rvp???
Your talking shit you spiderman melt

Pele of Romford

Gutierrez is a fucking nobody.
Bell end.
Krul has a middle parting and curtain style barnet. He should not be entertained.
Newcastle are a small club from Scotland.
Yes, I am speaking like robocop today.

Midfield Corporal



Thank you for your cooperation…..

Nicholas Blendy

Hey, Gutierrez.



van Persie ain’t even mad. Move along now. You Geordies still have to fight for a place in the Europa League. Concentrate on that instead.

Mental Strength

As far as I remember watching it, it was Krul, Gutierrez and Demba Ba all trying to confront RVP while Song and Arteta trying to stop them. The fuck is he talking about then? Horsecunts.

Fed up of Barca

Meh, All RVP’s got to say is “I refuse to play with Krul” and his international career is over.

Funny if RvP does Gutierez for slander!




You youngsters don’t understand anything! There is a basic law of nature that says: “Whenever two or more Dutchmen come together, they will argue and fight.” It’s the reason why despite producing some of the best footballers in history our clog-wearing neighbours have never won the World Cup. The most egregious example of this law was during Euro 96, when the entire squad ended up fighting with both themselves and their hapless manager. The ructions were far more entertaining the average football that they played during the tournament. I hope Tim Krul gets selected for the Euros this year. The… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I assume that’s why we sold Glen Helder when we bought Dennis, oh and the small matter of him being shit and looking like he should have been in Kool and the Gang.


If you look back at the footage. U see Robin going “raaar!!!” like a warrior. Absolutely live him. What a man!! If he doesnt sign a contract, it will be 1000 times harder to take than Cesc’s departure!


RVP is a great captain. Not only is he inspirational on the pitch, he is not scared of anyone. He is a winner and gets in peoples faces and they don’t like it. Long may it continue in my opinion, i think we’ve missed this kind of leadership since Vieira left. Cesc was an amazing player for us but was too young to be captain really, something he has admitted himself. Personally i don’t feel he stepped over the line against Newcastle as the keeper was pissing me off all game. in the first 10 minutes of the match there… Read more »


Can’t help but love robins keownesque rage
As for the stupid sky sports presenter trying to get Gary Neville of all people to condemn his actions
What a prat


I have to admit that i liked neville’s reaction though, he talked sense

Mertesacker's Houseboy

Q: And what was RVP doing?

A: Trolling the life out of him

Naija Gunner

Sorry for the repetition!

Pele of Romford

Does anybody else think the headline makes Gutierrez sound a homosexual rapist?


And an incompetent homosexual rapist at that… 😀


Not sure if its been pointed out but Gutierrez says both sets of fans were enjoying the evening… Is he sure about that? Pretty sure the ToonTards werent having a good time from about the 95th minute onwards haha


Guys…who’s kurul?


Isnt she tht evil wench wearing the hideous black and white fur coat in 101 dalmations?


Gutierrez “both sets of fans were enjoying the game”…hmmm.Yes,I REALLY enjoyed watching a goalkeeper wasting ridiculous amounts of time & getting away with it for an hour,what a shame that Belgian chap spoiled my ‘enjoyment’ by metaphorically kicking Krul right up his cunt in the 95th minute!!


Just before the Euros Krul and RVP need to make up. I would suggest this can achieved by having Krul kiss RVP’s ass in public. And giving RVP 20 minutes to gather a crowd.


Lol @ troll face! Just did some trolling myself actually; left this response on a Newcastle fan site: “I completely agree with Gutierrez there. It was absolutely outrageous, the way van Persie pointed out the way Krul had been wasting time all evening, and the fact that his was what contributed to the 5 minutes of injury time in which Arsenal scored. It’s that kind of thing that makes the fans go crazy, and, as Jonas points out, fans going crazy totally ruins the atmosphere of the game. I say hats off to those level-headed fans, who remain in their… Read more »


Just checked that site out. Not exactly a lively scene of commentary, not like this one. Is it possible not too many Newcastle fans are gifted with the ability to write?


Yeah. Most of it was just a copy of what Gutierrez said. Clearly Geordies are not as linguistically blessed as us Gooners. I don’t believe there is a blog in the land that could match Arseblog for passion, class, and above all readability. It’s fuckin’ excellent!

Rad Carrot

Absolutely right. Left my own little comment there too. It was cleansing. Just laughed when they said that we’ve got the press in our back pocket. Really? I heard Graham Taylor scream in utter orgasmic joy when Utd got that penalty on Channel 5 the other night, and I’ve just watched ITV empty their ballsacks all over Chelsea’s “glorious night to remember” against the mighty Napoli tonight. When we played the Toon, what did we hear from Sky? “Oh dear! I can’t believe that ball is one centimetre away from the regulation markings, what a cheating team Arsenal is!” and… Read more »


You know what, I trolled thru quite a few spu*s blogs recently to get pleasure at how andrexy their fans must all be feeling lately and although some of their blog writers are very succinct (albeit they’re blurred bias is ”cunt’emptible’) none of them, and I mean none, come close to the wit and charisma of arseblog and it’s followers, true stories.


What a knob jockey you are Gutierrez….. You blinkered idiot…. It would appear you’ve joined Kenny Dalglish in the twat club….


Is anybody really listening to what comes out of this drama queen’s mouth? Fuck Newcastle. If only a couple more players laughed in Krul’s face after the goal

Eric Irish gunner

True fuck them

[…] yesterday for Newcastle players taking the press to squeal about what a meanie Robin van Persie is. Jonas Gutierrez lead the pack but others, some of whom I’d never even heard of, joined in and praised Tim Krul for staying […]


Krul needs to bow down and kiss the ring!!!

Fuck i love Robin Van Persie


after seeing the title, i was fully expecting a gay joke to sign off. Arseblog’s gotten so high-brow these days…. :'(

Dr Phil

Why does Krul have the hair cut of a 12 year old in the 90s?


I almost don’t want anything else to happen this week so that photo will stay up for a while.


LOVED the part where Van Persie very pointedly started readjusting his captain’s armband

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