Match report- Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 0


Arsenal secured their seventh league win in succession, moving three points ahead of Tottenham in the process, with what was a largely comfortable 3-0 victory over Aston Villa at Emirates Stadium this afternoon.

First-half goals from Kieran Gibbs and Theo Walcott set the Gunners on their way, before Mikel Arteta struck an excellent free-kick late on to confirm the win.

Arsene Wenger intended to make just one change from the side that beat Everton, with Gervinho replacing Aaron Ramsey on the left flank, but the Frenchman was forced to make another alteration before kick-off when Laurent Koscielny succumbed to injury, meaning that Johan Djourou was ushered into the starting line-up.

Djourou was involved in the first incident of the game, being caught by a stray elbow from Emile Heskey. After a lengthy delay the centre-back was able to continue, and Arsenal immediately set about attempting to impose themselves on proceedings, with Robin van Persie winning a corner following good work from Gibbs.

At the other end, Marc Albrighton found himself in acres of space on Villa’s right flank following a breakaway from the resultant set piece, but the promising winger couldn’t take advantage and lashed a shot over.

From there on in, Arsenal assumed control. First Walcott and Bacary Sagna both squandered good opportunities in quick succession after Alex Song and van Persie combined in the build up, then Thomas Vermaelen headed over the crossbar from a van Persie corner.

Arsenal took the lead with 15 minutes on the clock when Gervinho did well to find some space on the left flank and threaded through Gibbs, who fired a shot under Shay Given for his first Premier League goal.

Villa struggled to impose themselves as Arsenal continued to horde possession, and it was not long before the lead was doubled. Song played a glorious lofted ball into the path of Walcott, who took a good touch to control it before finishing.

There were further opportunities to extend the lead before the break. van Persie had a shot saved following a Vermaelen cross, then a sharp drive from Arteta forced Given to tip over the crossbar. Djourou and van Persie also failed to find the net with headers, whilst Villa’s only significant moments of the opening period involved Albrighton, who frequently found himself with much space but was unable to make the most of it.

van Persie then saw a shot headed off the line and over the bar by an alert Stephen Warnock. The Dutchman had worked himself into a good position following a sublime dragback having previously linked up well with Song.

Arsenal continued to carve out chances early in the second period with Rosicky heading over from a van Persie corner, before the Czech schemer found Gervinho, whose cross managed to elude everybody in the penalty area.

Djourou had to be alert to head away an Albrighton cross, before Rosicky came close with a couple of efforts, including a fierce shot that was well parried by Given.

Arsenal, seeking to cement their victory, then made a double change with Aaron Ramsey and Andre Santos entering the fray in place of Gervinho and Gibbs.

Santos’ first contribution was nearly a costly one, with the left back giving the ball away to Andreas Wiemann, but thankfully the Villa forward was unable to take advantage.

Ramsey then did well to create an opportunity for himself inside the box but, to the relief of celebrities everywhere, saw his shot go wide. Arsenal’s final change saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replace Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain proceeded to embark on a couple of scintillating runs.

There did appear to be some danger of Arsenal becoming a little too complacent late on, with Weimann presented with another snapshot, but a superb free-kick from Arteta provided the finishing touch to an impressive afternoon’s work.

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One-man team my arse!


Recent goal scorers:

– Vermaelen check
– Koscielny check
– Sagna check
– Gibbs check


– Santos pending


Arsenal defenders, they score when they want.

D arsenal

is it being greedy to want more goals today? i wanted more goals considering the difference between the teams. we were far better than the scoreline. glad for the win though. AFC through and through.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Gibbs is LANS – Like Another New Scorer

We have 17 LANS this season. Best in the League.


One man team- Thibbsteta!


“Robin’s worked hard. I was scared today that he would get injured. You feel he has given a lot recently. For me he was a bit tired and we need to give him a little rest now.” – Arsene wenger quote… I was suprised he wasnt subbed at the end for chamakh, he has been playing virtually all our games. Next week we will need chamakh to step in and the lads to step up at QPR once more! Fuck spurs, next target: second spot, 8 games, 24 points to play for, 12 point gap to close in 2 months,… Read more »


That one man is Arsene Wenger


Guess there wont be so much difference if we make Gibbs, Vermaelen, Kos and Sagna play in attack….only that we’ll be scoring more headers.


OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN. boy what a player!

What's my name?

Effing brillian!!!

What's my name?

Effing brilliant!!!


F’ng Bree-Lee-Ant.
C’est Formidable n’est-ce pas?

Merlin's Panini

eh? fin. Brill Ian!






Es maravilloso!












Magandang pagka panalo!

Malaysian Gooner




Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Top Hole

The invincible arse



Another clean sheet! Who said our defence wasn’t good? Mind the fucking gap!!

Runcorn Gooner

Chesney hasn’t had to make one save of any significance in the last 2 games
because the defense has been so good

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

How good is that defence though? Clean sheets AND scoring when they want to? Nobody does it better!


Fuck all those cunts who say we’re a one-man team! Fuck ’em all!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, the long and the short and the tall.


Great win and we’re now in the driving seat for 3rd. TV’s presence was outstanding, as was Rosicky’s. Proper goal by Walcott. Still waiting for Gervinho to have more impact on the game.

Oh yes and great finish by Mikel!


Gervinho defended superbly, you have to give him credit for that.

Merlin's Panini

Spot on. His tracking back against Albrighton was brilliant, then the twat pushed him because he lost the race.


Oh, he certainly did! No, I meant scoring and assisting, I mean he’s basically an offensive player. Will be better next season.


He defended superbly, even


Yep. After that early Albrighton break it was obvious he got told (or took it upon himself) to cover that area and stop it happening again. After that, Albrighton faded into nothingness. Brilliant work.


What I love about him is that even when he has hard times offensively… He doesn’t sulk about it but instead gets back and does his part defending. A real team player! Top lad!


Ohhhh, ette that picture is gorgeous

Mike Hawke

Well, he did provide the assist for Gibbs’ goal.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So would you swap Gervinho for Torres or Downing on this year’s performances?

Thought not.

Oh and…

Nasri 2011-12 App 36 Goals 5 Assists 7

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’ll try that bit again…

Nasri 2011-12 App 36 Goals 5 Assists 7
Gervinho 2011-12 App 31 Goals 4 Assists 8

Gervinho = Better than Nasri *

* Added Bonus – Gervinho is not a C*nt, and has way better hair.


Everything is going so perfect right now I can’t even…


Spuds, mind the fucking gapp!!


Mind the gap? Mind the fuckin’ 5pud2!!!!



Inner mongooner

If I had the wings of a sparrow,
If i had the arse of a crow,
I’d fly over tott5nh2m tomorrow,
And shit on the bastards below

Well played goners. In control all the way today.

Inner mongooner

Umm…gooners obviously.


I read that as arse of a cow. Scans worse but the image is even better.


Hahaha love how the likes and dislikes are on 5-2

bob's your uncle

Arteta walks up to the ball….



Moo Moo Toure

Take that Testicle Head!!
Well played Gibbs, Good defensive stuff from Zhervinyu.. generally well done all round…

Mind the gap!


Yes! YES! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
Mind The Fucking GAAAAAAPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!


bob's your uncle

…and theo’s so crap he can’t stop scoring =-D
welldone team!

lovin this end of season collapse.

Bishal Thingom

Arteta’s goal = Tracerbullet.

I had started to wonder how many times he had the wall in this season after his earlier free kick but boy, that goal. Even Wilshere was like “tasty!!” as he licked his lips.

Oh and I think Djourou had a pretty decent game… 🙂


Djourou had a great game he looked very solid but the commentators were shitting on him every time anything happened around him, maybe he’s not the best defender but criticize him when he actually does something wrong

It is what it is

mute the cunts mate……help with the blood pressure

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So if he was to hit all of his free kicks that hard then the ones that hit the wall would still be useful by poleaxing the oppo defenders 🙂

Forget finesse, just let Arteta go for Goal or Bruises.

Merlin's Panini

Brilliant. Complete control for the whole game. Only a few misplaced passes.
Well done Arsenal, and typical Arteta gets his goal when he’s on my Fantasy Football bench! What a free kick though!
Don’t want to get all delusional like a Sp*rs fan here but, what if, after the shit start to the season, we ended up winning the league with 8 more wins on the bounce? I’m not saying it would happen but that would be quite something!!


Forget it man. Next year I promise

It is what it is

Unlikely, maybe, but i remember being in 17th place not too long ago. If it’s mathematically possible, then effin dream.

I’d like us to finish above city though, just to sock it to the cunt and co.


NA$RI moved for trophies. fucking cunt. he should finish 3rd.

Kaz Keamy

Shift in power??

Dear Sp*rs,


Yours sincerely,
The best team in North London


*The best team in all of London.


* The best team in England


*By far the greatest team the world has ever seen

Rectum Spectrum

The power never shifted in the first place. Business as usual.


I’m happy Gibbs got himself a goal. Our backline chipping in with goals and two consecutive clean sheets. Wanna bet on Szczeny scoring in our next match?

for gods sake

and against the spuds as well kicks it long bounces in front of their keeper and boom Goal by Arsenals N0.1


Forget it man. Next year I promise.

Boris Pimple


I would love to know where all the Wengeroutaphiles reckon we would be now had he been sacked earlier in the season


can you please change that picture


Song is a bit like xavi for us only thing he overdoes thing some time. For last few games he has been delivering that aerial ball perfectly and i had seen it in liverpool game prior the winning goal when he got space and time he would try and deliver that ball again and again just like xavi’s trademark pass for barka from a certain position.


Only fair to point out at this stage though that Xavi is, officially, a cunt.




Monstrousocuntus= xavi’s almost unique medical disorder slowly but surely spreading through baracelona FC which will eventually have them being renamed CUNTELONA!


LOL to villa fans singing “He scores when he wants” in relation to Heskey.


He didn’t bother today…


Guess he didn’t want to today…


guess he never want anyday

gunn cabinet

3-0 nil; and we didnt have to break any sweat for it. Well, i guess we do deserve a break after seven wins on the trot so late in the league. And as much as i would love to see van the man grab the golden boot, it is refreshing to see that we have decent shots in the team who will take the burden away from the captain now and then. What another pass from song; what a sweet killer strike by arteta. Besides; is it just a coincidence that ramsey is raising his game when rosicky is looking… Read more »


camaraderie rather, than competition. They both are fantastic.
What about Theo’s Brains though? Can those commentators and pundits agree upon that now. Brilliant feet, decisions and execution all over the game. No team can push Arsenal wit Theo in it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Frozen is the perfect word for the spuds.

We switched on our headlights and they froze in terror! We ran right over them.

Why did the Spuds cock cross the road? It was looking for it’s flat mate.


Must say I was very impressed with Gervinho today. Set up Gibbs for his whole and tracked back brilliantly for the whole game. That’s something you didn’t get too often with Arshavin.

Absolutely delighted with our overall performance, you know it’s a good sign when RvP has an average game and you still win 3-0!

Now let’s focus on QPR. We CANNOT take it easy, technically there’s enough games left for us to finish 2nd, or finish 5th, it’s a mad league and there’s always gonna be another couple of dramatic twists.



For his whole?! I meant goal…. REALLY I DID!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

And I thought you were Spanish Tom,
“Gibbs! Gibbs! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ace McGoldrick

Fair play to Djourou can’t have been easy stepping in at the last minute like that. Thought he was quite superb.

Inner mongooner

You’re right. He’s our fourth choice centre back. Did a decent job today. If he can accept that he is back up to the other three then the new contract he just got is a good investment for us.


I don’t think Djourou minds at all. I get the impression he loves doing the community service appearances and being a team chemistry guy.


I think he just loves the team. I mean, anyone on here who was a professional footballer would happily be fourth choice at Arsenal


I quite enjoy Djorou on the Arsenal insider too… And he’s had some tough times but we shouldn’t forget he’s had good times too and he’ll get consistently better, what with the Vermscielnsacker surrounding him and all.

Davey Jones

Haha take that you dessicated orange testicle!


Yea where is fatso and northern gooner,just support the team.time for recrimations end of season.coyg 4ever


What the crap are you on about? I always support the team.


Just ignore this clown…we all love the Arsenal!!!


Shit 5pur2 mind the gap


Brilliant all around team performance, no passengers today. Gervinho looks like he lacks a little confidence going forward, but still claimed an assist and made some important defensive contributions. What a ball from Song for Walcott’s goal. What a screamer from Arteta. First run of 7 successive league wins since 2007, let’s hope this is the dawn of a new era of consistency from our beloved Arsenal.


Arteta’s screamer easily sums up the match for me. I could watch that all day, to be honest.


Could write a book about how perfect Mikel’s freekick was. With our whole back line on the scoresheet recently, it’s only a matter of time before SZCZ knicks one.


If Arteta doesn’t do anything else for the rest of the season, he’ll have justified every penny we spent on him with that goal. That was mental.

Inner mongooner

Beauty though it was….

10m quid for the third goal in a match that was already won is a bit steep.



bob's your uncle

@Inner mongooner

enough trolling plz. we all know what a job arteta has done this season.
he’s not paid to just take free kicks you moron.


If your enjoyment of the Arteta goal is soured by the fact that you think that it is a “meaningless” goal then I really don’t think you should be watching football mate.

Try to enjoy these moments or else you can just fuck off to Le Grove.

Merlin's Panini

I’d like to see that. A book all about one freekick.
and SZCZ Szczoring


Like it ! “SZCZ SZCZoring” but said with a Sean Connery accent though!



Or should that be SZCZean Connery?


To be fair though it would be a pretty short book.

“Free kick, Arsenal. Villa wall sets up. Arteta to take. It’s a goal! Perfectly struck! Wow! The end.”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We should give him the next penalty we win. Confident goalkeepers can make excellent penalty takers.

I always want our Arsenal keepers to get on the scoreline at least once while they’re with us. If we treat him right I reckon Chesney will go another 15 years for us, so he has plenty of time to score a few.


Well done boys,more of the same against QPR please, to help that twat Barton on his way to the championship…
And the sound of silence from those previously crowing cocks is DEAFENING!!!

Inner mongooner

In 2006 it was lasagne that gave sp5r2 the shits.
In 2012 it was bacary sagna that gave them the shits.

Lasagne..whooh..lasagne whooh.
I laughed myself to bits,
When tottenham got the shits


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Hello Tottenham, my old friend
We’ve gone above you once again
Because The Arsenal softly creeping
Took the lead while you were sleeping
We pull ahead with every game we play
And now for you nothing remains
But the sound of silence

Rad Carrot

Excellent performance, great to see Santos back too. I missed the chunky fella.

Great result and gives us some slight breathing room, we’re now 8 points off 5th, so Champions League is looking more and more likely for us. Really excited about this Arsenal team, just hopeful for some more signings. Everyone seems to have settled in nicely.

Anyone see the chavs vrs spuds game? It was the direst match I’ve watched in almost a decade, a truly pathetic performance. I was just praying for a lightning strike.

Mind the gap, spuddies.


Excellent performance today and what a screamer by Arteta! On to Loftus Road!

Oleg Luzhny

Did Villa even show up? They were atrocious.

That was the most leisurely stroll to 3 pts I think I’ve seen this season.

And what a peach of a pass from Song (again) for the Walcott goal.


Sweet Saturday! A decisive Arsenal victory, and more distance gained over Chelsea and the Spuds! Now, if Stoke can just take down The-Best-Team-Money-Can-Buy…

Wes Mantooth

It was even sweeter for those in the US. Ian Darke on ESPN during the Chelsea-Spurs game referred to Adebayor as “Arsenal reject”. Was sweet considering how anti-Arsenal their commentary has been this season, particularly Steve Macmanaman (CEO of Cunts Incorporated).


A rare good comment from Darke. As far as I’m concerned, he and his sidekick are both a couple of twats.


i tried to upload artetas goal to youtube but they dont allow porn to be uploaded there!


that walcott pic in the article is from spuds game..right?

I'm Szczesny and I know it

I think Theo deserves a mention, he was brilliant today. It seems having Sagna backing him up makes a world of difference to his form.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Most wingers only really thrive when they have a decent specialist full back behind them. Our play on both wings is miles ahead of where it was when we were Full Back Free earlier this year.


Didn’t get the celebrities reference, but what a performance eh? A few observations: -Maybe whenever Djourou plays, he just needs to see a little blood to shake him out of his Just Happy To Be Playing For Arsenal lackadaisical vibe he sometimes gives off. Either he’s just too nice a guy or he lacks focus. Definitely not lacking physically. -While it was nice to win without a goal by Captain Vantastic, you could tell he’s always hungry, giving off the Cmon I Was Open mild exasperation. Hey, a greedy for goals forward beats the alternative. -Santos had a bit of… Read more »

Rad Carrot

Agreed, was worried about Djourou but he had a fairly solid game today.

The celebrity reference was about the uncanny way in which famous people die when Ramsey scores. Have a look here;


Ah, cheers. That’s morbidly hilarious. I think I’ll start an urban legend that he adds a tribute to each celebrity he knocks off on his ankle to knee sleeve tattoos.


celebrity reference was for ramsey i think.whenever he scores some celebrity dies

Inner mongooner

I’ve heard far too many comparisons of the Ox to Rooney for my liking. Alex seems such a nice boy and to my knowledge has never shagged a grandmother. On that basis, comparisons to Rooney should stop right now!

However, which ARSENAL youngster that has come through the ranks does he remind you of?

More confident than Theo was. More exuberant than Anelka was. If anything he is a little like Rocky was…..?

In my eyes no one will be as good as rocky, but I still prefer people to compare Alex to him than some granny shagging manc/scouser.


I pay attention to youth and reserves, but we’ve never really had anyone like him. I don’t know if he shares any of Rooney’s off-field kinks (hopefully), but he does have a similar fire. His lividness at not getting a penalty (for a correctly called tackle) was impressive. If I had to compare him to any athlete, I’d say Derrick Rose driving the lane. Powerful, quick, great balance, and supreme quiet confidence.


The Ox will turn out to be our most impressive summer signing.


Beauty through ball over the top by Song for Walcott’s goal! What a player! Some stupendous assists this season!


Call me whatever you like, but Arteta is a beautiful, beautiful man. Plus, it’s not gay until someone cums.


Naija Gunner

We are tooooo much for the EPL now with our form, unfortunately we can’t win the league. But am loving it every time we play and get the three points available.

Thanks Arsenal all my weekends have been super fantastic, since we’ve been doing well. Even if ….am still gonna love the club.



Biggest newsworthy point of the day is that Arteta’s hair remained perfect and unmoved even during the scrum celebration of his brilliant free .. Swoon!


Biggest newsworthy point of the day is that Arteta’s hair remained perfect and unmoved even during the scrum celebration of his brilliant free Kick
.. Swoon!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mikel, Mikel, so good they praised him twice.


One game @ a time lads…Well done….I scored an excellent goal in training today…I’m hoping I can make the arsenal team..It’s my life’s dream…Meanwhile…COYFG!!!!!BOOM!BOOM!!BOOM!!!That canon is firing shots randomly every second..make sure u duck…#TeamAFC


Spuds – Recent Record
Games played 5 – 2 Points collected !

Andre Santos

“…to the relief of celebrities everywhere…”
Laughed my f**kin ass off…

Rectum Spectrum

Fuck I didn’t get it, please explain……

kevdo gooner

the joke is , that every time ramsey scores , a famous celebrity dies , check out the video’s , its uncanny..


How i wish our league season had started on 4 Feb 12

Rectum Spectrum

Great result, great performance. My asshole mates are Liverpool supporters. They used to taunt me relentlessly and loudly speculate about arsene’s future. Haven’t heard too much from them lately. Last I heard they were arguing whether ‘king’ Kenny should get the boot or not…..

Runcorn Gooner

The sour faced scottish git has now lost the plot completely .After Wigan defeat he has blamed the ref,the fixture schedule,the injuries.Everything except the real reason that he has bought a load of old toot who can’t play football.
What wouldnt they give to offload
Mandy Carroll.
So glad Mikhel did what used to do regularly at Everton.Great end to the match


Rocisky’s long shot effort was really something

kevdo gooner

what about arteta’s !!


average, I can do better

arse power

1 to nil, go stoke


Wenger knows!!!