Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Mertesacker reveals Podolski is curious

Many things are curious.

Curious George, for example, the monkey who was curious and named George. Also, it is curious that Phil Collins has not yet been blasted into space for his crimes against music, humanity, puppies and music.

Another thing that is curious, and by thing I mean person, is Lukasz Podolski. There has been much, rather pointless, speculation about his future in recent weeks. In fact, The Telegraph ran with a story which said ‘Arsenal frustrated as Podolski set to see season out at Cologne’.


Ahem. Anyway, Arsenal’s BFG, Per Mertesacker, has revealed some digital discourse between himself and his German colleague. It seems Podolski wants to find out more.

“He has been very interested in the past few weeks, and has sent me a number of text messages,” Mertesacker told Sky. “I’ve told him that this is a great place to work and that Arsenal are an amazing club.

“Nothing has been agreed on yet though, and Lukas hasn’t given me a ring yet. That will all happen in tranquility.”

See, nothing fazes the BFG, que sera, sera as they say in Lower Saxony. And Arsene Wenger was asked last night about this swapping of texts between the players, a journalist perhaps fishing for a juicy tapping up story.

Wenger laughed and said, “I cannot stop Mr Mertesacker sending SMSs. He is free to send SMSs to Mr Podolski.”

Leaving Mr Mertesacker in tranquility to do what he likes. I hope he also sends sinister, threatening SMSs from a pay as you go phone to the Sunderland groundskeeper, but that might be just me.

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Merts is becoming quite a hero of mine!


Seems like the Podolski transfer is a done deal now! (source is generally serious)
€13M seems to me like a reasonable price.

Here’s the teutonic messitch: 😉

Welcome to Lu-Lu Land!

Ace McGoldrick

“That will all happen in tranquility.”

Only the BFG can make that sound threatening.


What exactly classify as tapping up? Is what Mertesacker doing is tapping up because he get a text message from Podolski asking about Arsenal?
But is what Mertesacker doing is different than Barca? I know they overdoing it and resulting in Fabregas go, but on much simple terms, i think it’s vaguely similiar.


Not entirely wrong here Nikki imo. Obviously its on nowhere near the same level of c***tishness as Xavi and co. but still… Texting your mate and telling him Arsenal is cool and all that is quite fine, but talking about it on TV? maybe not so much so. I hope very much Podolski comes to Arsenal in the summer but after the whole drama with Barca DNA et al, and given how outraged Arsenal fans were about the behaviour of everyone involved in that saga, personally I’d rahter not see even a hint of this from our club – we’re… Read more »


The difference is for once we are not victims of tapping up. If you ask me, about time we get some of that cynical benefits of football. I’m pretty sure his contracts runs out at the end of the season too so I don’t think it’s unlikely that he hasn’t been contacted by other interested parties.

To be honest with you as long as a club handle it with class, then I think its acceptable but when you get a club like Barca and Sheikh City that humps the legs of the players then there lies the fault.


I was wondering how they missed that…..
“He has been very interested in the past few weeks, and has sent me a number of text messages,” Mertesacker told Sky

How is that tapping up?


Well, yeah.. But we know about this because he said it to Sky journalist right? Which definitily not that wrong because he certaintly be asked about Podolski. He can say no comments too though. Anyway, i’m interested because of what occurs that journalist might fishing for a tapping story. Because from what i’m seeing/reading, Mertesacker did not tap up. He just honestly answer the question and not begging for Podolski to come. No deliberate attempts to unsettle the player. And if fans of Cologne see the article, might not throw some garbages because it doesn’t feels harmful to the club.… Read more »


Oh, i forgot that what i means that it’s vaguely similiar is just the nature of the interactions…

Runcorn Gooner

Be careful AW.If your French friend at UEFA hears that you are condoning
SMS between different countries he will probably invent a new UeFa ruling to
Ban you for life.


If Podolski’s contract is up in the summer then the club can enter negotiations with him now as far as i’m aware


I don’t have any problem at all with them texting and its great to hear Podolski is curious. For me BFG can be texting him once a day promising him all sorts of happiness and fluffy bunnies and rainbows if he joins Arsenal in fact i hope he does – but, keep it quiet is all i’m saying. No need to bring it into the media, because they not to mention opposition fans will be all over it, given the whole saga with Cesc last year and we can see that by the fact that Wenger’s straight away getting questions… Read more »


@Smeghammer- Poldi still has a year left to run after this season mate so no he can’t talk to clubs yet, however from what i can gather Koln seems to have already given permission for him to talk to other clubs out of respect for the player, as they sit 15th in Bundesliga and know that poldi wants out. seems fair enough to me.. If this is story is true then i would say that the debarcle of this seasons transfer window has really slapped some sense into our manager and board and are looking to get our business done… Read more »


Clearly, he difference is that Podolski would come to the mighty Arsenal, and that Cesc was going to the twattish Barca. Night and day (or rather, day and night, respectively) case to me.


Given the quality of reporting from these rags, I’m just surprised the headline didn’t read “Podolski bi-curious – texting Mertsecaker”.


Yes, with that spelling.


If the Cologne manager gets the hump and speaks out over this, would we then see a headline of ‘Cologne Boss in Per-fume?’

No, probably not.


per-fume and cologne!ah perfect!!
now i very much look forward to arsene going for skiing in the summer

Cygan's Left Foot

. “I’ve told him that this is a great place to work and that Arsenal are an amazing club.”

I look at the word WORK and see Germen efficiency at its best. Then after it, I see amazing club and I see Germen respect at its best.


And I look at all that Per has to say about the club and I see a Gooner. 🙂

Runcorn Gooner

Will this be Auf Wiedersen Pet in reverse?}

bob's your uncle

fucking love the BFG! get well soon dude.
i can send you cesc’s mobile number so you can text him and remind him of his Arsenal DNA =-)


Don’t you think its quite funny how Cesc went to Barcelona because he wanted to fill his trophy cabinet, and his first season there also happens to be the first season Barca are unlikely to win La Liga in a long while.

Curse of the Arsenal departee…


Maybe we should send them Chamakh to make sure. And Park to join his cousin at Old Trafford.

Rectum Spectrum

Phil Collins is responsible for some of the best songs ever written.


Obvious troll is obvious.


He’s certainly drummed on some of the best songs ever written…


How’s that possible, I thought he drummed with Genesis?


Yep. He did. One that was fronted by a man named Peter Gabriel and not himself. To put it in context, it’s the difference between a team fronted by Robin van Persie, and one fronted by Marouane Chamakh.


Somehow, SOMEHOW, he drummed on some of the songs on the first Brian Eno record.


Steven Gerrard would gladly agree, yes.


get it Per! laying the foundation, nice one! obv they’re team mates in the national squad, and he must know what a quality player podolski is, so hopefully this summer we can do the business and add a bit more quality and depth to the squad.


I started liking podolski since i saw him in World cup with klose started liking him even more after he slapped ballack(i hate bollock).saying that i dont know him much as player just played with him on fifa07 he was good(that was last fifa game i played).


Podolski seems a bit old for a Wenger signing no? I’m certainly not against it if the price is right. And why ask Wenger about sms when the obvious question to ask is what was the purpose of buying Park when all he’s been given is 20mn of PL time? AKB and all that I guess…


Every transfer is a gamble. So they say.
Did you guys see park vomit on that badge behind AW when he was told he was coming on? Neither did i but i am scared to text djorou to find out. In case he passes on my number to Per M******ker, that BFG.


Arseblog, I’ve been wondering this for a while so just had to ask.

How much does RVP go down in your estimation for proclaiming to be a fan of Phil Collins?


It’s true:

I’m not a particular fan of Collins work personally, but ‘Sussudio’ and ‘Easy Lover’ are notable exceptions.

Titty Bar Barry

This is the best question I’ve ever seen asked at Arseblog News.


It’s a well known fact that all geniuses are just a bit crazy. I’d put it down to that.


Ah ha.. I see you’re picking on Phil Collins just because Arseblogger does so 🙂 Aren’t you original.


I wonder if Arseblogger and our Andrew are the same person, Hmm?


“Nothing has been agreed on yet though, and Lukas hasn’t given me a ring yet. That will all happen in tranquility.”

Sounds like someone’s getting engaged.

Titty Bar Barry

Mertesacker tapping up players for us, sweet! Let’s get him!

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

Genesis (post Peter Gabriel) are one of the greatest rock bands of all time.


I jest.

Or do I…?

No, I do.

Or do i!?!

Merlin's Panini


Good Omens

Do we care ?


In reply to Ontheup, the signing of Park was almost definitely an opportunity to increase our support amongst the far-eastern fans so fanatical of the Premiership and thereby increase the club’s popularity and revenue from the signing. Although I hoped Park could make an on-field impression, I’m pretty sure now that his footballing ability was irrelevant within the bigger picture.

Franky Knuckles McGuire

@ ontheup well when you look at some of the players that have been brought into the squad recently arteta , santos , Mert , chamack and park are all in there mid to late twenties . and I think the decision to to bring in a few experinced heads has worked well for arsene. As for Parkthink he just took a punt at him but sure what can ya do !
Would like to see Podoski in a red shirt he has some left peg on him and i have no doubt he’d score goals in th PL

Mertesacker's Houseboy

Get well soon boss, can’t wait to see u again!


Perhaps he could “accidentally” send a few of those texts meant for Podolski to Mario Goetze.


Apologies for going off topic, and also if this has gone up already somewhere, but you know the old saying, once a Gooner….?

Merlin's Panini

haha! that’s ace. I like the trumpety blowjoby bit the best.

groundskeeper willie

No, I would have to say nothing wrong with some parts of Phil Collins back catalogue, and also groundsman don’t like to be called groundskeepers, its our N word l. Other than that beautifully written piece as always blogs.

Merlin's Panini

Flangebracket. heh.
Great post, as usual. Not really tapping up in my opinion. I mean, come on, what top player is going to stay at Cologne? We’re just getting in there first. I’m sure a lot of people will be trying it on for him as the summer gets closer.


‘That will all happen in tranquility’…hmmm.
Is it just me or does that sound like a thinly veiled threat? ‘Sign here Herr Podolski,or your dog/cat/goldfish gets it’…?
Love our BFG!


” I hope he also sends sinister, threatening SMSs from a pay as you go phone to the Sunderland groundskeeper, but that might be just me.”

Burst out laughing.


Where is this place tranquility? i want me some.


“Lukas hasn’t given me a ring yet.” – Had to read over that line cause I have to admit when I first read that I thought it was about marriage.

[…] Mertesacker also played an Ivan Gazidis-esque role on Podolski, because the Gentle Giant unveiled that Podolski sent him a few text messages and […]

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