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Mertesacker revels in derby win: “Wow, that’s some cool club”

Per Mertesacker has confirmed that all is going to plan with his recovery from ankle surgery in a detailed blog on his personal website. The German international also revealed his frustration at being away from his Arsenal teammates, especially after a two week period which has seen both despair in Milan and joy in the North London derby.

“I can report that all’s going pretty well for me, to be more precise: for my ankle. I was able to put aside the crutches relatively quickly

“I’m able to walk rather normally thanks to a custom-made boot and a splint that prevents the ankle from twisting. The condition has become more and more stable by the day, so I’m quite light on my feet.

“The ankle is still swollen, but since I’m walking daily more and more fluid is being, so to speak, “lymph drained”. I’m really happy about that.”

Confirming that he will stay in homeland town Donaustaf with the club’s permission – a location at which he has previously received treatment – the German outlined that his next step will be to begin hydrotherapy, before starting light gym work once he is out of a protective boot.

Unable to put an exact date on a return, Mertesacker explained: “It’s only when we get to the phase of placing load on the foot that we’ll be able to see what we’re looking at, in terms of the length of the lay-off.”

Away from his family, but also his new friends and colleagues at the Emirates, the 26-year-old confirmed that he has returned to watching Arsenal on television as a supporter – much as he did as a boy.

“As you can imagine, the Champions League game was torture. And on Sunday it didn’t look good for half an hour or so. But then I thought: wow, that’s some cool club – they are turning it around!

“I almost felt like in the old days, when I followed Arsenal from a distance and felt like a fan: “This is a great club!” I am really proud of being part of a team that is capable of putting in a performance like that.

“I’m already looking forward to being back in London next week (to watch the Milan second-leg), because it is annoying – especially in your first season – to be away from the team on account of an injury. You want to spend as much time as possible with your new team-mates.”

Arseblog News hopes the BFG gets well soon and completely agrees with his sentiments. Arsenal is indeed ‘some cool club.’

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El blondo

He’s got every chance of becoming a future Arsenal Legend with phrases like that – keep it up BFG


the thing i love in Per is that he read well the game , he is slow but damn he got a brain he prevent some attacks before it happened ? i believe to join Arsenal and fight for it u should be a fan 😀 i like that .

Cygan's Left Foot

Mr Arsenal was not the quickest, but he could smell danger from miles, I think Per is similar to that and I really like him and think he is a top class defender. Don’t listen to the English media, last season Kos was great he had stats which the English media kept hiding it, and that is he won all his one on one duel with any striker in the league, and including the best player in the world Messi. This season, still the highlight how great is that donkey Evans at Manure after one good game against Liverpool, you… Read more »

Daniel Clancy

Our poor defensive displays since his injury a coincidence? He is always hailed for his positional play, which, for example, we were distinctly lacking for half an hour against Spurs.

A.k.a. a bigger miss than many Arsenal fans would give him credit for.


What with Merts ‘cool club’ and Sagnas ‘against the enemy’ we are really seeing some love for the club from our players right. Gives me a warm tingley feeling mmmmm……


I really like Mertesacker, the guy has got his haters, sure, and i can see where they are coming from but i’m sure 12 months ago there were many fans calling to just get someone in with a bit of height to ensure we don’t concede on every opposing set piece!

Also, he seems like a nice guy and a good influence on the team.


no gooner hates BFG.it’s the so called ‘pundits’ who give him stick.we gooners know more about our team than those pundits who analyze the bloody highlights.deep down every gooner knows that for quite a few seasons he is exactly the kind of player that we have been missing in the defence and what is surprising is our the BFG is a clever player unlike sol campbell who was tough.i think fans were begging for a tall tough player and instead we got a tal smart player who is clever and soft-spoken off the pitch. ps:i love it when he speaks… Read more »


Ok..i am back after a long but couldn’t help myself reading this. I’d be happy to see him back soon especially for last 8 games and most importantly at Britannia.

And also heard news about Sanos. He’s going to be back soon. How would i love that. I really thought had he been in Milan game things could have been different. Love Santos. The coolest defender I have seen when he is on the ball. He’d always find a pass to team mate from tightest angles.


“He’d always find a pass to team mate from tightest angles.”

Can’t wait for a bit of tightness around our Coq.


Defo. And with Jack, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Tech, Afobe, Henderson etc we have genuine Arsenal fans playing for the club which is great for the future. That doesn’t even inc your Ramseys and Theos etc.


indeed bro the good thing is that they are big fans they true goooners and they have it in their blood this really make them fight for the team . look at arshavin with arsenal and now with zenit . he is a fan of zenit it is obvious i don’t blame him but i am comparing him . COME ON GOOONERS 😀


If you had any doubts about Arsenal’s coolness, look no further than Pat Rice in his shorts and dark glasses.

Titty Bar Barry

Paedo-style Pat, showing them how it’s done.


I always think Pat Rice looks like a lesbian auntie! Love him

Yankee Doodle Cheeseburger Munching C**t

People forget that Ol’ Ricey was a roadie for ‘Toto’ back in the day 😉


Mert lends a lot of balance to the defence. Both Koscielny and Vermaelen can get caught quite high up at times, and if I may put it this way, are too ‘aggressive’. The BFG lent us that balance which we are missing at the moment. Sure, he’s not quick enough and maybe needs to be more aggressive in the air, but he made us a lot more secure at the back.


For some reason I imagine his doctor saying to him ‘Ve haf vays of making you valk’.

Only me then..


I will always love the bloke for his reaction at norwich when he gavethe goal away then we came back and won
At the end the fans were singing we’ve got a big fucking german. He had no idea what we were singing and he was all sheepish because of his mistake until someone told him what what was being sung. His smile and his reaction to the fans makes him a potential great in my eyes from that day.


Per sounds so smart… No wonder he reads †ђε game so well.. Could liken him to that guy in †ђε minute men

Titty Bar Barry



Gotta Love Him!! This FIFA12 bloopers video made me chuckle… Mertesacker Extreme… Have a look see.


William Hancox

A much maligned defender only for being big and slow and German. I think he’s been quite the find. Hope this doesn’t affect his settling in period.


We miss the German efficiency… Vorsprung durch technik! Come back soon!


“so I’m quite light on my feet.”

Top lad. Here he is with his great sense of humour.


I heard that he also said: “…and that Spurs side are total shit, aren’t they?”


Did he also say “and that Nasri, what a cunt he is” What? Oh we’re done with that? Sorry. . . . (awaits thumbs downs). . . .


This guy is a class act not only with the way he feels about the clubs he’s at but also what he does outside of football the guy has two foundations set up to help people. As they say class is Permanent and this guy has an abundance of it.


As much stick as people gave him early on because he was a little slow I think the BFG is gonna be a great player for Arsenal for years. Other than the occasional misque that everyone has (even TV5 lately) he’s very good in his positioning and awareness. I think a full preseason with the team after he recovers from his surgery will really help him & us out.

Class player and it’s great to have true Arsenal fans playing for Arsenal.


It’s a fucking great club mate.

By far the greatest team the world has ever seen!

Midfield Corporal

It surprising how many people form opinions on players by listening to pundits or media hacks, who themselves are basing their opinions on MOTD highlights or watching a game on tv every few weeks. Even when The BFG went down against Sunderland, the BBC reporter made out it was another Mertersacker error. If Tony Adams thinks he’s a quality defender I think that carries a little more kudos than some self important ignorant twat on The Sunday Supplement.

Super Per

super Per
super Per
super Per
super Mertesacker!

die hard gunner

Thumbs up Per get well soon, we miss you so much!!!

Merlin's Panini

i like this guy more and more every time I see him speak.


uh… see him speak?

You might wanna try phrasing that again 😉

Merlin's Panini

I see the words so therefore I see him speak. There’s no sound in a text article so i “see” the words. You foolish fool from Foolville


Good save Merlin!


Looking at his site I also realized that Per is quite a vain man. He’s doing the old “suck-in-cheeks”-face on all of the pics. Some might be ironic but I’m really not sure..


Per is ‘ light on his feet’???Any chance of borrowing a pair of those special boots for Squillaci?


Gotta love The Sack.
Heal up big fella!


When both are fit I think that coq will sit in front of the sack nicely.

Merlin's Panini

I think we need to sign Michael Ball, just to finish the joke off. Or maybe Ballack.

Emmanuel moses

Humourous bloggers. Loving it anyway


And some were clamouring when BFG was signed ahead of that defender from Bolton who was grossly out of position yesterday….just saying.


Easy mate, you’re treading really close to a three day ban.

Cygan's Left Foot

“I almost felt like in the old days, when I followed Arsenal from a distance and felt like a fan: “This is a great club!” I am really proud of being part of a team that is capable of putting in a performance like that.”

With you back we will bring the old days back, Per.


Fuck i love this club.


Pity he’s out against Milan. I’d say play him at striker against the fucking guidos. Not like we have much to lose 🙂 COBFG!!!!!!!

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