Friday, December 8, 2023

Miyaichi determined to learn from loan

Ryo Miyachi’s loan spell at Bolton is proving to be a very healthy one indeed, with the Japanese youngster getting regular playing time, as well as making a good contribution to Bolton’s recent results.

On Saturday, quick feet and quick thinking from Miyaichi set up the winner for The Trotters against QPR, and while most of his time has been spent on the left hand side, this time he was asked to play on the right, something of a challenge as well as a learning experience.

“It was my first time to play on the right in a Premier League game,” he said, “and it was a huge experience. I wasn’t able to go behind the defender but I discovered elements of my game which I can improve on so I’m looking forward to the next match now.

“If I’m on the left-hand side, I can run inside and take a shot as well. I find it more difficult to come inside from the right. I’m determined to try to work harder and widen the variety of my play.”

Ryo revealed that as well as learning from simply playing, he’s taking advice from more seasoned pros such as Nigel Reo-Coker.

“I wanted to do something on my own, but I often couldn’t,” he said. “Nigel told me that all the QPR players are wary because of my pace, so what I need is to use my team-mates to my benefit. That was his advice.”

“I want to try to broaden my playing style and be able to play on both sides. However, it’s easier said than done and I always try to take the opponents on. But I know that I sometimes need to hold my desire to do so, and try to contribute to the team”.

Despite the early promise, there’s still plenty for him get used to and he knows his footballing education is still in its infancy.

“Getting used to Premier League football is the biggest change for me, especially, the experience playing against Chelsea and Manchester City. Those games gave me confidence but in the same time, I felt that I need to improve my game more and more.”

Let’s hope he keeps up the impressive work and can return to us on the back of a loan which will benefit Arsenal next season, and Bolton this.

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I burst out laughing when I read this for some reason



bob's your uncle

I fucking love akira!

the only sam is nelson

Given that Bolton are out of the relegation places for the first time in a long while it’d be interesting to know what trotters regulars think of Ryo’s part in that.

Perhaps some of the more obsessive Bolton fans might stumble across this piece and let us know


Or perhaps we could visit one of their blogs.

bob's your uncle


the only sam is nelson

they ‘ave blogs oop north?



He won player of the month for them in Feb


A mate of mine is a Trotter – in his opinion, Ryo’s been their best player by a distance in their last couple of games.

Another mate of mine supports Rangers. He’s not a huge fan.

D arsenal

I love this guy. we need guys like him who are willing to give 100% every time they play bc we saw the outcome recently. keep up the good work little man!

Wes Mantooth

Gooners would be even more impressed if they had the chance to see him at Colney. Ryo’s literally a “student” of the game. Takes personal notes straight after each training session and studies hours of game/training film. Then reviews his notes before the next training session and applies it. Perhaps a good reason why he seems to improve with each game.


Well he was voted boltons player of the month. So that goes some way towards telling you how good they think he’s been


Beat me to it!


and man of the match against qpr. From what I have seen of Ryo he will be top top quality. I can not wait to see him play for the gunners, he will be our next Pires!


Well he won their player of the month last month so I imagine he’s thought of quite highly. Plus I saw a clip of one of his runs against Chelsea and he literally had them falling over eachother. He’s the Ryo thing.

the only sam is nelson

Oh nice one didn’t know he’d got PotM up there, that’s excellent


Gonna be a player.


It’s really surprising, we used to have arrogant ones like Bentley, Anelka, and maybe even Nasri, Adebayor and JET (not really sure on JET), and now they’ve been replaced by such quality. Ryo – works hard Ox – works hard Szcz – works hard Coq – works hard Wilshere – works hard Frimpong – works hard Ramsey – works hard what a team for the future, much more optimistic for this batch of youngsters than the one we had where Cesc was the centerpiece. In this batch it feels like everyone is the centerpiece, and it really fits in with… Read more »


Anelka left in 1999 and Bentley was nowhere near the first team other than an occasional cup outing.

Is Frimpong not arrogant?

D arsenal

he has healthy arrogance- he is proud of his club but i am sure he works hard


Frimpong’s twitter:
Newcastle Time Wasting is more annoying than my lack of passing Abilities.arrrrrgh

I’m guessing he thinks he can work on some of his game as well.


Don’t think he meant that all the arrogant ones listed came through with Cesc, either way I don’t get the point of your comment. I think we can all agree that frimmers is way more hard-working then the arrogant list (which anon implicitly also labels lazy) and how did you quantify that Frimp is arrogant? Stupid comment made just to troll someone? Pretty pathetic I think


i don’t know if frimp will make the grade…he is competing with song, wilsh, coq, arteta …he lacks technical ability which the aforementioned have in abundance…koscielnys passing is better than frimps…sorry hope he works on it A LOT and proves me wrong


Bellerin, Gnabry, Toral and Eisfeld also look good prospects. Hope we’ll see more of them next year.

Wes Mantooth

I’d argue that Josh Rees is another good prospect. Technically, his game is eerily similar (if not better) to Kaka’s at the same age. Kaka was able to read the game better, although Rees has the better first touch. Again, this is with reference to their abilities at the same age and in no way suggests that Rees is the next Kaka (or even the next Eboue)!


It’s not all good. Remember we’re still stuch with The Best Striker That Has Ever Lived Ever.

Wes Mantooth

Don’t you mean…

Coq – is hard




Better than theo already

bob's your uncle

get your head out of the toilet

Cygan's Middle Foot

it would have been 32 thumb up before spoors match

Brohan Cruyff

That doesn’t make it any smarter.

Midfield Corporal

Our current form, possible signings and the though of Ryo and Le Coq playing more are getting me excited about next season already. That’s not to mention Wilshere returning. This time last year I was simply exhausted by it all.

Wes Mantooth

Agree that it’s difficult not to get excited about next season. But at the same time, I’d be curious to see how some like Theo (assuming he extends his contract) responds when we see the likes of Ryo, Joel Campbell, Wellington and Podolski (assuming he signs of course) provide more competition on the wing. And let’s not forget current competition from the Ox and, to some degree, Gervinho. In any case, this type of environment can only be good for the club.


Sagna(jenks) kos(per) verm(djo or new) santos(Gibbs)
Arteta(Ramsey) wilshere(rosicky)
Walcott(ox) gervinho(ryo)

Also rans…
Frimpong, yannaris, campbell,diaby , afobe

Poldi, Goetze, …

Must sell
Bendtner, vela, chamachk, young, squill, arshavin

No wonder wage bill so big, hard to see where we can add much


I saw the whole game..whole game Bolton playing QPR..And I saw it his performance from two angles. One was defensive and second was offensive. First thing was he was up against Traore, arguably quickest of LBs in the league. And he’s Arsenal product. He had Theo in his pocket when we played QPR and I thought he kept Ryo at bay most times. But the stats begged to differ. It showed Ryo had created 7.. yes 7 goal scoring opportunity in the match. Even Mata could create only 5 against Stoke against 10 men. So that says a lot about… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, I’ve watched a few of his games for Bolton and he’s constantly running to track players when on the defensive and holding his position well when there’s a chance of an attack, a sign of understanding the game and willing to do what’s required imo, a very good sign.

Ezigbo onyearse

You re as curious as me about the footballing ability of Ryo.he is the only player in recent time that have outrun,dribble pass that assy pensioner ivanovic,against shitty zabeleta suffered immersely and got himself injured then the same with kolo,infact on 1 on 1 situations,its always sorry for defenders.I think his form and that the scared OX woked Th14 from slumber..who is Hazard??


I would defo agree with the above….he was quiet but as the game went on he got more and more into it, the pass for the boltons second goal was special,


Great to see Ryo doing well hope he comes back like Wiltshire and can make a difference next season.

Anyone see that pic of carl jenkinson on the AFC web site ….Its like a little Arsenal/Aladins cave. Brilliant to see a player with that kind of background.


If only every young footballer thought like Ryo! Respectful, intelligent, no ego at all and bags of skill. I think he’s about 2 years away from solidifying a first team place but once he gets there I think he becomes an Arsenal legend.


2 years?

The small matters of squad depth and rotation need to go into that evaluation.
If he’s good enough to rip apart the likes of QPR for Bolton this year, he’s good enough to rip apart the likes of QPR for us next.


No. He should go out on loan again next season. With Jack back, Ryo would not get too many chances next season. Better for him to continue his development at Bolton or another Premier League club for another year. He should be ready for 2013/14.

The good thing is that he’s got what it takes and will be a top player.


Yeah I said 2 years. The young talent we’ve got right now is all gonna take a bit to break through due to experience. I mean, AA23 played himself out of his starting spot by his lazy play. Gervinho isn’t scoring or doing enough IMO so he’s in danger of losing (if he hasn’t already) his starting spot all for Ox, Ryo, etc to take these roles on unless Wenger has designs on them playing in another position on the field. I really think/hope there’s a huge dose of healthy competition for each spot and players know that they’ve got… Read more »


If he does well in preseason he’ll get his chance next year. No reason why ox and ryo cannot be 1st choice wingers. Regardless of theos upturn I do not suffer from short termism. If he goes I would not cry. Especially if we get podzolski who can play left wing.


This kid looks like the ryo deal.


Watched him against Chelsea and Man City (I think) and he looks good. But lets remember he’s playing for Bolton where expectations are minimal and fans dont expect the team to win every game. If I was Wenger I’ll keep in mind that we have enough youngsters trying to find their feet in Arsenal already (Ox, Ramsey, Coq, even Schezny) and will try to lessen the burden on the matured/experienced players that are guiding these guys through by leaving him at Bolton for one more season. There, he’ll be away from the enormous pressure of playing for a top 3… Read more »

Thierry Henry

Not much longer than a year ago, the only football he was playing was for his school team. That’s amazing. wow Also, if you watch clips of him playing for Feyenoord last season, he seems to pass way less. He often kept the ball for way too long. Arsenal and Bolton (not that the latter are particularly known for passing the ball) have obviously taught him something considering he created more goalscoring opportunities last weekend than any Arsenal player has done in one game this season (so I’ve heard). He’s starting to look like an all-round player. And he… Read more »


I got Ryodinho on the back of my shirt after watching him for Feyenoord last season. Desperate for him to actually play for Arsenal now!

Piers Morgan's punchable face

Can I be the annoying anorak in the room and just say that his name is pronounced closer to ‘row’ than it is ‘re-oh’.


I like his attitude and his progress has been impressive from school team football


Love Ryo’s attitude…but taking advice from Reo-Coker??!


Damn you Ryo make me watch Bolton game

Glory Hunter

We should just give send all our kids to Bolton!
If they show potential at Bolton, and get into the 1st team on a regular basis then we take them back.
If not they can stay at Bolton, lol

Terry Tibbs

I think glory hunters suggestion is quite good. Under coyle Bolton play a half decent style of football but due to resources will not be able to push higher than mid table. I think one of the best things about loaning to clubs like Bolton is it gets the youngsters experience of a scrap and they see how life is at a lesser club so that when they come back they are more focused. When we look back on our first cohort of largely failed youth products I think a lot of factors stand out. The first being the David… Read more »

Taiji Harris

It’s Miyaichi, not Miyachi, as all commentators in England are pronouncing it.


Scary pace and, so it would seem, technical ability to go with it. Some sort of super theo… Early days I know but im very excited for the little feller. I hope things continue for him as they have begun.


I live in Japan, if he does well for Arsenal then the club will get crazy coverage here, wich would be fantastic given the main stream media only follow Messi, Ronaldo and the Japanese players in Europe.

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