Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Resurgent Rosicky rewarded for renaissance with new deal

Tomas Rosicky has put pen-to-paper on a new deal at Arsenal to complete a special few weeks which has seen the Czech international rediscover his goal-scoring touch and become an integral part of the club’s midfield engine.

Signed from Borussia Dortmund in May 2006, the 31-year-old initially showed flashes of the brilliance which had him labelled as one of the Bundesliga’s most exciting stars. However, having spent nearly two years side-lined with a mysterious hamstring problem and with further persistent fitness problems hindering his ability to compete with the likes of Alex Hleb, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Andrei Arshavin for a place in Arsene Wenger’s starting line-up it appeared the ‘Little Mozart’s’ days in London were numbered.

Nevertheless, having worked hard behind the scenes, earned the trust of the boss and demonstrated a patience which many of his former teammates have lacked, Rosicky has undergone a renaissance on the pitch with his form the best seen in years. News on his decision to extend his contract thus comes as very welcome news indeed.

Speaking to the Arsenal website about his decision to stay on at the Emirates, the Czech stated:

“It’s a great honour to sign a new deal with Arsenal, I love the Club and am proud to wear the Arsenal shirt. It’s felt like home since I arrived six years ago and I couldn’t be happier to commit my future to the team.

“The manager, my team-mates, the staff and the supporters – everyone plays their part in making this a great Club, and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I believe we have a really talented group of players and, together with the manager, the future looks bright. It’s always been my goal to win trophies here at Arsenal, and I will fight hard to achieve my dreams here.”

One of the Gunners longest standing squad members, Arsene Wenger also spoke warmly about his player’s qualities both on and off the pitch.

“I’ve always been a big admirer of Tomas’ abilities and am delighted he’s chosen to commit his future to the Club. I believe he is an exceptional player, a natural footballer who is technically top class.

“He plays the style of football we champion here and shares completely our philosophy. He is always ready to work for the sake of the Club, always willing to put the team first. I have huge respect for him.”

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Well done Tommy. I feel like we’ve had the best off him taken from us with his horrific run of injuries, but you could never fault his commitment. He’s even scored a couple of goals now. Keep it up Ro-sicknote! (joke)

Rad Carrot

Excellent news, let’s keep the Big Guns firing.

Happy to have you still with us Tomas, keep on fueling our midfield and we’ll be a force to be reckoned with next season!

gooner odst

Hard work rewarded with a new contract. After being benched in favour of Ramsey this season, im sure Tomas will feel he has alot to prove and loads more to offer.

All eyes on Diaby now, hes the new ‘injury prone van Persie/Rosicky’

Mental Strength

Tommy is one of those hungry players who won’t give up and are hungry for success. Hope he can play really well in these last few years he has got and can win something for the club and for himself.


These are the types of players we need at this club. Great news. Anyone know how long he extended.. ?


I believe it’s a one year extension

Sami Rockfeller

BBC reported it as a two year extension.


I would imagine 2 years, seems right given his age and dedication.


If it’s two years, what happened to Wenger’s over 30 rule? He wouldn’t give Pires two years…


Ever heard of changing policy?


Very glad for Rosicky! So many of the fellow gooners had written him off during his injury days….he came back really well…love the spirit!!


Super Tomas Rosicky! Well deserved!


It’s always been my goal to win trophies here at Arsenal, and I will fight hard to achieve my dreams here.”
Fuck, that line got me. <3


Everyone loves Rosicky!!!!!


except the 5pud2 😉


Yup, that bald american pensioner between their sticks didn’t like Tomas at all, did he?

Inner Mongooner

If he keeps playing the way he has been recently then this is great news.

Robin next please…and Tomas signing will be a little bit more of a good reason for him to do likewise.


Tomas Rosicky he signs when he wants!

Very happy he’s staying with us he’s been brilliant.

Midfield Corporal

I admit I had him in the vela, denilson, Almunia gang of players that we need to ship out. He has my upmost (utmost??) respect for working hard and pushing himself to reach his high standards again.


This is the epitome of LANS!!!


It was killing me when he was out injured, even more so when he first came back, and was being slated for poor performances.

The guy is top quality and i’m so glad he’s finding form again, and got a goal against the c*nts.


Good news, hope it will reflect on other players that you have to earn your contract through hard work and commitment.


Well said!


Exactly my thoughts, robin next. Well done rosicky. Goes to show that when you work hard and actually show that you care, then the rewards will take of themselves.


Love the guy, but it’s now time to pay back our loyalty…van persie style!


I think it’s time for RVP to pay back our loyalty, Rosicky style! (signing etc.)


Oh, and delighted he’s hit form & we’re keeping him longer. I hope it is for two years, as I think he deserves it for how he has battled back from the brink..


This is good news. Man U and Chelsea have shown this year what a good thing it is to have experience around provided they are a positive influence (Scholes & Giggs) rather than a negative one (Lampard & Terry). Tomas is a positive kind of chap and will be great for the young-uns in midfield.

Moo Moo Toure

Bobby 2.0


Think it’s become more apparent that he has re-learnt to trust his body and has confidence in himself again. A month or so back when we lost to sunderland n Milan you could see he was putting the effort in but his passes where a tiny bit off, he’s got better and better and now looks like his old self, it’s great to see.


Great news. I’ve always had a lot of time for Tommy, and i thought he came in for a lot of unfair stick until this season.
Just goes to show what hard work & the right attitude can achieve, he had a hell of a lot of time out of the game, and i think its only really now that he’s getting the run in the side he needed.
Keep it up Tommy!


Hopefully Rosicky can fire the gunners.The gunners must make use of the chances that come their way. Against NU if they play like they did against Milan,Arsenal will win.


Nice to see all the Ros love. I’m happy but where have all the people who had him on the deadwood-to-be-shipped-out list? Hiding behind a binbag with the Wenger out brigade? Must be getting quite crowded there.


They’re gradually appearing now mate, predictably telling us he’s only just had a few decent games etc, etc. . .
While there may sort of be a point in that, fuck it, we should all be backing a player who’s fought his way back from a couple of nightmare years and hoping this is a new start for him. LANS, if u will


They’re off preparing their “What Has Diaby Done For Us Lately” press packs.

Cynical cunt

I guess it’s time for Sickynote to put he’s feet up for a bit. Those 2 games where he’s been good out of 2 years of being well, shit, has taken alot out of him. Good for him


I think you can probably take the “cynical” out of your name mate


Then he can capitalize the remaining letters … add a brace of exclamation marks … (in an attempt to show literacy) … and put his own two feet up.


You mean the two years of him being alternately ‘Recovering From A Serious Recurring Injury’ and ‘Playing in The Same Position as Fabregas’?

Great analysis, goon.


Sentiment gone mad! One month ago he was one of the six who HAD to leave…sure he has been superb for three games. But away to Milan he was awful! I’d rather we buy Snieder.


Well, to be fair, who wasn’t awful in that game?


You have to be kidding. Sneijder? He hasn’t been a top class player ever since Mourihno left Inter. He’s quite average in a failing team, Arsenal signing him would end up the same as Torres in Chelsea, an expensive joke on the bench.


You can bet your house that Sneijder won’t pass the ball to Robin.


Ha! When he initially signed for the club I got him on the back of my jersey that year, I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. Let’s just all remember him running the show in the Spurs game, and that goal against Hamburg because it was just awesome, and forget aaaall about the 2 years he was out injured. Go on, my son!


Playing for a new contract anyone? Seems a nice guy but must admit I don’t rate him much and this was a highly suspiciously timed run of form. Happens all the time sadly…unlike a string of fine games from TR7.


Surely we’d rather have someone playing for their contract than thinking its their right to have whatever they want handed to them?


He had a serious knee injury that kept him out nearly 2 seasons, what do you expect? He isn’t going to come back and be like T-1000 all of a sudden. I would much rather have him in the team over Diaby, Denilson, Benayoun, etc. He knows he isn’t going to start every game, and he’s the type of player, whom I DO want on the team. Gives it his all whenever he does get a chance, have you honestly ever heard him bitch and moan about playing time? Too much backlash, some ‘fans’ need to realize that the preferred… Read more »


What is the deal with these “suspicious form” conspiracy theorists?

What was Rosicky’s master plan exactly? To fake being injured and shit? Yeah that makes sense – everyone knows most footballers don’t actually want to play games at all. They’re just passing the time until they can catch a cushy pundit gig on ITV.


lets cheer Tommo on the pitch today and let Robin know how the signing of a new contract is received by the fans!!!

Cynical cunt

1 bad game away from being shit again


And you’re just a few thumbs down from still being a cunt…..


off topic: Are the club purposefully withholding info on Jack’s injury?
He went for a scan on Friday is there any news. Been waiting all season see him back in the team. If he had been in our midfield all season long, I think we’d be challenging for the league right now!!

gooner sami

I have huge respect for him.

the only sam is nelson

more importantly did they make him sign his contract in the same terrifying bunker he originally signed in?

Merlin's Panini

Say what you like about this guy, but he’s a gooner through and through. You can see his desire to win for us when he makes those bursting runs from deep when we’re behind. Love his commitment. I’m so glad he’s back on form and starting to look like the player we signed 6 years ago again.


I wouldn’t extend anybody based on such a short time.
he’s been “relatively” good for 6 months, and we’re handing him a new contract? I guess we do these kind of things at arsenal. I can understand giving giggs or scholes new contracts, they’re winner who have brought things to mufc. but what has rosicky brought to afc most of his career?




If you’re questioning what trophies we’ve won with Tommy, would you extend that logic to RVP’s new contract? Thought not. . . . .


not necessarily trophies, I’m talking about on the pitch performances. obviously my opinion is not shared by many, but let’s think about it for a minute. I thought we were trying to get rid of players who had high salaries, and had not brought much to the table these recent years. Rosiscky fits the bill, and I’m just astonished that he’s being rewarded with a new contract despite that. If we are going to give rosicky a new contract, then a guy like bendtner deserves a place at arsenal. again i’m not saying he’s a horrible player, we can do… Read more »


I get what you’re saying Lionel, and you do have a point. I, and more others than not it seems, really do believe he fully deserves his contract, and i believe that rewarding someone for the hard work he’s obviously put in can only send out a positive message to both fans and other players.
Lets treat this news with the positive reaction it deserves and move forward!


well rosicky is one of the most talented player of his generation (dormund have to spend 21M and beat the biggest team in europe to get him from sparta) but like RVP injury has always slowing him down to reach full potential until now.

Rectum Spectrum

Great news, a top top player to br able to call on. Clearly committed, his work rate is almost always unmatched.

Naija Gunner

Come on Tomas, you are the man, let them how beautiful it is to put on an Arsenal jersey!

Kreame of the Crop

Great news! Thomas simply wonderful to watch against the cunt bags. Hope his great form continues and his wisdom will be great in the seasons to come.


I’m happy for the Little Amadeus. When he’s on form he’s a great addition. I do wonder what his wages are though, because we know one of our problems is keeping a wage structure that allows us to break the bank to sign RVP, Podolski et al. If we can’t compete with Chelski and Man City on transfer fees, at least we need to compete on wages.

Glad Wenger re-signs a 31 year old though. We lost Gilberto because of a youth policy that was perhaps a little too inflexible.

On the up!


Really happy to hear this, Thomas is an exceptional player, it just wasn’t fair to have someone of his quality not stay with us. Glad to see the club made the right choice in offering an extension and glad to see him a true gooner. He just seems an amazing guy, on and off the pitch, my favourite player in the whole Arsenal squad.

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