Monday, October 3, 2022

Wenger only banned despite UEFA calls for beheading

UEFA have banned Arsene Wenger from the touchline for three more European games and slapped the boss with a £40,000 fine after finding him guilty of improper conduct in the aftermath of the 3-0 win over AC Milan at the Emirates.

We could go over the incident again, but what’s the point. Even if Wenger farts in N5 and sees the London breeze waft his odour in the direction of UEFA HQ he gets punished. It’s an unbelievable state of affairs.

In a statement on the UEFA website, a minion relayed a personal lament from curly-haired twat-in-chief Michel Platini.

“Monsieur Platini is very disappointed by the decision of the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

“He was of the understanding that Wenger’s crimes against humanity were more than worthy of the maximum punishment of death.

“His decision to constantly field young players, much like Joseph Kony in Uganda, definitely contravenes our rules and we shall now contact some charity-type to create a viral video proving as much.

“While the three game ban is a poor show by the judge, we shall do our utmost to ensure that Wenger is followed everywhere by goons…hired goons.”

Leave your comments for Michel Platini below…

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Michael Pla-“how bigs his nob?”-tini.

Racist biggot.


The best response is for Arsenal to win the CL. But No…. they keep handing us incompetent Referees, so we never advance beyond the last 16.

UEFA is corrupt but I am waiting for the Mario B ( ManCity ) racism case against Porto, and whether they charge less than £40k. If they do, then Racism is cheap but Arsene Wenger asking questions of Referee is expensive. So unfair.

Claudio Crow

Platini is a corrupt, greedy frog posing as the saviour of modern football. Give him the chance and he’ll nick your wallet.


Now come on Claudio, that’s a bit strong. I’d settle for ‘fucking dodgy imbecile’

nw10 gooner

Truly shocking. They’re a disgrace. So blatantly corrupt. I liked how somebody on f365 commented that when Wenger complained about the pitch he was labelled as crazy/moody whatever but when Guardiala does it’s well founded??? I salute Arsene for keeping such an unbelievably strong mentality during these last couple years. The media have literally been aiming at his neck and like he says he just soaks it up like a sponge. Amazing. I’ve learnt a lot from him as a person and am truly inspired. Anyway, fuck uefa. Mugs.


So what you’re saying is that Arsene has unbelievable…mental strength?


He criticises with the handbrake off.


He’s always focused only on the referee’s disgraceful performance in the next game.


what’s a f365?

I’m probably too ignorant .____.

Cygan's Right Foot

Football 365, it’s gossip, news, views, etc…. or the Ferrari specialist website but then that would make less sense


Michel Platini is a bigger cunt than John Terry.


That’s a close one


It’s close but Platini wins by a short fat little nose.


We love nob cheese


I don’t understand why refs are exempt from criticism. 3 game ban is stupidly excessive.


It’s doubtless because he has been banned twice before, so every time the ban gets more severe.


It’s not unbelievable, he verbally abused a referee. It’s Wenger’s third ban in a year and a club like Arsenal should be setting an example. Maybe Wenger should be spending time analysing his pitiful performance rather than insulting match officials. We understand you’re biased, and your blog is practically worthless because of it, but at least report the facts.


Why do you say we? Do you see any other idiot reading an article from a sit called ‘Arseblog News – The Arsenal news site’ and complaining that it’s biased?


I was collectively referring to people that I know that think the blog’s biased, not you.


James, you mean your mother and yourself?

What I’m wondering here is… why are you on an Arsenal supporters website when you’re clearly not one, and more interestingly, why’d you come back to check if anyone’s replied to you? Twat.


You and your friends sit around and discuss how “Arseblog” is biased for Arsenal? I assume that’s just while you’re taking a break from quantum physics and neurosurgery.


His mum’s name is Pete?


This clown’s comment is hidden because a low rating. It should be reinstated in all its glory so folks can plainly see what a dipshit the poster is. Yes this site IS biased. It’s an ARSENAL site so, as an Arsenal fan, I expect to see some bias towards my team. If I went to a ManU site, I would not decry it because it evinced a ManU bias.

And as for the punishment: three games for calling an incompetent referee out?


Don’t comment on here if you don’t support Arsenal. Being biased doesn’t have anything to do with this. UEFA and Platini are cunts. That is a fact. Platini has gone on record saying that he doesn’t like Wenger. Ferguson Guardiola and Mourinho all complain as well when their team doesn’t perform. It’s not just Wenger.


I do support Arsenal, just saying the club should have standards. I very much doubt Platini sits in his office handing out bans, if you think that you’re a retard.


That’s me. If you’re asking who gives Pete’s comment thumbs up. That was accidental.


Oh. Oh. It’s you thats a retard. Get bent Pete. This is a friendly comments section, keep your deflamatory bullshit to yourself or fuck off.

NB. Hypocrisy of my comment here is nothing compared to Platini’s actions.. So I feel justified in contradicting myself.

Midfield Corporal

If you want an unbiased opinion go read the fucking Guardian.


Who knew John Terry would comment here under the screen name, ‘Pete’.

Cygan's Right Foot

Are you Lee Morgan in disguise?

Midfield Corporal

I love hearing that name, ‘lee Morgan’, it gives me a warm tingly feeling as I recall his wind up postings before we stuffed his mob 5-2. I doubt he wears his ‘mind the gap’ t shirt anymore. What a prize knob jockey.


I wonder what UEFA would do if Ferguson questioned a ref’s fitness in the Europa League those boys in Manchester play in. Probably bend over and offer that pothole he calls his arse to Ferguson…


Fuck off back to Le twat and the other Anti Wenger blogs out there.




Pete / JamesT/ whatever no mark cunt you actually are.

Parties with you and your mates must be a fucking barrel of laughs if you sit and discuss how a fan site is biased towards the team the fans support.

Tell me is that before or after you play soggy biscuit using a picture of Arry as inspiration?


What’s wrong with one eyed bias in favour of Arsenal?
I think it’s perfectly reasonable to all normal people to be so.
The ref was an idiot and Wenger had words at him, wouldn’t you?

Michel Platini

“Please, please, please…. Arsenal fans, c’mon, think yourselves lucky, it would have been more if he was black. Let’s just settle this with a handshake.” Yours, Platini.


Shocking, truely shocking.
But then I guess Platini needs to find ways to pay for the MASSIVE mistakes he makes, like adding 2 pointless linesman to EVERY game.
their wages would be better spent actually bringing the game into the 21st century, but no, instead he goes after the financially stable clubs
(in a shitty french nasal accent) “ow dare ou make uo’re club u zucess, dont ou know ou’re meant to find u zugga daddy zo ve can all pretend ze game is in good health”
f***er what a t**t


What a load of fucking bollocks.

Wenger is going to miss out on half our group games!


So will guardiola get a ban as well for his complaints? Doubt it.


Big deal, qualification is fixed anyway so the group stage is always a piece of piss. Team will probably play better without Wenger ranting and raving on the touchline like a lunatic.


Qualification is fixed?

This is even more stupid than the statement that Platini is a bigger c*nt than Terry (no offense to that guy, but Terry is captain of a team containing Cashley).

Innocent bystander

Is this the same Michel Platini who dived outside the box to get a penalty which won Juventus the european cup in Heysel against Liverpool?


I now fully expect Barcelona to be handed the trophy. Without playing any more matches because the played on a “terrible” San Siro pitch. True story


Funny how they didn’t concede on the “terrible” pitch whereas Arsenal let in 4.


well in our match half the turf was gone. So your argument is null and void in my books. Move along


Funny how on a pitch worthy of a CL match, we won 3-0 and could’ve(should’ve) gone on to complete the greatest comeback in European club football history. Funny how TV5 and Kos hadn’t partnered in the middle all season and only had few days preparation before hand to try and gel. Funny how you’re a twat

Cygan's Right Foot

Watching this – – you will see that the wings are actually turf and not the muddy bog Arsenal had to deal with. Go away, do some research and then comment rather than blundering in being a prick


the pitch barca played on was at least a uniform color and cut or something. The wings on the san siro pitch were entirely different from the middle. If anything we had much more right to complain, as that’s utter bullshit


Your characterization of Mr. Platini’s involvement is grossly unfair. It’s a matter of public knowledge that he has been engaged in a search (now running into its second month) for his testicles which he believes were lost in that cavernous region otherwise known as “$epp Blatter’s Backside”, and could not possibly have been available to make the remarks which you attribute to him.

f you had a shred of integrity you would retract your comments and apologize

Red Fred

As he is gonna miss half the group games what better reason to promote Steve Bould this summer and get him on the bench.


Bould doesn’t want the job. What’s the point of sitting next to Wenger only to never be asked for his advice and used as a punching bag for all the manager’s frustrations. That’s the only purpose Rice serves.

Cygan's Right Foot

He doesn’t want the job as he thinks the success of the players going from the under 18’s makes him more valuable there than being assistant to the first team. He even did an interview saying this but then your point would be bollocks if you took that into account…. Moron


Rice has more value than he gets credit for, and has dedicated his entire life to the club. A few years ago, he would have been the natural successor if Arsene left for some reason.

Midfield Corporal

I think you shoes show Pat Rice some respect. You don’t really know what he does apart from listening to other people saying he doesn’t do anything. The man has given his life to this club and should be appreciated.

Midfield Corporal


A Gooner

Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter are skidmarks on footballs collective underpants.


Dodgeball? 😉


here’s a fact. UEFA are arseholes.

Ace McGoldrick

Well after reading that statement the ban seems fully justified.

No, but seriously UEFA are cunts.

Michael Platini

Yes, I am corrupt. Yes, I am a racist bigot. Yes, I hate Wenger, Arsenal and all other English clubs. And finally yes I am a cunt of such epic proportions that I make Na$ri and Terry look good. What can you do about it? Nothing.


I’m here to bring your attention to the campaign, Platini 2012. I want to share this so that I can make him famous because the world needs to know what a racist, close minded italian he is and his tyrannical money bribing regime that is currently plaguing Europe.

Platini 2012!


*psst… he’s French*

It won’t be long before the whole of FIFA and UEFA is properly investigated anyway. The very fact that people only had one option to pick on Sepp Blatter’s reappointment says it all.

Their days are marked.





PLATINI2012 aims to make Michel Platini famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and ending racist bigotry in UEFA

Midfield Corporal

French, Italian, spanish, it’s all the same innit?

In-ger-land in-ger-land in-ger-land!!


Stop deluding yourself,Terry is much worse than you.

Ankit Srivastava

The cunt at his glorious self.

Wonder what he will do now that his loverboys catalonian cunts have filed complaints against his theiving, cheating club.

Midfield Corporal

The £40K fine is a joke when you consider the punishments dished out to clubs for racist chanting.
If I were Arsene I’d go to my bank, ask them to change £40 grand into pennies, and get a courier to leave it in the reception at Uefa HQ.


That has to be the best idea ever. I would love to see UEFA sitting there counting all the pennies!

Cygan's Right Foot

You’d have to make sure you only hand them 3,999,999 pennies so they have to recount them

Midfield Corporal

Then write a cheque for the final penny.


Write a cheque from a closed account just so they’d hand out another fine and we can go through this whole sequence again. If UEFA are intent on being cunts there’s no reason why we can’t have our own fun while making them look silly. 🙂 And I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel Pete and JamesT (provided they’re not the same person trying to prove they have friends) seem to write like the idiots from Legrove and could be distantly related to Myles Palmer and Piers Morgan. Let’s just ignore the trolls lads…they’re not worth the… Read more »

The Law

Midfield Corporal, that’s the finest idea ever!


It’s weird but when you take the name ‘ Michel Platini’ , add a few letters and take a few away you get ‘ clueless cunt’ …………like I said, weird !

Bryan James Thomson

Platini is about at useful as a hemroid.

And as competent.


For this to qualify as “news” wouldn’t it have to be something that none of us expected? Honestly, UEFA just love to throw AW under the bus and hold him to standards they don’t hold other managers like Old Bacon face and Pep to. If there should be any bans or fines being handed out it should go to Milan(s)! They should be fined for having such a shite pitch and there should be a ban on playing in that crap stadium. As punishment the Milans should have to play both the home and away fixtures at the stadium of… Read more »


ive never understood the ban on criticism for referees and the system, i mean its almost like a ban on free speech, you say a wrong word and they can fine you or ban you, you call out a wrong decision and suddenly you’re on the touchline. why cant it be criticized why cant we call out a wrong decision, the blatant refusal to hear such stuff just makes the fa, uefa and other football organisations seem really childish,stupid and petulant

Sp shagari

Platini has alwayz shown Arsenal that hatred. I want to let him know that we GUNNERZ progress in mist hated. To hell with stupid plataini.

Rectum Spectrum

Ah, Barca’s man on the inside. What a useless cunt. He should run for PM.


didnt barcelona complain about the san siro pitch too?
crowing about a disgraceful tilled-up pitch is punishable only selectively it seems.

Dick Swiveller

In all seriousness, which leg was this for? The first one where he awarded a dodgy penalty and bought their diving or the second one where we didn’t get any decisions in the second half?

I guess it doesn’t matter but it’s nice to know which particular trumped up charge the kangaroo court has our manager on.

Midfield Corporal

It’s such a shame Pratini is such a cunt, he was such a great player. I remember watching the European Championships which France won in the mid eighties when I was on my French exchange. My partner was called Jerome Billet, he was a bit of a knob too as I recall……..I’ve forgotten what my point was now.


……..that Platini is Cunt ?

Midfield Corporal

That’s was it, cheers Chrispy

Et o Michele.


3 match ban for elbowing the ref in the face.. oh wait.. no… just talking about stuff…..mmh add extra 40 grand fine


What’s the French word for, “[email protected]?”


Platini !






Okay, that is pretty fucking impressive! 😀

Midfield Corporal

Chatte or minet apparently.


He bans who he waants, he bans who he waaants, Michel Platiniii, he bans who he wants!


No Sir, I’m afraid not, He only bans Wenger. The ugly cunts.


Not sure who’s worse now, Septic Bladder or Gail Platt-ini. Both are terrible for the game overall either way. They remind me of the EU, self appointed, egotistical, dictatorial Euro trash. Can you imagine if all levels of Football followed their example? There wouldn’t be a singe Parent allowed to an underage match, all banned for having an opinion. Refs immune to criticism and therefore immune to progress. Darker kids would get fined a juice box for occasionally falling over. That stray dog that always shows up at the park would be appointed Secretary of Discipline, he’s the only one… Read more »


I think Arsene was a naughty boy the last time he was in Paris. I think he probably tapped Platini’s wife.


Platini thinks of his mother when he climaxes.

Lee Morgan

Whats wrong with that?

Johnny D

This is the make up of the UEFA disciplinary and control commitee is it any surprise we get treated like shit……….. Chairman…….. Dr Thomas Partl (Austria) Members…….. Jacques Antenen (Switzerland) Sándor Berzi (Hungary) Emilio García Silvero (Spain) Jim Stjerne Hansen (Denmark) Hans Lorenz (Germany) (new) Gheorghe Popescu (Romania) (new) Rudolf Řepka (Czech Republic) (new) James Shaw (Northern Ireland) (new) Joël Wolff (Luxembourg) I would love to say I’m surprised by the decision but I’m not its UEFA all over AW is always targeted and its a well known fact that Platini hates AW, they were just waiting for the chance… Read more »


how did UEFA conclude san siro pitch was playable in the first place is beyond me. they cannnot expect wenger not to question the pitch when clearly everyone can see the wings were freshly relaid, unless all UEFA members are colour blind.

there are problems in UEFA footballing rules anyways. if UEFA are unhappy anything can be classified as “improper conduct”. if they dont like managers talking to refs then they should be more specific.

Andreas N

It’s fine if UEFA want to keep shitting on Arsene Wenger it’s their competition, it sucks but they have the right. However, if they continue to show Wenger no respect, then we NEED to stop treating the UCL “with respect” (as Wenger says) when we have a chance to rest players having already won the group. We lost Andre Santos for 5 months playing him in Greece, that can’t happen again.


Michel Twatini + Sepp twatter = Nasri

[…] other news, Arsene Wenger has been handed a 3 match ban and £40,000 fine by UEFA for daring to speak to a referee after the Milan game. I know the boss can be a prickly […]


The pedant in me doesn’t allow me to leave this page without pointing out that if Wenger went on trial, it would be at the International Criminal Court (for persons) not the International Court of Justice (for states).

As you were…


Duly noted for the next ridiculous, over the top, hyperbolic UEFA article we do!


“I am not a man, I am Cuntona… I mean Platini… I mean… merde…”


I never expected to get any google search results for “fucking uefa asshole cunts”, but here we are… They’ve charged England as well as Serbia! Beyond fucking belief. uefa CUNTS!! Platini CUNT! Sorry this isn’t very Arsenal related, had to vent somewhere…

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