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Yennaris leaves comfort zone to improve

Arsenal youngster Nico Yennaris caught the eye when asked to fill in a right back during the club’s injury crisis which saw Bacary Sagna and Carl Jenkinson sidelined.

He replaced Johan Djourou at half-time during the 2-1 home defeat to Manchester United, and the local lad performed admirably under difficult circumstances. Beyond that 45 minutes in the league however, he started just one Carling Cup game and appeared as an FA Cup sub against Leeds.

Now on loan at Notts County, he’s determined to use this spell to develop himself as player in a way he knows he couldn’t if he’d stayed at Arsenal.

“I’ve been at Arsenal for a long time so I really feel at home there, but it’s good to come out of your comfort zone sometimes to learn and experience new things,” he said.

“Coming to Notts is a good opportunity for me to do that, play games and hopefully improve as a player. I’m really looking forward to the challenge.”

And despite figuring primarily as a defender for us, Yennaris is a midfielder and according to County boss Keith Curle he’s settled in well in that position at Meadow Lane.

“He was a bit nervous at the beginning, but once he settled down he gave a good account of himself,” said Curle.

“The tigerish defending of Scunthorpe could catch a lot of people out because they want that time to play, but he adapted to it very well.”

Clearly the competition for midfield places at Arsenal is intense, and with Jack Wilshere closing in a return, Yennaris has much to do to convince Arsene Wenger his future at the club lies there.

The best he can do is perform for Notts County and hope that it’s enough for the boss to consider him for the squad.

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This is what we need! A few more local lads who know exactly what THE Arsenal is about, rather than fucking off at the first opportunity to Man Shity!


Let’s hope we can still say that *after* Citeh have waved a cuntmagnet of cash at him.


City’s “Chuck cash at ’em” attitude is very obviously not working. They are struggling now. I would imagine most players can see through this by now.

Local lads = loyal lads. 🙂


You mean like Cashley?

I don’t care where our players come from as long as they’re loyal.

Cygan's Left Foot

Bergkamp was a local lad.
Jens came out of retirements to help he local team.

Oh wait ….


Really gotta feel bad for these young midfielders trying to break into the first team…the competition would drive anyone crazy…we’re spoilt for choice…

Cygan's Right Foot

At least all the competition weeds out the players that don’t want it enough. If you keep improving in training and take your opportunities, whether that’s in pre-season, carling cups, fa cups or already qualified champions league group games, then they can only improve the squad.

Wilshere at 19 has already shown how much he wants to play in the red and white and can only improve with players breathing down his neck. Walcott since Chamberlain came into the first team is another that’s clearly realised that there’s competition for his place and has started to really step up.

Cygan's Left Foot

Well said Rightly,

Le Coq is a shining example too, went on loan and came a better player to earn himself a contract and played a lot of games at his age this season..

The one that doesn’t make it would still earn a good living at mid table club and make a name for them selves.

The invincible arse

Seeing the pic, I wonder what happened to his other ball


Completely off-topic, but since Milos Krasic is almost certain to leave Juve this summer, who here thinks he’d be a good purchase and a good replacement for Arsha?

Cygan's Right Foot

As we already have Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlain, now the possibility of Podolski joining and with Miyaichi to return next season plus the players in the reserves who can all play in that position, it’s highly unlikely we’d go for him.


Personally, I’d take Krasic over Podolski, hands down. Especially when you consider that both are worth the same amount of money.

Cygan's Left Foot

I would take Podolski for the simple reason that, he can play striker too, we have enough wingers to cover us for the next 5 years at least.

Los Polandos

I’d say that there is a reason for which he lost trust of juve’s faithful. It seem to be down to work ethic, something that certain german striker/winger from cologne is much more likely to posess. However flamboyant, he seems inconsistent and moody. In a word – Yes, a perfect replacement for Arshavin. But do we really need one?


I’d take Giroud over either poldi or krasic, although he’s not a winger, I think he’d give us a better alternative and would fit in well in EPL. Between poldi and krasic, i’d take poldi just because of recent form and him being more versatile. Krasic was great for CSKA but apparently he’s not good enough for the top


No thanks to Krasic, as he mentioned in the press earlier this month that “not joining spu*s in January was a mistake.” Anyone who thinks like that is not someone I want to see in the red and white of the Arsenal.


I really want to see Yenarris succeed at Arsenal. If anyone has seen those pictures of him and Thierry they will know he is an Arsenal lad through and through!


Just seen him at RB how is he in the CM?

Cygan's Right Foot

It’s his natural position, so he’s very good. Definitely a bright prospect but we have so many in that central position, he needs to continue working hard to convince Arsene he has what it takes.


Good on ya Nico. I personally feel much more optimistic about the chances of all these new, passionate youngsters than the likes of Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Denilson; arguably more talented, but ultimately lacking the appropriate desire to really succeed. Nico, Frimpong, Ox, Jenks, Coq, Wilshere, Ramsey… we have a bright future ahead of us, my friends! Good luck Nico, hope to see you turning out regularly in the Red and White in future.


I really like the look of Yennaris. He could be a very good squad player for us in the future. When he came on against Man United he played well and didn’t look out of place.

But why is he on loan at Notts County? Surely a Premier League or Championship side would be better for his development? Getting kicked by plodding lower-league players isn’t going to do much to help him improve.

the only sam is nelson

heh, you say that, but “the tigerish defence of Scunthorpe” sounds a lot less dangerous than “that cunt shawcross” so it’s possibly a moot point. i could be wrong but thinking about the worst injuries of the last few years, most of them seem to have occurred in the premier league – cech, eduardo, diaby, etc etc i mean it could be that lower league players are having legs amputated on a weekly basis but it doesn’t seem like it to me. good place for nico to get game time, which he might not at another top flight or championship… Read more »

Cygan's Right Foot

Because it’s a team with a certain level of pressure to gain promotion. Our players generally go to teams that will give them a different style of pressure to build an internal steel.
Also, it’s going to be a team where he will probably be better than a number of their players and thus will get playing time


What is everyones thought on how Le Coq, Mr Pong and Nico rank…

Le Coq is surely a mile ahead of the other two…but i reckon a good loan spell under his belt there is no reason nico cant reach the Level of frimpong

the only sam is nelson

I hope they all come through and turn into fantastic players, either regular starters or adding something coming off the bench. not only would this mean we’ve got a solid base of skill for years to come, it’d save us a ton of money and inspire the next generation of gooner talent on the other hand we’ve got to face the reality that more of them won’t be making it than will, if past experience is anything to go by. for every wilshere there are the stokes (anthony, not the potters), bentleys, JETs, muambas (yes yes notwithstanding out sincere good… Read more »


I was certain landsbury would be sold last summer but the contract extension surely is a sign but somehow am i the only one feeling this year hes stalled…last year he was playing in a promotoin chasing side…so surely this year he should have been sent lower end Premship

Cygan's Right Foot

Being part of a promotion chasing side (WHU) has a different pressure than joining a team fighting off relegation (Any of the bottom 6). When things are going badly at the bottom, players can struggle (obviously Ryo has followed Jack in playing as well as he can and being a stand out player) to improve and keep motivated. While chasing promotion, there is a constant competition for places to ensure the team go up.

the only sam is nelson

at the same time, owen coyle is a progressive sort of manager who seems to have a bit of time for more expansive football than bolton used to play

whereas sam allardyce is a complete and utter hole and his teams have only ever played awful rubbish (as an aside this is funny as fuck given the irons love their “academy of football” bullshit)

so that might also have a bit to do with it as well.

Cygan's Left Foot

I think he was sent to a place where he would get more games. But, I think the manager sees him as a late developer, you would rarely see a tall/big players stars as youngsters, classic example Zidane, he was just a good player until the age of 24/25 then became one of the best. I have high hope for Diaby when he gets fit to have a big season next year.


So in hindsight wouldnt it have been better if landsbury went to bolton at the start of this season?

Cygan's Right Foot

But Coyle didn’t want to loan a player from Arsenal at the start of this season, hence Ryo only joining in January… other than that, good point 😉


We weren’t on exactly great terms with Bolton in August because of the that twat gartside. But I am on the agreement that Bolton (coyle) seems to do a great job of getting the best out of loanees. If ryo comes back and has the same impact that jack did I will love my gooner life!

Naija Gunner

Hope they all end up at Arsenal fc


For all of our midfielders, I still feel like we need to be looking long term at a CAM. Rosicky is playing well right now and Ramsey looks promising but inconsistent. Maybe I’m just bent on finding a true Cesc replacement, which may not be what we need.


I think ozzy was hyped to be the next Cesc wasn’t he?

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