Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea: By the Numberzzzzz


49 – Percent of territory in favor of Arsenal
51 – Percent of territory in favor of Chelsea
13 – Shots by Arsenal
14 – Shots by Chelsea
7 – Corners by Arsenal
7 – Corners by Chelsea
18 – Tackles by Arsenal
17 – Tackles by Chelsea
15 – Interceptions by Arsenal
15 – Interceptions by Chelsea
12 – Fouls by Arsenal
11 – Fouls by Chelsea
3 – Yellow cards for Arsenal
4 – Yellow cards for Chelsea
4 – Shots on goal for Arsenal
2 – Shots on goal for Chelsea
6 – Blocks by Arsenal
3 – Blocks by Chelsea
100 – Percent increase in Chelsea shots on goal over their match against Barcelona

0.81 – Goals per game for Robin van Persie since January 2011
4.32 – Shots per game for Robin van Persie since January 2011
0.1875 – Goals per shot for Robin van Persie since January 2011
1 – Goals scored by van Persie in the last 7 games
29 – Shots by van Persie in the last 7 games
7 – Shots by van Persie v. Chelsea today*
3 – Shots on goal by van Persie v. Chelsea today*
0.034 – Goals per shot by van Persie in the last 7 games
5773 – Minutes played by Robin van Persie for Arsenal¹ since January 2011 (15 months)
5328 – Minutes played by Robin van Persie for Arsenal¹ between July 2007 and December 2010 (30 months)
3826 – Minutes played by Robin van Persie for Arsenal¹ in the 2011-2012 season

25 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Chelsea final third in the first half
24 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Liverpoo final third in the first half of Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over them Scouse³
63 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Chelsea final third in the second half
3 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Chelsea final third in the first 20 minutes
31 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Chelsea final third in the last 20 minutes
29 – Passes completed by Chelsea in the Arsenal final third in the first half
29 – Passes completed by Chelsea in the Arsenal final third in the second half
14 – Passes completed by Chelsea in the Arsenal final third in the first 20 minutes
11 – Passes completed by Chelsea in the Arsenal final third in the last 20 minutes

77 – Passes per game average Mikel Arteta²
91 – Percent passes completed by Mikel Arteta²
63 – Passes completed by Aaron Ramsey v. Chelsea (of 65 attempted)*
43 – Passes completed by Florent Malouda**
30 – Passes forward by Aaron Ramsey (of 32 attempted)*
15 – Passes in the final third by Alex Song*
20 – Passes backward by Aaron Ramsey
13 – Passes square by Aaron Ramsey
97 – Percent passes completed by Aaron Ramsey v. Chelsea*
4 – Number of times Aaron Ramsey was dispossessed**
9 – Number of times Daniel Sturridge was dispossessed*
5 – Number of tackles by Fernando Torres*
3 – Number of tackles each by both Vermaelen and Chamberlain**
1 – Flying Kung-fu tackles in the box by Laurent Koscielny
4 – Interceptions by John Terracist*
1 – Number of times John Terracist slipped and fell down
3 – Interceptions each by both Vermaelen and Song**
7 – Aerial duels won by Bacary Sagna (of 8 attempted)*
8 – Aerial duels actually won by Bacary Sagna except for Mike Dean’s bizarre foul call
4 – Time in the AM which I woke up in order to watch that shit show

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*Leads all players
**Leads his team
1. All competitions
2. Leads Arsenal in this category
3. Premier League season low for Arsenal?


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Ramsey was really dispossessed only four times? It seemed like it was more than that in the first twenty minutes alone. Mind you, I’m not bashing him – he did worlds better in the second half – but he was way too lackadaisical on the ball in the first. In any case, we really missed Arteta today.


a 97% pass completion rate is petty impressive, though.
I wonder how he could have been dispossede by a player sneaking up from behind that many times…did no one of his team mates scream or couldn’t he just hear it because the crowd went mad?
overall a decent but not good enough performance…could be worse.
highlights were kung-fu tackles & j.terryfying shoulderings.. got to love ou cbs


Ramsey did struggle in the first half, but so did the rest of the team. In the second half he put on a strong display, something to build on for the next three games. Also, glad to have Diaby back!


Yes, Diaby looked incredibly sharp for someone who’s been out all season. Not just on passing and pace, which is pretty easy to keep up in training, but his movement and vision are still top-notch as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how well he did.

the don

diaby is a big talent, that a big part of the resion his still at the club
even tho his been getting paid for only playing a few games each year due to always geting injourd.

but when his fit he could be a big player.


Ramsey didn’t play well, yes. But neither did many other players on the team. He had a poor run of form, mind, most of it he was playing in a position he is not really suited to. And since the fans jumped on him for that, well they haven’t looked back. Even when he has improved a bit, they won’t acknowledge it? Personally, I think Song was equally lackadaisical, and as much as we all love him, the Ox too. Now considering how much the Ox struggled in that position on the left, all those times people wondered why the… Read more »


1 – Points earned and clean sheets kept today, which may make a world of difference when all is said and done.

Pedantic Dave

2 – Games to go until St. Totteringham Day


Stats doesn’t tell the whole story. Ramsey got 63 passes completed but I think most of them are 1 second too late or kill the flow of the arsenal’s movement. Sorry.


Except the whole story

Master Bates

Exactly ,nothing tells the whole story ,Statements too don’t tell the whole story. If I say Ramsey is bad passer ,It doesn’t say how ? Is he bad because he misplaces his pass , all of his passes are only sideway and backward(Very difficult to achieve) ? does he takes too long to take a pass ? are his passes strong or too weak or very fast or too slow ? does the ball spin around when he passes ? how many are with right foot ? was the pass too obvious when he passed it ? was it a… Read more »

Mark Mywords

“There are lies, damned lies and statistics”. W Churchill. I was at the game, and he didn’t play well. He’s potentially a very good player, who is going through a mediocre spell. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that. If we had a full complement of players, he wouldn’t justify a place in the side. I don’t know anyone who argues that he would. Song isn’t at his best either, so we’re looking sluggish in midfield to put it mildly. The pace has gone out of our game, which is why we’ve looked so sterile in the last… Read more »


Sorry for being rude, but the quote you used is Mark Twain’s, not W Churchill’s. And for the game, Wenger himself admitted there were a handbrake. Every one hate those sneaking goals. Including Wenger


Yeah and I bet all that was Ramsey’s fault, all that big bang shit.


The board should have never given him a new contract.


very true….plus midfielder usually complete more pases than that

the don

ramsey problem is, his brain

over the past season we have seen him try back heels, skills, shot
that none of them have work.
past few games he hasnt seem like a player that can pick a pass or control the game.

today about 90% was all back or sideways.


65 passes attempted of which 30 were forward.

Read the post and/or do your sums before you spout shit.


Ramsey’s cross that Robin skewed in the 2nd half was great.Any other day Robin would have converted it.Guess then no one would have said he’s shit. True he was off pace and bit sceptic in the first ha;f but most of our players were. During the 2nd half he did good if not so great

Cygan's Middle Foot

7amkickoff rocks!


Ugh, glad I live in Texas now. I miss California, but it was a lot harder to watch Arsenal back then!

Cygan's Middle Foot

3 – points gap qpr helped to keep sp*ds to mind


Fatcunt’s team just lost to QPR – I guess we will not see him here for a few hours. 🙂

More numberzzz:
1 – Number of players that shed blood for the Arsenal today*

Let us all hail the rock that is Sagna!


I feel quite sorry for RVP and I hope he is mentally strong enough to keep himself together. He has hit the post so many times it’s so frustrating…

Master Bates

there is a song for that you know


0 – More games till Robin finds the net

Got unlucky today but he scores when he wants, so I’m sure he’ll be up for knocking a couple in next game!


This is probably arsenal players’ mentality…”ah! 3 games to go, we’ve got a champions league spot and phew! the season’s over, now where will i go for my holiday?”


Might be true at this point, but can’t fault their attitude for the whole season, 17 -> 3rd is a good achievement considering. Next year is our year!


‘Next year is our year!’……..agreed.


3rd is not wrapped up yet! A tough game today, but the point earned means Arsenal still controls its destiny.


@wil, they’ve got their minds fixed on international duties when clearly the club duties is far from being done.


Haven’t heard that one before =/


@Xav: Very doubtful, most of them already know exactly where they’re going for holiday–Poland and/or Ukraine.


was nice to see ashley cole getting booked after he set foot on the pitch


To be honest, that ought to have been his second yellow: he deserves to get one for being Ashley Cole.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

His coming on when he did should have been the catalyst that sent us ahead. Sadly our team are all relatively young, and the mere sight of Cole doesn’t cause them to redouble their efforts just to spite the little bastard.

I’m afraid the Arsenal fans are the only ones left who remember what a greedy cunt he is, and his presence on the pitch is no longer worth 1.5 goals to us when we play the Russian Mob.

Time for him to retire now. The world no longer bothers to think/talk about him.


Barca loosing and it’s the 92 min already. If we win next year, then Fabregas will rue leaving Arsenal.

Make it happen you Gooners!


11 – number of chelsea cunts on the pitch


14 including the 3 that got subbed in

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

15 – Cole counts double.

Oleg Luzhny

QPR knocking off Sp*rs made the result more acceptable. Still 7 pts up on Chelski, 6 up on Sp*rs even with the games ahead Arsenal are still ahead.

Newcastle are of course only 3 back with a game in hand, but look at their last 4 fixtures, @Wigan, @Chelski, v Man City, @Everton. I see maybe 5 pts there and that’s maybe being generous.

3rd is ours.


We still need to pick up the points! The team should take nothing for granted, even the possibility that Alan f*cking Pardew leads a team into the Champions League.

Rad Carrot

No No No No NO! My God, I hope the team don’t think like this. The team still has to fight. It’s still perfectly conceivable now that we could win our last three and STILL miss out on a Champs League spot (Newcastle pip us to third on GD, the chavs somehow win the Cup this year). We cannot take this for granted AT ALL. If we fucking get stuffed by Wigan at home, then how the hell are we going to beat Stoke away? All this without two of our more creative players? No. Be worried, mate. Not trying… Read more »

Oleg Luzhny

Oh I agree, obviously this is turning out more difficult than it really should be, but I am optimistic.


his teeth match his hair, his teeth match his haaaaaiiiirrrrr,
Alan Pardew, his teeth match his hair!

i love the geordies at the mo, love the way they fill the spuds and chavs CL spots. Twitchys girls dont look like they want to mix with the eu boys at all, that or they are getting their roots done thursday nights.



Agreed. Only worry was a late spud show. But it looks as if all of them are down and out considering how ambitious they were in Nov-Dec. Once in every season Harry Redknapp will say – “I think we can win the title”. Ridiculous. And one more point about the great motivational skill he possess and something Arsene Wenger never had. Where are those skills when they need it. So, it means after a certain stage its all upto the players. We have Sczeczny, TV, Koscielny, Sagna, Santos, Wilshere, Arteta, Rosicky and RVP who shows exceptional character when it comes… Read more »


I’m actually really glad I slept late and missed exactly the first 20 minutes of the game now that I see this article!

The BearMan

Arsenal lacks a winning formulae!

We cannot say the lads are tired unless they were out painting the town last night Red n White.

We are just not able to put on a command performance week-on-week!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oh. Right. We’re shit!! Thanks for explaining how rubbish Arsenal are. Well, I’m off to support Man City then. Bye.

The BearMan

We simply lack a champion’s mentality!


the arsenal midfield just looked so weak….Ramsey cannot play the passing game…Why not sell him to Stoke City…thats the only team i know that dont care at all about possession

Too Drunk To Be Offside

With Sp*ds and “I am England Manager” and Co going down at Q.P.R, I think it sort of puts us in a very strong place for third……………Newcastle may seem to be level with us, (three points behind with a game in hand) but they next travel to Stamford Bridge host City and travel to the Goodison, so they are bound to drop points in all those games, and with Chelsea now effectively 4 behind us, two wins would really do the trick for us. Its no way in the bag by any means though, and while two more points would… Read more »


Also,we have a superior goal difference compared to newcastle and the rest of the cunts.we just need to focus on winning our games.we know that stoke away is hard and for the first time i am really looking forward towards ramsey performing against stoke.i hope he gets one over them for they wasted a year of his career.

Mental Strength

That Kung fu tackle by Koscielny was simply awesome. I celebrated as if we scored a goal. Also RVP’s goal drought is kind of worrying me now.


I kind of like the RVP drought…He has a greater chance of staying at Arsenal now

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s what being an Arsenal fan is all about. Seeing the silver lining.


Ramsey had a good game, looks very promising. I really hope this is the start of him getting back on top of his game, must be hard to get back into football after getting your leg broken whilst playing.

I thought Koscielny could do with a kick up the backside. His commitment in the challenges can’t really be questioned however his passes were always a little short or lacking pace and put the receiver in a difficult position.


Hahaha,Ramsey haters scraping the bottom of the barrell to find excuses to bash him.statisticaly the best midfielder for both teams today.Anything you want to say sounds like sour grapes.Life must suck for you lot.


Man were we watching the same match? … i think you were watching an old match from 1907…Was the picture in black and white???

the don

erm what plant are you on. am a big fan of ramsey my self, his young and he will be back to his best that a fact he dose have alot of talent just need time and games. fair enought alot of fans seem to be bashing ramsey for anything that goes wrong in the team. but if you think he was the best midfielder in the game today ?….your wrong by a mile mate. today must of his passing was back or side ways he got cought on the ball what..2-3 times and at this level in the game… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s amazing how seeing him lose possession 4 times in a match suddenly colours people’s entire view of how he preformed.

This article is based on a statistical measure of yesterday’s game. It is a statistical fact the he did not pass “most” of his passes backwards.

There are a few people on here trying to perpetuate the idea that Ramsey can only pass backwards. it’s bollocks. Little hairy bollocks.


I think the biggest issue today was we had 3 players tomas, the ox and welsh rambo trying to play the AM role and it just got too much I think that’s why when two went off we became more fluid


Just seen MOTD….we should buy Hoilett this summer and bin Walcott.

Eric Irish gunner

Would’ent get rid of Walcott, we could get hoilett on a free, I think ben arfa and cabaye are really good players and in their mid twentys we need a stronger squad

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Brilliant. We know how it ends too. It’s women, children, Bales and Modrics to the lifeboats, and the Captain will go down with his ship (while the con-man will don women’s clothing and get picked up by a passing England, before jumping ship once more once he’s found out.


Stats are mostly meaningless. They don’t take into account what a player doesn’t do, but should.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

0 – Number of times any Arsenal didn’t break John Terry’s face.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

0 – Number of times any Arsenal player didn’t break John Terry’s face.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

0 – Number of times any Arsenal player didn’t not break John Terry’s face.

I know there’s a bloody joke in here somewhere!!!


probably the worst match i saw at the emirate,chelsea came to get a draw,we were clueless how to pass the wall in front of us and until the cunt come on the pitch really little passion from the player and the fan why i pass 4 hour on arsenal website trying to get a seat on the new updated ticket exchange (what alot of shit this is ) to watch that crap from both team.if i was watching this on tv i would have switch channel on boredom. and the little creativity we have today were gone when TR7 was… Read more »

It is what it is

Practice makes perfect…..yes, he over elaborates – just like Ramsey lately. But, he has been involved in some of our best plays this season. Remember that assist vs Dortmund, way back when? Or the left foot floater to RVP yesterday – a very good chance. Had i been offered 4 points from the games against Chelsea, when they beat us to Mata and we were briefly languishing where sp*** should be…..I’d have accepted it. Look at the positives – Cleansheet, Diaby is back, the Ox gained invaluable experience, chavs might be playing Thursday night football next season, Gibbs’ approach, QPR… Read more »


Song had two great passes that RVP should probably have scored from.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“can Song stop making hollywood pass,it doesnt work all the time” This is the problem with young players being built up by the press. Song has read how brilliant his through balls were and has fallen into the trap of thinking that this is the most important part of his game…the killer pass. A more experienced player would realise that it is nice when it comes off but you should go for the sensible approach 9 times out of 10, so that your Hollywood pass is actually a surprise when you make it. Defenders have already seen that Song has… Read more »


Gutbukkit, I agree to a point, but I think it has more to do with the fact that the rest of our team is just not creative enough. In the absence of a Cesc, Song clearly feels he has to step up to the plate. Arteta, for all he brings to the team, has not provided the killer final ball often enough. Ramsey could, early in the season, but can’t seem to muster it any longer, and Rosicky has done well but is not in the Bergkamp or Cesc league. I agree Song could do better, but in the scheme… Read more »

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ARSEBLOG […]

It is what it is

Buck tooth was about to shoot, lol. Kos is such an awesome kill joy. Thanks for that.


We aren’t quite sprinting to the finish line – more like walking with the occasional stumble. Still, a win and a draw against Chelsea over the course of the season is a pretty decent return. Considering we went into this game expecting an easy win says more about us than it does about them. We had the better chances despite the fact our passing wasn’t incisive at all. Interested to see if Diaby start the next few games. Wenger won’t want to rush him back but we may not have a choice. I think we looked a lot better when… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

This has put a great image in my head. The team, stumbling out of the smoke of battle, carrying their injured mates to safety in their arms and across their backs. Just remember though, in 9 out of 10 War Movies the enemy machine guns open up at this moment and the team falls just before reaching the trench. We need a bloody artillery barrage to keep the nasties head’s down. Can we call one up ourselves (An RVP hat trick against Stoke) or do we need help from allies (Would be happy to see Kolo Toure and Gael Clichy… Read more »


4 – dinked passes over the top from Alex Song towards VanPersie.


I think next week maybe santos and forehead as the front 3 won’t be a bad shout, santos was lively there


No amount of numbers would ever change the fact that ramsey is a poor player atm.


The day this club and supports realises that our Manager has lost his touch and do something about it is day that we’re going to set our target on winning trophies rather than fourth place, which is what this Manager has been doing for the past 7 years. This summer if he doesn’t change his way then I think we should part ways because I can’t take it any more. What’s the point of qualifying for the Champions league every season if the manager isnt going to assemble the right players to at least have a proper go at it!!!… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“This summer if he doesn’t change his way then I think we should part ways because I can’t take it any more.”

OK. Goodbye. Enjoy your next club.

Old man grape

apart from when we got to the final ofc..


Yeah, so long Bakarr’s, would wish you all the best but I will not.


Why is it so difficult for you guys to be critical of this manager?


Honestly, it’s because he is the greatest manager we have ever had and he always proves to know something we don’t. Hence the ‘Arsene knows”.

Now, does he make mistakes? Probably. Is there a manager alive that would do even a little better for us? Probably not. And is he the greatest manager ever? Most definitely. And is Nasri a cunt? I’ll leave that one to you.

[…] is boring, which is why writers tell stories from a specific point of view. And when I write my By the Numbers columns from the point of view of one of three evil masterminds: Lardon, the destroyer; Geekly, the meek; […]


I know Nasri is the biggest cunt ever, second only to JT and Adebayo. Lets be realistic for a moment shall we? The greatest manager in the world? No wonder we’re being laught at by some fools in the media. Don’t get me wrong he is a very good manager, but the greatest in the world!!! With zero trophy in 7 years! It will be difficult for you to convince anyone. 8 years ago Alex Fargusons number one rival used to be Arsene Wenger, can anyone tell me why that is? No…….! Let me enlighten you. Becoz Arsene was doing… Read more »


Some Arsenal fans hate to hear the truth, I know how you feel, but after 7 years you’ve to wake up.

When should we really start to question this regime? In 10 years from now! Or 20?


maybe we should question our path when both lots of mancs, che£$ki and the ‘smashers have all gone bust.

just ask a leeds fan.