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Arsenal 1-2 Wigan: By the Numbers

3.47 – Shots on goal Arsenal allow on average in the Premier League this season
7 – Shots on goal by Wigan
3 – Number of times this season Arsenal have allowed 7 or more shots on goal
2 – Number of times those were losses (Man U 8-2 Arsenal, Arsenal 1-2 Wigan)
1 – Number of times Arsenal won (Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal)
14 – Number of games that Arsenal has played this season where they have allowed 4 or more shots on goal
10 – Number of those games they have lost
20 – Number of games that Arsenal has played this season where they have allowed 3 or fewer shots on goal
0 – Number of those games that Arsenal lost

What that looks like in a graphic:

50 – Best guess at the percent of you who will get what this means

72 – Aaron Ramsey completed passes v. Wigan (of 81 attempted)*
62 – Andre Santos completed passes v. Wigan (of 73 attempted)
43 – Bacary Sagna completed passes v. Wigan Athletic
96 – Bacary Sagna completed passes v. Wolverhampton Wanderers
8 – Bacary Sagna completed passes in the final third v. Wigan Athletic
22 – Bacary Sagna completed passes in the final third v. Wolverhampton Wanderers
22 – Theo Walcott completed passes v. Wigan Athletic
38 – Theo Walcott completed passes v. Wolverhampton Wanderers
12 – Theo Walcott completed passes in the final third v. Wigan Athletic
18 – Theo Walcott completed passes in the final third v. Wolverhampton Wanderers
30 – Jean Beausejour completed passes v. Arsenal

16 – Passes completed by Wigan in the first 6 minutes of the game

8 – Attempted dribbles by Victor Moses*
5 – Attempted dribbles by Andre Santos**
12 – Attempted dribbles by Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, and Gervinho (4 each)
5 – Successful dribbles by Victor Moses*
4 – Successful dribbles by Andre Santos**
3 – Successful dribbles by Oxlade-Chamberlain (1), Walcott (0), and Gervinho (2)
3 – Successful dribbles by Maynor Figueroa
3 – Successful dribbles by Mohamed Diame
8 – Minutes of football played by Mohamed Diame
23 – Shots by Arsenal
5 – Shots by Andre Santos*
4 – Shots by Robin van Persie
3 – Shots by Thomas Vermaelen
1 – Shots by Johan Djourou
39 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots against Wigan which came from three defenders
15 – Shots by Wigan
5 – Shots by Jordi Gomez*
4 – Shots by Franco di Santo
3 – Shots by Victor Moses
80 – Percent of Wigan’s shots taken by their three forwards
48 – Percent of Wigan’s play that went through the left side
18 – Percent of Wigan’s play that went through the middle
41 – Percent of Wigan’s play that normally goes through the left side (season average)
27 – Percent of Wigan’s play that normally goes through the middle (season average)
97 – Shots + Tackles + Interceptions + Clearances + Duels won (STICD) Index for Wigan
82 – Shots + Tackles + Interceptions + Clearances + Duels won (STICD) Index for Arsenal
100 –  Percent chance that I made up this Index to see if it would STICD
100 – Percent chance that Wigan’s manager targeted Arsenal’s right side in order to pen back Sagna and Walcott
110 – Percent Wigan gave in the match

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Runcorn Gooner

0 – Attempt to do anything by TW

Linford Christie could have done better than Walcott.I think its a bit harsh on Ramsey! It was 2nil to Wigan before Ramsey got on the pitch.


100% – We seem to be up for and win our matches when we have our backs to the wall. We seem unable to win once we have put ourselves in a good position to leave the other teams behind in the table.


Why does this team (wigan) only play when relegation comes calling


I’ve heard people say Martinez is one of the best coaches in the prem. well obviously he isn’t or wigan would play how they did against us and man united every damn game, everyone always exagerates shizz, especially about ramsey


Stats, delicious stats.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

1 – Number of stats that are delicious


100 – Percent chance that I will be gutted if this result were to be a costly one for us at the end of the season.


99 – times of arsenal players said we need to be serious from now on

Gooner King

We really need to stop losing to shit teams. Smh.


we’re turning into liverpool with a bunch of french players instead of english players

Master Bates

Can we blame this on Arshavin?

Cygan's Left Foot

No, we can’t blame him or any player. But we can blame the Manager for sure because of getting paid 6/7 mil and producing this stats … 3 years and over 150 games to realise that Almunia was shit and by dropping Jens the team not only lost a good keeper but a leader. 3 years and over 100 games to realise that Denilson is the master of stats but a crap player. 6 years, over 250 games and counting to see Theo is ONLY good as squad player not starter. 5 years and over 300 games we will suffer… Read more »

Master Bates

Yeah we should have hired Kenny Daglish ,He won them the Carling Cup which makes them better than us…according to you.

we’ll just need to give him 100M tho’

Cygan's Left Foot

No, not Dogleash but a better manager that in 7 years racked in around 40/50 mil in wages and won NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Name the miracle worker you want. Tell us how much he will cost each year.
If you don’t have a workable plan you’re just emulating Wolves.

ould azza

Thank you my Arse for helping struggling team to a win.

Master Bates

Glad we could help ,

Like My Penis people laugh at you but you also manage to stay up

Master Bates


[…] Match report – Video – By the numbers […]

ould azza

2 diabolical goals let in by a clown keeper and comical defenders

Old man grape

lol… clown keeper.. fucking lol.

troll off mate

Stockholm Gunner

100 – % chance that Ramsey’s passing stats are as relevant as my arse. I could get a 100% by just passing it to Song, Sagna or Santos. Compare with the tempo of Rosicky. I don’t buy for a second that he receives to much shit. He does because he deserves it. Did you see the attempted back-heel to Santos? It’s his patent now. Did anyone miss how much time he spends on the ball before passing a simple 5m pass? Don’t get me wrong. He certainly has talent, but in all honesty, if that talent doesn’t deliver more for… Read more »

Stockholm Gunner

Just to be clear, it wasn’t his fault, all the players were shite, especially the every-other-game-committed Walcott who just doesn’t know how to dribble. So sick of getting my hopes up everytime he scores a fine goal, only to be dissapointed by the next performance which usually looks just like last night’s.


Ramsey wasn’t even on the pitch when they won the game. 0-2 down against a team defending well and you need to take your chances. We didn’t so we lost. While Ramsey didn’t do much to help us win, who exactly did? (Verm, Rosicky aside)

Master Bates

People think if we had EDEN HAZARD on the bench we wouldn’t have conceded those 2 goals . Only a player like Ramsey does that

Stockholm Gunner

As I said, it wasn’t his fault that we lost the game, but it annoyes me so much that he continously fails to deliver on his talent. So far, he has yet to convince me that he’s just a better version of Denilson. And as I said, I hope he proves me wrong and scores a hat trick against Barca in a CL-final and show’s a t-shirt which says “F-OFF STOCKHOLM GUNNER” as celebration. But in all honesty, a 21-year old would never have been allowed to back-heel as he did in the failed attempt to pass Santos if he… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I’ll wear a T Shirt the says ‘F OFF STOCKHOLM GOONER’. It’s really tiresome hearing the shit people are throwing at Ramsey, he’s not playing well, dithers on the ball, has lots to learn, but stop blaming him for every fucking thing. QPR, TV5 fucks up, blame Ramsey. Beat man city 1-0, Blame Ramsey?? Lose to Wigan by conceding 2 goals when hes not on the pitch then miss a host of decent chances, blame Ramsey. I know what would shock him into some form, let’s send vile abuse to him from behind our keyboards like the snivelling little cowards… Read more »

Stockholm Gunner

Since he plays in probably the most important position on the pitch, you have to ask of more. It’s not about finding a scapegoat, but when your losing, you want players on the pitch who doesn’t hide or just play sideways, you want people like the Ox who at least tries to give the other team a go, even if he failed yesterday.

Midfield Corporal

I’m as disappointed as you Stocholm G that we couldn’t break through the defence, personally I don’t that’s ramseys natural position but it makes me laugh that Ramsey is getting slaughtered when Sagna was roasted a few times, Robin looked uninspired, Theo poor. When the Ox came on he showed he has alot to learn, running into crowds of defenders. His desire and rawness is exciting know but if he doesn’t push on as we expect, or hits a poor run of form next year, the same old people will be looking to crucify him.

Stockholm Gunner

Midfield Corporal: Well that should be quite obvious. RVP has scored a gazillion of goals. Sagna has been the best right back in the Premier League over the season. I complained about Walcott above. Ramsey has been poor throughout, with the occasional goal/assist now and then.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I saw a collective failure to move the ball quickly enough and too many players waiting for the pass they knew was coming rather than moving to give the passer more or better options. Passes were telegraphed. You knew where they were going to pass to. I knew 3 seconds ahead of each pass who the passer was going to pass to. If I knew it then so did Wigan. So many passes were delayed, always giving the Wiganites time to close down the recipient or intercept. Every time one of our players got the ball there was a Wiganite… Read more »


Yesterday showed why we desperately need arteta. The song-ramsey combination just was’nt clicking, such that they tried too much with the back individually ( it backfired on us with wigans counterattacks, duh!) . Artetas’ defensive qualities and ability to organise midfield was greatly missed.


100 – Percentage chance Wigan was going to win because they were been led through their wilderness by a Moses.

why is my name required

Wenger made mistake he should have allowed Bennayoun to stay on the pitch i feel we could nick something had he stayed on …

Cygan's Left Foot

Because our manager decide his subs before the game not during the game or what the team required, here examples for you … Against united he subbed the wrong one and because the crowed booed him, he is punishing the Ox until today for it. 67th minute sub no matter what is going on, win, lost or draw you know it is coming for the left sided attacker no matter how bad is Theo. We were losing 2 nil and Arteta got injured, any manager who know football and looking for goals to recover would have put the Ox over… Read more »


You really think he was going to bring Gervinho on for Djourou whatever the score? Also, the Ox was shit when he came on, justifying Ramsey replacing Arteta. You know SFA.

Cygan's Left Foot

The Ox was shit???? He lost the ball more than Ramsey in 20 minutes because he was trying to attack and carry the ball faster into attack, not flick it back or side way because he is scared shit. Trust me if Ramsey started against AC Milan in the middle instead of the OX we would not have attacked as much. Now tell me why did he take Benny and not Theo if it was not planned before the game? The JD subs he did that many time with Per, so nothing new there. You just a blind sheep that… Read more »


Love to know the number of times Arsenal players have said in pre game interviews “we have learnt our lesson from (*insert defeat*)” and then proceed to play pretty much the same way and get beat again!

Still it wouldn’t be Arsenal if we did it the easy way

Cygan's left testicle

100 – Percent chance, I want the AC milan, home game, starting line up for the Chelsea game.
pleeeeease Mr Wenger, with a Thierry Henry on top


As soon as anyone dares criticise Ramsey on here the thumbs down come streaming out. Yes we played badly as a team but the Welshman was dreadful. He looked knackered after half an hour and slowed our play pondering on the ball only to give a short sideways pass. Don’t get me wrong Rambo will be a fine player but his confidence is shot and wengers insistence to throw in off form players doesn’t help. Gervinho is also lacking in form but he was thrown in and the result was the same. I’m actually hoping diaby will start against Chelsea

Wenger's left testicle

………..TR7 Song…………
What’s the percent of this happening for next game??


I want to see this If gibbs is still out.
little experimental I know, but I think it could work..
Santos can drop back if needed and TV can push back more centrally, Alex and Theo can divert to the wings if needed and rosicky can push forward.

Cygan's Left Foot

Take the Ox out and put Ramsey in and that will be the starting line up for sure. Just get prepared to suffer the presence or Ramsey as a first teamer for the next 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!


AW got it wrong with the subs for me. As soon as Arteta had to come off he should have pulled back rosicky alongside Song and then Benayoun back into the attacking midfield. Then he should have brought on either Gervinho or the Ox on the left of the front 3 offering more genuine attacking support for RVP, who I have to say, is starting to look knackered after a season of playing more or less every single game up front by himself. Sticking the Ox in midfield when we’re chasing a game is a ridiculous move IMO. As soon… Read more »


I so agree. Spot on! Mate.


“”… I’m at a loss as to why Martinez’s men are where they are…” Maybe it’s because Martinez is not as good a manager as some would have us believe and the criticism of Wenger (whose team is about to compete in the CL for the fifteenth season running) is totally unwarranted. Maybe the clamour to kick Arsene out and replace him with someone like Martinez in some circles is just plain daft.


any reason why we keep attacking/crossing from the right into the box with no one in it? is it due to that new formation thingy (i dont completely get it) , seems like all the midfields running into the right at every oppurtunity except for VP & santos? Im tired of the whole ramsey thing, think everyonce provided valid criticisms on it. Song has provided some nice assist , but comeon does he need to run up beyound all the ACM all the time? Is it part of the formation we play? Gerv is just not cutting out, rather he… Read more »


can someone get a stat of what percentage of games weve won when ramsey has started since last years carling cup final?


How dare you say that the ox was shit. He was brought in to try and make something happen as it was in the dying minutes of the game. Were he to start the game we would have won it. His direct play is what we needed. So we lost but don’t you dare burden it all on chambo.


Not the “C-word”, but the “G-word” – gamesmanship. I can’t help thinking that if Arteta had stayed down and forced the physio to come to him, rather than getting up, hobbling around and eventually going to the side of the pitch, two things would have happened. 1) Play would have stopped, momentum gone, no first goal for Wigan. 2) He’d have been subbed then, there would have been no chance for Wigan to break against 10 men and no second goal for Wigan. Say hello to another 1-0 to the Arsenal. It seemed to me that the Wigan players were… Read more »


Ben the ox wasn’t shit he’s a young man thrown into a difficult position and was trying to make something happen. It didn’t work but at least he was trying to penetrate something we hadn’t done once all second half. Would you praise him if he gave safe 5 yard sideways passes all game like Ramsey. He should have come on for Theo on the right who’s game is nullified when teams sit deep. It was a bad call by wenger agree with deano


Amid the barrage of negativity, I hope we still manage somehow to secure 3rd placing come end of the season and that we lost enough games to last through the whole of next season.


Chambo made one pass that cut through what?, 3 or 4 wigan players. Needless to say walcott squandered it with his wayward crosses (no surprise there) Did you guys see that?. If ramsey ever manages that in a game then FUCK ME for ever critisizing him.


95 – percent the Wenger out brigade start talking shite after a defeat. Seriously this is all easy with hindsight, it’s easy to blame Ramsey (who wasn’t even on the pitch when we conceded two) or Theo, but at the end of the day the whole team lacked oomph yesterday. We still lack the kind of players that can come on and make a difference, look at Gervinho, he came on and lost the ball more times than he managed any crosses, poor form. Same goes for AOC to be honest, showed he has a lot to learn as he… Read more »


100% Sacred cows: theo and ramsey


Fuck this place is miserable after a loss. We had license to be shitty at the start of the season but we’ve turned things around and we’ll do it again.

Old man grape

misery seems to be the default position. and only the drug of the win will stop people from calling for the head of anyone they can think of. i don’t know why. but i got over this result pretty fast. i think its most;y due to the fact that wigan played very well. and we weren’t complacent, just a bit crap. i can handle us being a bit crap. i had to for most of the eighties. i really thought we tried our best, we just weren’t clever enough to get past the braking up of the game. most teams… Read more »


Agreed. It didn’t result in a sleepless night unlike the qpr one, i slept like a fuckin’ baby.


I wish we could find a middle ground between jubilant celebration after a win and “sky is falling, sack Wenger, sack the board, sack Gunnersaurus” after a loss or even a draw. Swinging between those to extremes isn’t good for us, as fans, or the team. I know being a supporter is emotional in it’s nature but we need to accept that we lost, stop scapegoating players and get ready to bring a big atmosphere to The Emirates on Saturday. Don’t forget the Wenger, the coaching staff and the players are probably MORE disappointed with their performance than we are.… Read more »


Some miserable bastards on here. Who are, apparently, also managerial geniuses. We are blessed to have such a rare hindsight genius in Cygan’s Left Foot trolling around the Arsenal blogs. I am unable to comprehend his intellect, though, because of my lack of understanding of the beautiful game…
Pray tell what football club has recognized your rare insight and brough you in to lead them?


Today, Arseblog writes about the ‘c’ word. He says that it’s the lack of consistency that has let us down. But I think that he’s gone for the wrong ‘c’ word. Our real problem is lack of character. For me it’s impossible to comprehend how a side that can go to Anfield and Stamford bridge and win well, and also beat the best team in the league (City, not United), can also go to places like Blackburn and QPR and play like Rochdale reserves after a night out on the piss. Our successes under both George Graham and Wenger were… Read more »


Cheers fats. That was the most honest, well thought out post I’ve read in a long time. Spot on mate.


Cheers, Frog.


Great post. These are the games that we need to be much better in if we want to be taken seriously as title challengers. Our record against the bottom 5 is 5-2-3. United’s is 8-2-0, City’s is an impressive 9-0-0. We’re 18 points behind United, and 9 of those come from defeats against the relegation fodder. We’re 15 points behind City, having dropped 13 points against those teams (With one game remaining, City have dropped 0). Something else I’ve noticed: we’ve lost twice at home to sides in the bottom 5 in the Wenger era. Both times, I was at… Read more »


I think everyone’s looking inward a little too much as to why we lost. There were problems, but you have to look at the opposition. Wigan are fighting for survival. They just beat the best team in the country then us. Look at their record for the answer, not ours. I think it will be better against Chelsea.


Problem is we lost at home, not to mention if we are to compete for he title next year, results like this we cannot afford.


Its not the C-Word, its the K-Word.

We missed Koscielny badly.


beat man city .lose to wigan. what a differance a few days make.god we were poor last nite,wigan came to the emirates with one plan 3 pts and they got them.if we had won last nite we would be 8 pts ahead of spuds with 4 games usual we bollock it up at home to a team fightin for their still confident that we will finish 3rd. no more slip ups pleeze.


Wait…so when we allow more shots on goal, we have a better chance of losing? Earth-shattering presentation.


Ramsey and Song were terrible against Wigan. Ramsey couldn’t pass forward and Song looks like he is playing in treacle. So slow on the ball, very frustrating. Walcott was AWOL and this was another example of how Arsenal are just not good enough to finish off teams that they should be beating by 3 or 4 goals.
wIGNA DESERVED THE WIN, smarter, faster and more determined. I hope we show up against the Chavs and get back on track but without Arteta I some how doubt it. Chelsea are firing on all cyliders…I think this could get ugly.

Kenyan goon

“every player was shite today” <- if i had a dollar for everytime we lose when ramsey played ,i'd be a millionaire.
Surely it must be too much of a coincidence that our midfield and wingers have a bad game whenever he starts/plays.
I'm just saying….

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