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Arteta: we must keep fighting

Mikel Arteta says that the Gunners must keep battling as they look to secure third place and automatic qualification for next season’s Champions League.

For a time this season it looked as if even fourth might be a step too far, but Arsenal have overturned a 10 point deficit on T*ttenham  and could turn that into a 5 point lead tonight with a win over Wolves.

But despite the euphoria of a win over title-chasing Man City, Arteta knows that any drop in performance tonight could be costly, as the recent defeat to QPR shows.

“We have some good examples this year when we have dropped points against teams near the bottom,” he said.

“We have to go there with the right mentality and the right approach and sense of pride. When you’re playing away from home there are no easy games in the Premier League.

“We’ve put in a big effort, we are in a strong position now and we don’t want to waste it. We had a setback at QPR and it says a lot for our spirit that we came straight back.”

The Spaniard knows that much can change, even in six games, and has urged his teammates to keep up the battling mentality which has seen us take 24 points from the last 27.

“It will be a big fight and I think it will go right until the end. There are some big games ahead. Everyone must play each other; we’ve got Chelsea here and have got to go to Stoke so it can change again.”

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has praised the former Everton man for his influence this season, saying he’s getting the recognition he deserves and the goal against City was just reward for the way he plays.

“He likes the game we play, he respects the game,” said the boss. “I believe as well that one of the qualities he has that is not always appreciated at its right level is the focus. He has consistent focus from the first to the last minute to win, and that takes advantage of every mistake the opponent can make.

“His goal typifies that because he wins the ball as well and scores behind that, because he has a good concentration level.”

While some took some time to be convinced that Arteta was the right man when he signed in late, late August, surely there cannot be an Arsenal fan who fails to see how his consistent contribution has been invaluable this season.

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3 points today please mik, you handsome man you!

Runcorn Gooner

What an opportunity for the Team.We
could be 11 points ahead of Spuds
before they play their next EPL match .
We have Wolves,Wigan and Chelski
before their 17.30 match with QPR.
Let’s put that 3rd place to bed


Great player, just wished we had signed him 3 years ago!

Tom C

I love Arteta but he looks like a manikin. That picture is a bad example but usually he wouldn’t look out of place modelling a suit in a shop window


THE PICTURE…… it possible that mikel does not look ridiculously photogenic in a picture, my whole life is a lie


Actually, Arteta looks like a cyborg – part man, part machine.


I’m starting to feel a level of ‘swoon’ for him almost as great as for ‘Le Bob’ 🙂


Love how he mentions our fuck ups against lower teams, the value of experience is invaluable, Arsene for god sake’s apply it this summer. Is anybody else beginning to feel man-love for Mik?

Good Omens

I’ve been really encouraged these last couple of months by the fighting spirit we have shown – the attitude since Sagna hauled us back into the game against ‘The Enemy’ has been brilliant. Lets have more please lads and a welcome and tasty 3 points tonight.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t see the appeal of Arteta sexually, he’s a strange looking man. However Bobby P was a dreamboat, I’d have left my wife for him, I liked his hair longer, made him more Gallic.

Dave Gooner

Can we tear in Wolves like we tore into Man City? Full on frontal assault for 90 minutes. Nothing less will do. And Wigan and Chelsea after them – no more slip ups, no mercy

We want to be 11 points clear of the Spuds next time those jumped up fucks take the field.

Mind that Gap suckers – and next time, be more careful what you wish for.

Come On You Gunners


Full on frontal assault. If only we had the Coq available.



I might be wrong but I can’t remember Arteta having a really awful game for us this season. Hopefully he will be the assured, experienced, beautiful midfielder we have been looking for for years to come!

gun for the hills

Mik now bleeds red and white!

Haven’t got a man crush on him just yet but if he wanted a back rub i wouldn’t say no…


I love how the comments have turned into everyone declaring their man love Arteta. Personally, I dunno how he gets his eyebrows looking perfect every matchday……. But yh UP THE ARSENAL!!


We will rip into Wolves tonight…. provided Wenger doesn’t do a Santos/Ramsey experiment on the left. I think a Ramsantos combination would be our weakest lefthand side of the past 2 months and Wolves would capitalise. Santos and Gervinho or Benny would be the best. Ox drifts around too much to cover when Santos wanderers off.
Regardless, I am very proud of our newfound mental strength. COYGs


I shudder to think what we would have done without Arteta this season. Credit to Arsene, for the way he put him into his system.


Your name is the best name ever.


Can you actually take a bad photo of Areta? Like is it possible?

Rad Carrot

I want to marry that man.


But have you seen his wife?! She’s gorgeous too. What beautiful babies those two will have.


When he smashed that winner on Sunday the first thing I screamed was obviously “YESSSSS!! GET THE FUCKK INNNN!!!” but then as he ran to celebrate I shouted “LOOK HOW FUCKING GOOD LOOKING HE IS!!!!” several times. My girlfriend and other guests that I had round didn’t half give me some dodgy looks.

But I’d do it again dammit!

Old man grape

I just walked into a swoonathon! Really enjoyed having him at our club this year. He just keeps on ticking all game long. A true pro and a classy guy. Would be great for him if he got the Spanish call this summer.(or the English one at that!) , For some reason it didn’t shock me that we went to qpr and lost.. Especially after the media made such a Big deal out of our unbeaten run.. Always the way. But I I’ll be gutted if we don’t take all three points from a wolves team who don’t know their… Read more »


A lot of bromance in the air today eh…
He’s been a big asset to the team…this is where a manager’s experience really shows and credit must be given to AW…provided some much needed stability and experience to the midfield (and the brilliant goals that he’s scored didn’t hurt either)…

Speaking of brilliant goals, there were some great ones in the recent matches (Ben Arfa’s against Bolton for one, and the goal fest put up by Everton at Goodison Park). One can enjoy watching all matches nowadays, the quality of the league this seasons been amazing…


I remember a comment of his, back when he joined up in August. He said something along the lines of, “everything is new to me here, but I have spent much of my spare time studying the team on video, to prepare my self in the best possible way”. That kind of proffesionalism and dedication is mancrush-worthy in my book, even before he had ever kicked a ball for us!


Is there any poll among women (and some mens ) about which is the dreamiest team in the EPL? Because it seems like Arsenal would win in a walk.

Last place would have to be Liverpool. What a collection of butterfaces.


Have you forgotten Man Citeh? They look like a family of trolls that emerged from underneath the bridge.


I’m pretty sure Kompany’s head is actually a microwave with skin stretched over it.


Mik is SOOOO much better than our previous number 8…I forget his name now,ugly little twat with no chin.


I was in love with him when he was at The Toffees, and I am a lesbian. I was delighted when he joined The Arsenal…on a pay cut “nogal”! (generic South African exclamation word).
I never doubted him for a minute after what I saw at Everton. Well done Wenger!

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