Bendtner: I may not join Sunderland even if I get the chance


Nicklas Bendtner says he’s not certain to make a permanent switch to Sunderland even if the opportunity arises.

The Danish striker who has spent the season on loan at the Stadium of Light admits he will have to talk to Arsenal about his future, but again stressed he doesn’t see his future at the Emirates.

Speaking to, the lanky striker stated: “Never say never about Sunderland, but it is not certain I’ll be there even if the opportunity arises.

“About Arsenal. Of course I’ll have to have a talk with the club about it [my future], but it is not where my first priority is going to be. I think I have been pretty clear about it.”

“I’m not concentrating too much on my future just yet. I play the Euros first and so I’ll think about my future after that.”

Reflecting on his time in the North-East, the Dane went on to say that he is pleased that he has been afforded regular playing time, despite the Black Cats being a very different club to Arsenal.

“It’s different to what I was used to at Arsenal, but it’s been a good period for me. It has been good for me to get the games.”

As appears to be the case with both Carlos Vela and Denilson it looks as though Arsenal are struggling to offload some of their squad players on a permanent basis.

While last summer the club seemed willing enough to agree loan deals, at least lessening the burden on the wage bill, it would seem that Arsene is much more bullish about clearing the decks properly this time around.

A few seasons back transfer speculation saw Bendtner’s value hit the £10 million mark, you can’t help think we’d be lucky to get half of that these days, although a perky showing in the Euros could aid matters. Given his comments in recent weeks about life up North, Arseblog News can’t envisage the Dane agreeing to another year sharing a post code with Lee Cattermole.


Thanks very much to @RYO_cleverfish for the interview heads up and to @ThomasLund71 for help with the translation.

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Lord Teddy Ears

Wish him the best of luck elsewhere off our wage bill !!!


I read the news today oh, boy. About a lucky man who made the grade.
And though the news was rather sad. Well, I just had to laugh…..

Seriously, I thought the expression went along the lines that the rats leave the “sinking ship”…


would have preferred him to chamakh on current form but I don’t think the emirates bench can bear the weight of his ego for a full season :/


Wish him all the best in the Euros = more dough for us.

Ben Savage

Still wish we had him this season over Chamakh. At least he knows from time to time where the goal is!


Exactly, how we could have done with him this year. The wrong player went out on loan. If he would be a bit less arrogant, I think he’d be good to keep in the squad. The qwerty experts have made up their minds that he’s [email protected] though so that won’t be a popular opinion.


i have to agree with some posts here, he would have been really usueful this season as an impact sub, and i think had wenger been able to use hime we would have seen a few cheeky headed goals and most importantly RVP wouldnt be soo tired right now…..


What you’re missing here is that it wasn’t just his awful form that cost him his future but it was also his extremely poor attitude. He was too negative a person to have around.

Dave Gooner

This has to be weighed with the fact that he is an almighty pain in the arse. Being a disruptive mouthy dick actually counts against one’s (in NB’s case, I suggest limited) skill on the park in terms of disrupting the team overall.

Go Nick. And the sooner the better.


Hang on in there Nick i’m sure Barca are just biding their time waiting to come in with an offer. . . . . .


No way, City will outbid them! That is if PSG doesn’t wanna flex their new financial muscles to bring the worlds greatest striker to Paris.


Maybe this will start a summer bidding war between Barca, Real Madrid, Man Citeh & Anzi Macachakalakalakaboomboom. And Sunderland.


Not just The Greatest Striker Ever, but also the Most Handsome Striker. That sort of thing matters in football.

the only sam is nelson


let’s see how the mackems react to TWGES telling them he’s too good for them

what a bloody idiot the boy is

still if he bangs in a few for the bacon eating lego boys in poland/ukraine then it’s quids in for us so fingers crossed


He really should learn to keep his mouth shut. He wasn’t in demand last year and can’t see to many clubs banging arsenes door down for his signature this time either.

the only sam is nelson

actually he strikes me as a mark hughes type player – particularly now he’s got less money to spend.

£5 on him ending up @ QPR if they stay up. On the bench, waiting for Djibril Cisse to get his next red card

Borneo Gooner

He’s the best player in the world isn’t he? Why would a player of that calibre plays for Sunderland? LOL!


Sunderland knocked you out of the FA cup. 2-0, you got a short memory?


No we just don’t give a shit

Good Omens

Aye first real shock in the FA Cup ever that, Premier league club goes out to Premier league club away from home.


Another big-headed dummy we’re stuck with until his contract expires.


After everything Arsenal have done for him and the wages he still claims off us, I think he owes the club a bit more respect.

He’s in the same boat as Adebayor and Nasri in my book, think’s he’s much better than he is and will play for anyone who’ll pay him the most money.


First and foremost, he wants to play. He wasn’t getting opportunities at Arsenal, so it’s hard to blame him for wanting to go elsewhere. Being behind RVP in the pecking order, in a team that only plays one central striker, was never going to suit him.
He’s not really good enough to have a significant role at Arsenal – most players aren’t. I hope he gets a good opportunity wherever it is.


He was angling for a move away as soon as he was dropped. He has no interest in working hard for a starting place here, he never has. Trust me, he’d have done a Hleb/Flamini if he could, but as he is crap he had to settle for Sunderland instead of Barca!


Sunderland already said if they do offer him he’s gonna have to take a big pay cut because they can’t afford his bloated wages (like so many other Arsenal non-players we have to wait till they can go on a free because nobody will pay them what we do!)

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

You,along with everyone else posting on this site,have NO idea what he earns and as usual are floating speculative BS about all the loanees. Stick to the facts which are:
1) He is talented but not up to AFC’s needs,
2) His attitude issues come with his age,
3) If he does well at the Euros(I believe he will) then his value will go up,
4) AW, as usual.knows more than all you lot about man management and player sales so lets see what he does with the Bendtner-Vela-Arshav in-Denilson axis.


That’s funny. You’re list Of facts is a complete list of opinions. Maybe you’re not aware of the difference between a fact and opinion. Anyhow, carry on with your bullshit.


Relax Mr Bendtner, I don’t think we’ll be signing you!


Unsurprisingly all the fringe players suddenly realize how great it was to put on an Arsenal shirt, and they took what they had for granted.


come on blogs, i make one silly comment and you ban me? thought any opionion was accepted as long as we supported the arsenal. or do you just enjoy playing god??


You’re not banned. I sent you an email.


If this is the same person going on about Ramsey being ‘deluded’, it wasn’t just the one comment. You were infecting this website with your disgusting vitriol.


I am a Sunderland fan and there is no way he is going to be offered a contract at Sunderland. He is simply not good enough, poor work rate, poor attitude and will never be happy at any club.


Except a nightclub. With his pants half down.

Merlin's Panini

yeh, he’s all mouth no trousers, this guy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sorry we inflicted him on you. If we can’t sell him this summer we’ll try to loan him out to Newcastle. They’ll be needing a striker once all their new ones start getting big offers. I’m sure they won’t mind him being a prat and only half as good as he thinks he is because he’ll make the perfect replacement for Joey Barton. They seem to have a need to have at least one egomaniac on board at any given time. They’ve been far too serious this year, and it just isn’t natural. They need somebody like Bendtner to bring… Read more »


he does really well at the danish national team, so i think if he scores a few in the euros he will get offers.

I dont think he will stay in England though, people hate him there. quite sure he will get a place at mid-table german club or maybe end up in turkish football or maybe he will opt out and go to asia or the US.


actually…who gives a rats arse…


Comes to the US? As long as the LA Galaxy doesn’t take him. The Los Angeles Police Department has enough problems.


I doubt the man with the biggest ego in football would want to take that big of a step down. Since, and I think this is a common consensus even for us fans living in the US, the MLS is kinda shit. Its deffinitely been improving but its still a ways behind. Even the Russian league has considerably higher player quality then the MLS. I don’t wanna upset the American football fans on here, but I live in the states, and most of the people I know who follow the sport tend to agree with me


He’ll probably end up at Sp*rs with all the other big-headed, ex-Arsenal tosspots.


Arry don’t want AdeBarndoor at Spurs no more

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If I read right he is saying he deserves better than Sunderland………..



I don’t think any Sunderland fan would lose sleep if he does not sign for us. He is not a bad Premier League player by any means, he certainly doesn’t deserve the stick he gets but that is probably down to how highly he regards himself. He holds the ball up well and brings other players into play in the final third. He’s also good in the air, so he’s always a danger from a set-piece. His main problem however is his poor positioning and movement, he tends to wander out to the wings looking for the ball at almost… Read more »


I haven’t seen him play much at Sunderland, but his positioning has always been excellent, he gets in extremely good positions from where he struggles to score.


He hasn’t missed a great deal of opportunities really, he just rarely tends to be in the right position at the right time. McClean is a good crosser of the ball but Bendtner is usually AWOL when the balls are raining in on the box. He could have had 3 on Saturday away at Villa, saying that he scored a legitimate goal which was wrongly ruled out for offside.


Intelligent post. You sure you’re a Sunderland fan? I keed, I keed!


Got to say, in the few Sunderland games I’ve watched that is, that I fully agree with JK on the positioning point. At Arsenal he was always fantastic at this (one of the reasons I initially thought he could develop well, once he started finishing well), but he doesn’t seem to be able to replicate that at Sunderland, repeatedly coming deep or wide, and lagging behind play. Maybe it’s a consequence of the differing tactics the sides use, or that maybe he feels too good to be trying too hard, only he knows, but he certainly isn’t clicking as well… Read more »

Cygan's Third Leg

What a knob.


Speaking of the Euros, this Ukrainian is very excited to see what transpires. I thought the last one was very entertaining. I know I have some bias, but remember how good poor little Andrei looked when the Russians actually looked like a top team for once, it seems so long ago. Now days I can’t even think of one Russian player that I’d like to see in an Arsenal jersey. However, there are a couple young Ukrainians, Rakitskiy and Yarmolenko, who I think are very talented and could possibly play for a club like Arsenal. I hope they can make… Read more »


Denmark is in EC group with Germany, Holland and Portugal. So I wouldn’t put my money on him “bangin a few goals”.

// A bacon eating legoboy


as far as i know its the brits who eat danish lego and bacon everyday and spend millions on players like bendtner

actually i think terry looks more like a legoboy

Danish Bergkamp

That hurt…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he truly believes he is a great player then that group is made for him. I would love to see him bang in a few against those teams. Who will want to buy RVP from us if Bendtner beats Holland 3-0, bangs in a pair against Germany, and humiliates Portugal. We get our 10 million he used to be worth, and RVP has to stay with Arsenal due to lack of buyers and then spends next season proving how good he really is by improving on this season. Truly people, Bendtner could be Arsenal’s greatest asset this summer. All… Read more »


No need to hate Nick, just be happy he wont be back. He is too lazy and arrogant to be a quality player. Sounds like his father built up his ego but forgot to teach him humility and and that is why he is a hot mess.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Isn’t this the biggest flaw in our “Buy them young and give them a good wage” policy.

About a half of all young footballers will have this problem. 50,000 a week “proves” they are already the complete artcle, so what’s the use of humility or hard work.


Hey, I built myself up on my own, thank you very much!


he’s no better than kenwynne jones who sunderland got rid of for similar reasons, holds ball up well, is good in the air but sadly doesnt do it regularly enough


In Fifa 12, i sold him for a 7 and a half Mil…Oh the crazy yet magical world of EA Sports….


Fuck off Bendy! Can’t believe nobody posted that yet. I used to stick up for this guy when he played for us & people criticised him, but actually he’s a plank.

Loved the story about Lehmann throwing his hat on the floor in the dressing room, exactly why we should have mad Jenns around the place.


Yep we certainly need a mad had throwing gerrie. exactly what we have been missing this season. in fact i reckon that is worth another 18 premier league points!!

drop me out!


Eh? What a dong.

Al Fayed

I think the point might have been the big German’s influence.

Apparently when he returned on loan, Bendtner entered the dressing room with a hat on. Jens


Sorry for this being quite random to the post but I just saw a couple of great stats – especially as we’ve not been known in recent times for our arial prowess:

Arsenal have conceded just five headed goals, the joint-fewest in the top flight.

Robin van Persie has fired in 63 shots on target from inside the penalty area, two more than the entire Stoke team.


Another mediocre player who Wenger handed a ridiculously big contract. Now we’re stuck with the useless arrogant prick. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bendtner ended up doing a Park next season and sat on the bench or played reserve football for nine months while collecting his 40/50 grand a week. We need a proper director of football at the club: somebody who could get rid of these money-sucking deadweights like Bendtner, Vela, Denilson, Park, Chamakh and co. And when idiot Wenger tries to hand over stupid wages, the DoF would tell him to fuck off. And he would make sure… Read more »



So are you going to give Wenger credit for Sagna’s, Koscielny’s, Van Persie’s, Arteta’s, Benayoun’s, Song’s, Walcott’s attitude and transfer success? No of course not.

Boring. Two votes. What a declne. Move on now.


Yeah, Tom, we should all be delighted about finishing third or fourth again! What idiots like you just don’t get is that we are a massive club who should be going for the league every season – not losing TEN GAMES and finishing almost TWENTY POINTS behind the champions. But you’ve been brainwashed into believing that ‘fourth place is a trophy’. Fuck off! What’s happening at the club is unacceptable bollocks, and the root cause is the failure of Wenger to properly spend the wage bill. For the last SIX YEARS we have consistently lost quality players because we won’t… Read more »


Fatgooner – less name calling please.

And to those addressing Fatgooner – less name calling please.

It’s perfectly possible to disagree without it.


I’ve not stooped to telling you where to go etc and I don’t comment negatively your (few) non-AW-blaming posts. I think your match analysis is good in fact. BUT this is a self-moderating site and one I really enjoy and I’m fed up with your incessant and myopic AW bashing and I suspect I’m not the only one.

You have a right to say these things and I have a right to say they’re boring me and that you’ve made your point and that you should move on…

Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

Not you again fatGonad! you have no idea how much he earns so go back to your closet and jack off to Twitchy’s greatest team of the decade photo.

Merlin's Panini

Fatgooner, what is it with this “idiot Wenger” stuff? He’s clearly not an idiot is he. He makes mistakes and signs the odd duffer now and again but who doesn’t? Look at ol’ red nose, he’s bought loads of shitters throughout his career : Jonny Evans, John O’Shea, Wes Brown, Jordi Cruyff, Karel Poborsky, David May, Anderson… need I go on?
Did you meet Wenger once and he called you names or something?


why?, Why? Do you say such things. Ain’t anything positive that you do know about arsenal? or is it that you only dwell on the negative stuff. A case of bad parenting?


Maybe it’s because we’ve won fuck- all for seven years, Tim.


True. But surely you have to agree that next year we wont come out empty. So stop your critism and bad mouthing and have that little faith, will ya???……….but if we loose out on a trophy this coming season then fuck me for ever condemning you.


The thing you don’t realize is, your negative comments are not productive. You repeating the same things everyone has already heard is not gonna change anything. Yea it sucks that Arsenal hasn’t won anything for a while, but you constantly dwelling on it in each of your comments is pointless, and boring. I don’t know what purpose it serves in your life, but whatever it is its deffinitely not healthy.


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, go onto Online Gooner or Legrove, you’ll see what negative comments really look like! Like it or not negative views spark debate and as long as we’re not calling each other cunts its all good baby


We won the groundskeeper award.


Better than the Carling Cup….


As it stands we have a squad of 32 players over the age of 21 for next season. however 4 of those are defo out of contract almunia benayoun hoyte and murphy. this leaves us with 28 players plus an enormous amount of under 21s. obviously some will go as we expect some to arrive but u can see from this list where we are clearly lacking experience and quality. gks – fabianski mannone szesney rb – sagna rcb – koscielny mertesacker djourou squillaci lcb – vermaelen lb – santos gibbs dm – song eastmond denilson cm – arteta ramsey… Read more »


Oops i put chamberlain in there by mistake and have left someone out botelho!


To the person who gave a thumbs down to showing the current squad……may i ask why? not that it bothers me personally i just wonder why that would get a thumbs down. unless you think the squad is not lacking experience and quality in certain areas. you cannot disagree that rb lcb dm and rf is certainly lacking experience with cf and lb lacking quality. obviously we have some quality u21s like wilshire coquelin ryo frimpong and chamberlain but between them they have less than a 100 top flight games

Old man grape

I think that was actually ”persons”.
and I think it might be because its a boring load of twaddle.


why would he stay at sunderland when he can play for the greatest team in the world aka spurs?


I could see him joining Spurs actually

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t mind if he has Adebayor’s slot. We only get to play them twice per season so Chesney should hopefully be able to avoid repetetive strain injury from all the goal kicks he’d have to take 🙂


If he wasn’t so damn arrogant he could still turn out to be a great player. He had a reasonable goal tally at Arsenal despite being used on the wing. I would be tempted to give him one more chance with us, but I can’t see that happening. He burnt that bridge a long time ago.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I blame it on his miraculous escape when he trashed his car.

He may have escaped with no physical injuries, but I think he may have torn his ego-brake tendon. He was actually quite a cheerful squad player with tons of confidence until that crash. Since then he’s lost his patience and become much more “Me! Me! Me!”


good that he said. because we don’t want him at sunderland. he’s not good enough and his arrogance off the pitch is so disgusting