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Hill-Wood: The Wenger era should continue

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has stressed that Arsene Wenger is the perfect man to lead the Gunners for the foreseeable future and made clear he’d love to see the Frenchman sign an extension to his deal at the Emirates which  currently sees him contracted until 2014.

Pointing an angry finger at Wenger’s naysayers and then another at the league table while maintaining the looks of a disappointed parent, the septuagenarian told the Sunday Mirror:

“For him to stay longer than that (2014) would be perfect. I can’t think of anybody better to run the team.

“He has shown how much rubbish people were talking earlier this season. We had a terrible run of ­injuries and that obviously had an effect.

“But a few mindless ­people were saying that he had to go, that Arsene was past his sell-by date. He has shown that is nonsense.”

“He has a young squad, with some excellent young players,” continued Hill-Wood.

“He is building a young team with a great future and I am sure he would love to see them develop.

“I would want him to stay as long as he is happy here. He has been with us 14 years and has done a ­magnificent job.

“I want him to stay for the long-term and I see no ­reason at all why he should want to go.”

Arseblog News recognises that Arsene will have to step down at some point -no amount of managing with the handbrake off or mental strength will stem the effects of Father Time. That being said, the prospect of the boss sitting on the touchline in 2042 in a Professor X-style wheelchair or swatting fourth officials (or hopefully robotic official-droids) with a diamond-encrusted cane does have an appeal…

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The Daily Star are gonna be pissed…


Spurs are gonna be pissed


Arsene Knows


arsene is the man who held it together when everyone thought we were falling apart.our love for arsenal has been tested this season and i believe now all the fans are showing much more unity in their understanding of the club.this season is going to help us for years to come.arsenal has shown that we can pick ourselves up even in the worst situation and like wenger says it’s all ‘mental strength’.

Andy Mack

Not ‘Everyone’!
just the loud minority.


Give him the finance to strengthen the team and he will do even better. Handicap him with the way we done business in the summer and he just ends up a scapegoat for the inefficiencies of the board.

Cygan's Left Foot

They are happy he is not asking them for money. He is happy with money they gave him as long as 4th is his target.

The Supporters and trophies? They are the less important than making money..


Bang on. This is what Hill-Wood really means.

“He is building a young team with a great future and I am sure he would love to see them develop.”
Christ, how many years have we heard this now. Do these people hear themselves. Someone send Hill-Wood and archive of clippings of his own quotes for the past 7 years.


Arsenal don’t pay dividends to their shareholders. In recent years we’ve built a stadium a training ground and a new medical centre, there’s very few places for the money to go now except to the squad. In the meantime all our rivals have whored themselves for oil/blood money or levied themselves with massive debts whereas we still compete whilst still upholding the Arsenal way.


but the Hill-Wood era should be ended!




Incidentally, naysayers have decreased exponentially now, or at least their voices have.

Back when we lost to Spurs and languishing in 15th, can you name a manager other than Arsene Wenger who you’d believe will be able to take us back to the top four by now? Can you imagine any available manager who can achieve this?

Can the naysayers pull anymore bullshit out of their asses? Guessing no.


The ‘naysayers’ here are those fickle fans who want Arsene out for no reason other than the league standings, not absolutely everyone who expressed dissatisfaction.

Anyone who never had any dissatisfactions this season would just be lying.

Cygan's Left Foot

No, I couldn’t name any manager who could do what Arsene did to get us from 15th to top three with good football since the mid Feb.

But also, I couldn’t name a manager in world football that as intelligent as Arsene could not see Fab and Le Cunt were going to leave!, and let us get humiliated until the end of Aug (7 point from 7 games) where he could have signed Arteta, Per, Benny, Santos and dare I say Park June/July 2011!!!!!!.

Midfield Corporal

If Man City don’t make an offer till late Aug what is AW supposed to do?

Theopants Superstar

I could certainly name a few managers that wouldn’t have had us anywhere near 15th in the first place!!


well go on then… name us some!
bearing in mind that new manager does not mean new money to sign new players, ceteris paribus; same squad, same injuries, same amount of money to spend etc. Which manager on gods green earth would have been able to do better than arsene did ?

Cygan's Left Foot

you are digging yourself a hole with the “little money” thingy. Did you know we made over 70 mil (add the 30 mil was there for the transfer) from the sell of players during the summer and reduced the wages of Fab, Le Cunt, Eboue, Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson and Vela (almost 20 mil in wages)!!!!!!!!!!!!


‘Arry !


your point is irrelevant to what i was talking about. You only mention the income but where are your details on the expenses incurred over a season or can you not see how that might be a factor in actual profit instead of income? Do you honest to god believe that arsene wenger sets his own budgets and single handedly manages AFC’s finances? Read the published OFFICIAL financial reports for arsenal holdings, if you can spot a 120 million that’s spare in there, please let me know and I will gladly join you! Until that happens, FACE IT! We are… Read more »


Sorry If I am a bit harsh but it just shows how much of an idiot some fans are. Are they too stupid to realize that a club is run by more people than the one in the TV screen. Thats all I will say without elaborating.


goonero, I agree with most of the things you wrote. Apart from the Bayern Munich, sugardaddy thing. Eventhough I properly hate bayern, I have to admit that it is a club, which is brilliantly run by some pretty intelligent dickheads. They know the business!


Anon, agree with what your saying and understand why your saying it But I just hope that we have learned from the summer. We were 15th because of the way we done business. The fans had every right to voice their dissatisfaction. The fact that some was aimed at arsene was sad and should have been fired in the boards direction. But we have to learn the lessons we need a few quality players early to move forward. Just hope the board realise that arsenal fans can no longer be taken for granted, and if we had to go through… Read more »


Of course, I can’t disagree with last summer being absolutely horrible, and that the abuse on Arsene was over the top, but my main dissatisfaction with the whole thing was how everyone consistently kept calm and yelled “sack wenger” en masse without realising any effects it would have and thinking “things cannot get worse than this”, rather than “Arsene probably has the pedigree to turn this around, we should judge later, based on hindsight”. Incidentally, I saw an article a while back that had this statistic: For the first 19 games, Arsenal averaged around 1.80ish points per game, while Tottenham… Read more »

Master Bates

what I hate more is , Now that we are doing fine , THEY like to take the credit , It was their bitching and moaning and booing and plastic bags that led to our comeback. It really sucks


Voldermort – spot on ! Take a bow.

The strangest thing about that interview, was that Hill-Wood actually sounded sober when he gave it. Still, I suppose there’s first time for everything.

Clock End Mike

No, Voldemort, we were 15th because two players around whom the manager hoped to build his team chose to leave despite his attempts to persuade them to honour their word. Cesc Fabregas was under contract to the club until (I believe, at least) 2014 — everyone, including Arsène Wenger, knew he would leave sometime to join the team of his youth, but he was tapped, and put under huge emotional pressure by that team (who lost my respect completely by the way they behaved), and when he finally decided he wanted to go last summer, there was little choice but… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Cesc was a wonderful footballer for us, but my only regret now, the way we have shaped up in the last 6 months, is that we didn’t demand that those self righteous Barca cunts pay the true market value for him. He wanted to go, so let him go. We are not one man. He was a great player for us – so if he wanted to go to Barca then fine, let him go, and good luck to him, and thanks for all the immense joy he brought to us all. BUT. they should have been made paid the… Read more »

Daniel Wassenaar

I just did not understand how people thought that replacing Wenger would be the most logical explanation for being in 15th at the start of the season. Fickle fans..




*replacing Wenger would be the most logical explanation

solution you mean?


The thing is, the current good position doesn’t erradicate the blunders Wenger has made over the last 5 season, we were competing for the title in 2008 when Wenger decided to mess things up by not replacing our midfield, nevermind improving on the team. Last summer was another unforgivable blunder, which led to the esrly bad run. Things turned good, mainly because Robin decided to stay fit, but it doesn’t mean those who doubted Wenger weren’t right. If you say “man utd will lose all their remaining games”, and they do lose, would you come out and call others “brainless”… Read more »

Master Bates

Now let’s win the League or the UCL next season ,Because those are the only trophies that truly matters .

Hope we keep our players and buy some.

Bergkamp protect us Na$ri-Fabregas situation again. AMEN!

Rad Carrot

Must say I have doubted the man, and still do to a certain extent, but that’s more my paranoia and cynicism. He’s still a top-drawer manager and he’s done absolute wonders for the club. Still waiting to see how he fares over the summer, we need more consistency and still a certain more investment into the club. I also wish he’d be more open – his decision to loan Arshavin out was baffling at the time, but it seems to have not given us any adverse effects (if anything, it’s possible it’s helped us!). Still, he’s not going to change… Read more »


I want a diamond encrusted cane so I can beat every s*urs player with it.

Off subject, but I’d like to see Yossi at Arsenal next season…


This team is still fragile, to compete we need 2 maybe 3 quality players next season. Man u’s success is as much to do with buying 2 or more quality players almost every year inspire of what trophies they win. City wont stand still neither will Chelsea. We are not far away from being proper challengers but we need to keep our best and add to the squad if we don’t we just stand still. We are not talking major surgery just a few additions that will add competition in the right places. This needs to be the year when… Read more »

Cygan's Left Foot

You are right. Do you know we are worst off than Untied starting 11 in only 3 position and half???? Left back, left wing and right wing. The half is behind the striker as Rosicky since Feb been even better than Shrek behind the striker. All other positions we are far better than them from goal keeper to striker.

However, where they are better than us is, the depth of their squad comparing to us. Lets hope we sign this summer what we need and hope to add depth to the squad.


Lets at least make it 20 years at the helm!


hate how people refer to ferguson as the greatest manager of all time,

Glory hunter

To be fair to SAF he is the most successful manager in English League history!


fair enough if you look at it that way but quality over quantity though shouldnt it be so? How many invincible sides has he ever managed?


People are welcome to doubt wenger all they want, but doubt is all it will ever be
There’s a reason he’s won manager of the decade, TWICE.
The good days will return and I cant speak for everyone but I’ll wait as long as I have to.
The thing different about this season is the incredible end to it, so hopefully we can see some more consistency next year to put every other cunt in their rightful places.


Important to remember without the debacle at the beginning of the season due to poor summer transfer handling and our run of injuries at the beginning of the year which was a fluke, we’d be challenging for the title. We’ve beaten every top team except for united this year.


The Wenger era should only continue if we are going to push on from here and try to win the Premier League next season. Wenger has made some horrible mistakes in the last few years but has got himself and the club out of a hole and recovered brilliantly.

But 3rd and 4th place isn’t good enough for Arsenal Football Club. Give Wenger the money and let him try to win the League, Hill-Wood, or remove him and get somebody who can.

Old man grape

quote on bbc live text From Steve K in Swindon: “This is typical of Spurs over the past few weeks – dominating possession but no cutting edge up front. And then going behind to the first decent attempt on target by the opposition.”

looks like the spuds do some things better than us then.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Spurs did say that a big change had taken place in North London and that they had now taken our place. Well, they have. They’ve taken our game domination without a cutting edge and they’ve taken our frailty to the first attack by the opposition. may they keep an edge in both for years to come.


Sorry it’s off topic but 5 fucking 1 and a goal that never was just makes it even sweeter.
What a bunch of clowns. Can’t stop laughing at the best team this galaxy has ever seen, a shower of shit.


Ignoring the fact it was one bunch of cunts beating a bigger bunch of cunts, it’s fuckin hilarious.

Just spent 10 minutes having a butchers at some Spud forums (I’ll have a shower obviously), but again, hilarious stuff. All whinging about how shit they are, how Modric and Harry can fuck off etc.

One said ‘hope our season doesn’t doesn’t collapse now’. Comedy gold.


5pur2 become 5pur1 in their own inimitable style…now let’s bash Wigan up & show those fuckers what a REAL gap looks like!!!


Hey, look who the ref who allowed that phantom goal is – our own “I didn’t see Balotelli trying to break Song’s leg any more than I saw Luis Suarez ever dive”, Mr. Atkinson, the worst fucking referee in the Premiership.

Runcorn Gooner

It’s typical of the English media .Masses of comments for months over a manager
who not only twitches but has won nothing in his career.
He will get the England job.The press already have a vegetable with his name on
it ….The Spud

Adam, Watford

To quote Ian Dury . . .

” Mash it up, mash it up, mash it up ‘ Arry “

Naija Gunner

I love this club, thank you Arsene Wenger and all the Arsenal blogs.

The fans we are awesome fickle or strong, love u all.


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