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Lehmann warns Podolski ahead of Arsenal move

Former Gunner Jens Lehmann says he believes Lukasz Podolski has got what it takes to play in the Premier League, but has warned his former international teammate that he can’t go through the motions.

Speaking to Bild, Lehmann talked up the qualities of the Cologne hitman, but sounded a warning that the pace of the game in England, and the pressure, will be different from what he’s used to in the Bundesliga.

“He is quick, dangerous in front of the goal, and has a good pass. I’m happy for him if he soon joins Arsenal,” he said.

“It won’t be easy though. He will have to get used to the pace, and he will have to realise that participating is not enough. You must win. Expectations are very high.”

Meanwhile, Rennes midfielder Jann M’Vila says that moving to a club with a French coach could be decisive factor in his destination for next season. With a host of top clubs interested in him, he wants to focus on securing a regular place in the French national team and perhaps Wenger’s presence at Arsenal could seal the deal.

“If the coach calls you and tells you he wants you to make you play, especially a French coach, it changes everything,” he said.

“The important thing for me is getting playing time for the France team.”

Arsenal’s interest in the player is genuine, but his arrival would mean Wenger has to make space in an already crowded midfield squad. With Jack Wilshere back next season and Wenger still hopeful Abou Diaby can play on a more regular basis, it remains to be seen if he spends the considerable amount required to lure M’Vila from Rennes this summer.

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Would be essential if we got both

Cygan's Right Foot

Not sure it’s ‘essential’ to get both. Podolski would be good as another option up front but we have so many midfielders (first team and reserves) that getting M’Vila isn’t the be-all-end-all. With Wilshere, Arteta, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Frimpong, Coquilen plus Aneke, Ozyakup and Yennaris all fighting for the 3 places (2 if we go 4-4-2 to play RvP and Podolski/Walcott together), then his playing time would be limited and may just be another expensive wage that starts moping around (Arshavin springs to mind)


I think Aneke, Ozyakup and Yennaris are still very far from getting a chance in that Arsenal midfield. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the Frimmster would be sent out on loan again since he managed to break his maxilla and rupture his ACL in just 4 games for the Wolves.


Stone speaks truth. Ozy and Yennaris are nailed on to be loaned out next season, as is Frimpong if he gains fitness.

Aneke is a bit more up in the air – I’m not sure if a couple of months at Reading and a preseason campaign is really enough to show what he’s really capable of at the top level, but I have good feelings about him so let’s hope he edges out Chamakh at the very least.


Stone is right. The youngsters are’nt ripe for first team action just yet. But that still leaves us with 5 options (diaby excluded) for 3 or 2 midfield places. Not saying M’Villa is an unnecessary but I don’t think next season will be dependent on us signing him. But hey, I wouldn’t complain.


m’villa will give song a healthy competition and we may also see a LANS in the form of shift in arteta’s role from holding to offensive.he certainly is capable of that atleast in the PL.


Jens <3

There's a typo btw, it's Yann M'Vila and not Jann.


The guy’s name is Yann M’Vila actually.

Considering Benayoun won’t be here next season, and maybe even Arshavin, while Wilshere returns and who knows maybe Diaby, we’d still effectively have the same amount of first-team midfielders (that can play) this season, a bit LANS, but I don’t know where M’Vila will fit in here.

Just hoping the Podolski will be announced soon so I can celebrate in officiality than probably-official-but-not-yet.


He’d be a great addition to the squad, Wenger has seemed reluctant to rotate Song for le Coq & Frimpong even when they weren’t injured, and Song did look jaded earlier in the season, M’Vila would slot right in there.

D arsenal

there are also a few matches in the premier league that we need to play with two defensive midfielders. some clubs tend to bully us in the midfield like QPR did. I hope Wenger sees this problem bc we were hurt too many times because of physical dominance. and most importantly we dont need to use song all the time. I would welcome him anytime.


I agree completely with jay, one of the things you really feel right now is that we don’t have enough rotation going on in midfield, we almost always played ramsey- song – arteta for the first half and then rosicky – song- arteta, while we do get wilshere and diaby back assuming they’re fit next season we still don’t have a defensive midfielder we can totally trust and which wenger can play, I used to be thinking of Arturo Vidal but he’s gone to Juve, so.


This must mean podolski is a cert. I’m just always skeptic though, until it’s announced on the arsenal website.


Yes this is all good but what about our Coq?

Daryll Holland

The Coq is promising, but doesn’t have experience. If we are to win the league next season, then we will need experience above youth. Surely our experiences in the last two seasons have taught us that.


If you’re talking M’Vila, he’s a spectacular one year older than the Coq. Though, yes, he does have international experience on the top level.


M’Villa is one year older than Coquelin. It may take a season for M’Villa to settle (if he joins) where as Coquelin has played in the PL/FA/Carling Cup and done so successfully.

The other side of the arguement is that he seems to be highly rated and if he is really that good I’d rather we have him than someone else. It would also free up Coquelin to play in another position.



He is really highly rated, he can also fill in as a centre back. He isn’t as versatile as song because song can play as a more complete midfielder, a bit like arteta but lacking the shooting ability. I would love song to move into a more attacking position if Wenger goes for m villa. Hopefully he will because he seems like a younger yaya toure with his break up play fro, what I have seen.


And how much experience could the Coq gain if he had two experienced players ahead of him? In addition the experience needed to win trophies, a balanced mix of experience and youth is required as well.

why is my name required

more quality/experienced/proven players, the better it is for the Arsenal. but i think he’ll only get Podolski


People would wonder if we really need mvila, but I feel we should bring someone in who would give Song a run for his money


thats true mate Coq needs more playing time next season he is promising than Diaby.

Olé Mwanakatwe

Just fet M’ villa in there. He’s world class and it would be nice to add some honest steel to our mid! Diaby is a toe poke away from injury 24/7 and Benny is probably heading out with Arshavin, so I don’t think we’re crowding the midfield either.

Let’s not pass on world class talent when it’s flashing our club to come get them!

Cygan's Right Foot

He’s after a french coach but then you don’t know who’s going to be incharge where next year. All it takes is for Blanc to take over at PSG/Real Madrid and suddenly wages demands come into and we won’t be able to compete.

Mr. G

Personally, I think we still need a proper defensive midfielder, and M’Vila would tick the boxes. I know Song is used in that role, but it’s clear he’s more interested in being more of a playmaker these days and has sometimes been caught too far forward when the opposition breaks. I think Song needs some proper competition for an experienced player to force the best out of his defensive performances, which although generally quite good, have been lacking at times this season. The Coq strikes more more as a box-to-box midfielder. Good defensively, good going forward. With Wilshere returning next… Read more »


Well I think Yann M’Villa will still fit in the team as a defensive midfielder which give Alex Song more competition for improvement and in order not to play Alex Song too much without rest. I’m still convinced we need a good replacement for Song in person of Yann M’villa.

Naija Gunner

Mmmmmmmmnh! M ‘villa do we really need him, though a good competition for song would be great but can M’villa accept playing as a sub to Song?

And am also sceptical about Poldi’s move, am glad and will be so happy if we signed him but until it’s announced officially by the Arsenal fc site, don’t want another Matta ‘show’ again.


Given what’s happened to Muamba, Bolton would be looking for a holding midfielder , they could do worse than take le Coq on a season loan.


This is a great option and probably what is best for Coquelin. There’s going to be a platoon situation should M’villa arrive.

Coquelin – Frimpong – M’villa – Song

Feast is better than famine.


I’m fairly sure that none of you has seen M’Vila play, ever.


Yes but caughtoffside and the ‘exclusives’ have. He’s the new garry cahill (who was the new hangaelaand).
So if he doesn’t sign wenger out.


The new gotze


If by “play” you mean “wikipedia page” then I object, sir!

Cygan's Right Foot

I saw him play. There was a dynamite player on FIFA who was playing as Rennes…..


arsenal do have an array of midfield players, skewed in the attacking mould. they have song and youngsters coq and frimpong as their only out and out DMs. song needs competition and rest time but is not getting it coz the youngsters arent ready yet. he needs Mvilla for both needs. further, should the Mv arrive AW could even dare ship out back row dead wood like squilaci, djorou.

Lehmann is talking to Podolski, and telling him he can’t go through the motions once (“if”) he is here………surest sign yet that the deal is done……..? Yann M’villa would be a great signing, as with Verthogen. Are Podolski, M’villa and Verthogen, together the last peice of the puzzle to make us a title winning team again……I sure agree…….ofcourse without losing anyone. Top Goal Keeper – Check Top DR – Check Solid Central Defence – Vemelen, Kosceilny, Mertesaker Vertoghen – Check Top LB – Santos and Gibbs – Well gotta be honest not sure they are top, but will pass Top… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

According to Farmer ONeill at the Ploughed Stadium of Light Bendnter fancies his chances of getting a place at AFC………….Discuss


He’s better than chamakh, but his arrogance really gets on my nerves, wouldn’t be terrible as a third choice though.


Didn’t he publicly declare he was glad to be out, had played his last game for us and didn’t want to return or was that the papers stirring it up from a “glad to be onboard press release”?

Runcorn Gooner

It’s starting to look like popular support is not with Nick.Not surprising really


I rate coquelin very highly, he’ll be better than song


Can’t agree more. I personally feel that the money that would be spent on M’Vila can be better spent elsewhere..

Or the devil in my head thinks that Song isn’t going to sign an extension..

Midfield Corporal

I’m with you on that too. Coquelin will push Song for the DM spot, maybe by Jan Frimpong will also be ready if he gets some games on loan if fit. The money talked about for M’Vila would be better used on Goetze IMO. We’re not going to make 2 20m+ signings (if we even make 1).


Warnings, expectations, rumors, etc…. I don’t care until there’s a picture of them at an signing announcement holding up an Arsenal jersey! They are both fantastic players and will/would bring quality to the squad. I hope they both join up once the window opens.


i dont think we need another defensive midfielder with the likes of Song, Coq and Frimpong. We need an attacking midfielder who can create. Maybe that’s Wilshere, but we need some more flair and creativity in the attack. Rosicky has been great, but, Song still remains our most creative midfielder. I’d honestly prefer Song doing his defensive job and relying on an actual attacking midfielder to link up with Robin, Ox, Theo…like Cesc.


We’re not going to have the tactical awareness or mental toughness to win a championship or UCL while people like Song, Djourou or Walcott have the option of going through the motions for us. It’s not the biggest secret that Lucas Biglia might be a possible option if M’vila goes somewhere else (ie Madrid)

Cygan's Right Foot

So your examples are a midfielder that’s produced some of the more important assists this season and improved every year, a defender that has hardly played this season due to be 4th choice and a striker, played out wide, that has scored a few goals since getting a recognised full back behind him….. Glad i’ve got that sorted and will now be sending the white ambulance round with men that can help you.


1) Johan Djourou should not be anywhere near the first team, he is a complete liability and would not be 4th choice at team like Man Utd who have had defensive problems and will likely be champions this year. 2) A couple of lob passes doesn’t mean a player has the tactical awareness or mental strength to drive a midfield to a championship or champions league. Song has improved massively over his time here but he has been given 5 seasons to do so and still produces anonymous performances against weaker teams he should completely dominate. Gary Neville’s article yesterday… Read more »

But they’re not at Barca, Utd, Madrid, Milan or Bayern. They are at Arsenal FC and they are our players. Also, how do you know? Are you Guardiola, Ferguson, Maureen, Allegri or Heynckes? So you’re saying Johan is worse than Johnny ‘Here’s the ball and space behind me’ Evans? or Stefan Savic, Sebastian Coates, Ryan Nelson? Is that a joke? Also, he played very well last season when given a run in the team while Vermaelen was injured. Utd will only be champions as the other Manc team bottled it and that we started the season badly. So it’s Song’s… Read more »

rollo tommasi

You seem to have taken this very personally Pascal….almost like your name sake you have thrown a wobbler. Seeing as you have taken 17 hours to think of a reply I suppose I might as well address some of your queries and educate you a little. Arsenal football club aspire to win championships and Champions leagues. As Pat Rice told Freddie Ljungberg when he joined, any season Arsenal dont win a trophy is a bad season. I have named the 3 favourites for the champions league and the first two in the premiership, these should be realistic comparisons by which… Read more »


“…and Wenger still hopeful Abou Diaby can play on a more regular basis…” I love sheer blind optimism. It would be very nice if next season we have a situation where the manager is spoilt for choice on who to pick in midfield. M’Vila and Song and Jack and Arteta and the Coq all available would be quite nice. Subject change: I was looking at the PL table this morning and was struck by just how massive the difference between our home and away form is. We have dropped just 10 points at home all season from a possible 45.… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I don’t think away form is really an indicator of mental strength FG, didn’t we have really good away form last year or the one before, but the home form let us down. I think the best gauge of Mental Strength is consistency week in week out…..and not throwing away 4 goal leads to Newcastle……..or 2 goal leads to spurs 3 times…..or Wigan……..or collapsing after a cup final defeat……….or shipping 8 at Old Trafford……..or taking the lead to score the latest ever premier league goal, only to panic and let Liverpool get an even later one. When you look at… Read more »


What is a cellar?

Midfield Corporal

Doesn’t he play for Villa, first name Carlos? Don’t worry I’ll thumbs down that one myself. 🙂

Cygan's Right Foot

^^ above or another name for the basement. Usually holds wine/alcohol, things that need to be kept cool, etc….


READ THIS GOONERS!!!!!!! Like I I’ve been telling every1 on this blog the last few months the podolski deal is 100% done terms of his contract and price for the player was all tied up over a month ago, like I told every1 I have inside info on this matter and know some1 close to lukas and told me last august arsenal had contact his club about his availability.. Lukas has asked that the move not be announced until the end of the season as he doesn’t want anything disrupting the club he loves “Hense the link with lazio” But… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I believe you Paul, my brothers uncles gran’s sisters wife told me the exact same thing….and we’ll be signing Messi, Pele and Dean Holdsworth before the Euros.
Seriously mate, you may well know someone, at you must be as frustrated as a sane man in a nuthouse trying to convince everyone you’re not mad, when people take the mick, but just be satisfied you knew before everyone (and enjoy the money I assume you won from the bookies).


My sisters husbands brother flat mates beat friends gynecologist told me that it’s a done deal as well. It’s in the bag. Thanks Paul, what would we do without you? And by the way, it’s spelled ONE. Not 1.


Mental Strength is consistency week in week out…..and not throwing away 4 goal leads to Newcastle……..or 2 goal leads to spurs 3 times…..or Wigan……..or collapsing after a cup final defeat……….or shipping 8 at Old Trafford……..or taking the lead to score the latest ever premier league goal, only to panic and let Liverpool get an even later on. Sounds horrific when all put together! Thies capitulations would have been totally unacceptable pre-2005, it’s quite pointing that the move our magnificent new stadium has come at quite some cost to the quality of our team over the past 7 years. Poor Arsene… Read more »


LLOOLL well thanks for tht corporal!!!! Just make sure ur on this when they announce it and yes I have put a bet on it ages ago lol… U should too but it’s up to u if u have no faith in what I’m saying


All the m’ villa talks what if he turns out to be the next felipe melo because its looks like the same hype with him. I havent seen him play , maybe he is a good player but i m just saying he could be the next melo.


i want to see another creative player coming in, i just don’t trust diaby. Maybe he will have another long holiday again next season. Ramsey still not ready, he need to learn and improve if he want to be a creative mid, not another side ways and back ways specialist like Denilson….maybe i’m harsh, but seven years of waiting these kid to pay back the trust given is way to much. Arsenal is a football club, not a nurturing talent club.


in my opinion our mos essential needs are a good striker: check (podolski)
and a great attacking midfielder, i thnk arsene needs to splurge to get a real world class attacking midfielder because while its nice that song has the most assists for a midfielder hes still a defensive midfielder, as is arteta and ramsey and wilshere im not sure, but our only real attacking midfielder is diaby and with his injury record i think it would be wise to buy a really talented attacking midfielder, somebody like silva or mata


D addition of poldi is a great one no doubt(luk jst like RVP facialy, rite)… D M’villa signing is a 2way tin; 1) he’l nt help le coq n odas cumin tru and wil giv the manager alot of selection headache 2) we’l surely have many unhappy playerz in our midfield such as rosicky. Am realy looking forward to watchin my darling arsenal n wel packed midfield.


I have no idea what this even means.

Cygan's Right Foot

I think it mean derper derping derp *troll face*


I don’t see the problem in bolstering our midfield. I already think we’ve overused Arteta and Song this season; we can hardly blame them if every once in a while they have an indifferent performance. They’re exhausted.

Getting M’Vila, or similar, would be a good move. Rotation is great for any club’s run-in, only insofar as the players being rotated in are of equal or near-equal quality.


Get real, people. Wenger doesn’t spend £21M on defensive midfielders, especially when we already have Song, Arteta, Wilshere and Coq (who is developing). The article is nothing but rumor and agent banter. We’ve got a very strong team on paper for next season if the Podolski deal goes through and we use Miyachi on the first team. We’ve got players who really want to fight for the badge, and I really don’t think we could have said that in the past. Biggest thing for this team is to learn how to win ugly and get it done when we aren’t… Read more »


Well I did read somewhere that it will get cheaper because of other concerns, can’t really figure out where though, although given Wenger’s track record I suppose you’d be right 9 times out of 10…

some gooner lol

Podolski hmmmm not sure bout this move but will see..

Buy Mvilla – Sell Ramsey..

Too Much Dead Weight in Squad – Nuff said

some gooner lol

Actually i retract last comment,
Cocquellen & Frimpong are there so should b ok but Need a Serious Playmaker and a Proper LB

Cygan's Right Foot

I hear we’re after a defender called Cahill and a striker called Benzema. We just need a ‘keeper……..


M’Villa plus Song can be the old Petit/Viera combination. They will kick the opposition out of the game and yet have fantastic skill to run the game. What a prospect. However, we need an attacking/skilful midfielder. Rosicky is one but, not sure whether he could last the entire season. Wilshire, maybe. But, Hazard, defintely. I think MU may get him, instead. Alternatively, Ox can do it, together with Rosicky guiding him. Our weakness is the left back. Gibbs does not know when to attack or defend. Teams tend to use that channel to attack us. Also, Song have to cover… Read more »

George Smith

Vermallen made two uncharacteristic errors against QPR.The fact is there was no backup for him.He has a chance to redeem himself against MC.This is a must win for both teams.The gunner defence,to me,is going to have a tough time. I thought the 7 game win run had the defence turn the corner.Defence is a team job.Messi was unplayable against Arsenal.But against Inter,he was not that dangeorus.Wenger is an attack minded coach. As can be seen from his tactics,it is attack 90% of the time. If the gunners want to claim 3rd or 4th spot,Wenger has to strike a balance.Oterwise it… Read more »


It’s already a season to forget but I get your point.
They’re queuing up behind us and a loss on at the weekend will put the pressure on us.
But…… We will win!


Wenger has himself said that central midfield is a place he looks to improve.


A more defensive minded defensive midfielder than Song would give more support to the defence, it would make it easier for the defence to not get caught out while trying to intercept balls high up the pitch.

flying dutchman

What would his wage be?

Magic Anders

There’s another African Nations Cup next year too so there’s a good chance Song & Frimpong will be off to that

[…] Lehmann warns Podolski ahead of Arsenal move | Arseblog News …Apr 2, 2012 … Former Gunner Jens Lehmann says he believes Lukasz Podolski has got … Speaking to Bild, Lehmann talked up the qualities of the Cologne … […]

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