Thursday, December 2, 2021

Podolski confirms Arsenal move

Lukasz Podolski and FC Cologne have confirmed that he will be an Arsenal player next season. Using his Facebook page, in a statement released jointly on the Cologne website, the German international said:

“Hi folks, from next season I will play Arsenal FC. This change gives me the opportunity to play at international level in a top European club. This is a great opportunity in my sporting career.

“The decision for this step is not easy for me because the FC Köln, the city and the fans are very special for me. I’ll always carry FC in my heart. We must now concentrate all the forces together and focus exclusively on the league. Regards, Poldi.”

For their part, the German club confirmed the deal, done a year before his contract was due to expire, but have said that the transfer fee is ‘confidential’.

Podolski has played 95 times for Germany, scoring 43 goals, and his signing represents something of a change in tactic from Arsenal who have usually taken their time over deals, especially in the summer.

Signing an experienced international before the season has even ended might well suggest that the lessons of last summer have been learned, and on a day when Arsene Wenger has admitted his side are over-reliant on the goals of Robin van Persie, the German will provide another dimension to our attack.

Arsenal fans will be hoping that Podolski will augment, rather than replace, van Persie but let’s hope that good results in the final two games and this ‘statement of intent’ from the club will all help make up the skipper’s mind.

Welcome to The Arsenal, Lukas.

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Rvp, podolski, Walcott, ox, gervinho ah, just imagine all of them fit and in form together.


i did. and i came 😉

Master Bates

well I hope he’s worth all the 107 medicals he took with Arsenal.

Welkam to Arsenal Lukas


And Jack providing the ammo! WooHoo.


About all of my thoughts on this.


arshavin:if robin is the new batman and podolski is the new robin then who is the new podolski
arsene wenger:LOL andrey it’s gotta be yu.
arshavin:hahahaha boss no it’s the new zervinyu
arsene:WTF?there are too many in the get out and go play football.


…the fuck did I just read?


it was a crazy comment.but,that’s just the end of arshavin


He’ll be a true LANS

Ace McGoldrick

Surely he’d just be ANS?


Agreed though my 13 year old son would say ‘ he is, like, a new signing’ so L,ANS may still work depending on the audience.

Great news!!

Cygan's Right Foot

It means ‘like a new signing’, as in we have a player out for a long time but they come back fresh and are a type of player that has been missing (Wilshere/Diaby are our examples). So no, he won’t be a true LANS as he would have to play for us originally…..


So he’ll be ELANS.


Just a joke people. Come on

Cygan's Right Foot

No, no i won’t


Abhijith – We shall never forgive you. You are finished on here. FINISHED, I TELL YOU!!!!!


I just read your comment in an Indian accent…”FINISHED, I TELL YOU!!!!!”..heh


I just read your comment starting with a click


“I click just clicked read clickity, click, click your comment indian accent click” now I’m going to go run the Boston Marathon 🙂 heh

My name is not important

Seriously dude, I’m all for criticizing the club and all. (unlike many of the readers here.) It’s just that, you have to choose your battles as well, your comment was nothing but stupid. Now go to the corner and be ashamed.

I had my doubts about this deal but it seems it was real, now for the love God lets hope Van Persie signs a new deal and we will actually have a decent attack force. Great times

Seeing how my post was downvoted for no apparent reason what so ever I’m done with this site. Good luck to blogs, you at least are kind of neutral in your opinion. But the MORONS who read this site are nothing but sheep’s .


before you go and bore readers on another sight,have a massage first and maybe take the cucumber from your ass, then maybe you might enjoy yourself.

good luck and have fun.

Yeah thanks for the ad hominem. Now do you have anything relevant to say or you just you gonna spill out your sexual fetishes for us all too see? Or are you perhaps one of those who just arbitrary downvote everyone? Could it perhaps be that you actually are a moron but you are trying to hide it with sexual innuendo?


Who’s sheep?


” I’m done with this site.”

And yet he comes back a couple minutes later to see if anyone’s replied. It’s all a bit sad, really.

I’m not gonna leave with my tail behind my legs, besides. Who the fuck are you? Another yank? Another JCL who wonders where cesc was 4 years ago?

thought you left mate.

good bye.

btw camilla always has something productive or intelligent to say, and is ‘just another yank” and he writes with more intelligence in one article than I imagine you have in your entire literate life.
I can never understand why sad twats with their weird psycho dramas don’t just start up their own forum and whine to each other instead of boring the rest of the world with their rubbish.
oh they did? here’s one for you MNINI :


I like your posts, really positive and constructive. A career at talksport awaits!!

Cygan's Left Foot

Why do you worry about votes here????? Not everyone will agree with you, just say your opinion and explain why and some would like some wouldn’t.

Because I am now ozzing wisdom I will get a lot of “downvoting”. I just hope I could sleep at night tonight 😛 .

Midfield Corporal

I leave you bloody kids alone for one afternoon and all hell breaks loose. You’re driving me crazy, Grape, stop winding my Name is Not Important up, Camilla, go and do your homework, Mattalocomb, go to your room. Cygans left foot, your grounded, wait till your father gets home!

And scene………….


Why are so many people poorly rating this comment. Surely it was a jest? It’s not like some spu*s troll stepped in.

Anyway… Woot! Looks like we’re trying to get our business done nice and early this time around. Before the window is even open, no less.

A couple more on the defensive side, a shedding of the dead wood, keeping our best players, (and keeping everyone fit) next season looks interesting.


Sorry, Abhijith, this is a tough crowd to please!


A quality transfer done before the season ends, at a bargain price furthermore…..i remember this arsenal..words cannot express how happy i am this has happened, we’ve stated our intent now to challenge for titles, lets just hope we can continue in this vein during the summer


“goulden shu” hahah, lets hope he wins a golden shoe in the bpl next season


Here is the real deal.



…in the best possible way.


Best thing I’ve heard in years, I demand they play this after he scores. I’m posting this everywhere.

the only sam is nelson

let’s hope that

a: he’s brilliant and scores a ton of goals for the arse


b: that he’s coming to play with RvP rather than replace


Amen to that one!!!


What a lovely start to the week


Yes! Maybe the boss will finish his signings before the euros and get that RVP contract signed!
Got a good feeling this might be a good summer.

German guy

Herzlich Willkommen Lu-Lu-Lu-Lukas Podolski!!! What I love about him is his left foot, he just loves to kick a ball at high speed into the net (just flick through his goals for the NT (e.g. WC 2010) & Köln). Apart from that, he is used to play as a left winger and actually doing a lot of backtracking which makes him more valuable than AA in my opinion. Great signing, also a slap in the face of those guys who’d laughed at us all season had we missed out on him for whatever reason in the summer. Good start to… Read more »


welcome home son!

Cygan's Right Foot

Surely he was already “home” but moved to a bigger club to fulfil his own personal goals and dispel the ghost of his time at Bayern, while helping us win the league and champions league….


and fa cup and carling cup and nigeria cup or whatever, we will do the quintuple

Young Gooner

Finally its confirmed after waiting for so long! Tired with the speculation though we believe he’ll come. Welcome Poldi! Hope this and few more signings can convince RVP to stay


Im just gonna say this, he’s pretty good looking. We have got to have the most handsome team in the PL. maybe add Olivier Giroud, and we will have one beautiful team lifting the trophy next year.


All we need to do is add Pires to the coaching staff.


This is our best signing in years for a few reasons:

– It’s done, as in right now. Before the window has even opened. Has this even happened before?

– Proven talent at international and club level

From what I’ve seen he has a bit of a fire in him. I like that.


We did sign a certain left footed Dutch striker before the transfer window opened – it must be about 8 years ago if I remember correctly.

Cygan's Right Foot

Giovanni van Bronckhorst?

the only sam is nelson

Glenn Helder?

Cygan's Right Foot

Marc Overmars?


Hans Gruber?


Julio Baptista… oh wait… LEFT footed… sorry.


RVP, people!

Cygan's Right Foot

Are you sure?


We did announce the signing of Little Mozart on the 26th of May 2006 weeks before WC 2006.

Davey Jones

Yes! A front three of he, RVP & The(o) looks goaltastic! With Rosicky or Wilshere buzzing behind and Song & Arteta anchoring we should be flying next season (God permitting)! UTA!


“GOD permitting” good to hear that!


Well that puts a proper marker down.

Let’s get all this business done early doors and avoid the influx of Transfer Windowlickers on this site, like last summer.


Lol “transfer windowlickers”. Copyright it asap


That is a good signing. This is a serious statement of intent.

Mental Strength

More Germans! YES!

The invincible arse

And German footballers are well known for their mental strength


Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski!


Sehr schön!

Schließlich, etwas!

I’m going to be singing that song for weeks now.

Rad Carrot

Welcome, Lucasz, you’re going to like it here.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I suppose one can only say Welcome…….may you have a record breaking Arsenal career, and break only the records worth breaking, and not the ones that Chamakh and Park have created like most hrs sat on the bench without scoring and stuff.

Cygan's Right Foot

Last i heard, they were going for the record of the longest game of tiddlywinks


Is there such a thing as a no-score draw in tiddlywinks?

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Alle-friggin-luia. A true quality signing before the end of the season. Well done Arsenal and welcome to London, Poldi.


Still our most important signing is yet to be made, If rvp signs then it’s going to make a great season, if we lose him we are no better off.
A great start, so let’s get the rvp business done and maybe another attacking midfielder and it might just be time to start dreaming again.


At this point, I don’t think Wenger will let him go. From what I’ve heard, he’s willing to gamble by letting the last year of the contract happen, rather than sell him to another club, even if RVP wants to go.


Yeaaaaaaah at last- great news. lets hope this first high profile name and not the last to be signed!!


If Arshavin is not coming back, and Chamakh is leaving, then we will still need another striker of the out-and-out variety to complete our offensive complement

the only sam is nelson

Grant Holt. That’s where the smart money is. Straight up.


Grant holt can’t even stand up, let alone straight up.

Dave Gooner

Dunno. Maybe winning the Russian Premiership with Zenith will give the little Russian the push he needs for us.

I’d keep AA.

Dick Swiveller

Joel Campbell, if he gets his work permit, if not I wouldn’t bet against Chamakh staying as I’m pretty sure that’s the kind of thing Wenger would envisage with his recent ‘shit happens’ speech on transfers, taking a pop at a cheap stopgap striker didn’t work out so well last year.

the only sam is nelson

just a quick thanks to the FA, who are usually a bunch of inbred old fuckwits, but this season appeared to have woken up a bit and decided to fuck up the shit at Spuds by linking ‘Arry with the England job, ensuring Spuds form went down the shitter, and making their fans ‘ate ‘Arry, just before giving the job to Uncle Woy, leaving Spuds lumbered with a manager they now hate and believe can’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone achieve European Cup football

Happy days, indeed

Cygan's Right Foot

The FA never actually said they were going for ol’ twitchy, that’s something the media created. The media’s own agenda has certainly worked in our favour and I actually like Roy and feel he’ll do well at the Euro’s. Get some in form players in, keep things solid and nick a few 1-0’s (it worked for Spain)


That made me laugh and laugh and laugh last night.

Great news for us as he can now complete his work there and drive the spuds to the brink of closure, as he’s done with nearly every other club he’s been at.

the only sam is nelson



Hedging my bets. Couldn’t be arsed to check his entry in Cuntipedia.

Cygan's Right Foot

He hasn’t quite finished spending all of Tottenham’s money, so nearly is correct. Give him 2 more seasons and they’ll be docked the 10 points to send them tumbling down to the Ryman’s League


Haha, its true though, those imbeciles really do hate him. I see the comments all the time on the artcles like the one when Redknapp says rotation is not needed and top players should be playing over 40 games a season, the spuds commenting were calling him embarassing. I thought that was hilarious. Like they just realized how over-rated he is, the meida really did a number on them earlier when they’re winning and now reality is so tragic for them. To me, if we get the 3rd place, it’ll be a great way to shut them up for a… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I bet Arry’s gutted, he normally jumps ship at the right time before it goes tits up do he can say it wasn’t him.


I for one am not convinced that the ghost of managing England is to blame for the Spurs drop in form. Lack of rotation and lack of tactical acumen on the part of the manager will do that to teams in the 2nd part of the season. Fitting facts into a narrative without any evidence that they are in fact connected is, well, poor journalism.


Welcome Prince Poldi !!


Is too late to do the oh-my-god-I-never-knew-this-was-happening-that-Wenger-is-a-crafty-man joke? Yes? Good to see him. I hope this doesn’t distract the players, there are still two matches to go. The season isn’t over.



We needed to act early and we did…. 2 more good signings and convince RVP to renew his contract and Arsenal will be a top european force to be reckoned with again!

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] BY ARSEBLOG […]


Sami don’t give spurs fans the excuse for tailing off, it’s more to do with the fact they are shit full stop and always have been and will be forever in our shadow.

the only sam is nelson

it’s nice to blame ‘Arry for it, though

pops his little fucking bubble nicely, they were starting to believe their own publicity for a moment there

it’d be funny if the reason ‘Arry didn’t get the England job was because Spuds were demanding £££ compensation and ‘Arry wanted Capello’s wage. Fucked by their own greed – that would be just perfect.


I can’t remember the last time we did such a timely piece of transfer business. Lovely stuff.

[…] taken from Arseblog News, that the German striker and his present club, FC Cologne, have released a joint statement. It […]


Brilliant news…great to see that the boss meant it when he said that there’d be no repeat of the mess created on the transfer front last year. Hope it’s a sign of good things to come. Maybe a couple of more medium to high profile signings. But this is a good start, a real statment of intent.
Here’s hoping that Lukasz has a blessed career hopefully alongside our cap.


Wow. Maybe the begining of this season was truely a blessinh in disguise. I cant remember good news like for many years. If he score the quality goals he has this season in a relegation strickened squad then i assume he”ll be licking his lips with the quality of song arteta rosicky and jacky boy


enjoy! he has loads of assists and goals this season.
looks like he’s on fire : D


Podolski = our new Number Nein?

the only sam is nelson


i hear he has a very drei sense of humour as well

eric blair

And he plays without vier


Yes. He’s a class acht.

Mr. Eboue Armann Yes

Let’s all hope he doesn’t get injured having sechs like Kevin Prince Boateng.

Adam, Watford

I ‘ope he remains in good elf all season . . .




oh my……


I actually don’t like that number 9 given our previous record for this past 5 years. Hope it follows with M’villa and Giroud plus a back up experience GK. Maybe Vertongen but not a priority.
And by the way, i think it’s also a good statement just when Chelsea announced the signing of Marin, we follow with a much bigger name and player (in my opinion).

Cygan's Right Foot

We’ve had no luck with the number 9 shirt: Merson, Anelka, Suker, Jeffers, Reyes, Baptista, Eduardo. Maybe we should just retire the number as our unlucky number.


Marin – who?


the shirt suits him.


All coming up roses ,mate………Let’s hope Harry now signs an extension there and proceeds to work his “magic”. As per Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton.
The sun is truly shining this afternoon…..


Come on Arry. SPEND, SPEND them down the tank.


Es gibt einen Fußballgott!

El Blondo

Having a rubbish Monday at work and this is the silver lining – welcome to Arsenal Prince Poldi


I just woke up from a very deep sleep. I’m still too groggy and what do you know, i get two of the BEST news my brain can process! Podolski and Roy. I’ve always been itching to say this, so let me say it now-


Runcorn Gooner

And laugh at Stoke .Pubis’s boy Pennant done for drink driving,no insurance
and banned as well.Fits the Stoke image.AW did well getting rid of him.

49! eat that

I with u liz on that one . I’m tired of frodo u knw the one that grows hair lifting the cup its our time welcome home poldi now lets go get kagawa and Every one else will be up for a spanking next season


So, Arsenal now have a German Pole to go with their French Pole and a pair of Polish Poles.



Where’s that picture from?


Adios Chamakh


Get that Podolski song out again Arseblog!


Sorry if this has been asked.. but is that photo of him wearing the shirt real or a bloody good photoshop? Surely the later..


the later. this pic was made several months ago by some fan

Ace McGoldrick

Really? I thought it was after we played Cologne in pre season and one of our players swapped shirts with him.


This just made my Monday.


Our 3 strikers next season: van persie, podolski and bendtner.
Alot better than van persie, chamakh and park!


Great stuff! Now let’s get on with buying someone who can shoot with their right foot.

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