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Robin ‘honoured’ to win PFA award

Robin van Persie was tonight named PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association) Player of the Year. At the awards ceremony in London this evening, Robin was handed the trophy after his fellow professionals voted him the best player of 2011-12.

Speaking afterwards the captain said, “If other people are saying it, it is special, but it is even more special if your opponents are saying it.

“It is very special because you are playing against them week in, week out and every single player does everything to win, and in the end, if they make up their minds that I’m the best player, it is a big honour.”

Robin was quick to praise those who have contributed to this individual honour, saying, “Thanks Arsenal, my team mates, colleagues, my family and of course my friends and fans for this magnificent award. It’s a real honour!

“Without them I could not have achieved it,” he said. “For example, Theo Walcott, he has given me more than 12 assists and I do really appreciate that.”

He was also named in the PFA team of the year but it was him and 10 other cunts so there’s no point going on about it.

Well done, Robin.

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Sign the contract.


hes fantastic n he…..owes us.we’ve been soooo patient with lets nt forget

D arsenal

you have to stay man, you owe us that much! and we love you the most!


I think this season is his repaying any debt he had to us, but definitely here’s to hoping, do the right thing RVP

D arsenal

I agree he did pay us but its unfortunate for us we are in this position when he is on his peak and I know that we deserve his service because we have been waiting for so long…i am not saying I will hate him if he leaves, far from it but for the sake of our desperation, i hope he feels he owes us.

Rad Carrot

Fully deserved. Easily our best player, we have to keep him, no matter what.


I so want him to be the best scorer too.


Well-deserved! Now–Arsene, Stan–give him the god-damned money!


Amazing how liam, bergkamp, thierry (except for adebayor; the $ chasing cunt) and now rvp succesed each other in their respective roles and ended up with the PFA awards. Just goes to show the calibre of arsenal strikers. Show ’em how it’s done gunnerz.


Liam Brady was a midfielder not a striker.


Got it.


Congratulations, RvP! If anybody else won it would have been a travesty.

Now let’s just hope that the club give him the pay rise that he deserves, AND sign a least three quality players this summer to complement him. He deserves to win something for all the effort that he has put in.

PS: Fuck Kyle Walker.


Lets get Champions League and we can suck his cock later…..


Cant believe Kos didnt make the EPL team. Who’s the nutcase picking the team?


The same cretin that picked Van Persie as the only player to get into a 11-man combined Sp*rs-Arsenal team probably.
On a side-note, who else enjoyed the site of Koz doing his best Karate Kid impression in clearing the ball? Reminded me of Lehmann scaring the bejeezus out of Puyol when Werder Bremen played Uefalona xD


The clip of said incident (and his brilliant rugby tackle on a photographer) for those who haven’t seen it:


We should be honoured he plays for us!
And to honour us further he should sign a 5 year contract and send me a season ticket that smells of his cologne.

…Bit weird?

Fuck it i love him.


Biggest suprise of the year that is! 😉
Heres to another lovely 4 or 5 years more of you Robin!
P.S whatever juju you did at the start of 2011, KEEP DOING IT!


Who said you couldn’t win trophies with Arsenal, eh? In all seriousness though; there is a point here. Would he have the conditions which has enabled him to win this award somewhere else? Possibly, but unlikely, due to so many variables. Stay with us Robin; we’re your family, and this is home. Congratulations – very well deserved.


Delighted for Robin, but also a bit mystified that Scott Parker gets in ahead of Arteta, and Colon-cini ahead of Koscielny…? They must have counted votes before Tottenham’s season turned to shit.


To be fair, Collochini has been immense


So he did it. That sounds so cu.
I guess we don’t have to impress him to stay, wenger should strengthen the squad.
So he might be pls to stay or not…
It is honor, rvp is player of the year, netting on the 17 teams, thats lol….

why is my name required

lol only Rvp in team of the year that’s bullshite there are more worthy players in our team that deserved to be there instead of some of Sp*rs cunts like gareth ‘the diving’ bale


Is it true that Bale’s been picked for the olympic diving team rather than the football team?

Focus D.P IMO.

Yeso, you deserve it man P. Engineer Song,should be among the team of the year.


Congrats to Robin, but the PFA team of the year left a sour taste in my mouth. How Scott Parker got nominated for both the TOTY and POTY is beyond me, and he actually got in the TOTY. Arteta AND Song have both outperformed him by quite some distance, and that’s just among Arsenal players. There must be at least 10-15 midfielders who’ve had better seasons than Parker. Even Yaya hasn’t been impressive enough for TOTY IMO. How was Clint Dempsey not even NOMINATED for POTY when Parker was? Valencia anybody? How Sergio Aguero didn’t win YPOTY and Kyle Walker… Read more »

One Arsenal

Some English bias in team selection obviously


True, Arteta really is top TOTY. Swoon……


hes fantastic n he…..owes us.we’ve been soooo patient with him.. lets nt forget

The BearMan

Well done RvP, very much deserved!

Top, top award after a touch season!
Please put back on your shooting boots so that we can see more in the closing games of the season.


Fuck ’em. They can’t even nominate fair TOTY, but I can:


Player of the Year: Robin van Persie
Young Player of the Year: Sergio Aguero
Muppet of the Year: Mario Balotelli
Cheat of the Year: Ashley Young
Laughingstock of the Year: Sp*rs
Shit of the Year: Chelsea & Liverpool
Cunt of the Year: John Terry (for the umpteenth time in row)
“fuck yeah” of the Year: Arsenal


I approve heartily, but I’d take Dempsey over Silva, he’s been much more consistent.

Also, laughingstock of the year really should be Queen Kenny 😉


Forgot about Dempsey. Silva had a Na$ri season (great in the 1st half, shit in the 2nd half).


Cabaye is class. Wonder how we didn’t end up with him.


Team looks good…would’ve been my pick as well.
You’re right on the money with Terry. Glad the Verminator shouldered the racist wanker to the ground…dint care that it was a potential goal scoring opportunity…

Jeremy Mathews

I’m pretty sure sp*rs have been given the Lifetime Laughingstock Award so as to allow others a chance to win it.

Jeremy Mathews

(It meaning Laughingstock of the Year…)

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck the spud out


Votes were made back in jan/feb when spuds were still “in the title race” and we were playing very poorly, but still, Kyle fucking Walker? YPOTY? Do me a fucking favour! Should have been Chesney by a country mile!!


Fully deserved. An unbelievable season from our latest Dutch master.

Time now for the club to convince him we will sign those mythical 2-3 quality players we always seem short of, and will challenge for the title next year. Do that and he’ll sign up.


Could have won it ages ago if it weren’t for the injuries he had. But still, fully deserved, and when looking back at the amazing goals he scored this season, there is no denial he is in the same league as Henry and Bergkamp.

Congrats, Robin.


Congrats Robin !
You knowits odd but I have never even dreamed that Robin wont sign he is a different type of player and person to the Adebayors and Nasris.

I look forward to seeing him for the next few seasons hopefuly. Hope he retires a legend at AFC with a champs medal to show for it.

Naija Gunner

Congratulations to our captain, he should be the captain of the year too!

And blogs I love the way you the way you write it makes ma laugh and wanna continue reading your blog pos, news every time and and keep coming for more example is

“but it was him and 10 other cunts so there’s no point going on about it.”


[…] everything he’s done this season, fairly obvious he was going to win it and the captain was quick to praise those around him for helping him scoop the award won in the past by Liam Brady, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. […]


YTOTY…..(23 years and below)
sir chesney——kyle walker——johnny evans——-neil taylor——david santon
——theo walcott——juan mata——joe allen——john mclean——sergio aguero——gyfli sigurdsson.

Eric Irish gunner

Szczesny – jenks- miquel- bartley-Gibbs
– ox-coquelin-Ramsey-frimster- miyacchi-Walcott and fuck the outsiders


Thankyou RVP for a tremendous season. At last an injury free campaign to show how world class you really are. Please sign and encourage Sir Wenger to get the cheque book out. We need more signings like Podolski

Eric Irish gunner

Well done robin well deserved, hopefully he gets his contract that he’s earned and stays with the gunners were he is loved


Congratulations to our Captain Vantastic, well deserved.

please can we have a couple more goals, and then a mysterious injury in the last game that puts you out of the euros, and ensures you get a nice rest until july.

I thank you.


should have written ” mysterious injury “, eg, dog stood on foot, needs a complete summers rest etc. Better still, an allergy to orange polyester ………

Midfield Corporal

My most sincere contrafibularities Robin.

It would be refreshing for a player to acknowledge that the club has paid them a lot of money for being injured frequently and perhaps he owes them in return. Please Robin sign up.


Congrats to Robin Van Persie. He really carried us this season!

And how did that spud get young PFA award over Aguero?


obviously he deserves both writers’ and footballers’ awards and we should begin to talk of him in the same realm as Bergkamp and Henry.

A little off point, but just want to gauge general opinion on the following thought. If he had stayed this season, do you think Wenger might have been more inclined to rest/sub-off RvP and afford more opportunity to Bendtner in his preffered central striker role than has been afforded Chamakh?

Midfield Corporal

It wouldn’t be hard to have given him more playing time than Chamakh . Bendnters main problems were attitude and then being stuck out on the right when he got a chance. I still think he’d have been a better option than what we have at the moment. What annoys me most is we are giving Chamakh and park about £120k per week to do bugger all.


I think so, yeah. He would at least have definitely come off the bench to give RVP a breather more than Chamakh and er…what’s the other fellas name again?

Football Bubble

Fully deserved, the award shows how he has grown as a player and the way he accepted it speaks to how he has grown as a captain and a man. Genuienly excited about watching what he can do next year with a bit more support in the squad…sign him up!

jim jimminy

I hope Walker doesnt live too far away from Wilshere, because Jack’s going to need his trophy back next year.


Wtf is a Spud twunt doing holding a trophy on the AFC websit

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