Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Sociedad step up efforts to make Vela move permanent

Real Sociedad have held meetings with the agent of Carlos Vela to try and broker a permanent deal with the player before making a firm offer to Arsenal.

The Mexican spoke recently about his desire to remain in Spain, saying, “From my point of view, from a footballing and lifestyle standpoint, it is better to stay in this league,” he said.

“I have a contract with Arsenal and if I have to return there I will adapt, but if I could stay here I would be happier.”

Vela’s agent, Eduardo Hernández, met with officials of the Basque club who are keen to retain the services of a player who has scored 10 times and made 7 assists this season.

They’re aware that Vela’s Arsenal contract runs out in 2013 and that the Gunners will be looking to cash in this summer. Reaching agreement on personal terms with the player will then be followed by a £2m offer to Arsenal in the hopes of getting a deal done before they can be gazumped.

However, Vela hinted that while he’d be willing to talk with Real about a move, he also suggested he might explore other options in the summer, as long as they didn’t involve going back to London.

“In every game, whether I play well or badly, I am not thinking about what Arsenal think of me. I give all my effort for Real Sociedad. Afterwards I will talk with them and make a decision. The best thing is for me to enjoy every moment that is left.”

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Harry Belafonte

Goodbye Mr. Chips


Our new Mr. Chips is Alex “Chipped Assist to Van Persie” Song 🙂


He wouldn’t even make my the spurs reserve team.

Mr Finch

Thats right. Well worked out. If he’s playing for Sociedad then he can’t make the Spurs reserve team. Now this is Arseblog not Arse hole blog so I think your in the wrong place.


Sold! Goodbye and good luck to you. Maybe you’ll put in more effort there.

One down, many more to go! Someone please take Bendtner & Denilson permanently!!!! We’ll throw in all the NB52 jersey’s that were printed up already, there’s loads of them that never sold.


Fuck this mexican scumbag, he’s showing the club no respect with these comments “I don’t care what arsenal think of me”, well I for one don’t care if he doesn’t care that we care but he needs to cunt off, he’s been given chances and what we’ve seen is; 0 hunger, no mental strength or desire ot improve and compete, physically weak as he’s always losing 1v1 and falling over, he’s not really quick but I’ll admit he’s one of the better finishers. Still, he can’t even get starts on Mexico national team and dos santos is ahead of him… Read more »


Wow, chill out over there! No need for the vitriol.


At the same time….he can fuck off.

Eric Irish gunner

Haha don’t hold back mate I agree anyway fuck him if he dos’ent care about the arsenal




£2m? Seriously? Mark Schwarzer, a 38 year old goal keeper was valued double that. Vela is a promising forward (keeping in mind that forwards are always valued higher than defensive players) who has scored 10 goals in a struggling team this season. Unless his contract runs out in 2013, IMO he should be valued at at least £7m. At least.

the only sam is nelson

true, but that valuation meant that Schwarzer didn’t actually move anywhere, something worth bearing in mind perhaps. At some point you’ve got to balance our perceived value against the prospect of Vela staying on our books. If he stays on our books he’ll be worth less and less. Of course Sociedad know this so the tipping point is at what value Vela attracts other serious interest – £1m? Free?

Johann Djourou told me about the economics of transfers. Do. Never. Test.


In news that matters FIFA has finally caved and agreed to start using goal line technology! About bloody time!


What a shame it wasn’t in place last weekend. Or maybe not.


Spuds still would’ve lost, just by 1 point less

Old man grape

it will be a shame to see him go… he was all that and a bag of chips.


£2 million. Heck, you can get a lot of pork burritos for that. As this blog suggested that was what he was worth – I’ll take £2 million – and get him off our wages book !


“I have a contract with Arsenal and if I have to return there I will adapt” so ha had not adapted to Arsenal all these years?? Cunt

Mr. G

He was never good enough for the Arsenal, nor did he ever seem to make much of an effort.

We’ll have forgotten all about him by the end of the summer.

Dave Gooner

He’s as good as Hernandez at JamU, but our style of play doesn’t suit him, and never did. We should never have bought him.

I wish Vela luck, and hope it works out for him elsewhere. Just not at the Grove.


I think that Arsene Wegner should bring Vela back for next season. Although he’s said he really likes him, he has never given him a real chance to prove himself. Wegner has preferred to start busts like Marouane Chamakh and Bednter which didnt show much to help the team. However whenever Vela was given the opportunity to play 10-20 minutes he scored most of those times, goals which neither of those two previousley mentioned players could have scored. That is why i say he should come back next season and be given a chance to start next to RVP

Lord Teddy Ears

I wish him the best of luck now give us the money and lets buy some real players !!!

No, i'm the fatgooner

We need 100%gooners not the 50/50 type. He can leave and see where that takes him.

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