Monday, November 28, 2022

Wenger expecting second wind from his Player of the Year

Arsene Wenger believes Robin van Persie will find his scoring boots again before the end of the season having not scored in open play since the Gunners beat Newcastle United in mid-March.

The run, stretching seven games, represents something of a drought for the Dutchman even though he notched an impudent penalty in a recent win over Wolves.

Speaking to the press ahead of Saturday’s clash, the boss made clear there was no pressure on his captain to score all the goals for Arsenal, but did hint that he expected his main man to add to his tally in the final four games of the season.

“We cannot ask for too much more from Robin, he has given absolutely everything the whole season and he will again on Saturday,” said Wenger.

“I don’t want to put on his head and his shoulders the fact that he absolutely has to score because I believe we can score from different compartments in the team.

“If we create the chances he will score.”

Having been in marvelous scoring form for 18 months, Van Persie is the bookmakers favourite to win both the PFA and FWA Player of the Year awards in the coming weeks. Asked whether he expected his protégé to cap his imperious year with the personal gongs, Wenger responded in the affirmative.

“Honestly I expect him to be Player of the Season. I do [expect a second wind as well], but let’s not put too much pressure on him.”

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Thierry Henry

My predictions for tomorrow: I reckon Robin will score an absolute screamer in the first half. Then that diving OAP will score (obviously) and Abou Diaby will come on late in the second half and score his greatest goal in an Arsenal shirt, to win the game. I’m picturing two long range beauties to seal the points!
Come on Arsenal!


Fear not Thierry, diving OAP aka monstery cunt, has a crocked knee. ]

Cygan's Right Foot

He must have landed on it while he was feigning injury…..


ooh the irony

Old man grape

not true.. he still thinks the ref is watching.


Mr. Wenger did you not know? He scores when he wants!

Cygan's Right Foot

While that has been true for much of the season, it seems an odd time to choose not to score though


He’s clearly teasing us, the sly old dog!

William Hancox

We need him on top form tomorrow.

Mina Kirollos

I’m not worried at all about RVP, he provided assists and put himself in good scoring positions in those 7 games and was very unlucky not to score on many occasions .. I expect him to score tomorrow, he likes to score against chelsea.


Yep, that he does, Those chavs are his bitches! Just ask Terry, when he picks himself up, that is.


He falls when he wants… That Cunt Terry he falls when he wants

Midfield Corporal

He fucks his mates wife, he fucks his mates wiiii-iiife, that cunt John Terry, he fucks his mate.

He’d fuck his own mum, he’d fuck his own mu-um. That cunt John Terry he’d fuck his own mum.

Its not as hard as I thought this song writing Makarky.


I sure hope the rains come tomorrow. THis RVP goal drought has lasted longer than I feared. If he can get some quality service he should net at least a brace. The real Song and Ramsey better show up tomorrow!!!! Theo better have an inspired game running at the old men of Chelsea.

Save 75 cents

I would love to see Diaby ghost past those cunts to smash one home in the final 20 mins.


of course by then we’d already be up 4-0 so that would be icing on the cake, right?


He also expects Terry to be a cunt.


RVP will deliver again this season, then he’ll be doing the same next season too, after signing a new contract…

Also, just want to point out that I hate John Terry and Chelsea nearly as much as I hate tottenham, such a small club with a fan base full of utter utter cunt fucks. I hope we smash the living shit out of them tomorrow. Glory hunting wankers!


Maurane Chamakh Scores when he wants aswell guys….


He scores lumps of doobie.


ermm…i thought he smokes when he wants.sisha FTW.

Ezigbo onyearse

The MVP RVP will score and one fall-philia cunt is going to fall..thats a sure bet.


Smoking kills john terry.
So smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke and smoke and light.

John Terry's Mum

If only I had smoked during pregnancy…….


But you did!

Al Fayed

Why were you stealing Bensons from my shop then?


I just can’t wait to see that wee Gimp ramires try to get past sagna


After careful analysis and scientific method I’ve come up with the following, The Cunt-o-meter! The results may not surprise you, but emperically I think it’s a strong argument against those envolved in the study.

Biggest Cunts on the Planet


Anyone/Anything to do with Tottenham>>>>>>>>>Samir Nasri>>John Terry>> Joey Barton>>>>Mario Balotelli>Barcelona> Wayne Rooney & the rest of his diving brigade

Notice the large margin of cuntishness between Tottenham and everyone else!


RvP looks knackered, and it’s no surprise: he has been run into the ground. That’s what happens when you try to run a top-four team with only one striker. Don’t get me wrong, Robin has been brilliant this season, but he could have been even better had he been allowed an occasional break. But with the hopeless Morrocan and the invisible Korean as our only other options, that was never going to happen. Why the fuck didn’t we buy a striker in the summer window? I suppose we should be glad that our Dutch goal machine didn’t get injured this… Read more »

Stripey Red & White Socks

Chelsea……..god I hate them! Seems Dider Dogshite is out! Good! For man that’s built like an brick shit house he is as soft a poo!
But he has been a slight thorn in our side at times. Fuck him!


Yawn. Yes it is a good thing we’ve got a genius of a manager.

Fats, of all the things that currently make Arsenal great, Arsene is the main one. Of all of the things that currentlythreaten to Arsenal, your Mr U is the main one.

It's A Hanmer Blow

No fear that Captain Vantastic will find the net again soon!

I’m more concerned about the form of Gerv and Walcott. That’s got to improve if we want to hold onto third.


You can disagree with fats on some things as its all about opinions but he’s right about rvp. He has needed a rest at times and because we have no adequate back up he dont get one.
Lets hope he and we as a club can survive the next four games or the decision to buy cheap
In terms of a striker in the summer could cost us dear.

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