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Wenger praises Szczesny as Pole eyes Szczilverware

Arsene Wenger believes that Wojciech Szczesny can be one of the world’s best goalkeepers so long as he maintains a desire to improve.

Speaking on Friday ahead of this evening’s Premier League clash with Wigan, Wenger spoke warmly about the Academy graduate while hinting at room for further development.

“He has improved in his focus, the consistency of it,” said the boss. “The talent was always there but he is maturing quickly.

“You can’t be completely on the inside or completely on the outside. I like that he is a good communicator. You have to adjust, it’s important to find a balance.

“The mental part of a keeper is vital. Look at Joe Hart, who is a fantastic goalkeeper for England. For me he shows that strength.

“I wouldn’t like to say publicly what he [Szczesny] needs to do to improve, I’d rather tell him myself. Overall he has the basic talent to be a top-class keeper, how far he goes will depend on how much he wants to improve.”

The 21-year-old Pole has certainly come on leaps and bounds in his first full season as the Arsenal number one and insisted himself this weekend that he is fully focused on bringing back the good times to N5.

“I can’t imagine myself in the next few years’ time playing anywhere other than here. In fact, I won’t move until we win something.

“Recently, one of the journalists asked me whether I have bigger ambitions than playing for the third place in the Premier League with Arsenal. God, sure I have! I look at the table and realise that is our maximum this year.

“It is seven years since Arsenal won something and it won’t change this season. But the next one? Who knows?

“I stand in front of a mirror and say to myself: ‘Damn, I’m interested in winning trophies only with Arsenal.’

“I want to be part of the team that show fans the bad times are over. I won’t leave until we achieve this.”



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A lot of love for Chesney


How very dare you Mr Wenger. He has so much more than the basic talent!

Ca$hley Cole

Szczesny’s double save against Kuyt at Anfield was one of the moments of the season for me. I think that whole match embodied what Wojciech’s character is all about, doesn’t put his head down, blame his sometimes inept defenders, and isn’t scared of the challenge or the pressure of the “big game”. Long may it last!

Ca$hley Cole

* Meant to add DOES NOT to the blame defenders bit as well


Future headline: Szczuccessful Szczesny Szczeizes Szczilverware.
On a side-note: What a legend 🙂


Szczuccessful Szczesny szczeizes szczome szczmore szczilverware, break all-time record set by Jack Wilshere*

Runcorn Gooner

Tremendous potential.Should be a major part of a new EPL winning team within
2 years.If the bulk of the good players remain I am sure we will have the ability and team spirit to succeed.

Rad Carrot

Szcz is actually my favourite player at Arsenal at the moment. He’s great at what he does, he might not be world-class yet (that will come in time) but his character speaks volumes and I love his energy. Watching him with the other players it’s clear he’s well-respected and you can see that the defence are finally forming as a coherent unit.

It’s taken some time, but we keep all our big players this season, we might just challenge for something next season. Loving the team spirit that’s appeared.

Swiss Gooner

How can you not love him, when he says stuff like that! Legend in the making, I’m telling you!


He’s been in szczintillating form.

Alex B

When he ran out of his box against citeh to take out that tw*t ballotelli, thats when he showed how great he is at reading the game. massive asset to the club & massive tallent going forward.




Thank Dennis we finally have a keeper worthy of the Arsenal No 1 jersey, please give it to him next season Mr Wenger.

Although admitedly I don’t care what number he wears as long as he plays.


naw dats wt i cal character. I luv dis dude, honestly who wud’nt? Jus lyk wilshere so much passion 4 d club.




“This is an individual of whom I detect much character. I have much admiration for the man and find it difficult to understand the thought processes of those who do not share this view. In my opinion he shows similar characteristics to one Jack Wilshire who has been similarly effusive in his desire to attain greatness in the service of Arsenal Football Club lol!”

Cygan's Right Foot

or derper derp derping derp derp

Tom C

He could improve his distribution but the kid oozes class: Cruyff turns inside his area, coming out like a berserker against ballotelli, THAT double save. Gotta love him


Even though he could have got sent off – I knew it was love when he took out Ashley Cole at the Bridge.


He does that quite often. Rmb him taking out Bale in White Sh*t Lane? Probably learnt that from old man Lehmann.


I’m thinking he got it from his old man in his after-game phone calls.

“So son, I saw the game… you didn’t punch anyone in the face. I am disappointed.”


That little wink after upending an opponent in the area. Legend.


Gotta admit, Chezzers is as sczcsolid and aweszczome as they come!


hope this doesnt mean that he’ll be off when we do win something?

Adam, Watford

Those were exactly my first thought ( cue mild panic ) !

I guess ‘ Sir Chesney ‘ isn’t saying he will go elsewhere and I should imagine and indeed hope that he will want to win more than one trophy at Arsenal.
If we maintain a competitive squad then there is no reason he should ever want to move.

I am guessing it is just a figure of speech.

( mild panic over but nervously awaits confirmation of the above from our goalkeeper, himself, over the next season or so )


cue headlines saying: SZCZ buggering off to greener pastures as soon as he wins his first trophy with the Arsenal


And I do love Wojech VS.. On the arsenal player

Rad Carrot

I love that too, it’s excellent. Well worth a watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Already a role model at the age of 21. It feels like he has already been with us for long time, a long time I hope he stays.

Midfield Corporal

I love this boys attitude. Against wolves while preparing to defend a corner he grabbed Santos by the shoulders and moved him to the exact spot he wanted him. When you’re in his penalty are you do what he wants, it’s his manor.


I do have to say, it is a bit worrisome that he apparently talks to himself in the mirror. But you know what they say about goalkeepers…

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