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Arsenal 2011-2012 by the numbers – offense

Let’s split this end of season numstravaganza into three posts, shall we? First we will look at Arsenal’s offensive output. No, I mean, the output of the offense.

376 – Shots attempted by Stoke City all season²
637 – Shots attempted by Arsenal
738 – Shots attempted by Man City¹
93 – Goals scored by Man City¹
74 – Goals scored by Arsenal
8 – Shots per goal Man City
8.6 – Shots per goal Arsenal
86 – Goals Arsenal would have scored if they took the same number of shots that Man City took (738) and still scored 1 goal every 8.6 shots
174 – Shots attempted by Robin van Persie¹
30 – Goals scored by Robin van Persie¹
5.8 – Shots per goal by Robin van Persie
76 – Shits Shots attempted by Theo Walcott (2nd most on Arsenal)
8 – Goals scored by Theo Walcott (2nd best on Arsenal)
9.5 – Shots per goal by Theo Walcott
62 – Shots attempted by Aaron Ramsey (3rd most at Arsenal)
2 – Goals scored by Aaron Ramsey
31 – Shots per goal by Aaron Ramsey
38 – Shots per goal by Tomas Rosicky
14 – Shots per goal by Alex Song
10 – Shots per goal by Gervinho
6.3 – Shots per goal by Gervinho playing for Lille last season
11.6 – Shots per goal by Luis Suarez
19 – Percent of Liverpool’s shots taken by Luis Suarez
27 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots taken by Robin van Persie¹
24 – Percent of Man U’s shots taken by Wayne Looney
53 – Percent of Arsenal’s 74 goals produced by Robin van Persie (30 goals, 9 assists)
48 – Percent of Fulham’s 48 goals produced by the American, you know the Yank, that guy from the United States of America, Clint Dempsey (17 goals, 6 assists)
44 – Percent of Montpelier’s 68 goals produced by Olivier Giroud (21 goals, 9 assists)
15000 – Pounds per week Olivier Giroud earns as Montpelier’s highest paid player
64 – Percent of Cologne’s 39 goals produced by Goldy Poldi (18 goals, 7 assists)
59 – Goals scored by Man City off open play¹
54 – Goals scored by Arsenal off open play
6 –
Goals scored by Man City off fast breaks
9 –
Goals scored by Arsenal off fast breaks¹
19 – Goals scored by Man City off set plays¹
8 – Goals scored by Arsenal off set plays
9 – Goals scored by Man U off penalties¹
5 – Goals scored by Arsenal after Tottenham were two-nil up¹
2 – Goals scored by Arsenal off penalties
1 – Goals scored by Arsenal off John Terry falling over¹
0 – Penalties awarded to Arsenal at home this season

4 – Yellow cards awarded to Liverpool for diving
9.8 – Arsenal dribbles per game¹
1.4 – Dribbles per game by Gervinho³
2.6 – Dribbles per game by Hoillet
2.5 – Dribbles per game by Moses and Suarez
272 – Possessions lost by Emmanuel Adebayor (Offsides + Dispossessed + Turnovers)²
189 – Possessions lost by Robin van Persie
88 – Number of times Aaron Ramsey was dispossessed
90 – Number of times Robin van Persie was dispossessed
9 – Number of times Samir Nasri was dispossessed in just one game for Arsenal
82 – Number of times Theo Walcott turned the ball over³
216 – Possessions lost if you add Arsenal’s most offsides (44 RvP) most dispossessed (90 RvP) and most turnovers (82 Theo)

(and breathe)

90.8 – Successful passing percentage by Mikel Arteta
206 – Total misplaced passes by Mikel Arteta in 29 appearances
147 – Total misplaced passes by Leon Britton¹
3 – Key Passes per game by Juan Mata¹
102 – Total Key Passes by Juan Mata
2.4 – Key Passes per game by Robin van Persie³
92 – Total Key Passes by Robin van Persie
46 – Total key passes by Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong
3 – Number of players listed as playing at least some games in the “forward” role who are in the top 20 for Key Passes per game (RvP, Suarez, Sessegnon)
19 – Number of players listed as playing at least some games in a “midfield” role who are in the top 20 for Key Passes per game
1 – Number of players who are listed as only playing in the “forward” role who are in the top 20 for Key Passes per game (Robin van Persie)
15 – Assists by David Silva¹
11 – Assists by Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong³
24 – Successful through balls by Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong¹
90 – Attempted through balls by Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong¹
27 – Percent of through balls successful by Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong
18 – Successful through balls by David Silva (2nd in the League)
77 – Attempted through balls by David Silva
23 – Percent of through balls successful by David Silva
38 – Successful through balls by Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal last season¹
110 – Attempted through balls by Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal last season
35 – Percent of through balls successful by Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal last season
19 – Successful through balls by Cesc Fabregas for Barcelona this season

Look for the post on defense tomorrow!


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Something about “dribbles” and “Hoilett” together that makes me think of a late night pee.

Anyway, you forgot to mention that Hoilett is Canadian. I mean, come on Tim, Canadian readers want to know. Fun fact: Did you know Canada’s only appearance in a World Cup was in 1986. Didn’t score a single goal.

Yay Canada!

Le sausage

Blame Canada!


Canada wears prada………well you can’t score shit with those.


Why would anyone want to score shit?

Ahmed N. Ibra

9- No of games Arsenal played without Arteta.
1- No of games Arsenal won without Arteta.


I suspect that many will disagree with me, but I think way too much has been made of that strange Arteta statistic. It reminds of last years Djourou stat. The one where we had never lost when he played. Let me add that I think Arteta is a very important member of the squad and I think he has been one of our best performers. However there seems to be some impression going around that Arsenal would never win without him. Ask yourself how did we cope last year? Neither Song or Wilshere play the way Arteta does. The way… Read more »


last season we had cesc, thats how we won


Arteta is the shuttler. It’s not his job to create a lot of goals, but to keep play ticking smoothly forward,. Without him in the team, Arsenal didn’t get the ball into good scoring areas.

It’s subtle but very important.

Ahmed N. Ibra

Most of Arteta’s contribution lies in the pre-assist area. The pass just before the actual assist. He has a massive no there i think. Also his tackling stat is fantastic as well. For me, he’s the most important player in the team. Maybe if we had him last year we would’ve never lost Nasri or Cesc. Imagine this line up. Arteta, Cesc , Song, Walcott, Nasri and RvP. That’s a title winning front 6 right there. Add to that the settled back four and SZCZ, and you can challenge for the CL as well.

Trex d' Gunner

Nice stats, it shows how important Van Persie and Song are to us as a team.


You forgot these TIm
100-percent chance Tottenham is still shit
51-years since Spurs won the league
3rd-League Position in 2011-12 of the “worst” Arsenal team in over 50 years in
4th-League Position in 2011-12 of the” best” Spurs team in over 50 years.


I’m a huge Arsenal fan but the post you’ve posted is just wrong…

Arsenal finished 4th in the 2005-2006 Season in recent memory
They finish 12th in the 1994-1995 season the same year blackburn won the title.

What I am trying to say is even if it is to flame Sp*rs, please use accurate stats to back your comments. What is the use of using fake stats to make our team look better? It’s pointless because Arsenal looks good on paper already.



I think what Aamir was driving at is everyone was writing off Arsenal’s team this season as shit/relegation fodder (and we almost proved it at one point) so to be able to mark St Totteringham’s Day again against one of the ‘best’ teams Sp*rs have shows how they should just mind the fucking gap every year!

Pretty sure the 04-05 team had better players (Henry, Cesc, Pires, Sol, Toure, Bergkamp(!) etc) than this season’s as well. It’s not about league position, but finishing above them Sp*rs.


Sorry but you need to read again . His stats are quite accurate its your interperation of them that is a bit flawed. Read again and you will see what I mean or rather what he means.


44- Number of years Pat Rice devoted to the gunners.


I have to say I’m shocked that Silva has a worse through ball completion rate than Song.

big dawg

356982134680008- A random number.


my word , somebody please send this to arsene , he must be warned about this


did you know… arsenal have scored more goals under arsene wenger than sp*rs have scored in all the time they have been in the premier league


0 – Number of reasons Robin Van Persie has to leave Arsenal football club. ¬_¬


19- number of comments posted so far. Duh!


Hey guys, remember the goal I scored during the Blackburn defeat? It was the only one I scored all season guys. Yea that was real nice right? You’ll get more of that if you keep me around 😉

Please keep me around. Please don’t ship me off to France again, it’s a bad bad place! I’ll promise to stop stealing money from Wenger’s coat pocket while I’m on the bench to buy so much hair gel and smoke shisha!


Seems like Ramsey’s biggest criticism is dumbfounded.Van Persie was disposesd more than Ramsey.I must say its realy suprising,but I guess everything Ramsey did was scrutinized in the same way that Martesaker was,even though he was better than Vermaelen.Now i can tell the Ramsey haters that the only thing they have on him is his conversion rate which can be improved on.

El blondo

RVP played by himself up front where as Ramsey plays with other mids around him at all time so RVP’s bound to get dispossessed more often


Yes, RVP got dispossessed a lot. He also got rather a lot of goals and assists.


As mentioned, RVP plays as a lone striker which virtually guarantees more dispossessions. The second factor is that RVP only lost the ball slightly more than Ramsey while playing a heck of a lot more minutes than Ramsey.

The stat actually adds to the case for those who suggest that Ramsey wasn’t playing well.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Then again, Ramsey was part of the midfield who got the ball to RVP so that he could either shoot or be dispossessed in the first place. Stats shouldn’t be the only criteria used to decide how good a particular player was. In judging any player you should consider how he fits into the team. Andy Carroll is an obvious case, where his excellence for Newcastle was largely result of the way the team played with and around him. Liverpool bought him based on his stats but they needed to buy a chunk of the Newcastle team to get the… Read more »

[…] Something for stats fans, 7amkickoff does a By the numbers on the attacking side of Arsenal’s game. […]


Gervinho needs to dribble more. Ramsey, Rosicky or whoevers playing in Cesc’s role next year need to score more without taking anything off the table. Need more pens, which could come from more dibbling.


gerv needs to score more. dribblin is fine. more end product to it would be nice. cant wait for him to score a header with that immense forehead.

Cygan's Anal Beads

Fabregas. Why the fuck did you leave us you cunny!


So he could win a Copa del Rey of course… 😛


0 penalties awarded at home this season? that’s appaling considering how many penalties given to man utd at old trafford.


Hello there, Van Persie scored 40% of our premier league goals, not 53%!


it said how much rvp CONTRIBUTED. that’ll be goals AND assists.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Seems to me that when people skim through lists they quickly adjust their focus towards picking only keywords from each line, eg. 53% Van Persie Goals Then if they decide the details are wrong they will make a great effort to prove their case, without ever going back and reading the original item carefully. Maybe the lists need to be shorter and broken up with a bit of text occasionally so as to break these foul stat list sloppy reading habits. I blayme moddurn skewls and de wey thay dont teach speling lyke wot ey wos tort wen ey wos… Read more »

Laser gunner

Produced = assists + goals
53 = (30+9)/74

53 – Percent of Arsenal’s 74 goals produced by Robin van Persie (30 goals, 9 assists)

Chocolate Leg

I am extremely excited about next season. (Just like I was last season, and the season before that…) However, I just feel like this squad is going somehwere. The stats, if anything, show that we have a solid unit going forwards – comparable to the best. Because so much of this goes through RVP, I’m tempted to say our success next year hinges on him staying. However, when Cesc was here we said the same about him. He left, game plan reverted to centering on our next best player, and so on… Remember how Henry leaving galvanised the side? Anyway,… Read more »


where i’m from it’s called an attack.

not an offense.

stupid point, but one i’m making nevertheless.


[…] English game?  These unknowns have been answered very quickly this season.  We have gone from a one man show to an offense that plays as a cohesive, crisp-passing unit.  The ball movement inside our […]

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