Sunday, September 24, 2023

Coyle eyes Ryo loan extension

Owen Coyle admits that he’s already spoken to Arsenal about keeping Ryo Miyaichi on loan at Bolton, despite the Trotters dropping into the Champioship.

The Japanese winger, who is set to make his international debut in the coming week, was an instant hit at the Reebok Stadium before injuries and fatigue took the edge off his performances.(Check his stats here)

Lauding the attitude of the Arsenal teenager, Coyle told the Bolton News that he’d happily welcome Miyaichi back into the fold, if Arsenal were willing to do business.

“We’d love to have him back – he’s an exciting young player and that’s what we want for next year. I’ve had a discussion with Arsenal already and it’s only early days in the summer but we’ll see how that pans out.

“Ryo certainly loved his time at the club. To be fair to the kid, he was trying to play through injuries in the last four or five games and I had to say to him ‘in order to be at your best, you have to be at your maximum fitness.’

“He had such a big heart that he wanted to play his part. We had to take him out of the firing line. If we could get him back with us again, then that would be great.”

Arsene Wenger’s close relationship with Owen Coyle has certainly paid dividends for the Gunners in recent seasons with both Miyaichi and Jack Wilshere benefitting from the Scot’s tactical nous during loan spells.

Given the number of clogging full-backs plying their trade in the Championship, it remains to be seen whether the boss wishes to risk Ryo’s ankles in arguably the most physical football division in Europe.

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William Hancox

Would be best for him. But will mean we’ll need another winger/stiker


Podolski, Gerv, Yossi (if he stays, or maybe another player with similarities) and Oxlade-Chamberlain contesting the left.
Oxalde-Chamberlain and Walcott contesting the right.

Think it’s enough.

master floda

and arshavin. though i guess he’ll be sold and we won’t buy yossi.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Two on the right isn’t enough. We had two right backs last season and look how that turned out.


Great news. A season fighting for a starting place in a team which should be coming near the top of the table is exactly the kind of preparation he needs.


Think he’ll stay with us until January for the experience then go out on loan again. Hopefully to a Premier League side though.


I feel that although Bolton is a great club for developing youngsters I would rather ryo go to a premier league team since he’s already proven he can play well in the premier league and after one more season on loan we’ll know if he is ready to play for us


maybe southhampton since we steal all of their wingers anyway


Championship football is not what Ryo needs, perhaps his stint at Bolton last season however may attract other Premier league teams or newly promoted ones?


If he goes to Bolton, at least he’ll be heavily relied upon. Ryo said himself he’d like to develop into a player who can carry Arsenal himself, so I’d really like it if he went there. Additioanally, Championship sides are usually more physical than they are technical, so I think it’s a good chance for him to develop his physical side.

Note: he’s only going to be 20 when next season ends.


He`ll be twenty allright, but how many legs will he have left by that time? 🙂

Ace McGoldrick

If Bolton had stayed in the Premier League its a no-brainer if he was going to be sent out on loan again. As they have been relegated it complicates things.


this is probably the best option for him. It may be in the championship, but Bolton is a decent side and Owen Coyle is a manager I actually rate quite highly.

people may cite the fact that he maybe should be getting premier league playing time, but I don’t quite think thats the case. The kid isn’t even 20 yet, we’ve got plenty of time.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bolton with him in the team regularly would have a good chance of bouncing back to the PL next season. Would be nice to have him return to us as a regular in a team that has won something (i.e. promotion).

We, of course, have as much chance as any PL team of winning something next year, but he wouldn’t be a regular in our first team, so it might be a good idea to let him return to Bolton for another season and hopefully learn how to win.


I’m sure Ryo can find a PL team who would take him.


Sorry Coyle, we need him for NextGen Serie.


Ryo is one year overage, and by next December, he’ll be 20 and thus ineligible for NextGen Series. Thanks but no thanks.

NextGen Series is Gnabry and co.’s time to shine.

Tom Lostock

After watching Ryo week in week out for us last season (bolton) i feel he’s perhaps a season off being ready for the premiership as he struggles with end product. A season in the championship would do him well!


NO NO NO NO NO. He’ll need to play in the PL to develop. The Championship would be a step down, and even if he’d get more playing time than he got this season, I wouldn’t risk it. There are probably several clubs in the PL that would take him on loan, and he belongs in the PL.


I suppose Szczesny at Brentford didn’t develop because it’s not the PL?

And I think you can go ask Afobe on life at Reading too.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

SO SO SO SO SO playing some games at a PL club (No guarantees he’d get games, remember) is better than playing regularly in the Championship for a club he knows, and a club that wants him in their team, not just in their squad, with a chance to win promotion (Few Arsenal players have ever managed that). I’m not so sure.


Coyle didn’t even play him towards the end and played him on the right wing when he is a million times better on the left wing. So it would be completely pointless!


If you had read the article, Coyle pretty clearly says that he didn’t play him because he was injured. And when you’re learning something do you work exclusively on the things you know you’re already good at?


Of course Coyle said that. He’d be an idiot to say anything else. Suggesting that he didn’t use Ryo very much because his overriding concern was protecting the kid’s health and development (even at the cost of Bolton’s Premiership survival) makes him come across as the pefect manager for the rich clubs to entrust with their kids, even if it doesn’t, at least to the cynical ear, sound entirely plausible. Coyle has done brilliantly out of loan signings of kids (Wilshere, Sturridge and, to much smaller extent, Ryo); he’d like more of them and who can blame him? Of course… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

miranda, the obvious answer is to send them both to Bolton and let them learn to play together on a regular basis in a highly competetive leage, in a team that will surely be chasing promotion. Win Win, as they say.


I gotta say, I respect Owen Coyle a lot. Also, he was great in Up in the Air.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He can fly???????

A Bolton Fan

Bolton fan in peace, Not sure why we would consider bringing Ryo back. Good attitude and plenty of pace but I don’t think it’s what we really need. Judging on his performances for us last season, a spell in the Championship would probably do a lot for his development. You’re probably right that a few lower Premier League teams will take a punt on him, whether he’ll play much is another thing. Lot of pace but he doesn’t have a plan B, and often not much of a plan A, either. The wider problem with him coming back to Bolton… Read more »


So he walks into the Feyenord team as pretty much a school boy and gets amazing reviews. Then gets amazing reviews at Bolton from a proper football manager and yet we should take your word on him not being good enough?


He’s only giving an opinion. And he’s right about one thing: Playing in the Championship is all well and good – but only if he actually plays.


Yeah ok I didnt mean it to come out like that of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but clearly Ryo has something about him


Seems perfect to me, he will get a good taste for scrapping at the top and after the Championship stoke will seem like a team of cup cakes.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Stoke are a team of cup cakes. Rancid, mouldy ones that should have been thrown into the garbage five years ago.


Would love to see him in the prem to continue his development. However, I think for a young player it’s good to have some sense of continuity and familiarity, especially for someone who has left his country at a young age. So perhaps going back to Bolton where he already knows their setup / staff / players would be a sensible idea. After all, Coyle is a good coach and clearly is keen to work with Ryo. That being said, maybe we want to chuck him back in the deep-end a bit again and see how he does in the… Read more »


I am surprised there hasn’t been more hype around that little Nathan Redmond at Birmingham, he will be quality in the future!

Dick Swiveller

There is a bit of hype in Birmingham, plus he reminds me far too much of Lennon, his pace will be useful but a good defence would shut him down…at 17 though you never know whether something will suddenly click and he’ll step up.

As for Ryo, a lot will depend on his performances and those of the players around him in the pre-season and CC matches, I wouldn’t bet against him either nailing down a first team squad place or getting shipped out to the Championship in January.


I wanna see Ryo in the team next year… Every position needs re-evaluting in the summer and we need passionate youths! Yossi will leave / that will mean Podolski/Gerv/Ox contesting the left and Theo/Ryo/Ox on the right. Good options that will free up Ox or Theo in the centre forward slot supporting RVP. What we need is a good hard ball keeping centre midfielder to challenge Song .Not just Frimpong – dont get me wrong I love him and his passion but he is a psycho… I love him but his flamboyance has cost us a bit of stability this… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Why is everybody tying Podolski to the left? He can play across the front.


If Hazard or Mvilla turn up at City or Chelski or anywhere but the ARsenal next year im gonna die!! Can we please have a sensible Summer Arsenal… and sell some fuckin shite players!! Park/Chamargghmyhairsouttaplacekkh/Denilson///// Looking forward to see the influence Bouldy’s gonna have… WE are still a fuckin nightmare in my book and it was a mammoth effort to finish 3rd!! Please can we get back to some sensible deals and get some quality in this side to match the eleven who bailed us out this year!


your take on changing chamakh’s name is fascinating


Why would you want hazard it doesn’t make sence he is already looking at pound notes in his future move we don’t need more nasris.most of our record breaking signings ted to let us down after invested money faith and time


class player… no-one knows where he sits at the mo. Believe the reports??… Did we lose Mata over money??


Yes we lost Mata over money. Chelski jumped in at the last minute, matched Valencia’s valuation, and then doubled his weekly wages.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


For his development, loaning him out to another Premier League team sounds better than loaning him again to Bolton in Championship. What about the idea of keeping Ryo in the first squad as a ‘joker” type of substitute player, that is, subbing him in when the game needs some drastic fluctuation and change in its flow?

A Bolton Fan

Smokin’Gunner, I agree, Ryo definitely has something about him and at Feyneoord he was excellent by all accounts. However as someone who watched him every week, he was far from excellent. IF he was playing with an injury as Coyle suggests then I’d give him some leeway there though. He probably has enough to go to a Wigan/newly promoted clubs/one of those clubs in that area of the PL, I’m simply saying that assuming we keep Martin Petrov and Chung Yong Lee he’ll not be getting regular first team starts Bolton next year. We’ve been told Petrov has signed on… Read more »


Thanks for the information and honest assessment. If Ryo won’t be getting minutes, then keeping him may be the best option. Let’s see how he does at the Olympics.


I would be more than happy to loan some players to bolton again as they try to bounce back. i think we have a number.of players that would suit. botelho miquel eastmond lansbury yennaris ozyakup henderson eisfeld aneke campbell afobe. however i think ryo will need the epl again i can just see someone causing him the championship

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

SO you don’t care if the rest of the lads on that list get kicked to shit in the Championship????? 😉


I don’t think Ryo is suited to playing rugby in the Championship.

[…] Owen Coyle wants Ryo Miyaichi back at Bolton on loan next season, which makes a lot of sense. I think he’s still too raw to be anything […]

Sami Rockfeller

A team like Swansea should do him good.

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