Friday, August 19, 2022

Djourou open to offers

Following ‘advice’ from his national team coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Johan Djourou has admitted life at Arsenal isn’t ‘easy’ and that he’d be willing to consider other clubs should the right offer be made.

At the weekend Hitzfeld said that Djourou needed to be playing regularly to ensure he was picked for Switzerland, and the big Swiss says that he’d have to think about leaving.

“My situation at Arsenal is not easy,” he’s quoted as saying in, “I’ve never played so little, and especially not in my own position.”

With the arrival of Per Mertesacker and the emergence of Laurent Koscielny into a first team regular, Djourou found himself shunted out to right back at times where he struggled.

Those performances seemed to stain the perception of him, perfectly good ones at centre-half were duly ignored, and after nearly 10 years at the club it seems he’s got a decision to make about his future career.

Despite having a contract until 2015, he says, “If an interesting offer comes, I’ll look at it for sure.”

Whether Arsene Wenger will be willing to let go the player he famously refused to mention by name when he was a youth at the club so as not to alert other clubs to his potential remains to be seen, and maybe it’d be nice to see a player stay and fight for a place rather than take the easy option.

If he does go it’d be a crying shame that we never got a ‘Metal Djourou, is it you?‘ chant going too.

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I wonder if this means we make a move for Vertonghen…I’m all for that.

Old man grape

thanks blogs.
now I’m listening to T-Rex’s back-catalogue for lunch….!


I’m all for keeping JD. Seems like people forget that he is a perfectly good centre half.


Nah. He’s off to the dark side.


People think we should sell him and buy Vertonghen. I think we should sell him, free up wages and promote Miquel as our 4th choice CB.

Wonder how many people would agree with me.


I would. And thats not for a dislike of djourou but with this latest speculation maybe the time has come for a freshening up.


You get my tumbs up promoting Miquel wouldnt be a bad thing at all he has been good when given the chance and we would free up a place and wages. Although I would prefer if JD stayed he has been around a long time and like the article stated hasn’t done too bad playing CB anybody who regularly read our stats will know that there isn’t much between JD and Vermaelen who everybody rates highly (me included) and in those stats I think JD actually comes out on top at CB. People are obsessed by our centerbacks , witch… Read more »


Miguel and that Kyle Bartley fella. He’s 21 now if I’m not mistaken, and signed a new contract with us last summer. Should be given a chance in cup games.


I was thinking the same thing about Bartley. I’ve seen him play and he hasn’t totally impressed me, yet. Hopefully a loan spell to Swansea or some other EPL team would help his development.

A couple of my friends have said that I tend to overrate Miquel. I’m guessing you’d agree with them lol. I’ve just been really impressed by him whenever he plays. Guess I’ll just trust Wenger to make the right call.


As a 4th choice though I think they’re more than good enough, especially Miquel. Its time for us to bleed in potential into the team.


Bartley was average to poor at Rangers, the PL is one hell of a step up from the Scottish PL.


Don’t you mean 5th choice? Or does one of Mertesacker, Vermaelen or Kos have to go, too?


Can you not count?


We sell Djourou and get Vertongen – then our CB choices are:

1) Verm
2) Kos
3) Mert
4) Vert

…making Miquel fifth choice. Unless we’re counting two CBs as “first choice” in which case – fair enough.

Rad Carrot

…Did I miss something? When did we sign Vertongen?!

If we sell Djourou, then Miquel would be fourth choice. That’s as far as our conversation was going. You might as well have said “Don’t you mean 18th choice, because we’re going to sign 11 players from Barca?”

Anyway. We’re not going to get Vertongen, I can guarantee you that.

And yes, the mathematical error here was done on purpose for the sake of comedy. I think it worked well.


Actually, I totally mis-read Ben’s comment as saying “We should sell Djourou, buy Vertonghen and promote Miquel”. I hold my hands up.


All for it. ignasi hasnt put a foot wrong when hes played. theres only one way he’ll get better and thats to give the boy game time. But with our injury history we may need both the lads next season.


People seem to have quite short memories. Everyone was singing his praises due to his second half to the season before this one just finished.

I think it’s quite easy to jump on someone who was forced to play in a position they weren’t comfortable in and who did a decent job when they got to play in their preferred position this term.

Overall quite happy to have him as 4th for now with opportunity to fight with the others




I wouldn’t mid us promoting miquel or bartley, as long as we buy a defensive mid. That way song could drop into cb if needed, le coq can cover at the full-back positions.


I totally agree. We don’t really need Vertonghen but a DM is priority at the moment. I’m surprised that the name Fellaini isn’t on our radar. To me he is the ideal choice; brilliant player and Everton are financially tied too.

Mental Strength

The irony is that Djourou started out as a defensive midfielder and AW converted him to a centre back.


Much like Henry, Theo, AA23 etc who’ve been “converted” by Wenger


I agree with Ben. Sell/Loan him and promote Miquel who is already better then Djourou.


What evidence are you basing that on?


I don t have a lot of them but my notion is that Miquel would play the same and better, if given chance last season. He is already very good, in the head much stronger then Djourou…


Ahhh a notion…… might as well sell him then!

Runcorn Gooner

Was it not a couple of years ago that AFC went on a long unbeaten run with
JD playing.He is not that bad a player but has had to play out of his natural
position.not easy


If anyting, and it is a massive IF, it could lead to a move for Yanga Mbiwa who is a versatile defender and therefore offer some cover at RB whilst Bac recuperates.

Still I doubt AW will let Djourou go nor sign a defender. If he has identiifed other areas (ahem, proper DM) then I’d be happy.


Fact is sell him and buy Radu can also play left back or yanga- Mbiwa,besides vermaleen plays left back for belgium and also wishing JD goodluck wherever he goes

Chris Kay...

I agree with Ben, we should sell Johan and squilachi, and buy a creative midfielder and promote Ignasi Miquel. We also have Kyle Bartley who is talent. why not use them.? with the experience of Kolsieny, TV, and Per, we can let the too grow better if at least we partner one youngster with and established i.e TV and Kyle Bartley as Centerbacks in one game and Kos and Miquel in another game, then per should be called to help. I tell you we could have a balanced team ready to challenge for titles.


I think we should buy a right back to replace Sagna. I don’t think Carl Jenkinson is ready to step into his shoes if at all. If Sagna does not recover in teim for the opening of the season, we will be in BIG trouble again. We need a Juan Mata in midfield and not a Eden Hazard. Whether Jack can do that for us is a big question mark. Even at his best, he is nowhere near Cesc or Mata. And yes, sell Theo if he thinks he is worth more that what he is getting. He has yet… Read more »


You are so stupid brother. Thinking you are better at managing this Midgardian sport than the great Arsene Wenger. I have no idea why Father prefers your pitiful intellect over my genius.

Be warned, while you go around making stupid comments on the ”world wide web’ (as these pathetic humans call it), I will regain my rightful throne and rule over Asgard soon!


You mean half brother my half brother. I wouldn’t dare call you stupid. You have your opinion, I have mine. Chelsea bought Eden Hazard for a total of 78 million pounds!! Now that’s stupid!!! Most managers run a football TEAM. Arsene runs a FOOTBALL CLUB. Arsenal is a football club and not a football team. It’s stupid money to put on one player. Wait till Abramovic gets tired of Chelsea. They will be playing in the third tier …


Stop bickering both of you!

The One God

Haha, creating “Thor” and “loki” and “Odin” was a work of genius. Makes up for the Paris Hilton fiasco!


Djorou to leave?
Cause me sleepless nights?


What are you basing this 78 million figure on, considering that Chelsea have yet to even announce a deal?


Mata is a winger/plays in the hole…

Henry's beard

So does John Terry.

Runcorn Gooner

Terry will play in any hole….rumour has it


John terry: wayne bridges’ wife hole………check.


Maybe Terry can go fishing for Cashley’s mobile if he likes playing in holes?


We should let him go to pave way for Bartley and Miquel to fight for 4th choice. He’s been here for almost 9 years and get paid 50k just for sitting on the bench. We continue to pay so much for dross like DJ, Squil, Almunia (he prefered to run his contract down rather than to look for a club), Denilson, Bendtner who prefer sitting on the bench than leave. Go back and watch Manu v Arsenal 2011/12 season and see how even though bigger, he allowed Welbeck to bully him to submission. He was the main defensive culprit for… Read more »


I see you get your opinions spoon fed to you. You’re the dead wood numbnuts.

Tom C

……………,-*llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.\…………………….. …….
…………..\lllllllllllllllllllllllllll/………\;;;;llllllllllll,-`~-,……………………. ..


For the trouble, heres one.


I thought it read “he’s quoted as saying in 20 inch”.

Thought it might have been a porn magazine.


this guy isn’t the same ben as the one who commented above, just saying.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Two Bens, or rather a Ben and a ben. That’s confusing. I don’t suppose one of you would like to change his name to Bill by any chance? I used to be very fond of Bill and Ben when I was a nipper.


Showing your age there fella.

“Flib flob flibbadob!”

North Bank Gooner

hmmm, im sure that i heard the 20 inch reference was to kierans “huge £30 million tackle!”

allegedly………. 😉


Miquel needs a prem loan before he is considered IMO. How will sitting on the bench help him?

Djourou and Koscielny formed a great pairing the season before last. No reason that wouldnt work again. But that would mean vermealen being sidelined and he is a fans fave and not one of the scape goats.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We could really do with Arsene giving all four central defenders regular run-outs throughout the season. We need more rotation so as to keep our players fresh and match fit. Essentially, when we are playing two matches a week we should be able to give all 4 central defenders a run out, with a minimum of 30 mins a week for each of them. When we play the same pair match after match we are in danger of driving them into the red zone while the other two lose match fitness. We also need to guard against having a first… Read more »


Playing CB is the least taxing position (besides GK) on the pitch. No reason to rotate so frequently–better to keep a solid pairing in place and with it continuity. Football 101.


Djourou: +Homegrown quota +Willing to play anywhere +still young and plenty of potential +still worth several million +settled in squad and London -needs some work and regular gametime -if sold will aid another PL teams homegrown quota Seems Hitzfield acknowledges his potential too. If he was concerne about his ability or playing time he wouldn’t be going to the Euros. Good motivator for Djourou personally but doesn’t help Arsene keep him happy. Good thing is that this psychological ploy will motivate him to shop window in the tournament and if he becomes a star player for swiss then that could… Read more »


I doubt that Djourou is going to the Euros, except maybe as a supporter but he probably has better things to do


Why do i get so many thumbs down, I don’t question Djourou, but switzerland isn’t qualified 😉


You’re wasting your time posting anything intelligent on here bruv. Only tabloid headline readers allowed I’m afraid.


Agreed with this for the most part – though I think the Man U game showed up very clearly that he’s not even a makeshift right back (and also that maybe we never should have sold Eboue!)

Also: If we is sold to another English club, does that really count as their homegrown contingent?


A coach speaks once! and djorou the next day starts to ponder on where next to move.
What? Are you kidding me. Just shows he doesnt hold arsenal at heart despite 10 years at the club. Swayed easily by a coach he’s been with lesser times than wenger.
Hmmh we dont need your mediocre talent. Out with the bastard.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’d have to think he has felt at least a little bemused at his lack of game time at CB through the season. As an apparently nice bloke I would expect him to be a little reticent to broach the subject himself as he does have a good relationship with Arsene Wenger and the club. If saying what he has said puts him a little bit in the manager’s mind then that is probably good. When we got into good runs we stuck with the same players for too long this season. I can understand why, but I do believe… Read more »


I remember When djourou was taken off against man utd because nani turned him inside out , and was replaced by NICO YENNARIS !!!! Later on Nani had to be taken after pretending to have got hurt when in real sense Nico pocketed him.. Nico deserves to be promoted and Djourou sold .. I undrstand nico is defensive , but i loved his display that day


Absolutely! I was wondering if anyone even noticed how massive Yennaris was that day. It didn’t get much publicity and was massive. Any EPL CB should be able to at least ‘cover’ as a defensive fullback.


Jesus, they’re two massively different positions with massively different physical qualities required. CB and FB. Football 101, guys and gals.

Nani and his quickness shredded Clichy in Feb 2010, surely that doesn’t disqualify Clichy from being a good FB.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Luckily managers don’t decide who to sell based on knee jerk reactions to one-off unusual situations…

“OK Chesney, I played you at centre forward last week and you didn’t score. Fuck off to Dagenham & Redbridge you failure.”



He’s the second tallest player in the Arsenal squad and not built for chasing guys like Nani up and down the touchline.

Next you people will criticize Robin Van Persie because he’s not a good goalkeeper or something.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Remember guys…most of the time Djourou was playing right back this season and he is getting all this flack. Vermaelen was not the greatest playing out of position at left back this season and we haven’t crucified him for it like some fans have with Djourou.


He was supposed to be versatile in days gone by, get’s paid millions and can’t even figure out his positioning in any other position, and looks languorous on the ball. Verm was a lot better at LB than Djourou was at RB, and you need look no further than our own squad (Coq & Yennaris) to see players out of position who did acceptable jobs there. Look at Manure & you can see other players like Smalling who also get played out of position & do a decent job. Djourou isn’t the slowest, so this whole ‘out of position’ thing… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was versatile as a Centre Back or as a Defensive Midfielder. NOT as a right back. The skills most prized in a full back are NOT those prized in a Centre Back. Some CBs can play at full back. Others can’t. You don’t sell a player for not being good at something you didn’t buy him for or train him for. Djourou was started at RB against United not because he was able to play there, but because the only other option was to throw in virtually untried players, and so were a riskier bet in a very difficult… Read more »


Guys, you seem to forget so easily how much he was missed when he spent a whole season out through injury…or how he came back made of steel and even gave Barca a run for their money…Djourou is a good defender, and he has a big fight to take his place, which will make that position so well covered you’ll be singing a different tune. I don’t want him to be sold, and Wenger (he might have gotten some decisions wrong like any human does, but boy is heLe prof!!) knows that and that’s why he gave him a new… Read more »


Hope he stays, you won’t get a much better 4th choice. He should stay and fight for first team football.


I think Djourou is a good player and an excellent 4th choice CB. I hope he stays as I don’t think it would be possible to sign a better replacement. We always have injuries throughout the season so he is bound to play some part.


1) I doubt that any team in the league has a much better 4th CB, don’t judge him because of a couple of bad games as RB (he even had some good games). When Djourou is in good form and has a good level of self-confidence (things that come with playing more regularly) he’s really good.
2) I think it’s not a bad thing that he wants to play, it would be bad if he was happy to be 4th choice. But he should work hard and try to get more game time at our club


Man u have vidic ferdinand jones smalling
man c have kompany lescott savic toure
chelsea have terry luiz ivanovic cahill
spurs have king dawson kaboul gallas
i would say all those team have a better 4th choice centre back than us. spurs also have nelson and bassong. united also have evans.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ah, but you only know that those guys are good as 4th choices because
A) Most of them cost a bloody fortune
B) Most of them have been given a reasonable amount of playing time in Central Defence this year
C) You saw them playing CB for their previous teams
D) The grass is always greener…
E) Many of them are overhyped by the Press

You overlook a couple of points

F) Many of them are over the hill and surviving on reputation
G) Most of them are Cunts
H) The other one is a Huge Cunt


Why did you try to hide Savic at third in the Man City list? Oh, I know, he had a calamitous season. Ivanovic for Chelsea plays most of his games at RB, but can slot into the centre when needed. I do rate him. Is Cahill really better than Djourou though? Gallas was absolutely awful down the stretch for Sp*rs. He looked past it, to be honest. People talk about their offense drying up, but if Dawson had stayed healthy, this season might had ended very differently for us. Oh, and King only has fifty or so more games in… Read more »


I bet all those who think Djourou is a bad defender are the same ones who take Piers Morgan’s ”critiques” seriously.


or believing Nasri went to Citeh for the trophies.


To accuse someone off taking Piers Morgan seriously? That’s a low blow!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t worry. All the people saying Djourou is a bad defender have such short memories that they will have forgotten this low blow by next Monday.


Yeah, why not just call them one of Myles Palmers minions……*ouch*


Djourou As the 4th CB surely he is ok but at arsenal its not ok.the reason being the fact that our injury problem would kick in so when playing realmadrid you see Djourou in the starting eleven cos others have injuries then by then would you be thinking of homegrown rules or would you be pitying him or the team when you see 4-0 again,so arsenal fans,grow up and thats what has been killing us compassion for players so when they are great would turn their back even though they have been at arsenal for 9,8 or the gospel… Read more »

Simao Segunda

I don’t mean to be rude, but please can you try and avoid using run-on sentences? It made it really hard to read your post.

Rad Carrot

And replace him with who? Djouou is a decent centre-back. I’ll certainly admit to groaning a few times when I saw his name on the team sheet, but he’s still very capable. Can’t remember which match it was recently, but where Kos got injured in the warm-up and JD had to come in to cover. I was extremely worried, but he had a confident performance and didn’t put a foot wrong all game – as I remember, we won that one (and as it turns out, that was vital). As a back-up, he’s better than anyone else we could currently… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well in response to the first part of your sentence… Djourou kept the Barcelona attack in his pocket back in the days when Barcelona were better than Real Madrid. I joke not! Once, long ago, Barcelona were the best team in the world and Djourou was better at his job against them than their forwards were at their jobs against him. I didn’t understand the rest of your sentence, though I am sure it was worthy and well-considered, but saying that I must admit that it’s ideas were a bit mixed, and did tend to be strung together without too… Read more »


Good bye, your aren’t good enough…


You can’t really blame him for being tempted to look elsewhere. He is currently 4th choice and the way Vermaelen and Koscielny are pairing up he isn’t going to break that partnership up soon. If he is on the reported income that he is on (knowing Arsenals wage structure is probably is) then his move won’t be motivated by money so he is doing it for the right reasons. He has been a good player for the club, playing in positions that don’t suit him and trying his best in difficult situations, so if he isn’t going to get first… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Kos and Djourou were starting to develop a good understanding the season before last. They could have been awesome this last season. Then you’d have heard people wanting Vermaelen sold because he charges forward and leaves his position unguarded whenever he gets a game.


Holy freaking cow now even a free loader wants to leave us. Fearing for my arsenal heart people.
OMG if he leaves us we will be considered ambiton-less. Or will we?
See how an international coach can stir up shit at the club. Ban them ban them.
Aaaaargh! Now who will cause us silly penalties and score own goals. I’m ranting people.
Djorou djorou djorou, now who will chant that at le grove who?.


If he was a freeloader, he wouldn’t want to leave, no?


Freeloader: One who does not contribute or pay
appropriately; one who gets a free ride, etc.
without paying a fair share.

Now you imagine this type of guy wants to leave us despite all that.
Goes to show how pathetic we are maybe?.


I don’t recall him being a freeloader when Arsenal took on Barca and gave them a run for their money.


Yeah go on and quote the past. Bring up eduardo while you’re at it.


Quite hard to quote the future. The past provides much evidence one way or another.

Djourou is (currently) 4th choice. He’s not deadwood like others but a decent squad defensive back-up. If we have half the injuries at back this season as we had last year, we’ll miss him sorely. He wants to play more. That’s a good thing. We should keep him and demand that he steps up to the challenge.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So by the logic that we shouldn’t look to the past then we should sell Wilshire immediately because he too is a bloody freeloader. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any of our squad playing for us for a couple of weeks. They’re all freeloading bastards. Sack the lot.

Midfield Corporal

Fatcunt, did you just use OMG???


OMG I so did……oh wait.


Yeah let’s buy vidic and he can be out fourth choice. Honestly, no club has a world class 4th choice centre back, and I would argue djourou is better than any of the other top 6 4th choices. We need a squad, this is driving me crazy!


“Whether Arsene Wenger will be willing to let go the player he famously refused to mention by name when he was a youth at the club so as not to alert other clubs to his potential remains to be seen”

Whaaaaaaaaat? :O

I wish that worked in Football Manager.

“That 5″ 7′ Argentinean forward you have, with dribbling 20, he had a great season, didn’t he, scored 472 goals in just 9 matches!”

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So there is a God Mode in Football manager. No wonder so many armchair experts believe they can do better than Wenger.


having our home grown spots taken up by back-ups is actually brilliant in my opinion. it’s a sensible alternative to picking off rival youth or overspending on mediocre english players. as i noted on the previous post, the guy has 30 caps for a strong international side and has proven to have more upside than the opposite when given reasonable opportunity. he’s got a great attitude and as t’would be quite foolish to think we’d nab a proper replacement so the situation gets tricky. in the end i wouldn’t mind letting him go for both wages and youth promotion but… Read more »


Arsenal fans moaning about mistakes from players……………..never, you’re making it up.


Actually, quite soon we’ll have lots of proper homegrown players on our list as soon as they turn 21 (if they haven’t already): Walcott, Ramsey, Szczesny, Wilshere, Ox. Throw in Ryo if he makes the grade. It will be less of a problem for us in the coming years.


The reality bites,thumb down my comment all you want he is just not arsenal quality for a team that constantly gets injured regardin the coment of a match he played well was against aston villa and dat was due to the fact that arstonvilla didnt attack ur ,only one shot off target,heskey was doing nothing other than defending the next game against wolves he was terrible,wolves were short1 but constantly giving djourou a nightmare.against mian he was trash for that penalty thumbs down all you want he isnt good for arsenal and am not the manage who suppose to decide… Read more »


Never understood a word of that.


I thumbed down your comment, not because of your opinion, but because I couldn’t read it to get to your opinion. Ta!


But you’re alright with deciding who should leave? You’re right, it was Aston Villa, and I remember a number of crosses that Djourou comfortably dealt with. Did you think that the reason Heskey might have only “had one shot off target” [citation needed] is because he was shut out by JD? Well, that and Heskey’s very shit, but you know. You can’t say that Djourou has been particularly bad all season. Granted, he’s not been brilliant, but you seem to want to get rid of a perfectly good back-up defender and replace him with some magical 25 year old that… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

20k a week. Fucking freeloading bastard. Happy to pick up his money, and no bloody ambition to play!!!!!!!


…I was about to say that JD is on £50k a week, but then I entertained the possibility you were taking the piss out of the imaginary player I created rather than the man himself, and I realised that I missed out on hilarity.

Now I feel sad that I didn’t get the joke. And for being a bit stoopid. Sorry.


Really do like Djourou, I reckon he could of done a good job for us as a defence mid as well.


Thing is, its really asking alot for a player to come in and suddenly perform, let alone in another position, the only way I see Djorou improving is AW rotates assuming theres no injuries.

I can see him fitting in well with Kos/Per, shudder the thought of him partnering TV though , with he’s and Songs regular escapades upfront.


Thank you very much JD.Miguel are u ready?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not yet, no.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Anyhow. Who is Miguel? We don’t have a Miguel in the squad.

You aren’t one of those secret Spurs fans sneaking in here to cause trouble without doing the proper reconnaissance first, are you?

Merlin's Panini

If he really feels its time to move on then 10 years at the club says he’s earned his right. He should be getting more games and he would easily be a first choice at any team from 9th place downwards and maybe even 7th downwards from last years table. I think he’s very assured. Calm an intelligent at CB. Just perhaps not aggressive enough sometimes. I hope he stays. He’s the best 4th choice in the premier league by a mile.


…now is my time to shine…


Your just as bad! U need selling too

Merlin's Panini

Good stuff. I was just thinking my shoes looked a bit dull. Get to work, Squillster!


Sell him! He is shit miles better defenders out there! Buy quality Wenger and hurry up before RVP leaves and we don’t want that! Gunner4life

Rad Carrot

Quality? For a 4th choice centre-back?

We can’t just buy some £15m rated defender and sit him on the bench for 30 games. It doesn’t work that way. We either buy a youngster or an ‘oldster’ for a couple of million, or keep hold of JD. Better the devil you know, and Djourou is actually pretty good.


Kieren to the left of me, Sagna to the right. Here I am. Stuck in the middle Djourou. Yes I’m stuck in the middle Djorou




Keep him if we can. Simple as.


Thats why we arent winning any trophy,by pitying players who arent good,so even if you buy class players it would be the same,he is not arsenal standard,he should leave.
Do you know why you didnt get what i was saying its b’cos you are miles awayfrom being okay


We’re not personally attacking you mate. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, you just seem to be saying that we must get rid of Djourou but refuse to see the implications for this – i.e. we don’t have and won’t be able to get anyone who’s comfortable sitting on the bench who also has the quality and experience that Johan does..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You are now attacking Djourou and all of the people who have tried to understand what you have been saying and have decided they don’t agree? If you are going to do this properly then you definately need to add more swear words to your sentence.Without swear words people will think you are twelve, have acne, and don’t need to shave (unless you are a girl, in which case they will assume you do need to shave). So get with the whingers standard operating procedures and start swearing in your sentence. It fucking works for me. People take my rants… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

no they fuck shit bollocks wank cock fanny fart dont 😉

Midfield Corporal

Weren’t we all praying that JD stayed fit during the 2010-11 season as he had formed a very effective partnership with Kos? His injury against Newcastle pretty much started our collapse. I do have some concerns over his decision making, particulary when it comes to allowing balls to bounce in the box but I’m sure if he was coached the way Adams, Keown and Bould were he’d be a damn good CB. Anyway I think all our centre backs will look dodgy at times if Song neglects his defensive duties as is his tendency.


Good on the lad. Its good to see Arsenal players looking out for number 1. Plenty here forget that football is a profession, a very short one at that. Arsenal payers are a very loyal bunch and professional too. To come out week after week playing in a position that you don’t feel comfortable playing in. Everyone can clearly see it, the opposition know this and are going to take advantage of it. The fans will crucify you and yet he still comes out a plays anyways. He doesn’t moan to the press about playing out of position even though… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m basically on Arsene Wenger’s side, though I can see he has his little blind spots and faults. This is an excellent post and highlights one such blind spot. You can try to create a versatile team, but you should not force players into becoming versatile as some of them are just not up to it and will only ever excel in the position they are happy with. I think that the one or two spectacular successes that Wenger has had have encouraged him into overdoing it a bit. I think sometimes he is guilty of trying to force versatility… Read more »



£2.6m a year off the wage bill.


And then what when we get loads of injuries? I trust you won’t be moaning about squad depth right?


thought so.


I’m not sure how we can complain about players not being loyal when we don’t take care of a guy that’s been with us for ten years.

He’s got some quality and never once complained until his international coach brought it up. Getting rid of him to free up wages and promote youngsters that aren’t ready seems harsh.


Djourou actually represents everything that’s wrong with Arsenal – and with modern football. For me, he’s a decent fourth-choice centre-half. When you look at rubbish like Evans, Cleverly and Savic, Djourou is well worth a reserve place in any top-four side. The problem is his wages. Fifty grand a week for a player of his quality is simply a joke. And the joke is on our club. This is the beef that I have with Wenger. Yesterday I was accused by Cromulus of missing the point; that Wenger wasn’t the problem. Well he is one of them. If we are… Read more »


The fact that he stated that he’s considering his options tell you all you need to know. In a perfect world for Arsenal, every player should think themselves better than the same guy in his position and not settle for second place or fourth place

Unreal gooner

Seems to me as though you hate the whole existense of football. Chin up or is it leg up for you. Embrace life my man after all everything cant go your way. Today it might go terrys way and maybe tommorow might favour you.


Djourou is a good fourth choice center back. He is settled in the team and still can improve his game. We should definitely keep him for one more season. If we sell him and get Vertonghen, it wouldn’t work out. Vertonghen is a quality player (despite being a stupid person) who would want to be in the first team every game. Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen are all good centrebacks. I think we should keep Djourou, or if we sell him, then promote Miquel or find a better fourth choice option. I can’t think of any. This is definitely not a priority… Read more »


I do hope someone comes in with a decent offer for DJ. He’s a likeable guy who tries hard and is a decent CB. We’ve played him out of position a lot this season and that’s the main cause of his lackluster performances. I think he’d do well with a move to a mid level team that needs a CB to play a full season. I think DJ, TV5, etc can all do with some proper defensive coaching and will improve a good bit with the new coaching blood coming in. If we can stress to our defenders that their… Read more »


Once more, with feeling: Djourou is competent and he is NOT a club house cancer. We need squad players as well as stars, and who is q better definition of squad player than Djourou?


Yes, but if he want to leave cos he hope he ll play somewhere more regularly then who can blame him? Let him go. He s cool man and i wish him all the best. Bring Miquel as our 4th choice, why that is sooo bad.


FG, you know your going to get thumbs down for stating the obvious again mate. It not about if he’s a good player or not that’s entirely down to opinion but 50k a week is obscene. And again you are dead right, who will pay him that sort of wages apart from us and that’s why he will stay and thats why we are in such a state regarding certain players.
Personally I don’t think he’s a bad player and happy to keep him but on those wages, it’s hard to take.


Maybe it is obscene in isolation, but, as others have pointed out, it’s now part of the game if you want compete with the very best. Look at the fourth-choice CBs at City, Chelsea, and United, and I’d be willing to bet they’re on 50k a week or more. People complain that we can’t compete with those teams because our squad is too thin, and then cheer when a player like Djourou wants to leave. The thing is, you don’t get to have a player of Djourou’s quality (and he is quality–better than any of the 4th-choice CBs at any… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Is this the only story we’re getting today blogs? I guess quiet isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Just a bit thumb twiddly isn’t it.
I think we need to make a game for slow news days, any ideas?

oh, I’ve got one, I spy with my little eye…


…something beginning with… CUNT.

Ooh, is it John Terry?


Ryan Shawcross?


Na$ri? No? Adebaywhore?… Cashley? ‘Arry? ‘ol Red Nose?

That diving cuntstick Bale? Balotelli? Either of the Nevilles?

Wow. Okay. I give up. (Fun game though!)

Merlin's Panini

no, it was Stuart Pearce.


Ahhhhhhhh! He was my next guess…

Merlin's Panini

Actually, maybe there needs to be an Arseblog game for the website. Any plans?

Rad Carrot

I’d love to see maybe a “Missing Men” game from previous seasons and matches, maybe a trivia game – granted, I’d probably fail at both, but I think they’d be fun.

I’d also like a forum with some voting, e.g. “Should Djourou leave?” “Should we sign Vertongen given the chance?” “Is John Terry the biggest cunt you’ve ever seen?”

AND then I want bunnies and a space shuttle.


Brendan Rodgers signed for Liverpool! Why didn’t we make an offer???


Merlin's Panini

because we have a manager.


uh…how do I say this…

My tongue is in your cheek?

Merlin's Panini

sorry, I realised that just after writing. You’re usually much more rational. Damn me, damn me to hell. I’ll take Wenger with me, the fucking useless cunt. Wenger out, boo etc.


To say Wenger out is a complete and utter nonsense you foolish fart. Brendon Rogers to replace him? You need to leave that gin alone in the afternoon!

Merlin's Panini

I bet this hasn’t gone down well with a lot of Liverpool fans, who are so deluded they thought they were still big enough to get someone like Guardiola or Mourinho, especially from the noises I’ve heard from some on Talkshite. Micky Quinn was questionning it only this morning, the pig faced fucking moron.

They are a team that needs to start from scratch, full of rubbish big time Charlies. I think Rogers is a good coach but he should have stayed at Swansea. Now he’s got a load of players that probably can’t play his brand of football.

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